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Hunters' Shadow (Book one of the Hunter Chronicles)

Twenty Six year old Blake Hunter is the Alpha of the largest pack in the region. Finding his mate is the last thing on his mind. But, in the midst of dealing with uninvited relations, aspiring future Lunas and increasing rogue attacks on his eastern borders, a young woman stumbles out of the forest into his arms. Injured, afraid, and with no idea who she is or how she got there, she brings out his wolf's protective nature.To keep her safe and unravel the mystery surrounding his new charge, Blake must navigate dangers from both inside and outside his own pack, even as they both struggle against their undeniable attraction. When her past returns to claim her will he risk his pack's safety to keep her by his side? Or will the shadows surrounding them tear them apart for good?***Cover by the wonderful -DeeisDead-Acheivements:*3rd in the Rainberry Awards (Supernatural)*1st in the Black and Gold Leaf Awards (Werewolf/Vampire)*3rd place in the Writers Choice Awards (Fantasy)***My story is copyrighted and belongs exclusively to me, please don't use my story, book cover or characters in any way without my permission, thank you!

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Midnight Passion

Maxim stood staring out into the mist slowly creeping over the forest floor. She had run off again. The cries of the night creatures of the forest told him she had come this way. Maxim laughed as he caught her scent. The chase was on...

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Pain....endless pain.....and then blackness...and then pain again...DAMN THIS PAIN!!! It was nothing compared to the next step...I couldn't breathe. My life was getting sucked out of me. I could see black spots swirling infront of my eyes.The hunter took a final look at me and said,"We will be together now. No one will come between us."And with that,he started to suck the life out of me.

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Unclean (On Hold)

"You don't belong!" "Your weird!" "Your a weakling and abomination to our kind!" Those words seem to haunt me every night I go to sleep why do they hate me so much I never did anything wrong but still I'm hated at school and at home but what really hurt was being rejected by my mate. Life seems to be going all wrong for 17 year old Mia with school and at home so she decides to do the unthinkable, runaway...on her journey she learns what or who she is but can she handle to truth or will it destroy her?

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Yes Master

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The Peacekeeper

Cecilia Auburn isn't your normal human, in fact, she isn't human at all. She's a werewolf. But not only a werewolf, she's a mix of every supernatural kind there is. Created by the Moon Goddess, she thinks shes alone.Things are going ok until she has to move from her old home down in London, up to Sheffield. Things are going smooth, living life like a human, until she has to start school. But what will happen when she finds out that the alpha of the local pack, the Black Moon Pack, is also her mate? What will her mate think of her when he finds out the truth about her?

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Into The Night

Ember Reed is just a normal 16 year old girl that was home schooled her whole life. One day she found out something terrifying. Yes, she was going to Laketown High School. She wants nothing to do with that school. She thinks that she is normal but what she doesn't know, is that her family has a huge secret. Her boyfriend is too.

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Wolf Bite (On Hold)

What do you do when an oversized wolf shows up in your backyard with injuries that should've killed it long ago? Dani is forced to ask herself this question when she sees the giant creature on its death bed.Little does she know, her meddling with his death will drag her into a secret world she never even knew existed. With a species of creatures straight out of fairy tales after her life, what can she even do to save herself?(This is my first time writing a girl protagonist so please bear with me ;-;)

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My alpha

Abandoned from her parents she try to escape from every day's routine.. As she was walking in the forest.. An unpredictable situation make her meet her true self.. And her brother

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Arctic Pack (Living in a Pack book two)

ATTENTION THIS IS BOOK 2 IF YOU HAVE NOT READ THE FIRST BOOK Living In A Pack PLEASE DO NOT READ THIS, READ THE FIRST ONE FIRST ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••Five weeks after being driven from their territory The White Valley Pack is living well in a small town in the Arctic. But just as things start to look up for the pack things take a turn for the worst. With the news that The Dark Forest Pack has teamed up with a group of vampires and are planning an all out war on all supernatural creatures, Iris and her friends must help to gather as many allies as they can, shifter and not, or else it could mean the end of the world itself.

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Little Red Riding Hoods Granddaughter

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Searching For The Shifter Bloodline - Shifter Book 2

After their ordeal with the hunters, Paige and Jacob are finally mated, set to rule over Luke's pack. Although Paige has her extended family, she still longs for her birth-parents. She and Jacob agree and, together with a small group, they set out on a journey to find the remaining soulshifters on earth, one Pure soulshifter and one Gifted soulshifter. Their journey quickly turns into a race against time when the hunters step up their game to find the last of the shifters alive, targetting both Paige and her parents. And let's not forget the fact that a shifter's blood is highly alluring for the Rogue vampire king. In their search for her parents, both Paige and Jacob will go through struggles and tests. But will they come out stronger then before..or will their mating crumble to pieces?

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Angela Guerrier, born Angela Loup Guerrier, she is an only child and lives with her mom in the 'not so normal' town of Cryptic Falls, in Falls County. But she doesn't know that. Everything she's ever known turns upside down as new discoveries make way into her life. How will she cope with the new 'norm'. It's hard to predict what will happen next.WARNING - this book may contain mature themes, reader's discretion is advised.

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Enemies Don't Kiss

Jesse Gordan is a soon to be alpha who doesn't want the position. He's rebellious and wants to be remembered for something that doesn't involve his pack.Charlie Benson is a vampire princess who believes in love like in the books she reads. For a twenty year old who hasn't been outside her mansion walls, wants to see the world.For over a hundred, maybe a thousand years ago vampires and werewolves have had a feud. No one knows why except the oldest of the species. When the two elders of the clans make a truce will Jesse and Charlie actually fall in love or remain enemies?

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The Creatures Of The Night

Jane Miller is an average girl, she is the type of girl that no one would notice. She had only one friend and she liked it that way. On her 17th birthday she expected it to go like most do. Talking to people who she hardly knew, eating poorly made cake and drinking out of paper cups. What she didn't plan was that she would become someone different, something different.

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The Screwed Up Life Of Helena Clare {COMPLETED}

Well Helena Clare Jones' life isn't all its cracked up to be. When you read a kids story their from a happy family, with no dark mad things and no one dies. Well in Helena's life thats different, her Mum and Dad now dead and her living with her older brother Timmy. He said to her since she can just remember 'I'll tell you what happened when your fiveteen." Now on her fiveteeth birthday does she really what to know what happened?

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Blood moon

Your whole life you have been abused by your dad but what happens when you meet your mate, only one problem, you don't know you're a wolf and you don't know he's your mate.

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The Ruler, The Fallen, and The Broken (Slayer 3)

In The Ruler, The Fallen, and The Broken the war is over. Andrew, Daniel, Blade, and Violet all are back in Connecticut.Nick is now the King and has a master plan to get Andrew to surrender and to make Vampires the fiercest species to be reckoned with.Meanwhile, Andrew is stuck in Connecticut trying to help Violet get back on her feet after killing a human, while he himself is struggling with letting down the entire Vampire community. Bruce's sister, Natalie, has convinced Bruce to run an under the table curing station for Vampires wanting to be human again, which illegal due to the new Vampiric law. As Violet gets back on her feet, her past blind sides her, and she must deal with new information regarding her family. As Nick's plan falls together, Violet and Andrew become divided. Andrew knows he desires two different things: to be King again and Violet's heart. Will Andrew find a way to get both? Will he be able to help Violet? Will he save the vampire kind? Or will Nick succeed in his plan, and forever change the fate of history?

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Blood: The Third Course

Spencer, Vince, and Edeline are still missing, no news of them but a trail of bodies that has now returned home. Now, for the first time in a hundred years, the vampires and the werewolves must work together to stop a war that is just starting. But, with the casualties already coming in, can they put aside their differences and work for the common good? Can they put aside the blood that separates them?The third book in the TEETH series

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The Difference Between You and Me

Clara is an eighteen year old shifter with a murky past. Her first pack and parents were murdered by a pack of werewolves, making her hate them with every fiber of her existence. She was an orphaned shifter at the age of six. When she was eight, she was found by a ruthless pack leader named Alex. He seemed like a promise of hope to Clara. She thought that he and his pack could become a new family for her.She was wrong.Cover was made by xoDaydreamingxo ^_^ thank you hobo!

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Wolf tribes (Rewriting)

A wolf pup wakes up in a forest all alone with no.memories when she suddenly gets a vision causing her to meet a mysterous wolf named Idex. He takes her to the Timber tribe where she has to learn to fit in and to figure her past.

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New York Trouble

A warrior alpha daughter moves into the big city to go to college but what happens when she meets the Alpha of a mobster pack.

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I am a wolfire

A teenage girl was locked away in her house till she was fourteen and has no friends. That us until she meets others like her almost and they teach her to control her power but how long until one of these hot boys fall for her it comes down to the oldest question "Vampire or Where wolves" enjoy!

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I'm Cursed

Meet Skylar, a new high school student, but when she is a vampire... a cursed one at that... and things don't go so well... She despises humans for killing her parents.What is she going to do when it's time for her to go to school? How can she cope with the living that she hates?PS. This is not anime related...

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Mysterious Creatures

Ashton and Maxine. Two different people. One supernatural story. Max is a werewolf that is temporarily banished from her pack, and has to try to survive in civilization without any help. Ashton was born with the sight to see all creatures auras and was born with many other... Hidden gifts. When Max saves him, what will his team think of her, and how will she react to the humans that surround her at her new school and job?

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It was dark and I was all alone I couldn't see anything, not even my hands in front of me. I felt all sick like I had a cold." Where am I ? " I asked." Your in your my mind ? " a voice replied. It sounded like we were in a cave." What do you mean I'm in your mind ? " I asked again." We are telepathically linked now, you can't run from me anymore, " replied the person" Just stop messing with me and tell me who you are and where am I, " I Sid. I started to get really eritated. And what did the person mean by you can't run from me anymore. Who was it that I was running from. Then I started to get a little dizzy and my through started to burn. Then all of a sudden I felt a sharp pain in my chest. I woke up. I was in a white room with like 1,000,000 bright light on me. It hurt a lot. There were cords tied up to me and I didn't know where I was.

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