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Mafia's Blind Girl (Completed)

"He'll become your eyes....and you'll become his heart." •°•°•°•°•°•She was like a delicately beautiful broken butterfly. He was afraid that if he touched her with his rough hands, she might break apart even more. He lived a rogue life. Competing and fighting to survive. A ruthless beast who didn't care about anything....not even himself. Her life itself was covered in darkness yet she became the one to light up his world. Unlike her name, Muskan's smile was lost somewhere. After the tragedy that took her parents as well as her eyesight at the age of 5, she moved in with her abusive aunt's family who made her feel like a burden praying for death or any kind of escape.What happens when a Mafia King scoops her away in his arms from her tortured life?Will this man become an Angel who saves her from her misery or will she end up breaking even more in his rough grasp?

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Rehearsals With You ✓

April Stewart and Grey Collins have been at each other's throat since eighth grade. Putting them within reaching distance of each other doesn't exactly call for an amiable sight. So what was Mr. Martin thinking putting them in a play together? ~•~One prank leads to another.~•~There is always more than meets the eye. And to everyone else, it seems like the only thing that ever spoils their day is each other. But everyone fights their own battle. April and Grey will have to learn that maybe there is more to the enemy. And with the play rehearsals going on, the knowledge they acquire might just change the dynamic of their relationship completely.disclaimer: picture on the cover is not mine. credits to the owner.

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Mermaids And The Vampires Who Love Them

This book is FREE with paid BONUS chapters!Everyone knows mermaids and vampires can't date. But when a mermaid ends up at a boarding school with a smoking hot vampire for a roommate, will love take a bite? ***** Just before her senior year of high school, mermaid Waverly Fishwater learns she's being transferred to a cross-cultural boarding school for supernaturals. But reckless gods, single-minded werewolves, and virtuous fairies are the least of her troubles! West Marin Heights has vampires, and mermaid blood is their favorite snack. So Waverly has to learn who to trust, and fast -- especially since one of her new roommates is a vampire who's way too hot for her to handle! But just when she's starting to fit in, she discovers a dark plot that could destroy the school and the oceans beyond. If Waverly is to expose the evil scheme and get back to her normal teenage problems--overprotective parents, math homework-avoidance, and maybe, just maybe, getting a boyfriend--she's going to have to accept the help of a ragtag group of classmates. Will her plans be a supernatural catastrophe, or can Waverly rally this eccentric band of heroes to save the day? [[Word Count: 90,000-100,000 words]] Cover designed by Natasha ShaikhThree chapters updated every Wednesday and Saturday starting April 6th!

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Knowing Xavier Hunt ✓

|| Featured FREE story with exclusive paid chapters - previously a paid story ||When Haley discovers the truth behind Xavier, whose silence holds a deeper meaning, she sets her mind on making his life better one small step at a time. ***** Haley Rosamond is happy with her simple life, content under the wing of her father. Well-protected, she has no idea of the darkness surrounding Xavier Hunt, with his all-black attire and infrequent presence in school-accompanied by his bruises and scars. That is, until Haley catches a glimpse of Xavier's reality and is made to question everything she knows about family and life in general. The truth, she realizes, couldn't be more different from everything she has heard. Supported by her father, Haley sets her mind on helping Xavier any way she can, and what begins with tutoring sessions, free food, and random acts of kindness blooms into friendship and something a little more. But when Haley's admission into her dream college and another tragedy in Xavier's life threaten to undo everything she has worked for, Haley needs to decide if she'll stick by Xavier or simply be another person in his life that disappears. [[word count: 80,000-90,000 words]]Note: This story is now available on YONDER, your next-generation reading app from the Wattpad family. Join me on YONDER today! Find it now in your app store.Cover designed by Holly Thurston

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The Bodyguard

"Out and about to explore the world, Dora?" A deep voice behind me laughed. Of course I knew who stood there but I thought he had left hours ago and would come back tomorrow morning to pick me up. He leaned casually against the beige wall of the garage and stubbed a cigarette out behind himself. "My dad will be pissed when he sees that" I ignored his question and pointed at the small scorch on the wall. The street lamps' light reflected in his blue eyes and made them look like they were shining at me. He pushed himself off the wall and with three steps he stood directly in front of me. I had to put my head back to look him in the face. "Want one?" He asked and raised his right arm. I turned my head to see a small box of cigarettes in his hand. It was dark outside, the only light came from the street lamp across the street and the stars. The light drew long shadows on his face but I could still observe it perfectly. Clear skin, full lips and long eyelashes. I shook my head and whispered "I don't really support smoking.""Yeah, me neither" he smirked and nodded slowly. I won't lie. He is really handsome and there definitely is a part to me that is attracted to him but I should really go now if I want to catch that train. --------------------------Pandora just came back from college to visit her parents. But when they see her they seem everything but happy about it. Turns out her mother is not who she claimed to be and has a dark past which is now catching up on her. They want her to go to a save place in NewOrleans with her new bodyguard Hudson. But that's not Pandora's plan...[COMPLETED]

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* COMPLETED *But currently under editing.Life has never been easy for Olivia and her mother. Growing up with an abusive father and deceitful sister had turned her into a teenage girl who has no desire to ever fall in love. After suffering years of constant abuse from her father and sister, she finally finds a way to free her mother from the clutches of her greedy father. But to set her mother free, she has to sell herself to the most sexy, ruthless, and feared man alive... Alexander Payne. A man who will do anything and everything to get what he wants, even if it meant burning everything in his path to get it. Will she and her mother really find peace after she is sold? Or would that only make things harder for them?

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My Crazy Hot Interstellar Affair

[This story is now FREE!] When Andie Bank agreed to take a job to help save her friend's reputation, it wasn't supposed to end up in a romance-fueled galactic rescue mission with her irresistibly hot boss. *****With a merciless tabloid set on destroying the Hollywood career and reputation of Andie's best friend, Andie accepts a job offer with the same company on the condition that they leave her friend alone. She knew about her smoking hot boss when she accepted the accounting position, but the tabloid failed to mention small details like celebrity kidnappings, alien imposters, camera-shaped ray guns, and their absolutely abysmal knowledge of the American tax system.Unable to deny their atomic attraction, Andie and her boss's kisses quickly evolve into a forbidden affair that must remain secret at all costs. When a certain vengeful ex-fiancé discovers their secret, the laser guns come out and Andie is forced to flee for her life. As time runs out, Andie must choose between love or committing a crime that goes against everything she stands for.Plus hot alien sex! ...[[word count: 100,000-150,000 words]]Cover designed by Eva (Fathima) Ismail

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Sweaters and Angels

Sweater wearing, art loving Indigo has a problem.A totally called for problem that's as cliche as it gets, but a problem nonetheless.Indigo's the new girl of Everly Academy, school for the rich and privileged. Where newcomers are as rare as it gets.Intrigued by her sudden appearance, the notorious bad boys of Everly, the Fallen Angels, take an interest in Indigo. (You know they're bad when they have an actual name for the group other than "Those hot bad boys.")Sadly, the Angels are the schools bad boys for a reason. Their possible gang affiliations leave students and possible friends cowering in fear, no one daring to draw too close. The boys were fine with this, they don't want anybody getting hurt no matter how cold and cruel they seemed. The only exception to this appears to be sweet Indigo, who decides to befriend the Fallen Angels.The criminals the Angels routinely deal with in their dangerous after school activities are restless, wanting, no, needing another slice of the power pie. They are willing to do anything to get it, even if that means endangering an innocent girl, such as Indigo.But, Indigo has secrets of her own, secrets that may make her less innocent than others are lead to believe. Will they clash with the powers that want her dead? Who knows. Indigo sure doesn't.___________________________________________"WHY DOES EVERYONE KEEP CALLING ME NEW GIRL?"Luca peered at me quizzically, his forest eyes filling with confusion. "Umm, maybe because you never told us your name?" "Ah, yes. That would do it." I nodded, like I didn't just embarrass myself in front of the hottest guy I've ever seen. Again.Whoops.--------------------------I should probably warn you like a nice person and say that this story contains bad language and all that jazz. I promise it's not as cliche as it seems;)*****

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His Camelia [Completed]

⭐️Romance Hot List: highest rank #20⭐️She is shy. He is brave. She hides in the shadows. He lives in the spotlight. She wished for a fairy tale ending. He wants to grasp life by the horns. Stefan Steel-a former navy S.E.A.L., a hero, and every girls dream. He recently inherits his grandfathers vast fortunes making him one of the most popular, sought after, eligible bachelors in the country.One day he is approached to protect a girl, Camelia St. James. A threat, an enemy, emerges from the ashes to extract his revenge against the St. James family and the prime target is Camelia. Stefan goes undercover and names himself Kent. He changes his appearance and poses as her bodyguard until the threat is eradicated. She doesn't recognize Stefan although their paths have crossed countless times. And both of them are hiding their own secrets, secrets that may alter their destiny's.But nothing will prove quite as complicated as the potent attraction brewing between Camelia and her bodyguard. No matter how closed off she is like the delicate petals of the flower that represent her name, Stefan is determined to keep her safe and peel the many layers surrounding, Her heart...Her body...and Her soul.Will it be too late when she learns the truth? Will she have the chance at the fairy tale she secretly hoped for but never believed would come true? Or will the enemy hunt her down and get to her first?Always be careful what you wish for... Life's greatest lessons are learned at the worst times.Spin-off His Series: ***Can be read in any order***His YasminaHis DuchessHis Hope

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#1 Captured 16/11/2019*COMPLETED* BOOK 3 of the BLOOD MOON PACK. Solomon Nightwalker is the brother of the Alpha of the Blood Moon pack. One of the most powerful packs in the world. He is funny as he is deadly . You do not want to be on his dark side. One look from him can send chilling shutters down your spine, telling you to run the other way to stay alive. Because his mate left him, he agreed to an arranged marriage to the daughter of an alpha, so than their packs can be allies. He is to be the new alpha of the pack. However, when he arrives, he makes an effort to be a good alpha and soon to be husband of the daughter of his predecessor. But is distracted when one of their maids, catches his eyes. Her scent pleasuring his nose, intoxicating his mind. A scent he thought he would never smell again. His mate.

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The Mistaken Identity's Revenge (Book 1 Identity Series)

"Aspen, you'll pay for double crossing us" the tall Greek God like guy seethed. Holding his gun firmly in his grip directed at my head. "you'll regret this bitch" the blonde snapped. The guy to the main guy's left was still clutching his broken nose, courtesy of moi. A glare plastered on his face. Aspen this, Aspen that. My whole fucking life I've been mistaken for the devil spawn. My 'perfect' twin Sister Aspen. This did it. I snapped. I finally snapped, and it only took getting fucking kidnapped! "for the last fucking time.... I AM NOT FUCKING ASPEN! THE ONLY THING WE HAVE IN COMMON IS THAT WE LOOK THE SAME AND WE SHARED THE SAME WOMB FOR NINE MONTHS!"I threw my arms up in the air in exasperation. "quit fucking lying Aspen, we know it's you, you really think we're that stupid?" the red headed guy, said. "I. Am. Not. Aspen." I seethe. "are we actually buying this? The Blonde asked. "for fuck sake. She is my twin, BUT I hate her with every cell in my body." They laugh."you're all so fucking thick. If Aspen was on fire and I had a whole fire truck full of water, I would stick the hose down my throat and drown myself before I did anything to help her." ........Aspen Clarke-Miss popular, loved by everyone, perfect daughter, incredibly stupid, slutty, rich, snobby, bitch, walking STI, favourite past time? - making her younger genius twin sister's life a living hell. Cassidy Clarke-Always been in her sister's shadow, graduating highschool at age twelve, speaking dozen of languages, being a child prodigy and genius was never enough for her parents. Cassidy grew up hating her twin sister Aspen, who made her life a living hell. Not a normal sibling rivalry but a deep seeding hatred towards one another.So what happens when Cassidy is mistaken for Aspen and then kidnapped? Well Cassidy embraces the opportunity to tear Aspen's life apart the same way she did hers even before her life began.~story is unedited, mature content ie. sex, action+humour

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The Billionaire & I

Rewritten and completed✔Ophelia Duhamels knows what rock bottom is and vows to never hit it again after getting her life back on track. What she doesn't account for is an ex, who is now to be her boss. ************ After months of depression and self-pitying, Ophelia finally starts getting her life back on track and finds a job. But fate is seemingly not done toying with her when her new boss turns out to be an ex she hasn't seen since their messy breakup years ago. Although disgruntled by the unexpected turn of events, keeping the job is much more important than whatever residual indignation she still feels. It's a rocky reunion full of clashes and arguments and as the weeks and months go by, she starts to question a lot of things. Life is full of all kinds of surprises for Ophelia, the biggest in the form of her hotshot billionaire ex. ************Excerpt;"You deserve to rot in hell, and I hope you never find your stupid files!""Get out," his voice dropped menacingly."Glady." I glared at him and flipped him off before leaving the office and slamming the door behind me.

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Trapping the billionaire✓

When Ashley wakes up next to the billionaire Tristan Montenegro, her life spirals into more than she could have ever bargained for.***Ashley works as a maid at one of the most prestigious hotels in New York. To make ends meet and to save her family from the debt her drunk father left, she works two jobs. What happens when she crosses paths with Tristan Montenegro, heir to the biggest hotel chain in the country, a total ladies' man and not to mention, he is also her boss. What happens when her ex-boyfriend storms in on the two of them and knocks him out? In an attempt to save her job, she cares for him throughout the night. But there might be a problem, he wakes up with a splitting headache with no memory of the previous night, not to mention, she is laying next to him half naked. He thinks of her as a floozy who is only after his money and fires her from her job. What happens when the two of them meet again two weeks later and she spits out the words: "I'm pregnant." This might lead to many problems she never expected, not to mention, a shot at falling in love. Can true love ever survive amongst so many lies? ©Essi T K (2022)

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Prince Charming Must Die

THIS STORY IS NOW FREE! When a newlywed princess discovers her Prince Charming is married to six other royals, she brings the outraged spouses together to plot revenge. But will their story have a fairy tale ending? ***** Marrying Prince Charming was supposed to be the key to Princess Ashley's happily ever after. Instead, the princess finds herself abandoned for months at a time while Charming slays dragons and fights ogres in distant lands. Frustrated and lonely, she invites six neighboring royals -- five princesses and one prince -- to her kingdom for a week-long gala, hoping to ask for marriage advice. But after a few glasses of chardonnay, the truth comes out: there's only one Prince Charming, and they're all married to him. Obviously, Prince Charming must die. But as the royals set out on a dangerous quest for revenge, they must face foul-smelling armies, dark magic, evil stepsisters, and a troubling shortage of face cream. Soon they uncover an even more dastardly plot, and to save the Seven Kingdoms, the royals must risk everything to rewrite their Happily Ever After.

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His Substitute Bride

[Complete] (UNEDITED)- Sometimes the wrong one might just be the right one -Her life took a complete turn when her sister ran away on her wedding day and she was forced to marry her sister's fiancè, inorder to save her parents.Rosabelle Wilson's life turned upside down when her sister, Arabelle, ran away with her boyfriend and she was forced to marry her fiancè.Nikolai Ivanov, the most dangerous and feared man living in Italy. He is also known as the 'Devil' in the underworld, with a body of a greek God and a face of a handsome devil.Will she ever love him? Will he ever love her? Does the marriage last?(#13. Romance - 9/9/21)(#2. Suspense - 9/9/21)(#4. Marriage - 25/9/21)(#3. Crime - 9/9/21)(#1. Russian - 9/9/21)(#1. Don - 9/9/21)(#1. Bride - 29/9/21)(#1. Family - 18/11/21)Started : 10/6/21Finished : 7/5/23Covers by : aslisbasiddiqui11

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The Kids Aren't Alright

The year is 1988, and Finn, Ronan, Becca and Jasper are spending the summer at a reformatory camp located deep in the Yukon. The camp, named Lightlake, is the last chance the teens have to get their lives back on track, but changing for the better isn't easy - and especially not at a place like Lightlake, where secrets outnumber the campers and myths have a way of coming to life.This story is now free on Wattpad. [[word count: 200,000-250,000 words]]

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Just some memes I found on Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and iFunny

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Let me love you

Thalia Kennedy is a positive ball of sunshine, she likes dirty jokes and smiling whenever. When she meets a man, the complete opposite of her she immediately takes a liking to him and wants to be the one to teach him how to enjoy the little things is life. Heath Jackson was a complicated man in many ways, from his complicated past to his guaranteed complicated future, he was never able to run away from his silent fears he'd face alone. He was closed off and hated the thought of even interacting with people, until someone was heavenly brought in to save him. ---------------------------"I'm thinking" He tells me and I frown. Is itreally that hard to think about something niceabout me?"I like your lips" He finally answers with a slysmirk on his face thinking he did something."Which ones?" I ask before I could stop myselfand bite my lip."Don't you dare answer that" I point my finger at him, the smirk still on his face.-----------------------#3 in cold 7/11/22#1 in sarcasm 8/10/22

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Between the Dimensions✔️

[COMPLETED]Katrina Parker has never been normal, even by werewolf standards.An outcast, ostracized by her pack because of her unique Gift: the uncanny ability to see the future. After finding out that her mate has impregnated her sister, she rejects him and condemns herself to a life of solitude. All of that changes when a certain annoying, cocky, sexy Alpha comes to her territory to claim his spoil of war. The only problem? She hates him. Even worse? She's hiding a dark secret. A deadly one. ••Book 4 of the Gift Chronicles. Can be read as a standalone novel••

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You in Real Life

Mazie has fallen in love. Okay, maybe it's with the ghost of a boy from school she hates, but love conquers all, right? *****Soon after sixteen-year-old Mazie moves to the town of Dorn, she becomes haunted by the ghost of a teenage boy. The ghost doesn't remember anything, so Mazie calls him Jack. Until then, she never knew that ghosts could tap dance, nor that it was possible to fall in love with one! But then Mazie meets Blake, a mean, popular boy at her new high school - and she realizes that Blake is Jack's living counterpart. This means Blake is in grave danger, and only Mazie can help him, but saving this unpleasant boy might kill her ghostly love forever...[[word count: 50,000-60,000 words]]

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Never To Late For Love

Mae is a thirty eight year old woman who has given up hope of finding her forever person. Knowing that all the good ones are taken caused her to just stop looking. With her dream job as a baker and friends who make her life interesting she feels like she has all that she needs to make her happy. Until the day that Alex walked into her tasting room with his best friend in hopes of finding the perfect baker for his friends wedding.Alex also thought that he had missed his chance at love. At thirty nine he had it all great job, friends and his family. He too had just stoped trying to find his person and he just wanted to enjoy all that he had been given in life. But just like Mae that all changed when she walked into that tasting room and changed all that he thought he knew.Will these two late bloomers find the love that they have always wanted or will they just find another disappointment? Will there different stations in life make it hard for them to be together even if they do find love? Who knows what this crazy ride called love has in story for two people who will find out it is Never to Late for Love.

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Lucy Banes | ✔   UNEDITED

All it took was one night for Lucy's life to completely change. Will she be able to handle all the new decisions and changes or will she break?SNEAK PEAK:"That is not true and you know it, Cole" I say, slightly choking on my tears. How dare he say that? He chuckles dryly before giving me a blank look. "Are you trying to deny how much of a whore you are? Tell them. Tell them how much of a slut you are, Lucy. I'm sure your brother would be so happy to know about how his baby sister is opening her legs to anything with a dick" He says, smirking at my mortified face. "That's not true! Why are you lying?!" I yell, my voice thick with tears and my eyes are bloodshot. I'm pretty sure my cheeks are flushed and moist with tears. "I don't lie, cupcake" He says, using the nickname he used Saturday night.

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The Boy Who Didn't Love

A story in which a girl falls in love with a sociopath.Highest rank: #1 in Teen Fiction [July 29, 2022], #1 in Humor [January 3, 2023], #12 in New Adult [January 23, 2023], #26 in Romance [January 26, 2023].

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The Alpha and the Vigilante✔️

BOOK 1 OF THE GIFT CHRONICLES••• When the Moon Goddess created the first werewolves, she split one soul between the two of them, thus creating a perfect soulmate for every werewolf thereafter, known as their mate. Upon the birth of a werewolf, she assigns them with a supernatural ability, known as their Gift•••Ares is a killer. During the day, she is busy fulfilling her duties as the Gamma of her pack. However, before anyone wakes, she sneaks out to unclaimed territory and assassinates rogues to avenge her parents' murder. The Moon Goddess made the mistake of granting her the ability to materialize weapons at will, and Ares fully intended to use her powers as much as she could to deal out vigilante justice. Cain, the cruel Alpha of the Blood Lake Pack, has given up on finding his mate. At 28 years old, it seems unlikely that he will ever find her. All hope is lost until he meets the shockingly violent Gamma from a neighboring pack. His only problem is, she won't go with him easily. Highest Ranks: #1 in Love• 8/7/19#1 in TeenFiction• 8/30/19#1 in Luna• 9/2/19#1 in Rogue•8/9/19#6 in Werewolf•8/12/19 #7 in Alpha•8/12/19#3 in Mate•9/2/19#1 in Supernatural•8/20/19#1 in Assassin•8/30/19

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𝗖𝗵𝗮𝘀𝗲 | ✓

"𝐈 𝐤𝐧𝐨𝐰 𝐡𝐞𝐚𝐯𝐞𝐧'𝐬 𝐚 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠, 𝐈 𝐠𝐨 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐞 𝐰𝐡𝐞𝐧 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐭𝐨𝐮𝐜𝐡 𝐦𝐞"..Celeste Reed just had two months left on her contract of employment and one last instalment to pay off her student loans. Two more months working as a personal assistant and she was free, it's easier said than done when you have a boss who has no plans to let you go! ••

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She Is My Alpha | Good Boy x Bad Girl |✔️

❝She kills without second thought.❞•Micajah's PoV: "Ah!" I shout out in pain, unable to hold it in any longer. I clutch my hand to my injured leg and cry out desperately when another blow is landed to my other leg. Tears of pain gather in the corners of my eyes, and I curl into a ball of humiliation, trying to shield myself from the bullies."You worthless piece of shit," He says menacingly, his muddy brown eyes set in a hard glare aimed at me. I flinch when I see Chance pulling back his fist, raising my arms in defense. But to my utter surprise, the blow never comes.Instead, a sickening 'crunch' resonates through the hallway, surprising me. I tentatively open my eyes once again, cautiously peeking from behind raised arms. What- or more correctly who I see takes my breath away, every fiber of my being stirring at the incandescent sight.There, standing there like an avenging angel over the groaning body of Chance in the floor is a girl. But 'girl' would be too simple of a word to describe her. Her red hair flows down in luscious curls, framing her heart-shaped face, which is set in a furious scowl. Her feline eyes are a stormy grey, the electricity in them, static. Her sharp, straight nose accenting her full pink lips that are shaped like a cupid's bow with such a perfection, giving her an ethereal look. No, the person before me is not a girl. She's a Goddess.The jocks bow their heads in submission, murmurs of "Alpha," passing around the group. My Wolf gets agitated and keeps on saying something but I ignore his persistent calls, as my fogged brain is unable to register anything except the exotic beauty standing before me.Her steel grey eyes roam around the circle in one swift movement before they settle on me, darkening, yet instantly softening at the same time. Finally, her pink lips part to let one word escape them, the one word that changes my life."Mine,"•Completed ✔️MICAJAH IS A GUY's NAME #5 in WEREWOLF#1 in TEEN FICTION

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