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Stolen Heart

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A flirty, romantic adventure & feel-good read!


Lana Asfoor was content to live with the status quo and ignore her piling debt. Ignorance is bliss, right? Yet any ideas of playing things safe are thrown out the window when a charming, mysterious thief steals from her.

Risk taker Jack Hanscom, whose name coincidentally rhymes with handsome, soon takes her on an adventure to reclaim what was stolen. And Lana finds out it may be a little more complicated to get her life back to order when her heart may have also been stolen in the process.


Features & Awards:

🏆 Grand Prize Winner Summer Fest Contest 7/22
🥇1st in Chicklit, Campfire 2.0 Awards 8/22
🥇1st in Romance, Rain Flower Contest 8/22
🥇1st in the WSP Awards Season 2 9/22
🥇1st in Chicklit, The Hearts Awards 10/22
🥇1st in Romance, SW Awards 11/22
🥇1st in Romance, Ultimate Genre Awards 11/22
🥇1st in Romance, The Final Rose Awards 12/22
🥇1st in Chicklit, Clouded Ink Awards 12/22
🥇1st in Adult, Those Romance Awards 12/22
🥇1st in Chicklit, Auctor Awards 12/22

📚Dreamland Community's Undiscovered Books 6/22
📚@NewlyWrittenBooks Fun Female Fiction 8/22
📚@Humor Isn't It Romantically Funny 11/22
📚@Romance Head Over Heels 4/23



"I LOVED IT. I loved the characters. It was just a gorgeous story!!" - @MiniMoxx

"I was planning to read a couple of chapters today but the story is really captivating and funny. I can't stop reading it" - @MissAgataaa

"Stolen Heart is AMAZING! I can totally see it as a paperback that I've placed in my bag to read during the quiet moments when I'm out and about." - @GabPierrette

"Romance lovers!! You HAVE to check out this book!" - @HeidiCarroll

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💫THESE ARE ALL ONLY NAMES 💫Want to try getting back into writing, might help me ease the mind and release stress. Nothing much just writing my daydreams i guess <3🫶🏽Requests are always open🫶🏽

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does it need One? if you know me you know it's another Johanna Beckett fanfic. 🤣😉

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