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My Tiger [BxB]

Being new to the school and constantly jumping in to situations that don't concern him is really going to get him killed. Especially if the so called Tiger is involved.Highest Ranking: #1 in Category: Fluff 06/01/2019#1 in Category: Self Discovery 14/01/2019Book Cover Credit: @PeachyCrream

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The Monsignor's Wife. (Intersex x Girl)

"I need you to stop looking at me like that, Miss Daniels." The young woman's blood red lips were still parted as she spoke, her knuckles as white as ash as she gripped the edge of the table.The contractor smirked, knowing the affect she had on the woman that stood vertical from her as she packed her tools away. "I can't help it. If only I could tell you the things that run through my mind every single time I see you." "Tell me, then."Trigger warning; smùt, sexual abuse, Intersex, polygamy!!

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Not All Who Wander Are Lost

"Goodbye, Sam Thomas Foster,""Goodbye, Michael October Valley," ------When Michael came out, life as he knew it ended.Everything fell apart and he lost his best friend.Now, four years later, his former best friend, Sam Foster, is suddenly reappearing in Michael's life.A school camp to solve the rivalry between two school's football teams pushes the former friends closer together and it isn't long before old feelings start to ignite once more.There's only one problem. The past.Will Michael be able to forgive Sam for what happened after he came out, or will the two continue to wander away from each other, lost forever.

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Surviving the King ✓

I am black, and gay. He's a racist, and a homophobe. I'm his perfect target. He made my high school days a living hell. Never knowing what horrid thing I'm going to find in my locker next, never knowing when his fists are going to come flying at me. Then he forced me on my knees. I gave him a blowjob in the bathroom stall. He liked it. I liked it. It became our thing. He'd fuck me like I was a sole air he breathes, like he couldn't live without me. He'd trail his fingers over my body and tell me I'm beautiful. Then he'd hit me, and remind me "I'm not his fucking boyfriend." I fell for him. Hard. I lived for the secret moments we shared. And I thought he felt something for me too. But I was wrong. He broke my body. He broke my heart. And now, ten years later, I face him again.This is MM bully romance (not a sweet one, my poor baby Brandon will have to go through hell before earning his happy ending). Warning: This story contains strong sexual content, violence, and offensive language. Please, don't read if that is not something you're comfortable with.This is a work of fiction. I do not condone any form of violence or intolerance expressed in this book.All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, without the written permission of the author.

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BULLY & His Crush (Boy x Boy) [COMPLETED]

"Ethan." Aiden pauses. "I want you." He softly bites my ear. "I want to kiss you more than you will ever know."Trying to avoid the daily beatings of the school bully can be challenging. But what happens if the schools bully has a crush on you?

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God (The Saga 4)

In this final book, Seth and Saga must untangle the mess they helped create, all while fending off a pissed off Eri. *****Seth and Saga aren't what one would consider lucky people. So far they've done nothing but make everything worse. As Saga battles her own urges with Eri lurking around in her head, she has to face the fact that maybe killing isn't the answer to everything. Seth is put to the test when he has to adapt to no longer having his wings, and try to keep Saga off the dark ledge.Content and trigger warning: This story contains scenes of violence and sexual activity.[[word count: 60,000-70,000 words]]

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Billy Anderson is often thought to be as sweet as honey. Surprisingly, he is the complete opposite when it comes to his brothers best friend, Thomas Baker. He has hated Thomas for as long as he can remember but who knew that all of his hatred could disappear in just one night...

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The Kids Aren't Alright

The year is 1988, and Finn, Ronan, Becca and Jasper are spending the summer at a reformatory camp located deep in the Yukon. The camp, named Lightlake, is the last chance the teens have to get their lives back on track, but changing for the better isn't easy - and especially not at a place like Lightlake, where secrets outnumber the campers and myths have a way of coming to life.This story is now free on Wattpad. [[word count: 200,000-250,000 words]]

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Kidnapping the WRONG Brother [MAN X MAN]

Cole's life has never been his. For as long as he could remember, his one job in life was to play the role of a copycat. He's had to pretend to be his older brother as soon as his parents realized the two looked very alike to one another despite not being twins. His birth wasn't planned nor wanted so what better way to make use of an unwanted child than to constantly put their life in danger? He swears his parents had the most fucked up logic he's ever heard of but this is his life and it'd continue to be that way until the day one of his brother's assassins finally succeeded in killing him.Well, that's what he thought until he was kidnapped by the Azure Dragon's group and encountered their boss, Eros. Not caring much about who he was, Cole punched him. Yup, he punched one of the largest mafia groups in the U.S.' boss right in the face. But who knew that one punch would, instead of ending his life, change it?---------------"I have to pee" I said monotonously to the guard in front of me. I could immediately tell he thought that I was hoping to be led to a bathroom so I can find an escape, but I didn't need a bathroom. The bucket would do just fine.And as expected, that's what was given to me. I had relieved myself a few times in the dingy little thing unfortunately but, rather that than piss myself."You go in there" he said and I looked down at my tied legs."How am I supposed to pee with my legs tied?" I said and he looked at me confused."My dick is small" I said holding up my pinky for emphasis and the guy gave me a disgusted look. "Make it quick" he said gruffly after untying my legs and helped me stand up. "Can you turn around?" I asked as I saw the man was just standing there. "No" he said. Whatever, his nose not mine.[Completed. 125k words]

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The Alpha's Temptation [BXB]

Ash Willow is the outcast of his pack, the omega runt abused by his stepfather, the head Alpha. Daemon Steele is an alpha of the enemy pack with a violent streak. He's stubborn and cold hearted, he doesn't believe in mates. So what happens when he finds the little omega who ran away from home? Why does he feel drawn to him, despite the mistrust of Ash who comes from the enemy pack? And why does he let this omega keep prying his way into his heart, no matter how much he tries to push him away?Disclaimer: abuse, sexual content, dark/ mature themes

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The Alphas and the Moon [UNDER EDITING]

Klyde, a boy with a mysterious origin and has no memories of his past, became the mate of two alphas from two newly allied packs, Aaron and Stephen. As they moved towards the discovery of Klyde's identity, they found their clues tied to the moon. Will Klyde find out who he is, or will someone stops him before then?[ Revised and Improvised Version available on Webnovel ]

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Baby steps ∽『boy ✮ boy -EDITED

Carter is a disabled 19 years old ex football player. After an accident one year ago, he was cursed to a lifetime in a wheelchair. Ryder is an antisocial 18 years old jock. He became the quarterback of the football team after his biggest rival, Carter Matvey, changed schools for a totally unknown reason. What happens when Carter's father employs the jock to be the boy's caregiver? Are the two quarterbacks able to go a few quarters back and score points into this crazy match of love? What about the fact that under his impenetrable shell of muscles Ryder hides a very soft core? After Carter breaks his walls will he transform into puddle? Follow their juicy trip of love and hate and you'll find out . "Ryder? I think Rider suits you better... in like... Cart Rider " Best rankings: •1 in mxm•1 in bxm•2 in lgbt •14 boyxboy•7 gay ✇W̳A̳R̳N̳I̳N̳G̳_1✇ тнιѕ вooĸ can ιndυce ғeelιngѕ oғ dιѕrυpтιon and anхιeтy ғor нoмopнoвeѕ. ιт conтaιnѕ gay relaтed тнeмeѕ. ✇W̳A̳R̳N̳I̳N̳G̳_2✇ тнιѕ вooĸ can caυѕe angѕт and dιѕappoιnтмenт тo тнe people deѕιroυѕ oғ ѕad endιngѕ. All мy worĸѕ нave нappy endιngѕ. Thís вσσk αlsσ íncludєs smut! σur gαч sσuls cαn't lívє wíthσut smut!

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Never Kiss Your Roommate

Never Kiss Your Roommate is now published as a Wattpad Book! As a Wattpad reader, you can access both the Original Edition and Books Edition upon purchase.Falling in love with your roommate is never a good idea, but when Evelyn has to share a room with the mysterious and alluring Noelle, tension soon turns into a dangerous attraction. *****Evelyn's new roommate doesn't exactly project a warm, welcoming vibe. Noelle is intimidating but impossible to resist. The electric tension between her and Noelle soon pushes Evelyn to do something she can't come back from - kissing her roommate. Everyone at Seven Hills, the most exclusive boarding school, knows that Unwritten Rule No. 1 is to never kiss your roommate. And it's not the only rule Evelyn is going to break with Noelle. Their recklessness fuels an anonymous gossip blog and revives a dangerous past - but maybe with the help of their misfit friends, love can beat all odds. Content and/or trigger warning: This story contains scenes of sexual activity, violence and homophobia, and mentions rape and sexual coercion, which may be triggering for some readers.

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Changing Tides 《COMPLETE》

Making your way to the top is never easy, and for Trey the problems begin when he meets his competition and lead swimmer of the team: Bennett Scott. The pair immediately becomes entangled in a web of heated arguments, lies, and loathing. Yet somewhere along the journey, Trey discovers more about himself than he could've ever imagined... And that's when the tides begin to change. (**MxM novel. I own no rights to the cover photo.**)

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A Kiss and I Will Surrender

Frank meets his best friend Mikey's older brother when he comes home for the holidays; and boy is he hot.Top Rankings: #1 in Frerard#1 in PatrickStump#1 in MCR#1 in PeteWentz#1 in GerardWay#1 in Frankiero#1 in Peterick#1 in Ryden

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Midnight Needs | ✔️

You should move in with me.Those are the words he said to me, like they were inconsequential to him, like we were discussing the weather. I stared at him, trying to figure out if the pain meds I was on after my recent car accident were causing me to hallucinate. I'm not one to complain, but life had dealt me a challenging hand lately. Desperation can cause the brain to dream up some wild scenarios - scenarios like my brother's straight best friend, the one guy I've ever considered anything resembling a relationship with, asking me to move in with him.Only I wasn't hallucinating, and the expectant look on Wesley Prier's face held no humor.COMPLETE BOOK ON WATTPAD!

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Feral (Book 1, the Feral Series)

C41 was taught to fight and never trust anyone but a select few. But in order to leave prison, he might have to work with those who can break him. *****Inmate C41 is the youngest registered "feral" shapeshifter -- someone unable to control his animal urges and aggressions. When he turns eighteen he is transferred to the Adult Feral Rehabilitation Center in Scotland, where he meets a mysterious American government agent who endlessly probes him with questions. C41 does the only thing he thinks will help him survive - he lies. And that starts a chain of events that will either end in a prison break or a life of torture.Content and/or Trigger Warning: sex and violence.[[Wattys' Shortlist]][[word count: 70,000-80,000 words]]

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I Married a Princess | Choni

The princess of Catherdal, Antoinette Topaz. Once her mother and father are dethroned she is to become the next Queen. Toni had expected her love to be from another prince or princess from another kingdom, a higher class men, but she instead had fallen in love with someone from her village, with beautiful red locks#1- Tonitopaz#2- RoyalFamily

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I Fell in Love with River James (Boyxboy)

21 year old Ajay Mistry has just broken with his girlfriend of three years on his graduation day in college. He never thought he could ever find love again.But what happens when he starts to have feelings for his 18 year old brother's best friend River James, who also happens to be a boy?

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Crossing Lines

"You're so fucking annoying." Jake just shook his head at me. "And you're a self centered uptight dickhead." I glared at him. Jake laughed lightly at the insult. "You have such nice things to say about the guy that just fucked the shit out of you." -Evan and Jake hated each other. That was the one fact everyone knew. Captains to rival football teams meant that they were constantly at each other's throats. Everything turned into a way to one-up the other. But then the two boys find themselves alone in a bar bathroom and soon they are stuck in an enemy with benefits arrangement that can only turn messy. ⚠️Content Warnings- Sexual content, abuse, homophobia{book one in Crossing Lines series}

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hard love - (neteyam x aonung)

aonung doesn't want to admit it but he has a massive crush on a boy named neteyam. but he can't say anything about it. boyxboy story

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Trusting Tradition

In modern society Omegas are in equal standing with Alphas and Betas, and they are gunning to break the stereotypes that held that back before. Elliot Herman a mouse shifter, better known as Ellie struggles with following the Omega movement yet wanting the traditional housewife role that Omegas used to fill. Along with other insecurities and oddities, Ellie can't help but feel conflicted with what he wants and what he should want.Constantine Jamison (C.J) Delaney is a dragon shifter who is a massive Alpha in both human and animal form. He has to constantly deal with people being afraid of him and never feeling understood as a person rather than judged by his appearance. A chance encounter between the two might just lead them down the journey of love and self acceptance that they need.

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Taming the Rogue

Demi Lovato, the new teacher at the local private school. After growing up watching her dad teach, she wanted nothing more than to follow in his footsteps, so here she is, at the same exact school, taking over his exact position. What her father failed to mention was the Dean's daughter, Harlow Luna Rouge, was hell on Earth for many. Maybe, just maybe, all a Rouge needs is to be tamed.

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TW: mention of self harm, suicide, rape, sexual assaultEric is a lonely boy who has a hard time communicating. He had a toxic ex-boyfriend who used him for his body. But then he meets Jonah. And things change. (BXB)

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What happens when an alpha, beta and gamma are all mated to each other? Well let's just say Shit gets confusing. Follow Josh, Elijah and Evan, when they discover they're mates and all the twists and turns that come with it.This is the re-written version of alpha beta gamma. The old one got taken down with my old account but this book has the same story line but just with a better structure and right time frame.

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