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Miss General

Anna Berndt is a very skilled assassin in Russia. She has trained since she was born and is skilled in any weapon one can think of. She breaks out of that world and moves to America. War then breaks out between America and France. America is starting to lose and needs some help. So they get the best team imaginable and Anna is part of it. Will Anna accept? Will they win the war? Oh, did I forget to mention that Anna is the only woman in the entire army? How will she survive?

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Delta: A Spy Novel

♥ Astrid ♥Gunshots. Karate moves. Flipping through languages so fast that my brain struggled to catch up. These had been as familiar to me in the six years I had been in training as a school bell or sound of a teacher's voice might be to anyone else. At sixteen, I had seen more death than I cared to talk about. But what could I say? That was what life as a teenage spy was. And as part of America's little-known espionage agency Delta, that was what I had become accustomed to.But I couldn't have known that things were about to change. A new assignment came up, and though I was with people I had known for years, this one would change things so that my life would never be the same. A drug dealer, working undercover in France. People from my past, popping up in the most unexpected places. And the boy with the blue eyes, who could be completely for me or utterly against me; often, I didn't know which.This was one assignment that would stay with me forever. But, of course, I didn't know that as I headed pure Hell.Welcome to Delta. Now that you're here, good luck getting out.

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Into the Pit

While fleeing from the people who are supposed to be protection, five friends come across the pit. Their journey becomes the adventure of a lifetime, and maybe even the start of another.

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American Assassins

In the future of North America a group called the Unions have taken control of Canada and are getting stronger by the minute. Although they are trying to conquer the rest of North and South America by force, the United States has decided to fight back. The Unions, however, seem to be an unstoppable force. For the have already taken some of the US territory. In the state of Illinois two girls named Kimberley and Ronnie have grown up happily not understanding what is happening around them. Until one night when their father turns against them and murders their mother, stating he is a Union soldier. Kimberley and Ronnie manage to escape, but to where. They are now Outcasts, abandoned, and alone. But when a man named Logan saves them they will now be trained as soldiers and learn to fight in the real war. They will train, travel and finally understand just what they’re up against.

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Knife in the Dark

How do you deal when a trained assassin goes rogue? You neutralize them. But what happens when nine of them go rogue? You try to hunt them.

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Stand Alone

When young, 21 year old ex-marine McKenzie Taylor follows in her dead parents' footsteps it can mean nothing but bad news. It's make or break time for McKenzie as she takes over Operation Curahee; the operation she thought had been shut down years ago. With lies being told, secrets kept and sinister truths revealed; will she make it out alive?

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Revenge of a Lifetime

Determined to avenge her sisters death, Hayleiah Jay Riley has devoted her life to training with a government agency located in Texas. Every day seems to bring her adversary closer, though its been ten years already. But what will happen when she finally catches her sisters killer?*Disclaimer: I do not own this photo, I only used ot for this cover.*

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How to be Happy: Futility in Choosing

Two weeks after a brutal fight, our ragtag group of protagonists battle against an insane Yakuza Family Patriarch and his lackeys, desperate to uncover the truth behind a blanket of lies, but chain into a realization: are they the ones who choose what to do next?

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I woke up at six at night to a loud alarm I went to the computer and it flashed PLEASE EXIT THE BUILDING IN THE NEXT 5 minuets 37 seconds and it started counting down. The printer was printing off the file I grabbed it, yelled for the twins, and ran to the garage. I opened the garage door and pulled off the cover to reveal a navy-blue Chevy Silverado, but no keys I ran back in to the house and tore apart the bed room until I found them. The clock was at 2 minutes 15 seconds I found the twins asleep on the couch, so I flipped it "what the hell" Jazz screamed "we need to go" I yelled back shoving them to the garage. I jumped in to the front seat and started the engine we were a mile away when we heard the explosion. I guess this is my life now I thought looking at the rising ball of fire in the rear view.

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Lightning Cloud

A retired assassin comes to spend the rest of his life in the comfort of a suburban community, and makes new friendships that were previously not possible for him. However, his arrival coincides with the beginning of a deadly plot that could change the face of the Earth, and in doing so has to confront enemies from his past. Can he hold off the deadly barrage of both these factors?

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Birth Row

Clara Gannett is rich, famous and beautiful. She also has an axe to grind. Leonard Watkins murdered four of her ancestors for which he received four consecutive life sentences. Clara is determined to make sure he serves all four of them. At over 150 years, the Gannett-Watkins feud is the longest running in human history, it is also the most popular. It is 2206 and Watkins is about to be rebirthed again to begin serving his fourth and last life sentence. Ensuring Watkins rots in prison is Clara's responsibility to her family. This solemn pledge was sealed with a deathbed promise to her Grandmother. Clara uses the full force of her wealth and connections to carry out her plans. But her success does not come without consequences. The kind of consequences that will change her life forever.

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Chivalry: Prologue

Robert Thatcher doesn't have a licence to's to much paperwork.In a world where Britain's enemies no longer have borders,In a world where uniforms are relics and honour just got flushed down the toilet,when government secrets are more likely to end up on Wikileaks then in the hands of foreign spies,But a bullet never goes out of fashion.Chivalry was created because when it comes to defending Britain deth works better than diplomacyDisclaimer: This story is quite authentic so a tortue scene is present I'd encourage a civilised debate on the issue because I want people to ask themselves if this sort of thing is ever okay in the real world (Take a look at the images of each part,a lot of editing went into them )Cover: @Lostin2sight

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Assassination on the Kill

Known as the strongest team in the Assassin World, they make impossible missions a success. Though only at ages of 13 and having a student life, they are stronger then you think. They assassinate the bad and bring peace to the world. Their agent ensures their safety and is always there when needed. Their personal info is all handled by their boss, the one who found and formed them. Their work is world wide and is a never ending circle. Open up and join their dangerous adventures and missions!

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Tyler's in his last term in secondary school. Most kids would go college and graduate at university. But Tyler's got other plans. His father worked for the army and he wants to follow him. But one choice can change his life. Read and find out what happens.

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A government/suspense/romance/thriller/a bunch of other stuff. Anybody that enjoys cliffhangers and edge of your seat action will enjoy this book.

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NIGHT DROP( A Eric the Red thriller: Book 1)

Eric the red Donovan, Navy seal sniper turned CIA black ops assassin is on a mission in Oslo, Norway to track down an assassin Organization before they can order their next hit. Determined to identify the mysterious leader and assassinate him. But Eric soon finds himself the target of assassins, hell bent on stopping him from finding out.

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In 2019, weapon companies around the world began making a killing on selling weapons to the public; a company monopolizing nearly every trade, commodity, and service. The company takes their first steps into the weapons trading business. After getting their feet wet, the company decides to monopolize the the trade by force, giving no mercy towards most of their enemies, leaving a trail of bullets and blood behind them.

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Chivalry: Blackfyre

It's been seven since Chivalry's founding but the agency is no closer to killing Pine.Lancelot(Robert Thatcher) is now a couple hours away from retirement and now it's up to a new Knight to stop a assassination from taking place in Mumbai.AN: I highly recommend you read my story 'Chivalry' first to avoid confusion as well as spoilers. I'm still making edits as I go

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Shrine to the Mall Ninja

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12 Minutes (#2 in Military series)

After losing her memory in an explosion, Marine Sergeant Julia Langdale has recovered the life she lost and returned to active duty.On leave with her husband, they must both learn to adjust to the murky waters of married civilian life whilst battling the parts of their pasts which refuse to stay buried.With their relationship teetering on the edge and an inquisitive MI5 agent digging into their lives, Julia and Marc must both face their pasts as they race back to Afghanistan for an unsanctioned mission.With only themselves for back-up and the risk of execution if they're caught, can they come through this together, or will this one mission tear them apart?

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Project Venom #Watty's2016

19 year old Josh Miller is your average social reject. Doesn't go out on the town, only has three friends, is pretty sure he won't make it in the world outside of the car modding scene and spends too much of his time stuck underneath his Honda Civic and at his computer. His latest attempts to further himself at life have included joining the US Navy. He was supposed to go in five days, then got a letter that would cast him into a set of events that would turn the way he looks at things upside down.

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Her Dark Side

Just a glance.That's all it was.Now she's wishing she never had.Willow is an exemplary example of a spy. The best one around. But when she peeks into the folder of the one criminal she's supposed to steer clear of, everything begins to change, she starts to lose herself and just that one glance of the folder pushes her into a whole new depth of mystery solving.Suddenly their rival criminal gang are on her tail and she has to run. But her time is limited and when she realises there's only so much time until you have to face the consequences of your actions, everything has already begun to fall apart.

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The Agents

My name is Jaycee Carter. And I am a secret agent. I have been a secret agent for years now. It used to be my favorite thing in the world. Now I'm not so sure. Sometimes I feel like I'm just going through the motions. If only I knew how quickly things would change completely. ---------- Agent Carter was living her simple life as a secret agent. Everything changed when old demons came back to haunt her. She must fight for not only her survival, but for the survival of those she has come to know as friends. Will she be able to do it? Or will her demons finally get the best of her?

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Alan Green

Alan Green, an army captain, acquires a box containing a unique biological weapon. This weapon is a unique formula that can splice animal or plant genes into a humans. The ASF agency has been investigating such weapon, resulting in Alan being recruited by them. His mission is to disrupt distribution of said formula and apprehend the Brazilian arms dealing syndicate Anaconda.

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Codename: Ghost

The continent of Pangaea boils just below its futuristic surface. War is the daylight trade of legal Mercenary Armies, but an entirely different type of soldier prowls at night. Spies. Thieves. Assassins. A covert operative might serve in any of these roles for the right price. And of all who practice this trade grew a whispered legend. Her real name would likely never be known. Even classifed documents only refer to her by callsign... "Ghost".

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The Sleeper Cells: A Terrorism Story

It wasn't supposed to happen. Not today. Not ever. It wasn't just a terrorist attack. It was a war... and they were winning. Their family was celebrating just like everyone throughout the country. But while some are celebrating, some are plotting... When the terrorists attack, they take more than just lives, but also territory. Vincent Easley and his friends must not only find a way to survive... but find a way out.•••••••••••••••••••••Amazon Paperback reviews:"Twisty and Terrific" - The Katwood"Gripping and thought provoking!" - Maia Silverdagger"Great Book! Would Recommend! The story was very riveting and I just wanted to keep reading at the end of every chapter." - Jordan"I didn't see this coming!" - Amazon Customer

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