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Irrational Thoughts

Just a collection of poems I've written and/or am writing.

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this poetry book contains more love-type poems than the painful ones.

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This is the islamic holy book.English version

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Words Under Sunshine

(mostly love) poems

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Unfinished Paintings

A collection of my prose, poetry and epiphanies over the past couple of years.I've always loved writing and composing, but I'd never assumed anything I wrote was worth being read by anyone but myself. Writing has always been a way for my mind to comprehend and come to terms with all the chaos around and inside me.Hope these pieces strike a chord with you too :)

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i'm as fleeting as cigarette smoke, baby. (poems)

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Stream Of Thoughts

Sometimes my thoughts are violent,Sometimes they bring me to the light.Sometimes I sit in silence,Sometimes I'm running for my life.Just random thoughts that I write for motivating myself when I'm struggling from daily life problems and these are not just poems or songs but a little part of my life too.Hope you'll love these❤️.

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Plus Size Prisoner of Society

This is a collection of poems from a fat girl's diary. Come spend a day in my shoes... or should I say curves?

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Locking Stars (Stars Series #1)

Ash is an anxious but determined English major who knows what she wants. Derek is a mysterious hockey player who's got a big reputation. Can they learn new things about themselves through each other or will the change bring them apart?*disclaimer* This story isn't fully edited and if things seems inaccurate I apologize!

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evangeline. °styles

❝my darling angel, how you've grown❞ the teasings of an infatuated nymphet upon a man, too many years her elder

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Hallow's Eve | Astania Awards [OPEN]

Get your jack-o'-lantern and candy before venturing into this spooky awards book! This is an award for any book on Wattpad, whether big or small. Enter your book if you dare...

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The Way We Love

Paul took a step closer, the charred black smog from his lips dissolved into my lungs, as he stared at me with his slow-burning teal eyes. His fingers steadily undid my aching body, as he pried the lace from my skin to undress me."I'll break you, several times over" he warned and with each burning kiss, he dove deeper into my skin. [Rated Mature] Young Adult/ Romance.

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Asad Suhail is a young guy who is poetic, cold , void and always harsh to others.Life was harsh to him so why shouldn't he be harsh to others?.Growing up was tragic for the little fellow and living in the present is a nightmare.He is grumpy and spreads darkness where so ever he stomps.Will this young arrogant celebrity ever find love or perhaps happiness??..........Nawal ... a young chef who lives her life in a simple manner.She has gone through hell as a child but always looks at life from a positive angle.She was once a prostitute but turned her life over and stared afresh.She is gleeful and always spreads light where so ever she goes.What will happen when a happy simple chef and an arrogant celebrity's path cross?****"If you want to make mistake, make them beautiful just like I did. Meeting you was a beautiful mistake"... His gray cloudy eyes pierces into Nawal's blue eyes.Nawal's heart hammers as Asad walks closer to her."You are mine Nawal. You are legally my wife . I want to hate you but I can't. You have become the landlord of my very own heart and I live as your tenant in my heart"... Asad remarked.'If only we could be together?'.. Nawal thought with sad eyes . If she chose to love him , she will be killed and Asad will also be killed.Could this lovers ever be?Stay tuned!I hope you enjoy it.Please all copyright due observes.This is not a duplicate of any book. The credit goes to me and me alone!Please do not try to steal or copy my work!

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Within the Restless Mind: a book of poetry

a collection of poetry.. written by me.

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g l i m m e r  (poetry)

a spark. a confession. a prayer.

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ICT Poems

poems on our favorite cricketers

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Tragedy of them

Why with me? Why I'm so sad? Well you've said those things but let me tell you're not alone..A collection of an epic poems based on a true stories which show you the journey where someone is fighting, someone is winning, someone is loosing, someone is loving, someone is waiting, someone is changing and more..The book will tell you how someone is still here who's suffering throughout their life but still willing to live happily, still willing to give their best 💝1st rank in Indianpoetry1st rank in epicpoems3th rank in thoughts9th poesia8th poetry10th in poembook And many more ✨ all the pictures used :credit to pinterest

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Verses (Compilation of Poems)

Compilation || chaotic words and feelings.

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milk and honey, but not really

milk and honey, poems by rupiss rawr"i went crazy for him, but he did not go stupid for me."

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Astania Hiring Book

Are you interested in joining Astania's staff team? We're always looking for more members to help out! Find out more information inside.

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Social Anxiety Disorder

A book of my favourite poems and quotes about Social Anxiety.I do not own any of these and credits go to all the authors of the poems and quotes.

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The aftermath of a young poet, Zayn and a not much younger doctor, Liam's affair.-------All poetries are originally written by the writer.

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Bedtime Stories-Rhymes for Kids

Imagination through poetry and rhymes to make children dream before they sleep. The stories are inspired by the lives of two sisters, my daughters. Stories will be added as they are completed to create a series.

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Rammstein Lyrics (In English)

Here you can find all the Rammstein songs translated in English!I tried to translate them properly to English language but there are some words in German that don't have English translation so they stay the same or are changed in to other similar word.Rammstein use double sense in their lyrics so one word can mean many things, for example the correct translation of "Du hast" is "You have" but Till Lindemann in some parts of the song plays a little bit with the pronunciation and changes it to "Du hasst" and that is "You hate".Also the English versions of "Engel" and "Du Hast" are not translations of the original songs.Anyways, Rammfans I hope you enjoy this and don't forget to vote and recommend ❤ Leave your comments, opinions, ideas, suggestions, anything you want ;)I don't own any of these lyrics, all lyrics were written by: Lindemann, Kruspe, Landers, Riedel, Schneider and Lorenz.All the rights and credits goes to Rammstein and their respective owners.

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Glass Beads in Rows on Strings

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Falling In Love Is Easy... (Issa Thompson Love Story) [Complete - EDITING]

"When I first met you, i had no idea you would mean this much to me" Guess this is why I was surprised that i fell in love with you... find out the tale of two people who assumed they were strangers, and couldn't be in the same room for 5 seconds without wanting to kill each other. They are brought together by their two best friends (who are dating each other), who hope to get these two "strangers" out of their "f*ck love" stage. Will they live happily ever after with or without each other??? Find out this and more by reading :-)

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