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Batman Continues was originally the title Tim Burton was going to call his third Batman chapter until he was asked to step down for Joel Schumacher to direct Batman Forever and Batman and Robin and sadly we all know how that franchise ended but Schumacher bless his soul meant well when his main goal was just to entertain us with his franchise just after Batman and Robin it went down like Titanic however it was not Schumacher's fault his Batman universe didn't hit well in the mid 90's however to answer the prayers of every Batman fan in the world I took the liberty of giving them the continuous Tim Burton Batman franchise writing two fan fictions of what if Tim Burton was allowed to continue Batman with both Batman Forever and Batman and Robin and now I present to you all a FIFTH Tim Burton Batman: Batman Continues. Before we start if you guys don't know I have rewritten Batman Forever and Batman and Robin in if they were both directed by Tim Burton so if you hadn't read those please do so and come back here to read Batman Continues....time for the final chapter

Three years after the fight against Mr Freeze and Bane Batman and his partners Batgirl and Robin face their newest but most cunning enemy yet a master of your worst fears come to life: The Scarecrow with Barbara crippled from a deadly shot and Dick quitting the mental of Robin only to assume new identities Bruce takes in another young orphan off the streets Tim Drake and later reunites with his childhood friend Zat Zatarra also known as Zatanna the Mistress of Magic but nothing is all flowers and romance though when Scarecrow reveals new family secrets of the Wayne's Bruce never knew and one dosage of his fear gas Batman faces his worst fear and an old enemy returning to haunt him in his head. Will the Dark Knight meet his match by his worst fears? Or will he....continue?

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At this point the book is just full of smut stuff for you to read and fluff ig-have fun enjoy

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