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The Billionaire in Love

| THIS STORY IS BEING EDITED. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK PLEASE |Arshad Khan was one of the richest bachelors of Dubai who had no intention of stepping down from the bachelorhood any time soon. But of course, when matchmaking mothers are involved, anything can happen. Right? So when he steps into India for a family gathering, things just take a different turn. Meeting her was coincidental but loving her, it was a choice. Little did he know that even the purest of love, comes with consequences. And this billionaire, well he sure was in love. © scopian_16 2014

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The Nanny

"You are fired," he said, as my heart broke into tiny pieces. "No please sir, don't separate me from Imad. I beg of you," I pleaded in agony. What sins have I committed to deserve this? How can I stay without seeing the child I have been raising like my own for three years. Why is he doing this to me?••• Layla put her whole life on hold to take care of a young boy named Imad. She has been taking care of him since he was a three years old. They share an unbreakable bond, he counts on her and she has made him her world. Ahmed Damari a tactless, cold hearted business man who has no time to waste and no space for affection. The uncle of the boy. He wants nothing to do with her but he just can't seem to stop thinking about her. What happens when two different worlds collide and when unwanted feelings thrive? Written By: Naila Ali [ Highest Ranked #1 in spiritual.✨] hi

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The nerd and Mr. Popular✔️

"Just a reminder you're nothing but just their tutor and we are tolerating you in our house cuz you're a friend of that stupid girl, so act formal and keep your nose away from our family's matter," he spat out angrily and left the room.Zaynah Fatima, not your expected nerd, whose life was full of secrets and drama.Wajahat Shah, the arrogant, cocky, and the most popular guy of college, you will hate him but the more you get to know about him, the more you're gonna love him.What would happen when that not-so-nerd and Mr. Popular crossed their path? Would they get along or hate each other? Or would someone else catch the attention of Zaynah? Another clichè teen fiction with a lot of secrets, drama, mysteries, and stupidity!*Characters in this book are Muslim but this book can be read by anyone* *Warning* Zillions of mistakes and you may fall in love with the characters!!!#1 in spiritual 04/10/2021

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Changing Relations ✔

#Ranked 4 (27/07/19). Thank you so much my beautiful readers.Hanya Qureshi, a nineteen year old pampered daughter of Mrs & Mr. Qureshi, and a loving and caring younger sister of Hareem Qureshi.Zain Abdullah, a twenty six year old multi- millionaire. A loving son of Mrs & Mr.Abdullah and a caring and affectionate brother of Zarine Abdullah. He rules the business world, he is very possessive about his family. He is definitely a role model for every youngsters and every mother see a good son in law in him.But what happen when suddenly things changes or Relation changes???"Hanya, we're glad you said that on your own. We all think that you'll be the perfect bride for him. You should get married to him." Her parents said.Three lives tied together, three relations that were given to them and every relation changed in a blink.Cover credit goes to@delicate_psyche

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•••RÚßÂRÚ - Í$H¶•••✓

~ ZA¥DAN ~ 'Life is a Game of chess' Move in silence only to say CHECKMATE°°°~ HA¥AT ~ 'Life can be a game of chess' But with a calm mind, Life can be crystal CLEAR°°°✨✨✨"Your name"? He asked as he stood up from his chair, taking slow steps towards me making me take steps backward, his voice extremely dark with a slightest bit of anger, his blue eyes roaming to every inch of my body taking his pleasurable time, as his blue eyes stopped at my eyes and met mine amber one, A chill rustled through my spine.Confusion spread across my face as fear engulfed me. Why is he asking my name? Like he don't know, I really wanted to roll my eyes but held the urge in."Hayat" I replied confidently as my back hit the wall. A dead end."Full name"? He asked fully invading my personal space as he placed both his hands on each side of wall trapping me in. We stared at eachother in silence."Hayat Malik" I replied still staring at him. As the words slipped out of my tongue, a small smirk made its way to his lips. This was a simple action but I could sense danger from his eyes."Aren't you forgetting something Miss...." He trailed off as he took a hold of my face from his right hand, left hand still on the wall. Tinkles spread across my stomach as his hand made contact with my skin. "Hayat Zaydan Malik" He completed and with that he slammed his lips against mine.✨✨✨Just two words took to break everything, Misunderstandings aroused, Their friendship broke, Their bond broke along that unknowningly they broke too.She was in love with his cousin, His only best friend, His ZAY.He was in love with his other cousin Rameen.✨What will happen when they will come face to face after whole 5 years? ✨What will be the end of the pure bond called 'NIKKAH'?✨Will he get RUBARU with his real ISHQ?Stay tuned with ZA¥DAN x HA¥AT!Allah Hafiz!1# possessive«45.9k»1# spiritual «31k»1# LoveHate«10.3K»1# jealousy«38.2K

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You, my Punishment (Islamic Story)

"I know that we will never be a real couple, but we can at least be nice to each other Aneel" I told him. I've had enough. Tears were starting to prick my eyes, but I didn't let them fall. He looked over at me in a weird expression. Like if I died in front of him, he wouldn't care."You don't get it, do you?! I. will. never. love. you! I will never care for you. You wait, every day, for me to come home and have dinner with you like normal couples do- you are pathetic. You are nothing! Absolutely nothing to me. You are not even worth my words. You are a loser who has nobody- your parents? They are just like me. They knew that you were worthless and wanted to get rid of you" he said angrily. I was not angry at him. He was telling the truth. I'm nothing. Never was, never will. I nodded. He was right. He was so damn right. Sahra Ali is eighteen years old when she gets married. It was not a marriage out of love, no, she was forced into it. Shre grew up being abused. Her parents sold her for money. No parent would do that, so are her so called parents her real parents? She is trying to survive this marriage, because she believes in Allah and knows that He had a good reason that He gave her all these pain.Aneel Osman is a badboy who wants nothing to do with Islam. He was a muslim when he was younger, but when something bad happened, he blamed Allah for it. Deep inside he knows that it is wrong, but shoves that thought away. He began doing the things Allah prohibited. There was no one to hold onto or to pull him out. He kept falling and falling. And when he has to deal with that girl his parents wants him to marry, he is losing himself more and more.Read the description in the book for the fully version! This is a short draft!~Salaam guys, this story is edited! Almost everything has CHANGED and it is now a mature story. I like how it turned out. Thank you for all your support! It still contains small grammar mistakes. You have been warned:)

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« Sequel of RÚẞÅRÚ - Í$H¶ » «Stand Alone Book» ~ ZÁ¥¥ÁÑ ~ "The world is all about give and take, Create your OWN°°°~ Á¥€DÁ ~ "The world is full of fake people, The real is you, YOURSELF°°°✨✨✨"Calm me down" His beautiful blue eyes ranked through every inch of my body sitting calmly on his chair. His eyes were glaring in my soul like he wanted to eat me alive. His slender long fingers tapping slowly yet impatiently on the desk infront of him waiting for my answer. I don't know who made him angry again but that was the first time he asked something from me other than the work. But the question was how can i calm him down?I averted my eyes to the floor because his gaze was very intense, piercing my every core with his hardcore death glare.He stood up from his chair making his way towards me as a predator towards his prey. My breath hitched in my throat with fear engulfing me slowly."How"? I finally dared my voice out and as usual my voice came out low and meak. He stopped a step away from me as i smelled his minty cologne in my nostrils which every time overpower my senses to think properly."Kiss me" I snapped my head towards him as my eyes widened in response. Is he for real?✨✨✨For her, he was her husband, her family after the death of her parents, after the betrayal of her family but For him, She was the burden from his parents, A mere responsibility.She don't love him but still there was a spark of attraction towards him as he was her rightfully married HUSBAND.He disliked her but there was one rule in his life.What was his, Will always remain His. Doesn't matter how much he dislike her, what matters to him was, she has his name and that makes her, HIS. His WIFE.✨ Two confused souls living in the same roof, same room yet so far. Will they ever be together?✨ Both were like a closed book. Will they ever try to open up to eachother?Stay tuned with ZÁ¥¥ÁÑ x Á¥€DÁ!Allah Hafiz!

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The lie in my marriage (EDITING)

The story of Zainab and Malik, a young couple in their own little bubble living their best life. Then,Amal shows up into Malik's life. Somewhere along the way,feelings were involved and Malik falls for her leading to a huge rift in his marriage. Truth was revealed,secrets were exposed and choices were made leading each of them to live with the consequences of their choices. Khal2mukay 2017

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Pragmatic Love

Pragmatic Lovea series of short stories and novelette, rich handsome heros and their romance stories. mature content *clears throat* !Story title with this ✔️ are completed!

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Irresistibly In Love

He was the Man who preferred darkness. She was the Woman who preferred brightness. He preferred Loneliness. She preferred Togetherness.He had suffered alot in his life. She did not knew what Trouble meant. He was Death. She was Life. Both were very different in every aspect but life has its own way of bringing them together.Life is not always sweets and candy. Along with the sweetness it also get bitterness that either changes you in a more positive way or in a negative way. It either makes you see things optimistically or pessimistically that depends on you. What happens when people of two different world collide. Will it lead to something beautiful or will it destroy one's life?Join the couple to witness the fights, yellings, tears, patience, understanding and most importantly Love!Cover by @Pearls_Queen

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Hushed Confessions | ✔

A witty Muslim, a hot cop, a hilarious band of friends, and a psycho killer. What could go wrong? * * *Meet Sajdaa Taha. A sassy, hilarious, and intelligent seventeen year old Muslimah. Being a Muslim in a society where majority of the people see Muslims as terrorists has got to be hard. It gets worse when Sajdaa starts to receive letters and texts from a psychopathic killer terrorizing her town. When authorities refuse to believe her, Sajdaa is forced to track down the killer and put a stop to the madness or else the people she loves might be killed. It doesn't help that the cop she's working with is the extremely attractive Officer Malik, who seems to have taken a special interest in her.Join Sajdaa and her friends on their hysterical journey to find a bloodthirsty killer who will stop at nothing to see them dead.•Cover made by @soundthealarm•[Highest ranking: #1 in Spiritual]

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Her Innocent Heart   (Masoom Dil)

⚠️ Kidnapped Romance: through the woods, she suddenly fell to the ground, because of the outer root of an old tree...Ignoring the sharp pain in her foot, she again started to run.A lower bark of some tree hooked on her rustling veil and It tore with sound.Ah!Branch made a peel on her skin too.Running, running. She just ran. The cold air was shocking her throat and lungs as she inhaled deeper, faster. After crossing many trees, she looked over her shoulder. No one behind but some howling thuds. He must be wearing heavy boots. Compared to him she was bare feet.Suddenly a dried tiny branch cracked beneath her foot. She winced as her sole got pierced, but continued her running that was now transformed into limping.Her heart was beating in her ears. She kept her unsteady pace with her lower lip clamped between the third.She then bumped into maybe a tree trunk and fell with a thump. "Ouch!" With the lowest groan she got up....but...She saw the tall, broad figure in the place of which she assumed the tree. She started backing away but a harsh tug on her scalp stopped her. "Where?" He was having a fistful of her hair with a bitter scowl on his face. "Leave me!" She screamed as he started walking with the same demeanor."Let go of me!" She yelled while punching in his stomach.He left her hair at once. "Bitch! Keep quiet straight away." With this, he flung and carried her on his shoulder. In the moonlight, he was looking as fierce as a giant werewolf."Get me down!" She punched his neck and tried to dig nails into his tough yet thick skin. He stopped and hauled her down.She was laying shocked on dry foliage. Then he knelt beside them and got on top of her."No!" She went pale.***An innocent Beauty... And a famished Beast.Warning! Grammar sucks#1 in Spiritual many times. Alhamdulillah.

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Ceaseless Passion ✔

~ Dill k kissay kahan nahi hotay Han wo sabse bayaan nahi hotay ~ *********She is innocent.He is rude.She is shy.He is introvert.She is the beauty inside.He is Handsome.She knows only to spread love.He doesn't believe in 'love'.Mahbir Murtaza kazi, the most eligible bachelor of the town. Narcissistic is the best word to explain him. He lost his mother at very young age and had only a caring dad whom he loves more than anything in the world.Roshanne Ali Siddiqui, the owner of a golden heart. Sweetheart is the best word to describe her. She is an orphan with no parents on her head and lives with her phupho(aunt).What will Roshanne do when she got kidnapped by a stamger and ended up being married? ~~~~~~~~~~He is smart.She is intelligent.He loves to scare people.She is the boldest.He tries to insult her.She knows how to talk back.Nabhan Sherdil kazi, most handsome guy of his university. Perfection is the best word to describe him. He lost his mother in an accident and had a caring and loving elder sister who is more like mom to him.Aanchal Malik, the bold and smart one. A topper student of her university. Tigress is the best word to describe her. She loves challenges and gives her best to win them.What will Aanchal do when her senior in university turns into her worst nightmare??An alluring tale of four people who doesn't know what their fate had decided for them.They are unaware of the fact that their bickerings and ceaseless passion for revenge, hate and letting each other down will take them to a new world of dreams.kindly give this book a read. I am sure you will enjoy it.~Thank you!!

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One is his soul mate, his wife and another is his Love. He stood between two sisters with his heart ripped in two pieces.Z A Y A A N Z A I D IA billionaire who didn't have time to date. He gave all his time only for his work until an angel in white dress walked into his life. He wasn't lucky enough to catch a glimpse of beauty but he did get to know her surname - IRANI. And that's how his hunt to search for his dream girl begun.It was indeed love at first sight for him! Q U L S U M I R A N I Coming from a rich family background Qulsum wanted to experience how it feels to earn her living and that's why she started working in a MNC. Her heart did a flip when she came across a drop dead gorgeous guy who also happens to be the CEO of the company - Zayaan Zaidi. It was love at first sight for her! S H I Z A I R A N I Shiza always wanted to be a professor so before joining her family business she fulfilled her dream by teaching as professor in a college. The same college where Zayaan Zaidi came as a guest lecturer. It was love at first sight for her!

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Him & His Muslimah

"You're the never ending blue sky in my world." "Well then you're the green land completing me." Life was crude, a path of potholes and smooth roads. It never stayed stable and neither did Zoya Hayat Malik's. Ever since her high school years, she was impeccably drawn towards cardiac studies. After all, cardiologists took care of the heart, an organ too complex to ever fully comprehend. Entering the top medical university in a small town, she dreamt of saving a heart. On the other spectrum of the town lived a passionate architect. His prayers involved more gratitude than requests but there was an unattainable absence deep within his heart.They yearned for the best until fate bind them together.He met the girl who wanted to save hearts. The very first heart she ever saved was his. Whenever he crossed paths with her, the desire to hold onto her starved him. She kept enchanting him. They wanted to walk together until they reached Jannah, until it was only Him & His Muslimah.-HIM AND HIS MUSLIMAH-

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Replacement Bride

Amani wasn't ready for marriage, nor was she willing to marry her cousin. She was just 17 and had recently rounded up her secondary school. Her intention was to further her education before thinking about marriage but then something happened, something very big... ***Hamid was set to marry Rahmat Ali, his colleague and long-term girlfriend. She was the girl he had ever dreamed about and the girl he would forever risk his life for. But just a day to their wedding, she was caught up in a big mess that forced his parents to replace her with his cousin, Amani.•••••••••••••••••••• Whatever your relationship status is, read this story at your leisure time. It is not your usual love story of a boy and girl, it is a lesson to behold. •••••••••••••••••••• Dedicated to all my fans, I love you all💝

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Behind You✔️

{Book One: Abdallah series}"I'm sorry jawad" I stammered feeling his warm breath fanning my face, and his dark eyes boring into mine, with hate evident on his face.He pinned me against the wall once again, looking straight into my eyes. A warm tears made it way down my chin, which I had no strength in stopping them. "It's too late to say sorry my dearest wife" he whispered holding me roughly by the waist. At that moment I know I'm in deep trouble._____He is selfish and only think about himself. He doesn't care if it'll trouble the people around him. Jawad return from his journey when he gets the news of him getting married or he loses his position of being the heir to his father's company.Farah a beautiful and kindhearted woman, with a nice and loving family. When a marriage proposal came for her, she knew her life is about to change. As she has no opposition about marriage, she agrees to marry the man her parents choose for her.Two opposite are tied in an arranged marriage. Will they keep their differences aside? And make their marriage work?Follow the story of Farah & JawadStarted: 27th October 2018Completed: 1st January 2020©2019[[word count: 40,000 - 50,000 words]]#7 in marriage 11/10/2020#1 in wattpadromance 25/09/2020#7 in spiritual 16/07/2020#9 in Billionaire on 15/02/2020#126 in Romance on 19/01/2020#1 in Islam 28/12/2019#2 in muslimstory 29/12/2019

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One night.

It was a single teenage mistake that led to a very big mistake,and now am paying for my mistake.I have looked for the man infront of me for many years,but now that I have found him,he is looking at me totally dumbstruck because he doesn't remember,I doubt if he even knows me.I can still remember the way my dad kept beating me,the pain of the beating and the pain in my heart intensifying,but my answer was still the same."I don't know."Why?Because it was only ONE NIGHT.Because of one night, I have to learn about life the hardest way.3rd place winner in random category of dark academia awards 2021!

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Cuore Di Pietra || HEART OF STONE||

Title: °{ Cuore Di Pietra} °Translation: ||Heart Of Stone||🥀🥀🥀He was a soul tortured beyond repair. A heart burnt into ashes. His eyes told the miseries and pain, his lips would never utter. A heart that had forgotten to love and cherish long ago. His inside was empty. Void of feelings. His past was painful, he wanted to inflict the same pain upon his sinners, the pain he had gone through.He was Zaviar Shah. A soul that was ruined. A soul that lost its essence. She was innocent and pure. She was unaware of her past. Delicate as a rose. Raised in love and care. Unfamiliar with the word pain. She became a victim of revenge. The Revenge for something she never did, wasn't even aware of. She was burnt in the fire and broken beyond repair. She was Inaya Shah. A beautiful soul from which, its every essence was snatched cruelly. She was strong. She was soft as a petal and at the same time fierce as a lioness. Surrounded with hate and pain, she struggled to survive. She had suffered the pain that wasn't even her piece of share. She was Imsaal Shah. A precious soul that had endured all the impact of the storm. He was strong yet soft. He was cruel yet merciful. He was dark yet possessed the light. He devoted his life to friendship and gave pain to the person he adored just for the sake of his commitment. He was Waris Shah. A loyal soul that was broken and held the secrets that weren't meant for others to know. He was the man, the mafia feared. His ways were cruel. Killing others mercilessly was an everyday thing for him. A thing he loved doing for the sake of his pleasure. He liked doing things his way, tearing them apart and destroying them who defied him. He was Rafey Malik. A soul that was the darkest, cruelest and scariest. A story of their entangled fates. A story of pain, regrets and love🥀🥀🥀#1 in repent (August 31st, 2022)#1 in friendship (February 26th, 2023)#7 in spiritual (August 27th, 2023)_______________

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In The Midst Of Serendipity

DO NOT COPY MY WORK Mir's! The name itself screams power. Mir's are the most influential and rich nawab of the whole Karachi. Feared and Respected by everyone, Mir's are unbeatable. They had the whole government in their hands. All in All Mir's rules the area. Shah Zain MirHe is the oldest in the family. Being the oldest, he has grave responsibilities upon himself. Taking over his ancestral business, Shah Zain is set to rule the world of business that was once ruled by his father and grandfather. Shiza Almirah HussainShe is an orphan. She has no one to call her family except the Aunt that raise her. She has no one she could turn to but yet...she is optimistic. She is full of hope. She believes in the Mercy of the Almighty. She may not be rich like the Mir's but she is content So, what happens when the eldest son of the Mir's got tangled with our innocent and bubbly Shiza. will Sparks fly or the status between will crush their very relationship which was not even started yet?? join me in yet another story of love, power and twist and turns.STARTED: 20th DECEMBER 2022ENDED: 4th JULY 2023 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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"She is not my wife... Do you hear me? She will never be my wife...she is just my dead wife's sister for me... Nothing else...,"-Mustafa Hamad Makhdoom"He will never love me... I will only be Rania sister for him... Just his dead wife's sister... Never his wife...His second wife,"-Maria Arsalan Chaudhary_________________________________________Maria Arsalan Chaudhary a 21 years old naive and innocent girl, was bestowed with a golden heart, hazel deepest eyes, and a bleeding soul. She lost her sister in an accident that she didn't know about anything but she also lost her Mickey mouse, her Mustafa, her knight in the shining armour, who went away when her sister and his wife died but after 2 years of suffering he came back when the clouds of the dead started to follow her. Mustafa Hamad Makhdoom a 32 years old man with a heart burden by guilt and regret that he can't protect his wife whose blood is on his hands, but after 2 years he had to go back home and take his role back as the son, leader, and most of all a protector. But his past will not leave him alone and he will have difficulty accept new changes in life.What will happen when these two are bound together, one to save her and to fulfil their mother's wish. What will they do when the past, secret, betrayal, and sorrow will follow them and secrets will haunt them from graves.What will happen when the mafia leader and dangerous man Mustafa Makhdoom who vowed to never love again will fell in love again but what if it's too late and she didn't want him anymore.Will he get his love while protecting her or the past destroy them and their family forever, will they have a chance at love or their love will only destroy them and then finish them.Join the story of Mustafa Makhdoom and Maria Chaudhary where the pain is shared, suffering is never enough, love is unrequited and the past is following like a ghost to wreck them, the story of being destroyed in love, Fanaa.

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Not That Interested

My name is Mina Amin. Pakistani. Aged 23. Artist. Foodie. Cat freak. About to marry my best friend. Yep, the usual.I am the girl you wish you could be. Life for me is pretty much perfect; Until it no longer is............This story is about the pain of unrequited love. This story will make you think about stuff you'd rather not think about.This story is about friendship, love, and forgiveness...But it is also about Infidelity, hurt, and Godlessness. Read & Enjoy! (The author loves to read comments)WARNING: Might cause females to fall in love with the characters. Might also cause them to have delusional, bloated expectations from males. Don't proceed with caution, because deep inside you're a masochist. Cheers.DISCLAIMER: This book has Muslim characters, but it is not an accurate representation of "Islam". It is not meant to preach, or depict perfect Muslims.

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Two hearts beats as one.

"Just go away, you know that I don't like your touch. Then why are you here? You think you're his mumma? No, he will for sure forgot you when he will grown up." His eyes blazing full of anger as he spoke these words."I'm not his mother?" her voice cracked as she asked."No, you know who is her mother. She was only the one, love of my life. I don't know why are you still here, may be all you want me to touch your bod--""No, don't you dare. I never wanted anything from you except him. I'm leaving okay? Allah hafiz." she cut off, she was crying. And when he realised his mistake, it was too late. "Abbu, I want mumma." his son says, sobbingly. "I promise, she will be here. Okay? Stop crying my baby." He says, hugging his son with full of tears.Zehna Khan, she is independent woman. Strongly believe in Allah..she gets happy with little things!!Arhaan Ahmed, his wife passed away leaving Sign of their love, their baby boy.Arhaan can do anything for his baby, and for his happiness he got married to Zehna. But he failed to give her happiness and love she deserves as a wife.ALHUMDULILLAH||• #1 ALLAH 17/05/2020•|| { MORE THAN 30 TIMES}||• #3 MUSLIM 23/05/2020•|| ||• #1 HALAL 06/06/2020•|| { 8 TIMES}|| • #1 MUSLIMAH 21/08/2020•|||| • #2 DESI 04/09/2020 •|||| • #1 DESI 06/09/2020 • ||

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A Promise | 🗸

Saima Rahman is an aspiring lawyer, with no intention to marry.She wants to live her life and grow closer to God without an annoying husband.She's seen how awful Marriage can be so she promises herself to never marry. But when a certain gentleman comes waltzing into her life, she realizes that promise may be hard to keep.After all some Promises are meant to be broken...Copyright © sammyhaaAll rights reserved.

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The Secret Behind Her Smile

'Utter a word to anyone about this and I swear I will kill you!' He took a step forward and I took one back. I leaned in and scream in his ears 'As if I would want anyone to know that I'm married to YOU!!!' The smirk I hated reappeared on his face as he took in my appearance. 'Considering your character you should be happy that I married you.' And that's when I gave Rameez Ebrahim a smack.Mahdiya Hussain, Smart , witty and nerdy. Unlike other's Mahdiya loves being a nerd. She is considered to be strong but what happens when she breaks down? What happens when she finds out her whole life she has been living is a lie?Rameez Ebrahim, The school's heart! Rameez may come across as being heartless, reckless and over protective, but does anyone know the reason behind this behaviour? How long can he hide the truth? What happens when these two come together and hide the biggest truth of their life away from the world?Would it lead to an unbreakable bond or a disaster?

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Married To Mafia ( Series One)

Highest raking 1#spiritualHe pinned me to the wall his face were inch away from mine , I turn my face because of smell of alcohol suffocating my breath " you are disgusted with me aren't you ? " He asked in his deep husky voice . Tears filled my eyes , I press my lips together trying not to utter any word ." ANSWER ME !" His dark grey eyes filled with fury .'' y- yes " I cried , my body shaking violently in fear .He lean near my ear , I turn my face closing my eyes shut tightly " So am I " he spat before walking away leaving me shattered into pieces .What I have gotten myself into ???Khalid Mirza most feared Mafia in Pakistan . He is ruthless, cold hearted and dangerous . His one glance can make a full grown man pee to himself .He was tortured to be strong to rule the world without any fear there is no humanity in him.Amira Sultan is a beautiful soul filled with light , her smile is enough to make someone days , Her heart is soft like a petal and her mind is strong like a rebel . All she wanted to do is survived this life with her evil sister and a step mother breathing down her neck and a job which doesn't pay well .what happen when her step mother trick her to marry the most ruthless Mafia to save her daughter ?what happen when Khalid is hell bent on making her life hell ?will she able to survive?? join their roller coaster journey.... a journey worth remembering .

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