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Kalyug - As told by Krishna

Kalyug, the final age of human generation, the destruction of the Earth- the book will tell you everything that you're wishing to know about the end of the world.

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Chase Me

Amari Vasilios, the CEO of a rapidly growing Advertising Company in California, experienced a heartbreak from her best friend, Zane Shaw, five years ago-a person she least expected to be the first to break her heart. Surprisingly, it was all because of a girl he had known for only four months.Amari was furious at the time, and her anger still persists. She made a conscious effort to ignore and avoid Zane as much as possible, and for the past five years, she succeeded.However, everything has changed now.Presently, she finds herself gazing at the invitation letter clenched in her hand. It turns out to be a wedding invitation, sent by her brother and his fiancee.She realizes she must return home, to New York, and attend the wedding.Going to the wedding means encountering Zane once again.Going to the wedding means coming face-to-face with the person she managed to evade successfully for five long years.Read the story of Amari Vasilios and Zane Shaw in 'Chase me.'Copyright © 2021 by Lency SlametAll rights reserved. This book or any portion thereofmay not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoeverwithout the express written permission of the authorexcept for the use of brief quotations in a book review.

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I never wanted her.I never liked her.I never loved her.I despised...loathed...hated her.But it only takes one night and my feelings for her changes forever .I thought, I will have my forever now...But...I'm too late...........Book cover credits to: Wonderer Forestdamn

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Crush Imagines!

These one shots will confuse you only because I have been writing these with no experience. I am trying to make them better, but A LOT of them change povs here and there, which have lead to confusion. Sorry! If you see anyone stealing my stories please let me know! I will be so thankful if you do.

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Enemies With Benefits

What would you think if you shared a birthday? Okay...what if it was with a jerk? What if he make your birthday a living hell every year? But worst of all...What happens when you both are secretly like each other?Selena Brians is falling head over heals for Kevin Brooks. Kevin apparently likes her but she's not convinced enough. I'm scared to experience heart-break and love. I'm scared to find out the truth. And most of all, I'm scared that I could be in love with him.Why am I talking like this you may ask? Because I'm Selena. And that's what scares me....

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Human Psychology

Human Psychology is the science of mind and human behavior. It opens interesting characteristics and traits that human being encompasses reading about it will not only give a meaningful perspective to how you see the world , but it will allow you to reach out and understand people around you.

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500+ Introvert Memes | ✍

Are you an introvert or do you just realize being around people is freakin' annoying? Either way you will relate to these hilarious memes in your own special way.Note: I do not claim to be the sole and exclusive owner of the content I make available through this book.

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500+ Psychology Facts | ✍

Psychology, if it's your cup of tea, opens doors to a lot of interesting characteristics and traits that human beings encompass. Reading about it will not only give a meaningful perspective to how you see the world, but will also allow you to reach out and understand people around you better.

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නිවාලන්න මා... (Taekook nonfic)

"ලස්සනම දේ?""නමේම තියෙන්නෙ.....""ආහ්?""නේත්‍ර".........................................................................................."ආසම තැන?""මෙතන....""ආහ්?""සුදු බේබිගෙ පපුතුරුල".........................................................................................."ආ.......""නස් නාරං?""ඔව්,නේත්‍ර කැමතියිනෙ....""හැබැයි දම්මි සුගත්ට දුන්නෙ වෙරළු සුදුබේබි""ඒත් ආශව නේත්‍රට දෙන්නෙ නස් නාරං".........................................................................................."ඇයි සුදුබේබි ගැටපිච්ච මල් වලට ඔච්චරටම ආස?""පරවුනත් ඒ මල් හරි සුවදයි නේත්‍ර....ඒකමයි මේ සුවදට මම මෙච්චර ආදරේ"

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Real Horror Stories

This is a Collection of Real Life Horror stories.These stories are told by various different people who personally experienced paranormal events.

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දෑගිලි ✔( complete )✨

ගලනා ගංගාවො..නිහඩව මුහුදු ගියෝ..හැබැහින් පෙම් බැන්දො..සසරේ එක්වූවෝ........දෑගිලි පටලන් අත් අල්ලා..හමුවෙමු හැම ආත්මයේ...

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Bloody Moon - Taekook Nonfic

Werewolf කතාවක් සිංහල නම්,ගම් එක්ක ලංකාවේ style එකට කියවමුද..?😌Bloody Moon- Taekook- Top - Tae- (Power) Bottom - Kook- Nonfic- Sinhala#1 in Nonfic ❤️මෙය හුදෙක් රසාස්වාදය සඳහා නිර්මාණය වන බවත්, මෙහි ඇති නම්,ගම් සියල්ල මා විසින් කතාවට අනුරූපීව රචනා කර ඇති බවත්, ඒවා සැබෑ ලෝකයට අයත් නොවන බවත් කරුණාවෙන් සලකන්න.

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Searching for the Answer

This is a compilation of stories involving childhood abuse and trauma through a first-person impactful perspective mostly chronological. It is my story and is not fabricated in any way. I am posting just to get feedback thank you.

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සුදු අරලිය...

" ඇයි අයියෙ ඔයා කොයි වෙලෙත් මාව සුදු අරලිය මලකට සමාන කරන්නෙ.."මං අයියගෙ මූන දිහා බලන් අහනකොට එයා මගෙ ඇස් දෙක දිහා බැලුවා.. මගෙ අයියගෙ මූනෙ ඇඳිලා තිබ්බෙ හරි ලස්සන නිවිච්ච හිනාවක්.." ම්ම්ම් මොකද මගෙ චූටි මහත්තයා මට සුදු අරලිය මලක් නිසා.."" අනේ.. හේතුව කියන්නකො අයියේ.."මං කියනකොට අයියා අරලිය ගහට හේත්තු වෙන ගමන් ඇස් පියාගෙන හොඳ හුස්මක් ගත්තා.. මේ අරලිය මල් සුවඳ මගෙ හිත නිවනවා වගේම එයාගෙ හිතත් නිවනවා ඇති..මමත් ඇස් පියාගෙන අයියගෙ පපුවට හේත්තු වුනේ හීතල හුලඟත් එක්ක එන මගෙ ආසම අරලිය මල් සුවඳ විඳින ගමන්.." සයාෂ් දන්නවද.."" අරලිය මලට තියෙන්නෙ වෙන කිසිම මලකට නැති හරි අමුතුම සුවඳක්.."" ඒ සුවඳ මගෙ හිත නිවනවා.." " හරියට ඔයා මගේ හිත නිවනවා වගේ.."ඒකද මම තේව් අයියගෙ සුදු අරලිය මල වුනේ..අයියගෙ පපුව ගැහෙන රිද්මයට කන් දෙන ගමන්ම මම එයාගෙ ඇස් දිහා බැලුවා..

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Facts About Humans!

This is a Non-Fiction book with over 25 facts about the Human Body. I've learnt these facts from a special guest (a scientist) that came to my school and I would like to share these facts with you!

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Astania Book Club: Phoenix Guild

[OPEN] Astania's book club for those who wish to have a stress-free, non-structured environment. You can choose any member's book to read, and receive engagement on your own book in the process!See our profile for other book clubs!

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did I get fat?

I was changing earlier and caught my reflection in the mirror for the first time in a while... have I really let myself go? where did all this jiggle come from? I swear I fit these jeans just fine only last week ..

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A Guide: Therianthropy

🍄Some tips and tricks to help you navigate life as a therian or otherkin! Also includes tips for specific types of animals, dictionary type chapters, and tips on connection!🍄🌿I appreciate all the support that I can get!!🌿🌺(These chapters are from my older book, just with some updates and reorganization)🌺

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Useless Facts

Useless facts you didn't need to know!

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_රුද්‍රාක්ෂ _☯️🔥 [ongoing ]

එය අසුර හදක දළුලා වැඩුන ආදරයක් ❤️

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💔 මුලාවේ සරදම් 💔 ❤️ Ongoing ❤️

විහිළු උණත්,කරන්න තිබුණා...ඇස් රතු වෙන සීමාව දැනගෙන....මුල් වතාව අහම්බයක් වෙලා....දෙවැනි වතාව විහිළුවක් වෙන්න පුළුවන්....ඒත්....තුන්වැනි වතාව.....රැවටීමක් විතරයි මිනුර....

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මල් සරා 🌼 (Complete)

වසන්තය මඟහැරැනා කියලා පසුතැවෙන්න එපා,කවුරුත් දන්නෑ අවාරෙට පිපෙන කහ මල්කොච්චර සුන්දරයි ද කියලා.. 🌻

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Enemies with Benefits: Freshman in Training

My freshman year may have not been a Happily Ever After, but it was sure pretty damn close.This is the third and final book of the Enemies with Benefits series.And I can promise you that this book is worth the read.If you support #TeamKevin or #TeamDylan you will definitely enjoy the ups & downs of this book.*I'm not sure where Freshman year will go, but I'm in for the ride.*

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Lisa was a mentor who almost spent her youth in New York. She never thought that one day, she'll comeback to Korea just to be a manager of a top idol from their entertainment company. Who would think that their cat fights would make them slowly develop something that is both new to them?

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Infected with love

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100 Reasons Why To Love Stonefield

To every Stonefield Shipper / Fan This book is for you! Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are Endgame! And we know it! And here's 100 Reasons Why to Love Stonefield! ♥The best OTP ever is in this book and we got the truth!

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