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His Curse

Valeria Medina is cursed to love and die. At night she dreams of a boy... who exists as the Alpha's son of the violent Shadow Pack. What is their connection? Can they fight for a love across enemy lines? Three years ago, werewolves stepped out of darkness - and revealed their true identity to the world. In the new world order, who will survive?

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The General ✓

Sex makes them stronger. We're at war, and the Zolano warriors need women in their furs to enhance their fighting performance. They're known for their skills in the battlefield and in the sheets, so it's easy for them to get volunteering women. Then there's me. I'm not there to have sex with alien warriors. I'm there to clean their dishes and laundry, straighten their sex-wrinkled sheets, and hope I don't anger any of these beasts.When The General comes to me and asks me to lift my skirt, he's shocked by my rejection. I've never seen this man looking anything but bored or angry. There's a dozen women here who wouldn't dream of turning him down, but he wants me-- his servant; the human with the plain body and the backbone to reject him.

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You in Real Life

Mazie has fallen in love. Okay, maybe it's with the ghost of a boy from school she hates, but love conquers all, right? *****Soon after sixteen-year-old Mazie moves to the town of Dorn, she becomes haunted by the ghost of a teenage boy. The ghost doesn't remember anything, so Mazie calls him Jack. Until then, she never knew that ghosts could tap dance, nor that it was possible to fall in love with one! But then Mazie meets Blake, a mean, popular boy at her new high school - and she realizes that Blake is Jack's living counterpart. This means Blake is in grave danger, and only Mazie can help him, but saving this unpleasant boy might kill her ghostly love forever...[[word count: 50,000-60,000 words]]

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The Broken Mate

Lola's life came crumbling the moment she met her mate, Alpha Torian, smooching and kissing another lady in his birthday party.That day, he bluntly rejected her as his mate and claimed his new girlfriend as his real mate.That same day, in her broken state, she saved a Vampire who was hunted by her parent and their crew - the Pack hunters.Never did she knew that one act was going to change her life forever.At the moment when all love she got was lost, the moment when the world and people she trusted turned their back on her, that very moment when death came dragging her feet with no one to help or hear her scream.He appeared right beside her, ready to break the rules for her sake, at first it was to repay her kindness, but something about her sparkled up light in his dark heart, those strong walls around his heart was melting down.He is the Vampire Lord, she is a Werewolf, two enemies that should stay far away from each other.Note!I am just a learner. A newbie writer and English isn't my first language. Instead of talking bad about the book, please dump it. ❤️💋 Enjoy..

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Callisto: Bound to the Alien Commander |18+

Dr. Nicole Isbel is put into cryosleep. When she awakens, the world is no longer how she left it. Humans have abandoned her...but why? Follow the journey of Dr. Isbel as she encounters strange extraterrestrial beings and forms a "unique" relationship along the way (in the name of science, of course).~Top Rankings~ #1 Fiction [Feb 2023]#1 Post-Apocolyptic [Feb 2023]#1 Alpha [Feb 2023]#2 Paranormal [Feb 2023]#2 Alien [Mar 2023]

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King Alpha's Human Mate

Living in Las Angeles, California all her life, 23 year old Sarah Lee Rose has endured a life of struggles but her dreams of one day being a chef and finding love has always kept her afloat. A bad ass who didn't care for no one except those within his pack, Alpha King Kaheim Frost has lived 544 years without a mate or someone to share his bed. He only live to make his pack and it's members the strongest, safest and happiest of all the packs.Until they met.....

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Mermaids And The Vampires Who Love Them

This book is FREE with paid BONUS chapters!Everyone knows mermaids and vampires can't date. But when a mermaid ends up at a boarding school with a smoking hot vampire for a roommate, will love take a bite? ***** Just before her senior year of high school, mermaid Waverly Fishwater learns she's being transferred to a cross-cultural boarding school for supernaturals. But reckless gods, single-minded werewolves, and virtuous fairies are the least of her troubles! West Marin Heights has vampires, and mermaid blood is their favorite snack. So Waverly has to learn who to trust, and fast -- especially since one of her new roommates is a vampire who's way too hot for her to handle! But just when she's starting to fit in, she discovers a dark plot that could destroy the school and the oceans beyond. If Waverly is to expose the evil scheme and get back to her normal teenage problems--overprotective parents, math homework-avoidance, and maybe, just maybe, getting a boyfriend--she's going to have to accept the help of a ragtag group of classmates. Will her plans be a supernatural catastrophe, or can Waverly rally this eccentric band of heroes to save the day? [[Word Count: 90,000-100,000 words]] Cover designed by Natasha ShaikhThree chapters updated every Wednesday and Saturday starting April 6th!

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Alpha Klayton | ✔️

"You were made for me. And I, for you." His breath is right beside my ear and I tightly shut my eyes closed. He leans down closer. "I was made to love you. To fuck you," My breath catches at the last part. I'm suddenly thinking naughty things and I can't help it. I'm imagining him taking me in his office. On this desk. Feeling what his tongue would taste like. He pulls back lightly and deeply inhales. If possible, his eyes darken even more. They're almost as dark as the night. "I know you want me too, Adira." ****************************************************** Strong. Intimidating. Cunning. Resilient. All characteristics that he embodies. Klayton was a storm, and she was the rainbow that followed the chaos. Moving into the small town of Myersdale to start her first year of University, Adira has no idea what destiny has in store for her. She expected the crazy parties, the relentless homework, and all of the sleepless nights. Adira Hayes did not expect him. Throw in some curses, a few witches, and a psycho Moon Goddess... you get to ride alongside Adira's greatest adventure. *THIS IS NOT A STEREOTYPICAL WEREWOLF BOOK. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!* 18+ | BOOK #1 OF THE LUNAR CYCLE SERIES. #1 HIGHEST RANKING IN HUMAN (09/24/20) #1 HIGHEST RANKING IN MATE (09/16/20) #1 HIGHEST RANKING IN HOT (07/05/20) #1 HIGHEST RANKING IN GODS (10/11/20) #1 HIGHEST RANKING IN WITCH (05/03/20) #1 HIGHEST RANKING IN FUNNY (11/03/20) #2 HIGHEST RANKING IN LOVE (08/05/20) #2 HIGHEST RANKING IN WOLF (03/28/20) #2 HIGHEST RANKING IN MAGIC (09/20/20) #2 HIGHEST RANKING IN PARANORMAL (07/01/20) #3 HIGHEST RANKING IN SUPERNATURAL (07/31/20)

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The Touch of Demise │18+

They call him Demise.No, that wasn't his birth name. His mother nor father gave him this designation. Many people weren't sure he even had parents. Some say he sprung from the fiery depths of Hell.No, he earns his title. Every lycanthrope shakes in fear from the tales of him in battle- his ruthlessness, his ferocity. One said he could kill a man with a mere touch.They call him Demise because everything he touches perishes. His skill, his intelligence, his stamina, his endurance, his agility, his everything...holds murderous brutality.He is death and he fucks with despair.─────Grace was a chosen for the Kingdom of Wolves. She and fifty other women were traded among the four Alphas of the world, paid to satiate their every desire. Grace had not been requested, yet, for she was the newest arrival.Stationed in Kingdom Demise, she worked as a palace servant. She knew one day she would be beckoned by an Alpha, but she never thought it would be by Demise.

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Midnight CEO

What is on the top floor? That's what everyone is asking. People seem to get promoted to the top floor but you never seem to see them around anymore? And has anyone ever seen the CEO anyway? No? Me neither. There were rumours about him being some kind of playboy billionaire but ...... no one seems to know what he looks like? He is on the top floor ..... What is on the top floor? I don't even want to know to be honest. "CONGRATULATIONS YOU HAVE JUST BEEN PROMOTED TO THE TOP FLOOR........ "Damn it!

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I Stole the Alpha's Car (18+)|✔️

Lauren is in trouble. BIG trouble. She found her mate - and he ISN'T her sweet, long-term, long-distance boyfriend.He's an Alpha.Can you blame a girl for panicking?* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *Lauren Adams is a girl with a plan. Freshly graduated from culinary school, she's only a couple weeks away from her boyfriend, Evan's, 18th birthday and officially becoming his mate. Then, she's going to move out to Wyoming with him to start their happily-ever-after.Except.A certain older, incandescently hot Alpha comes to her pack on business and topples her plans like a wrecking ball.Now she's on the run, he's on the chase, and there's more than just a ridiculously expensive car on the line.* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *2 MF MILLION READS - 🤯 - Thank you for all the bonus serotonin!!!#1 out of 59.7K in "wolf" - 01/13/22#2 out of 171K in "supernatural" - 02/01/22#11 out of 1.7M in "love" - 02/22/22#1 out of 41.1K in "mates" - 02/23/22 #1 out of 41.2K in "lovetriangle" - 04/14/22#3 out of 61.2K in "paranormal" - 05/09/22#1 out of 20.9K in "wolves" - 05/20/22#1 out of 63.8K in "completed" - 07/02/22#4 out of 33.6K in "mature" - 07/04/22#24 out of 1.8M in "romance" - 07/08/22#2 out of 75.4K in "alpha" - 07/17/22#1 out of 32.2K in "mate" - 07/20/22#2 out of 201K in "werewolf" - 09/09/22 #2 out of 201K in "werewolves" - 09/09/22 #1 out of 20.7K in "luna" - 02/18/23 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *Seriously though, thank you so much to the people who have read this and to the people who are considering reading this - your views, votes and comments absolutely make my day!

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Hire an Incubus

Tired of human men? Need something better in your life? Call Hire an Incubus! Welcome to Lisa Farrow's world where the normal and paranormal are very well acquainted, if you know what I mean. Sick of being alone, Lisa decides to try out 'Hire an Incubus', a very professional establishment run by demons for humans, however, she doesn't plan on after an administrative error, she will have a rogue, blacklisted, very dangerous incubus looking for her.She also doesn't plan for how incredibly hard it is to shake off one. Or uncover that he's maybe he's not who everyone says he is....[ this story has mature themes but nothing overtly graphic. ]

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The Allure of Night

"Those who defy me will suffer the consequences." His deep voice shakes my core and I know I have royally fucked up."I-I'm sorry. I'm not feeling so well, I'm just a human."A roaring laugh comes from him and it widens my eyes, "You are right, you are just a human. I should spare your life for your ignorance!"As he stalks closer, I'm thankful the mask is covering my face to hide how red and sweaty it is. The relief is short lived as he yanks it off my face, revealing my face to him. Upon seeing my face in its entirety, he stops and observes me. Looking over every inch of my face with an emotionless expression. I break the eye contact and turn my head to the side, looking away from him in embarrassment."Do not look away from me." He growls.Closing my eyes and taking a deep breath, I turn my head back towards him and open my eyes to see his eyes have changed into a dark caramel color. The breath I took hitches in my throat and he grabs my chin, the heat instantly lights up my face more. The room starts to sway, and I can't focus on him anymore. Fuck, I'm going to pass out.His face looms close to mine and his breath is warm as he breathes on me, "Little human, you are mine."Those are the last words I hear as the world around me is consumed in darkness.______________________________________________Warning: This book contains mature content! Such as violence, explicit language and sexual events. All I ask is that if you read this, please be mature about it. Thank you!Completed on 15 May 2021. This book is not edited! I will go through and edit/make changes at a later time.

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The First She ✓

In a freak accident, Kira, a NASA scientist, is teleported to a planet that has no women. When she's saved by an alien that thinks she's a boy, she fights to keep herself alive and her gender a secret. - • - Vrox's life has always been tranqil, until a troublesome boy with endless secrets crashes onto his lap.

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The Alpha King's Rejected Mate ✅

"What is your name?" He asked. "Nyx." "Nyx what?" "Nyx Evander." "Good." He hummed, "I am going to reject you." He said and I felt a stabbing pain in my chest. I wanted to beg him not to, to tell him that I will do anything for him not to reject me. "And you are going to accept my rejection and forget about me, we can never be together! I am an Alpha King, I do not need a mate like you." I cried more as his words rolled off his tongue, "Stop your crying, it is fucking irritating!" He said and I sobbed. "You are going to leave after the rejection and never set foot within my territory again, mutt!" He warned, "Is that clear?" I nodded at him and watched him do what I feared the most. "I, Lycus Dardanos." He began, "Alpha King of the werewolf community, the next in command after the wolf's council and the Alpha of Blackmoon pack reject you Nyx E..." He never got to finish his words as a blinding white light suddenly shone through the room followed with a harsh gush of wind that threw me back against the wall.** Gambled away at a young age at a lost game by her father and was made to be a slave to the Alpha who rejected her and the pack. She was labeled cursed for being a silver wolf and her daughter an abomination. After enduring years of pain, rejection, and abuse, Nyx Evander finally goes rogue and decides to flee with her child only to end up in the territory of the Alpha King. Lycus Dardanos the Alpha King always wanted a mate but she wasn't what he was expecting when he first laid eyes on her. He wasn't expecting her to be what he hated most. What happens when these two meet and when Nyx discovers that her life is at stake for being a silver wolf and the mate to the Alpha King? And things become wild when her ex mate wants her back.

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Bodyguard (Being Edited)

What does a drug lord love more than his empire? His daughter. Nothing matters more than protecting his daughter. So, when she comes home with a mysterious black eye, and refuses to tell him where, or why it happens, he was forced to get her a bodyguard.Mikkel isn't the typical bodyguard, and nothing matters more to him other than his work. His job. His, Tiffany.

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The Alpha's Dungeon

"Would you rather have me call you a slut or a princess?" - Xalorad "A whore in his dungeon and a saint pup in the public."Marissa Mcpherson didn't know what she was putting herself into when she signed up for a session at her Alpha's dungeon. A little play of chains and whips was her expectations but after the passionate night, she craved for more and more. Her desires took a dark, wicked turn and she began wanting to be trapped behind the stoney walls, stripped and taken till there was nothing left of her soul. However, there was only enough she could get before she had to pay a visit to hell.

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The Cursed Lamb

Being thrown to the wolves is a death sentence.Adalia knows that all too well, since she witnessed her own father being slaughtered in that same unmerciful way.Living life as a meek slave in a kingdom full of royals, Adalia has no rights and is treated no better than dirt itself. So when she's accused of a crime she committed out of fear, she is punished.Her sentence?Being thrown to the wolves.But things are not as all as they seem in a world oblivious to the hidden creatures around them.....*Cover by Van's Covers

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Three Mates & A Tribrid

I sighed, walking towards him. "Look, big man. I know who you are and I'm really sorry for what I'm about to do." I said before leaning in and kissing him. I could feel the sparks from our contact and heat pool in my belly. But before he could pull me in for a second one, I pulled back. "Why would you be sorry about that?" He asked, looking at me affectionately. He pushed the hair our of my face as he smiled. "That's not what I'm sorry for," I whispered before snapping his neck.This is too fucking easy, I thought before smelling two heavenly different smells. What the actual fuck? I turned slightly and locked eyes with two guys across the parking lot. I have three fucking mates?! Of course, my life can't be easy. --------------------------------------------------------Rose Maxwell is your typical young, flirty, confident 21-year-old. With only one exception...she's a tribrid. Tribrid being a werewolf, vampire, and witch in one. It sounds cool, right? Only one problem...she shouldn't exist. Now with only herself to count on, Rose must learn the hard way to never trust anyone with her secret. But what happens when fate brings three mates into Rose's life? Everett Dixon, the sexy werewolf; Atticus Caldwell, the mysterious warlock; and Axel Hale, the brooding vampire. Will she learn to trust again? Or will she let the fear of being discovered threaten the bonds she has with her mates? Warning: This book is rated mature and will have mature-themed content. This includes sex, strong language, violence, drug/alcohol use, and mentions of sexual assault#1 in Magic#1 in Reverseharem #1 in Paranormal #1 in Supernatural #1 in Witch#1 in Vampire#1 in Badass#1 in Murder

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The Descendent Protectors

With only three weeks left of summer vacation, Nora and her friends decided to road trip to a secluded territory with a wondrous lake in the northwestern region of Indiana. Unbeknownst to them, the territory has been claimed by one of the most powerful men in North America, and they were trespassing. A while later, Nora runs into this owner of the land, and despite his intimidating and powerful aura, there's another foreign emotion settling deep in her stomach whenever her dull brown eyes connect with his striking silver gaze. Unfamiliar to the feeling, Nora shrugs it off, completely oblivious to the fact that not only has she now captured the interest of the most powerful and dangerous man in North America, but has also set foot inside a whole different world known to only exist in mythical books.*Note: This is not your classical Werewolf story. *Top rankings:#1 in Romance - 3rd January, 2021#1 in Myth - 6th January, 2021#1 in Legend - 24th January, 2021#1 in Fiction - 9th August, 2021*Word count: 90,000 - 100,000

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A Baby For The Beast

Every 200 years, a virgin is sacrificed to a powerful beast, for breeding.In the previous years passed, no offspring has been produced. It is known that only the mate to the beast can give him a pup.The community always selects the outcast virgin, from intricate fear of the beast.I am Ava Goodchild, one of the selected virgins.[[Word count: 80,000 - 81,000 words]]Book 1 of the Dystopia Series

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The Vampire and The Ghost | ✔︎

[BOOK ONE OF THE VAMPIRE AND THE GHOST SERIES]She's dead, he's undead. An unusual duo make their way through the modern world, and its modern challenges. Annalise Redwood had spent too much time alone, floating in a centuries old house. The very same house she was murdered in 5 years before. She'd watched people leave, come in, investigate and even squat in this house. Yet none of them stayed long. And more importantly none of them saw her. It was hell, and she swore she was cursed. But this all changes, on the 5th anniversary of her death when a seemingly normal young man walks in. And he sees her. Eugene Cubert was old. Too old. He was done with life, had lived, breathed (well not really) and seen too much for one soul to bare. Quite frankly all he wanted to do was find a nice house to live in and spend the rest of the century comfortably locked away from all of the supernatural and natural. He's visiting his 5th house that day, when he hears it. A woman, screaming to be seen. And then he sees her. And nothings quite the same after that.----------------------------------------------------#No.2 in paranormal 3/7/2021#No.1 in ghost 9/7/2021#No.8 in murder 2/8/2021Updates weekly! (unless otherwise said)

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Silveen, a young Omega who is displaced by her family due to her inability to shift, finds love and settles for it until she experiences the betrayal of the one she trusts the most, her mate.Escaping death and discovering that her inability to shift is due to a curse placed on her at birth, she swears to take revenge on all who have or will try to hurt her. After choosing to walk the path of revenge, Silveen soon finds out that there is more to her than the regular girl and there was more to her story............................"What on earth happened there?"Silven heard her father Ramon, ask. His eyes dark with anger. She looked at him silently oblivious of the answer."Didn't you hear me? Why didn't you turn? Why are you unable to turn?"He asked as he shook her vigorously."Say something.""I don't know!"Silveen screamed bursting into tears and covering her eyes with her hands.Her father looked from her to his mate confused not knowing what to make of this. Her mother Lupe, looked at her intently, sharing in the confusion."Silveen". Her mother said softly as she walked to her."Have you asked your wolf? ask her what went wrong, why you couldn't turn when you are already of age and strong enough."Silveen looked at her mother who had now crouched in front of her, pain flashing in her eyes as she knew, she couldn't keep her well-guarded secret anymore."I never met her."1st part of The Indifferent luna series.Ranked #2 in Romance.

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#1 Werewolf (08.09.2022)"My eyes peel open only to be met with darkness. I have no idea what time it is. The last thing I remember was successfully hyperventilating. "I must have passed out," I say tersely, slapping my head. Instead of my hand hitting my forehead, it hits a small facecloth plastered along the area just below my hairline. I peel it off and throw it on the marble floor next to the bed. My body is moving slightly up and down...that's not my breathing. I realize my predicament and exactly where I am. Lying between Dmitri's legs, my back flush with his chest. Everywhere skin touches, small tingles kiss the flesh like a whisper, the small hairs on my arms rising in response as goosebumps erupt all over my body."A simple life. That's all Skylar Morgan wanted. But when a curse thrusts her into the spotlight of a world she was naively unaware of, she is forced into the path of a Lycan. A Lycan who may be both her salvation and her doom. Focus is on the relationship development, MC is 28 & many of the typical Wattpad werewolf clichés are not found in this book (if it seems cliché keep reading, it's not :) Some curse words & explicit sexual scenes, for mature audiences [email protected] - "holy shoot that was a good book. I spent all day reading it I just couldn't put it down."@yasmin2jaff - "Loved your book ... one of the best I read in years"©2022 Eloise Benjamin / greenwitchwrites. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without written permission from the author. This body of work is available exclusively on Wattpad. If you're viewing it on a different website or under a different username, it has been illegally stolen and you may be at risk of malware. Please head over to Wattpad and let me, the original author @greenwitchwrites.

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A/N: People seem to think that this is a werewolf story and adding it to their werewolf reading list, it's not, it does have some werewolves in it but they aren't the main characters or species.~He looks at me with his mismatched eyes, they're cold and angry, not much of a surprise there. He is leaning against his table, his arms crossed as well as his legs, yeah he is angry alright. "You've been avoiding me" He glares at me, well great he figured me out. I shrug and don't say anything.He growls "What the fuck did I say about using your goddamn words Noah?" I smile sarcastically...and I shrug. His face contorts, uh oh he's going beastie, he pushes off his desk and stalks his way over to me and pushes me against the wall with one of his giant hands on my throat. "You best not forget who the fuck I am you little shit, just because we're mates doesn't mean I'm gonna let you disrespect me like that" He presses down on my jugular and lifts up me giving me no choice but to wrap my legs around him so he doesn't completely take me away from air."I've known you your whole life babygirl, I know your weakness" He whispers in my ear, he moves my head to the side and finds his mark, he kisses it. Motherfucker.

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Pieces Of Me

Eve isn't your average she-wolf.She's an ass kicking, potty mouthed, head warrior. She has no plans of finding her mate, she's already found the love of her life, and no demands from her Alpha father will change her mind. Eve's got her life all planned out.That plan goes out the window, when her father forces her attendance to the mate-less ball, where her mate lies in wait, and enemies launch an attack to wipe out her pack.Taken prisoner Eve is broken by her captors, to be molded into the perfect forced mate for another. But it is soon discovered Eve is a oddity of the supernatural world, and will prove to be key in this battle between good and evil.Thats if she will accept the unwanted mates that keep getting in her way to claim the different pieces of her.Sample:'HELL . FUCKING. NO!" I growled at him. Glancing back at my mate, who I could see was gearing himself to pounce over the bar. I took a step away from the bar, then took another, as my mates muscles bunched. "HELL FUCKING NO!" I growled at him. Glancing back at my mate, who I could see was gearing himself to pounce over the bar. I took a step away from the bar, then took another, as my mate's muscles bunched. "Sit, stay!" I ordered desperately, but the hulk wasn't listening and was on the move. My flight instincts kicked in. and ignoring my father's concerned shouts, I turned and raced for Reece. "Sorry, not today, Fido!" I hollered over my shoulder to my mate. Fuck my luck! fuck, FUUUUCK! ' Please do not copy my book, all characters, and storyline are original and created by me and copyrighted. This is purely a work of fiction.Please note this is book 1 of a trilogy.Highest ranks in top 10 to date5th in jawdropping 29/09/226th in Reverse harem 1/11/228th in Faery 1/11/223rd in Good vs Evil 5/11/227th in torment 13/11/228th in brutal 13/11/229th in gory 13/11/2210th in funny moments 11/11

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