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I Broke into the Alpha's House ✔

She is running for her life from her abusive brother when she finally finds a house deep in the woods. Without thinking, she opens the door to see more than 20 men watching a football game. They turn to look at her, amused and alarmed. "Please help." Stella is an 18-year-old teenager who was abused for about eight years by her brother. He would hit her whenever he felt like it. She was lucky if he was in a good mood because he would only punch her in the stomach. He claims to have a reason for his abuse. Julian Woods is the soon-to-be alpha of the Graymod pack. He's 20 years old and has been looking for his mate for about two years now. What will he do when he sees his abused mate in his house?~~~[Edited Once - not perfect, but better than before]DO NOT STEAL ANYTHING FROM MY BOOK! Highest rank: #2 in Werewolf 2018All Rights Reserved2017

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Snagged by the Rogue [COMPLETED]

#1 werewolf 18/08/2023#1 Rogue 12/08/2023#1 Luna 14/08/2023#5 Paranormalromance 12/08/2023Anaya is a Rogue, she was born one. But she's mated to an Alpha. In a match that's doomed to end before it even begins, will love conquer all?

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His Mate

"You are a long way from home, little wolf.""Stay back, I am not afraid of you.""Oh but you should be wolf, I can be your worst nightmare." He took a step closer and it hit him; her blood.Aliyah has passed through three mating seasons but she was still left without a mate. Being the only child of the alpha, everyone was looking forward to who her mate would be as he would be the next alpha of their pack. But she seemed to have let everyone down while the moon goddess has forgotten her.Not wanting to accept her fate, Aliyah sneaks out every night to different packs searching for the wolf worthy enough to be her mate while avoiding their nemesis; The Nightwalkers. Prince Edward suddenly awoke from his slumber to find his mate, but he was not prepared for what was in store for him.

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Angel Academy

For years angel academy has taught students of all races and ability's, angels, werewolves, vampires, dragon riders, you name it. The school was created for a purpose, to help students reach their full potential and rise against the demons that vow to destroy the world as we know it.But one girl changes everything.Nobody has seen her powerful kind for thousands of years. Her power could bring about the victory or downfall of every supernatural aspect. To everyone around her she is just an ordinary werewolf with and unordinary appearance but in reality she is much more.She is a Mythica. She always knew she was different. She was told to keep her powers hidden, that people would fear her for who she is. But now. Everything is going to change. -----------------------------There WILL be dragons !!-----------------------------***There may be some colorful language and violence. All rights reserved, this is my own work so please DO NOT copy anything without asking permission. Original images may be subject to copyright***HIGHEST RANK : #1 in fantasy#1 in dragons

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A Mate for the Latecomer

Previously Rank: #1 New Author, #1 Reject & Rejected, #1 rejection, #1mated, #1 Fiction #1 Alphamate, #1 Beta, #1 Alpha, #5 Romance, #17 werewolves, #1 author #1 Supernatural and etc..~~~Elle Langford was once the most dedicated hardworking werewolf in her pack. She used to have many friends and was respected by all. They were her priority and she didn't even have time to look for her mate. Yet when she felt her bond with her mate break, everything turns awry in her world.The next thing she knew, she was pulled down from grace, marked as the pack slut, and banished from the place she once called home.Rules were set once they were accepted into another pack. Elle never saw the outside world again nor was she fortunate to have another mate. She watched as everyone in the pack mated, have pups, and lived happily in the pack. She was left with no mate or anyone to feel the spark with.Yet what happens when her Alpha sent her to another territory for the first time on pack business?Will she be able to find another mate? Or is it true that her mate died?~~~First Book of the 'Rejection Series'Book 1: A Mate for the LatecomerBook 2: Rejecting Your RejectionBook 3: Lie to Me AlphaNote: All books can be read as standalone!!

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He was the alpha of one of the strongest packs across the world. Everybody was afraid of him and curious to know who was his mate, but there was a secret his pack was hiding,about him and his mate.........She was the only girl in front of whom he would go down on his knees and beg her to be with him, the only girl for whom he cried his heart out every night, he yearned for her touch, her voice, her smile........ That person was none other than his mate, his luna, his love,........ Only one problemShe had ran away with an intention to never come back and it was all because of him. Will he ever find her and will she ever forgive him??This is a story about about alpha Alexander and his Luna Rose

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The Alpha King's Tribrid Mate

An Abnormality. That is what Nicolette is. A monster that has to be kept hidden from the world. A witch. A vampire. A werewolf. All in one person. Such power in such a small form. Nicolette never thought she had a chance of a mate. Her wolf never bugged her about it for 683 years and she never bothered looking. She stays hidden. Never wanting to be found. The Real Monster.The Mighty Alpha King. Malcom. He's never needed a mate to satisfy his needs after 728 years. So why look for one. What happens when they stubble upon each other on accident. Will it be like every love story? ---"Who do the hell do you think you are," he growled at me. I let out a small chuckle, "you don't want to know."---Top Ranks #1 Werewolf#1 Vampire#1 Witch#1 Wolves

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The Alphas Unknown Daughter | ✓ (Rewritten)

COMPLETED Two teenagers, a party and the unmistakeable mate pull, but what happens when it follows with a steamy night and a rejection the next day? Then only a month later, you discover a surprise which would change your life forever? In Lara's case, she decides to keep her baby a secret only to accidentally bump into her mate four years later.No copyright intended for photos - all credit goes to the owner.

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My Destined Alpha Mate

I was walking down the hallway when all of the Sudden I feel a hand grab me and pull me into a janitors closet . I let out a scream , not knowing who had pulled my arm . I look up to be met with the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen . I hadn't noticed before ... there were sparks shooting up my arm and his scent was making me weak at the knees . "Mate" "What's your name beautiful "- Souline ... Souline Mikealson - "Beautiful " He just started at me for who knows how long , not that I could look away ... his god like features stopped me from looking away . He leaned down to my neck and I could feel he's breath on my neck causing me to shiver , I turned my head to give him more access. He kissed my neck causing me to let out a quiet moan . He looked at me in the eyes and then walked out . ........................................

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My Mute Mate

[WARNING:Needs Major Editing & has harsh materials that some readers may find disturbing, so read at your own risk.][A werewolf story] It all begins when Lily's mother passed away when she was just 7 years old. Her father took their lives to a turn and became an alcoholic father. Her father became a person that Lily no longer recognize. On the other hand Adrian Black was next in line to become Alpha. He as anyone else in his pack was trying to find his mate. When he sees poor little Lily in school and realizes that she's his mate. It shocks him because of the horrible state she was in. Lily never had any real happiness after the age of 7. She made a vow on her mother death to never speak again. Everyone blamed her and in the end she just took it.Adrian was the first in a decade to be interested in her, yet the idea terrified her.In 50 chapters, follow the story of Adrian and Lily, and see what was destined to happen for each one of them.

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Little Bite Luna

She isn't short. She is bite sized. Anita Rosaline Nightshade has always been small. 4'11 height but a 6'7ft attitude.She might be small, but she sure is feisty.But no one knows of the feisty little beast, because no one ever made her angry.Until he steps in...****"Stop picking me up!" I whined, pouting.His eyes turned a shade darker as a small smirk played at his lips. He bent down and kissed my cheek. "I can't, your so tiny."I huffed, crossing my arms. "I'm not tiny. I'm average.""More like bite sized." He laughed. "I will call you My little bite size Anita."But everyone knew she was the Little Bite Luna.

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From An Omega To A Hunter

"Look your too weak I can't accept you as a mate you'll only shame yourself and this pack " my own mate said to me ....My mate rejected me on my eighteen birthday and the day after my own parents was backing him, so to telI you the truth I couldn't handle that but as much as I cried over it I knew the reason he did it tho, every pack has a trial or test that the alpha's mates has to take in order to become the Luna of the packI know it sounds stupid but that's the law that the alpha king declared after the war that took place, most alpha lost there mate because they weren't able to defend them self or the pack so to put it simple if I don't have strength and knowledge I can't be Luna Being the alphas reject mate was not a pretty repetition for me, especially since i know that there's gonna be contest to pick out the most fairest she- wolf of them all while I'll be at home sulking about it, so in that instance I made up my mind and left the pack and everyone behind as well.After that I found myself being Something I never dreamed of 'a hunter' and not just any hunter but 'an assassin hunter' never have I heard of a werewolf being a hunter much less an omega, most would have laughed but now I'm feared.After four years of my disappearance I was sent on mission back to my old pack, somewhere i never dreamed of seeing again but here i was seeing the people i once called family and the place i once called home

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Ashes to Ashes: The Female Alpha

BOOK 1:(Not Edited)The BlackRain Pack is the Warrior Pack. They are the ghosts that protect the werewolf world from rogues and other creatures. Legend has it that the warriors of the BlackRain Pack are sent from the moon goddess, with the birthmark of a warrior. All stories of the BlackRain Pack say that only men belong in it.What happens when the warrior pack has to merge with another pack, and the secret of a girl living amongst them comes out.Not only does Alex have to deal with moving into a new pack but she'll also have to deal with her Alpha mate, and the arising problem of rogues.Book 1: Ashes to Ashes Book 2: The Oracle Book 3: A Wolf's WeaknessBook 4: The HuntersBook 5: The Monster of the Mountains.

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Hide and Seek

The Alpha can't get, what the Alpha can't find. Especially when she's escaped him once before.----Aria is 17 years old, has no family, has a seemingly large secret and is being hunted by a power crazy Alpha. How much more ordinary can you get?After her parents, older brother and unborn sibling died in a house raid when she was eight, she's lived alone. After shifting into a werewolf the day after, she is left with millions of questions and no one to answer them. Nine years later she's still living by herself, convinced that she's the only werewolf, a freak. But then four guys suddenly appear at her school and seem to know more about her than she knows herself. Little does she know, she's a rogue, she's in their territory, and they want her out. Or do they?But maybe that's the least of her worries as fears from the past reveal themselves, and they're out to get the last remaining family member.----

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Mate To The Dragon

Highest Rankings:#1 in Featured#1 in Werewolf #1 in Dragon#1 in Fantasy#1 in Adventure#1 in Action#1 in Series#23 in Romance"Lyzaria! What did I tell you about the forest?" My father scolds me sharply. I flinch at the anger in his voice and quickly retract my hand, inches from the trunk of the tree. "Sorry father, I couldn't help it. The trees are just so beautiful," I whine turning towards him. His face softens slightly and he scoops me up into his muscled arms. I wrap my small arms around his neck and bury my face into his shoulder. He hugs me tightly and carries me away from the forest. "Why can't we go into the forest?" I ask, looking over his shoulder to see the red and gold leaves slowly disappear from view as we climb the hill. "The forest is a dangerous place," he sighs. "How can something so beautiful be so dangerous?" I mutter in confusion. "The danger is in its beauty."**Cover by SodaliteSilver**

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Shattering the Alpha (Book #1)

His gorgeous green eyes met mine, and my whole world stilled. The only thing that can be heard was my stupid heart beating a million times a minute. I had no idea what to do or what to say, but I knew that he was mine, and I was his. We were mates. I looked down, feeling a bit embarrassed, when I heard him say, "Keep her in the dungeon. I will deal with this problem later."

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Hold Me Tight, Alpha Raiden. (Werewolf Series 1) (Book 1)

Broken by her Mate's Rejection, Alyvia ran away from her Pack and even left her Brother not knowing anything.Tired, Hungry, Hurt and Thirsty, Alyvia does not know where she was. She was lost and couldn't think of anything else but Cry.She cried, Until sleep overtakes her, And she laid limp and weak on the ground.-Confused, She woke up in a Comfortable and soft place, She jolted awake and roamed her wide eyes all over the Place. She was confused and Utterly stunned.The smell of Chocolate, Wood and trees mixed together hit her nose, It was the most beautiful smell she had ever smelt in her Entire life. It was a Mixed scent, Yet Satisfying.Suddenly the door opened and she was lost in her own world, Looking at the Stunning Man in-front of her, Holding a Bowl of Soup on the other hand and a Water in the other.But she got pulled out from her thoughts after hearing the Man's word."Mate."08/26/21 - 09/30/21

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Alpha's Mate  (Completed)

She's your unbelievably stubborn, everyday, typical teenage girl. That is, until some random guy shows up at her doorstep, claiming she is a werewolf... And that he's her mate.As she delves deeper into her past, she discovers who she truly is... and how much danger it puts her in.

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Enemies Turn to Lovers

Zaden Voss, extremely hot, somewhat smart, even funny in a way. Ever girl's perfect guy. But not for Nova, an average girl with bad anxiety problems. Zaden Voss has been Nova's tormentor since her first steps. Since their mothers have been best friends they are forced to see each other ever single day. Zaden loved to pick her nerves and she hated him. Sophomore year he got sent to military school, but what if he comes back and wont leave Nova's side for anything.Now available on amazon kindle: Credit: _queenofthenorth

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Sun Child  |✔|

Lexie is not a warrior. In fact, Lexie is a painter. Her hands are always covered in paint. Never coming off. Always there. For Lexie, painting is an escape. An escape from her pain. She paints to avoid the darkness that is in her soul. She paints to avoid looking at the bleeding wound inside her chest. She paints. To forget. But then Lexie meets someone. Her mate. He also hides a dark anger inside him. An anger at everything and the world around him. When two souls collide, how do you fix each other? Atlas isn't looking for a mate. He's seen the effect of women within his life, and how cruel they can be. But then he meets someone. Someone he doesn't want to meet. A painter soul. And a warrior's heart. How will the two collide? ***Note this can be read as a stand-alone story. Moon Child can be found on world_joy_ bio page - feel free to read it to get other characters background story.Highest rank #1 in werewolf Thank you for readingCopyright: ©Joy (world_joy_) All rights reserved

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Camilla. The Alpha's daughter, she is kind and patient, adored by her pack, and reasonable like her mother.Matteo. The Alpha King, he is rude and impatient, feared by everyone, and merciless because of his past.These two are polar opposites, and yet the Moon Goddess has paired them to be mates. They say opposites attracts, but just how much of it is true?Follow Camilla and Matteo as they find each other and go through hell with one another.- - - - - - - -Achievements#1 - kingandqueen 04/29/2022#4 - alphaking 05/02/2022#3 - drama 05/12/2022#1 - lunaqueen 05/16/2022#1 - alpha's daughter 02/22/2023#1 - trust issues 04/20/2023#1 - werewolf 05/15/2023#1 - alpha 05/18/2023#1 - mate 06/03/2023

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The Curious Case of Danielle Parker

Danielle's new town is strange. Sure, it looks picture book pretty. But ever since she arrived, strange things keep happening. From the mysteriously and painfully beautiful boy absolutely losing it in the school parking lot, to going from being ignored one day to suddenly treated like royalty the next... Danielle can't make sense of it. But the worst part? There's a boy she is unexplainably drawn to, and as hard as she tries, she can't stay away. What is the town hiding? Is she going crazy or is there something more than simple attraction going on here? And how the hell is she meant to get any sleep with all that howling at night?!

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Demoted To An Omega

**EXCERPT FROM THE STORY**"As the new Alpha of vengeful eyed pack,I thereby pass my first judgment on Ciara Acacia Jones,You are therefore demoted to an omega." He said with so much hatred, anger and rage using his alpha tone.I felt my wolf,Tavia,whimpered and cowered back in fear under his voice.______________________________"Kill her... Kill her...""Wait,can I see you privately?" I said to Alpha Xander.____________________________"No,you cannot mark her,I am your mate, What will happen to me if you mark her." I said while crying."You cannot do this to me, please!!!."I said begging him."I have to do it for my pack... our pack."He said before leaving.Being born an omega is different from being made an omega.Meet Ciara Acacia Jones,a beta's daughter who was reduced to an omega rank and blamed for a tragic incident that claimed lots of lives.Will she survive the pain?Will the truth be revealed?When she meets her mate,will he accept or reject her?Will she ever find happiness?-Does she deserve it?Find out in this thrilling story...#3- Gamma |02-02-23| #5- Omega |29-01-23| #17-Paranormal |01-02-23|#2- Rejection |02-02-23|#9- Delta |02-02-23|#1- Revenge |03-02-23| #2- Gamma |03-02-23| #3- Reborn |03-02-23|#1- Gamma |04-02-23|

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Passionate Love (boyxboyxboy)

Dominic and Theodore Hayden, the twins who are werewolves in mythical world and billionaires in human world. They both have everything in life but just want one thing, their true soulmate. Liam is also a werewolf. A cute-handsome looking guy with normal life and lovable family. What happens when twins meet Liam and how a fiery love erupts between them with some interesting twists? Rankings:#1 in mxmxm#10 in mxmxm

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Limited Life

Muru is a shy and introverted werewolf. She gets bullied at school and cannot find until the night her wolf awakes and she might be able to leave school - and even her whole pack behind.James is the alpha's son, one of Muru's bullies and her childhood friend. But what would happen when they finds out that they are mates? Will Muru forgive him? Will he be able to win his mate back?

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The Blind Second Chance

#40 in werewolf -/-/-#55 in werewolf 4/18/2018#71 in werewolf 11/18/2018Book #1 of the 2&2 novels I didn't see it coming. Well physically I cant see. I wear a mask to cover my scars. Dylan. My Mate, The Beta, The love of my life. He was gone before I knew it. But there was something I really didn't see coming, I didn't see that I could get a second chance...with the cold hearted Alpha. ~Emerald GreenThe Blind one. AKA Runt of the pack. Sweet, Caring, Betas Mate, Kind, Others don't see her as a higher rank~Ryder MoonThe leader. AKA Alpha of BloodMoon pack. Cold-Hearted, Never sticks to one Girl, Ruthless, Most wolves fear him. ~"Why can't I see? It's dark" "Because your eyes are closed Em" a tear came out and she sniffled. "Why can't I open them?"I paused for a bit. "Because your scarred" i took her hand in mine. "Em. How much do you remember? About me? About anything?" "Is there something I should know?" Her voice came out scared. "Yes Em..I'm your second chance" "Second Chance of what?" "Love" ~WARNING; This book uses mild language, violence and dark thoughts, like real dark thoughts. If you are comfortable with that stuff read

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