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Until Dawn ✔️

✔️ July 17,2016Okay, can someone ᴘʟᴇᴀsᴇ explain to me why Liberty , my good for nothing friend - just kidding I love her -, lives in the middle of no where in San Francisco? How do you live in the middle of no where in a city? How?Well all I have to say is that this is the least of my problems Especially when I run into the hunky piece of sex Liberty calls her brother. ✧Out of all the things I could expect when visiting Liberty in her little quaint town, I definitely did not expect this✧✧*MATURE LANGUAGE* (O wow this book needs some major editing lol)Copyright © 2016 xAerodynamicMotionx™ All Rights Reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods without the prior written permission of the publisher.In other words, don't copy my work.

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You Rejected Your Future Queen

Princess Aphrodite Kingsman is the first women In her generation to take the throne as Queen of Creatures Of The Night which are known as werewolves. She goes with her father to visit all of the packs around the world. He dad wants to keep her identity a secret until the crowning ceremony. Raphael Uriel is the Alpha of the most feared and respected pack around the world. He knows the king will come and visit with of few people of his court. There he meets Aphrodite his mate. He instantly rejects her for not being a warrior. Little did he know that he rejected his future queen.FIRST IN THE ROYAL SERIES.

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Adopted By My Step Brothers

Cause of death? You guessed it. Both drug overdose. If you ask me they did it on purpose. They didn't love me enough to stay here and care for me. I guess 17 years was too long to raise a kid because they now left me in the care of my arrogant, controlling, sexy step brothers. Once that judge made the finally call and announced that those Devils were my guardians for the next two years I knew my life as I knew it was over. CAUTION: Mild sexual situations, profanity and adult situations take place in this story so I ask for only mature and 18+ readers.**CURRENLTY UNDER rewrite.***

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My Alpha Bryson

Ever Green is an Omega, the lowest of the lowest. Her parents were killed by rogues and her adopted family, the Alpha's family, treat her like a slave. After years of torture and torment Ever decides that she has had enough and runs away. What happens when she trespasses on the most feared pack's territory? Will she be enslaved again? What happens when she meets Alpha Bryson?This story is copyrighted.#1 in adoption 5/11/2018#4 in Werewolf 6/17/2018#3 in Werwolf 8/3/2018#7 in Romance 8/6/2018#4 in abuse 8/17/2018#6 in alpha 8/17/2018#5 in mates 8/17/2018#3 in complete 8/17/2018#3 in omega 8/17/2018Thank you to siska_yuri for the cover!

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The God of War - Editing

The powerful almighty Alpha Maximums Black and his wolf Ares have been looking for their mate for nearly nine years, and the Alpha was ready to give up and choose a mate as a part of an Alliance to benefit his pack. But what Maximums was unaware of was that giving up on his fated mate was not an option for him, and a written prophecy was hanging over his head.What will he do when he finds out what the Moon Godness had reserved for him was not the perfect warrior Luna he had looked for all his life, and that instead, the weak little Omega was the one gifted to him on his birth?Will the Alpha leave his prejudice behind and embrace the little Omega to fulfil his destiny?

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My Orphan Mate  ✓

MATE TRILOGY #1 | Being an orphan at the mere age of sixteen, Lyra Dane, with no place in the pack is faced with an ultimatum; to go Rogue or marry Alpha Gabriel. Although, not mated by destiny, Gabriel is determined to make Lyra his. Meanwhile, Alpha Alexander, leader of the largest pack, believes his existence is solely for the purpose of leading and protecting his pack. So what happens when he discovers that his mate is promised to none other than Alpha Gabriel- his exact enemy?MATE TRILOGY:1. My Orphan Mate2. My Luna Mate3. My Eternal MateHighest Ranking:#1 Short Story#2 Werewolf#13 Romance

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King Alpha's Human Mate

Living in Las Angeles, California all her life, 23 year old Sarah Lee Rose has endured a life of struggles but her dreams of one day being a chef and finding love has always kept her afloat. A bad ass who didn't care for no one except those within his pack, Alpha King Kaheim Frost has lived 544 years without a mate or someone to share his bed. He only live to make his pack and it's members the strongest, safest and happiest of all the packs.Until they met.....

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The Boxer and the Badboy

#1st in werewolf #1st in confessions and fighter#1st in humor#5th in romanceHayley Hood is a 17 year old girl who has gone through so many things in her life. Always wearing her protective hood; she manages to remain invisible- that's until the school's five Badboys decide to go to the underground boxing area and see her hooded figure fighting. But Hayley didn't want them involved in her already complicated life. She didn't want her cover to be blown- she wanted to remain invisible. Unfortunately, it was practically impossible for that to happen since Blake, the alpha, was her mate.Since Hayley was a human; she didn't really believe in werewolves apart from a few books she had read as a child. She certainly did not understand why Blake stuck to her like glue and though she kept pushing him away, the mate bond always made her feel attracted to him.The thing is that Hayley had vowed not to let another person enter her life ever since her most precious thing in life had gotten hurt. Her little sister, Mia.Her sister was the only thing that mattered in her life, it was the only thing that kept her alive and going. It was her reason for living and that was why Hayley would fight anything that tried to touch or hurt her little sister.She perfectly knew that if her sister got broken then she too would be broken. And that was her major weakness.

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The Broken Mate

Lola's life came crumbling the moment she met her mate, Alpha Torian, smooching and kissing another lady in his birthday party.That day, he bluntly rejected her as his mate and claimed his new girlfriend as his real mate.That same day, in her broken state, she saved a Vampire who was hunted by her parent and their crew - the Pack hunters.Never did she knew that one act was going to change her life forever.At the moment when all love she got was lost, the moment when the world and people she trusted turned their back on her, that very moment when death came dragging her feet with no one to help or hear her scream.He appeared right beside her, ready to break the rules for her sake, at first it was to repay her kindness, but something about her sparkled up light in his dark heart, those strong walls around his heart was melting down.He is the Vampire Lord, she is a Werewolf, two enemies that should stay far away from each other.Note!I am just a learner. A newbie writer and English isn't my first language. Instead of talking bad about the book, please dump it. ❤️💋 Enjoy..

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His Hidden Luna

Maddy Smith, a 17 year old lone wolf Her mom and dad are dead as they were killed by another pack when she was only 10 years old which made her go into foster care But one day when she gets the chance at age 14, she runs She runs from foster care, jumping from school to school avoiding it Outside of school she works in a tattoo shop with her best friend josh but he doesn't know anything about her being a wolf and she keeps it that's way At school she hides behind a hoodie pushing people who speak to her But what happens when one day Xavier Jones comes back to school with his 2 bestfriends kyle and chase and according to rumours, from juvie Girls worship them like they are Greek gods and boys envy them But as soon as they step a foot on campus Maddy smells wolf and when she and xavier come eye to eye She runsBut what happens when she goes back to school and sees xavier wolfing out and helps him but she gets caught....

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The Touch of Demise │18+

They call him Demise.No, that wasn't his birth name. His mother nor father gave him this designation. Many people weren't sure he even had parents. Some say he sprung from the fiery depths of Hell.No, he earns his title. Every lycanthrope shakes in fear from the tales of him in battle- his ruthlessness, his ferocity. One said he could kill a man with a mere touch.They call him Demise because everything he touches perishes. His skill, his intelligence, his stamina, his endurance, his agility, his everything...holds murderous brutality.He is death and he fucks with despair.─────Grace was a chosen for the Kingdom of Wolves. She and fifty other women were traded among the four Alphas of the world, paid to satiate their every desire. Grace had not been requested, yet, for she was the newest arrival.Stationed in Kingdom Demise, she worked as a palace servant. She knew one day she would be beckoned by an Alpha, but she never thought it would be by Demise.

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I don't Mate with Jerks

KC Blarez has been harassed, bullied, and picked on for as long as she could remember. When she moves away for three years, she returns with a special surprise for those jerks; she's smokin' hot, aggressive, and she's a werewolf. But when it's time for KC to find her mate, she thinks it must be a joke when her mate is the biggest bully of them all. And he just so happens to be the Alpha.Trailer- chapter 12

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His Second Chance |  ✔

"Stop eye-fucking me, little one." Jax's voice was loud and clear through the mind link. I watch as he never looks at me but continues to laugh away with his pack members.How did he know I was completely checking him out?"Unless you want me to actually fuck you, then I think you should stop."I blush furiously and look down towards my feet."Sorry." I say timidly through the mind link. .Jaxon Harper watched as his mate was brutally killed in front of him. Not being able to cope without her, he becomes cold and lifeless.Ava White was kidnapped and held captive by a rival pack for two years. Abused and broken, she has no hope for life. Finally escaping, their paths cross.What happens when he is given a second chance with love?This just might be the perfect escape for both of them. .This book includes:- Self Harm- Physical and sexual abuse- Violence- Mature themes- Sexual Content- Strong Language #1 Teenfiction - 08/03/2019#1 Werewolf - 08/07/2019PLEASE NOTE: This isn't my best work, parts are cringey and it's cliché in places but I did write it over three years ago. So please take this with a pinch of salt✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼*Previously Alpha Jaxon's Second Chance for the OG's*

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Alpha Mates (BoyxBoy)

Eli Harrison-Danfort is a young Alpha male and is an incredibly dominant werewolf. He is the strongest wolf in his pack and like any other Alpha, he knows it. Eli has not met his mate (a werewolf's soul mate) yet, he has mixed feelings about it but he knows one thing for certain and that's the fact that he would be in charge of the relationship when he does meet his mate. After all, he is an Alpha.Eli's on a holiday trip when he does meet his mate, and he isn't as submissive as Eli thought, not even close seeing as Karabo is the Alpha of his own pack.There is no way it could work, they're too strong to be together, too dominant, too stubborn to put their pride aside and they both know it. Mates always work out... but mates are never leaders from two different packs on different continents and any Alpha knows their pack is more important than love is.

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Rogue Luna

Amina was a beautiful, kind, strong, funny werewolf. She witness her family and pack killed by another pack... the bloodmoon pack. Her father was the alpha & mother was the Luna. Amina vowed that she'll avenge her family & pack (the crescent moon) death. Meaning going rogue. Kingston is alpha's of all alpha's. His pack the Black beast pack is one of the strongest pack in the world, Kingston was known for his cruel, torturous, cold hearted reputation. Being mateless at 26 was unheard of in the werewolf community. But everyone thought the moon goddess was doing the right thing by not giving him a mate.. or so he thought. Will Amina and Kingston ever meet? little do they know the moon goddess has something in store for them...First book

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The Alpha's Omega

Elenor was the beta's daughter until her pack got killed by roughs. After that her and her best friend,Jem, ran after seeing their parents get killed in front of them. They ran to another pack were they became omegas. No one knew that this two little girls had a big secret that they swore to never tell anyone. After 12 years pass Elenor is now 18 and Jem is 19. Both are Omegas in their new pack and like that they don't get attention from anyone. That was in till he came along the alpha of the Moon shadow pack. Alpha Alexander King. Alpha of the biggest pack in the United States. What will happen to the girls?Cover by @wildfiremockingjay

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Blind Instincts

*COMPLETED*My head bowed in a heavy mannor, not in respect, but in trepidation. I discern his unwavering gaze over my ill silhouette."Look at me."I opened my eyes, though it made no difference. Black is still black, all I am left with are my four senses. He will kill me if I don't look. He will kill me if I do. He will look into my sightless eyes and see my futile existence isn't worth living. He will kill me, and he will be doing the pack a justice by it.He growls a low, throaty snarl to warn me about disobeying an alpha. There will be consequences, we both know that. His lingering growls let me know he is not going to allow me to contravene his word. I steadily inch my head upwards, visibly shaking everywhere else. Maybe he won't notice my depthless eyes from across the gazebo. My life depends on it. "You're blind." ~Monet was born into a particularly prestigious area of her wolf pack, to parents of extremely high standards. Her legacy is to become the packs next healer, but when she was born completely devoid of melanin, all her mated parents saw was a disappointment. Being born an albino wolf pup meant a lot for Monet, but it mostly meant her condition had taken her eyesight along with it. What happens when Monet meets the Alpha of a neighboring pack? Will he accept her for what she is?~CONTENT WARNING~ This book contains depictions of physical abuse, foul language, and upsetting scenary.This book is in no way, shape, or form glorifying domestic abuse of a parent or partner.This book is intended for individuals who feel at odds with their self due to their uniqueness. It is meant to shine light on those who differ from the majority; conquering, and overcoming those who lessen them for what makes them special.~Word count at completion date: 33,915ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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Her return

Him:"I've been looking for her for centuries now, and when I caught her scent at the party, I knew I have to go after her. No way in hell I will miss her. When I saw her in her wolf form, it was the most beautiful sight I have ever witnessed in my long life. And once she shifted and looked up at me with her doe eyes, I knew I was done for"Her:My heart was beating like crazy and my body was humming in pleasure. I dig my snout onto his neck and grace my canines over his fur absently. He growls in response, biting softly on my neck. I could spend hours smelling him and never get tired of it. He just felt so good, the feeling was incredible. I never felt like this before and I didn't want it to end.He then pulls away to look directly into my eyes and growls just one word:"Mine"*Beautiful cover by @santanartEN 💕 you can find her in Rose Gold Comunity🌹-----#5 in Supernatural (27/05/22)#1 in Luna (12/03/23)You can also find it on WEBNOVEL by Her Return: a new beginning

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Fat Chance! *Completed*

Brylee was the fat outcast with only one friend. She hadn't yet discovered her wolf. Carter John was the schools popular boy and future Alpha. He was also Brylee's bully. What will happen when they realize they are mates? Will Brylee accept him? Will Carter accept that the fat girl is his Luna? ~I own none of the pictures displayed in this story!

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The Alphas Guard

❝Her eyes spoke more than her lips moved.❞After her pack is brutally taken over, Leila is forced to reside in the untamed lands of the Lycan kingdom where only those who are banished are sent to fend for themselves. She is a rogue.Packless, with no status.Once she turns 18, Leila runs to the castle and enters the guard Trials where she battles against hundreds of high blooded boys in hopes of become the kingdoms golden warrior. In hopes of finding some serenity.Will she make it and fulfil the prophecy her father had bestowed upon her? Or will the castle walls whisper her away?__________Cover by @witchoria

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In the arena, ten females must outrun or outlast their male counterparts to keep from being forcibly bred. At least that's how Lorena saw it.She was taken from her home in front of her entire family to be a runner for ten males that were around her own packs' territory. Female werewolves seemed to be holding out longer on mating and/or refusing to take a mate, so it's gotten to the point where the council had to force it upon them. Some agreed with the new policy just to be cruel, but others agreed that since her pack had plenty of females to go around, they would volunteer a handful of them to mate with the alphas and any other male wolves as needed.Lorena may not have been the prettiest wolf in her opinion, but she was cunning, strong, and fast, and she thought for sure she would be able to last and run until the alpha that had his eye on her eventually gave up.Boy was she wrong.RANKINGS:#1 in fantasy-romance#1 in fiction#4 in fiction#4 in werewolf#6 in werewolfHit 1M on 08/01/2020Hit 2M on 11/11/2020Hit 3M on 12/22/2020Completed on 09/07/2020

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The Alphas Fat Mate ✔

(COMPLETED)Regina Jones is a normal human fat girl at Crystal Springs High school. She has a few bullies here and there. But as long as she keeps out of everyone's way they don't bother her. There are new guys at school that has every girl falling to her knees before them. But they only has eyes for Regina. How will she deal with all the drama? Read and find out.(SLOW EDITING!!)

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Warrior Luna

Amelia Davis is 20 and she's apart of the Moonlight pack. She has already shifted and she hasn't found her mate yet. This doesn't worry her because she's still young and wants to live her life more. Amelia has long dark midnight hair and beautiful green eyes, with pale skin. She is strong willed and is her father's daughter.Xavier Harrison is 22 and is looking for his mate. He needs a Queen to keep him sane on the throne. He is short tempered and possessive. He has dark hair and brown eyes. She wolves are swept of their feet by his looks and charm. He's in search of his mate. He will never let her go.What will happen when these two find out they're mates? ***I could feel my heart thumping out of my chest. I felt tingles all around me. I quickly put my head down. The truth was going to come out and I wasn't ready for it. I knew what was going to happen. I was so terrified, I just wanted to go home. My throat went dry. I could feel him stop in front of me. I could feel his power coming off of him. I could feel the air change. Kat was loosing her mind, she was so happy. I was so scared. Once I looked up everything was going to change. I wasn't ready, my god why does this have to happen to me.I felt his warm fingertips on the bottom of my chin. It sent shivers into my spine. I wanted more, I wanted more of his touch. It's like my body needed it. I wanted to throw my hand around him. He lifted my chin up slowly, and everything paused. I saw his beautiful honey eyes. "Mate" Kat said in my head. It was like I was staring into his soul. We were so close I could hear him breathing. His steady breathing was the best music I could hear. He nearly stopped my breath, it felt like I was floating. His honey eyes were staring into mine he looked mesmerized. He took his hand off my chin and softly grabbed my hand. He pulled it up to his mouth and said "I believe you're my Queen." He said in a deep enriching voice. Then he kissed my hand with his soft lips.

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The Teacher's Beta

How will a human handle her introduction to the supernatural world?How will a powerful werewolf deal with the love of his life being terrified of the beast he becomes?______________________________________"What questions do you have about mates?" He asks as he leans down in front of me. I'm hit with the memory of the first time we met, he did the same thing when asking me on a date. "Do you have one?" I ask quietly. He nods and tucks my hair behind my ear."Who is it?" I ask, barely above a whisper. "Scarlett Johansson." He answers and I smack his shoulder playfully. "Finn...""It's you, sweetheart. You're my mate. The other half of my soul." He says as he sits up and kisses me gently."The better half." He whispers.Highest Ranking #1 in Werewolf!Cover made by @ViaAlyssaNicole

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The War Luna

Alex Fury loves her life and her work as Gamma of the Black Mountain pack. When she collides with her mate, she is distraught and fearful of how this could change everything. Alpha to a pack renowned for allowing only males to join the warrior legion, Aidan is not the mate that Alex had been hoping for. Their desire will pull them together but do they have a future? Meanwhile an old enemy seeks to tear their packs apart and secrets and mistrust threaten their relationship.

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𝗔𝗹𝗽𝗵𝗮 𝗔𝗱𝗿𝘆𝗮𝗻 (𝗥𝗼𝗺𝗮𝗻𝗼 𝗦𝗲𝗿𝗶𝗲𝘀 #𝟭)

"𝗻𝗼𝘁 𝗮𝗹𝗹 𝗺𝗼𝗻𝘀𝘁𝗲𝗿𝘀 𝗱𝗼 𝗺𝗼𝗻𝘀𝘁𝗿𝗼𝘂𝘀 𝘁𝗵𝗶𝗻𝗴𝘀" - 𝗝𝗮𝗱𝗲 𝗘𝘀𝘁𝗿𝗮𝗱𝗮. ▪ ▪ ▪Alpha Adryan Romano Alpha to one of the largest and strongest packs in the world, The Blood Moon Pack. He was said to be cold and merciless. From childhood, he was taught by his father that mates were a weakness. Beaten by his father to be strong, which he is.Jade EstradaThe Alpha's Daughter of Evergreen Forest Pack, which was recently burned to the ground, her pack was completely wiped out by the rogues; who for some weird reason were after her. Jade is hiding a huge secret and she also happens to be blind. What happens when their paths cross when Jade accidentally tress-passes into The Blood Moon Pack and finds out that the vicious man just turns out to be her moon's gift? ▪ ▪ ▪Mysterious deaths and disappearances start occurring in their neighboring pack and all around the world. What happens when they both are pushed into a situation they have never before encountered in their lives? Enter Adryan's crazy half-brother who is obsessed with Jade and would do anything to make her his.A lot of drama unfolds, new enemies are made so are new friends, and new problems arise. War is declared. Read and find out what happens to Jade and Adryan in 'Alpha Adryan'.* Warning: contains some strong language and mature scenes *..Highest Ranked#19 in unwanted on 14/08/2021#26 in revenge on 22/09/2021#43 in powerful on 11/10/2021#1 in merciless on 13/03/2023#26 in pack on 25/08/2022#6 in cruel on 2/09/2022#3 in holland roden on 30/11/22#13 in blind on 4/11/2022#190 in wolf on 22/10/2022#1 in alphasmate on 23/10/2022 #23 in pregnancy on 26/03/2023

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