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Stuck With Mr. Billionaire

"Curiosity killed the kitty Miss Adams." My body stiffened. Slowly I turned around just to see Mr. Parker standing in front of me with hands in his trouser pockets. I bit my lip. I thought he would be angry but when I looked at him. His face showed no emotion. He then started walking towards me I moved back. This continued until my back hit the door. Then he placed his one hand on my side, leaning forward, close to me."What was rule number three Miss Adams." His face was extremely close to mine my breath got hitched. I couldn't answer his question why? Because I was more focused in the distance between us."I asked you something Miss Adams." He said again."T-That t-there a-are prohibited areas i-in the house where I shouldn't g-go.""It seems like you remember the rules. This room is one of those prohibited areas. So, from next time think before you put yourself into trouble."I just stared at his eyes. I was lost in those pair of sea-coloured eyes. No other guy has ever affected me this much as Mr. Parker. I get nervous around him. I don't know what this feeling is but this feeling is different. A feeling that I have never felt for anyone."Understood?" he said again.I nodded. "Yes Mr. Parker."*****************Liam Parker, 25 year old billionaire. Arrogant, handsome, ruthless, the only thing matters to him is his son and his work.Bella Adams, 24 year old simple and bubbly girl, who lives with her Nanny in an orphanage. What will happen when Bella comes as a babysitter of Liam's son? Let's find out in the story.....

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His Possession In Discretion | ✓ - DISCRETION SERIES BOOK #1

Brielle NewmanA 21-year-old girl who was struggling to make life comfortable for herself and her niece, Delilah. Her sister left the baby the minute she could get up and leave the hospital. Brielle hasn't seen her since. She also hasn't seen her parents who walked out on her at 17 or her brother who went to the army and hasn't contacted her for 9 months in counting. Being all by herself she's desperately trying to give Delilah a life she never got to experience. Killian RussellA 24-year-old ruthless CEO who doesn't tolerate negligence or stupidity. He wouldn't blink an eye before firing someone who worked for him for years. Make one mistake and you're done. His parents were extremely proud of his success. He never had a stable relationship. He was once a hit it and quit it guy but now he just lays low as most women throw themselves at him just for his money. Being the richest man in the northeast and second richest in the country he has no time for love.When he finds little Delilah in a Starbucks ordering a coffee, he follows her out. She takes him to Brielle, who instantly made something click in Killian, changing their lives forever.Disclaimer: This book is more so about fluff, comedy, and drama (I wrote it as a literal teenager). If you are looking for a bit more ✨spice✨, check out the other books within the Discretion Series. WARNING: THIS BOOK CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT AND EXPLICIT LANGUAGE. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.IF YOU ARE NOT A FAN OF CONTROLLING MEN AND A SEMI-SUBMISSIVE FEMALE LEAD, THIS BOOK IS NOT FOR YOU! I REPEAT, PLEASE DO NOT ENTER THIS BOOK WITH THE INTENTION OF ALREADY NOT LIKING IT AND LEAVING HATE COMMENTS.#2 in Romance - 04/17/18

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𝐅𝐎𝐑 𝐘𝐎𝐔 (𝘤𝘰𝘮𝘱𝘭𝘦𝘵𝘦𝘥)

𝐁𝐨𝐬𝐬/𝐞𝐦𝐩𝐥𝐨𝐲𝐞𝐞, 𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐤𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐜𝐞 𝐫𝐨𝐦𝐚𝐧𝐜𝐞Aimee Zaria Managold. A 24 years old hard working secretary that always likes to keep things to herself and avoid trouble. She has been working for the same company for three years and in all that time, she has been ignored by her boss. And that's how she liked it to be. Leonardo Adonis Hyde. A 36 years old successful and powerful CEO that would rather be at work than anywhere else. Aimee never expected that things between her and her grumpy boss would soon start to change. And this time she will have to figure out her feelings for Mr. Hyde.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"You still haven't asked me to be your girlfriend.""I don't want you to be just my girlfriend. I want you to be my EVERYTHING."❗️CURRENTLY EDITING ❗️Highest rankings:#1 in officeromance #1 in sunshine #1 in sweet girl#2 in billionaire #1 in boss#2 in rich#1 in grumpy #2 in ceo#3 in workplace#8 in employee#1 in foryou#1 in assistant#3 in romance#1 in sweet romance#2 in agegap#1 in cute love#3 in sweet#2 in business#1 in cute

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Double Booked | 509 Series Book 1

Practice makes perfect, and when you're fighting to be the best in your sport that is especially true. Ryder and Francesca are no exception. They are dedicated to their sport and refuse to let anything distracted. But when a scheduling conflict forces the two to share the ice, staying focused becomes just a little harder.TW// mentions to abuse & scenes of verbal abuse Top Ranks:FigureSkating- #1Hockey- #8Ice- #1College- #7Sports- #4Athlete- #4Wattpad- #8SlowBuild- #6 RivalstoLover- #2UniversityofMichigan- #1CollegeRomance-#1Slowburn-#7College hockey-#1Lovestory- #14

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Mr. Ceo's Misfit | ✓

Amber Collins gets a job in one of the leading companies in New York, 'The Williams and co.' Sounds amazing right?Now add to it, a handsome looking, irresistible Ceo, with the body and looks of a Greek God, untamed ways, who also happens to be a Mr. I - want - everything - to - be - Perfect. Absolutely perfect! Not so amazing any more, is it?Getting the job was easy (almost) but keeping it will be the difficult part.Amber can't lose this job, not when she has to survive in this big bad world all by herself.____The question is will she be able to?Hop in and join me in this ride to know the answer!Cover Credits : me [cookiedough0104]All forms of media used in this book belong to their respective owners. I do not own any of them unless stated otherwise.Copyright © YUMNA 2020

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The Personal Assistant.

"James McGregor, CEO of McGregor industries, has passed away yesterday evening after a long battle with cancer. James McGregor, aged 63, was one of the-"Elizabeth shut the TV off, she couldn't bear to listen to this... She had been there when it happened, she did not need it to be repeated. Elizabeth Waverton had been Mr. McGregor's personal assistant for the last three years. During that time the two of them had gotten close. They became friends, as he was as a father to her. Ms. Waverton was seen by many as one of the best personal assistants that there was. Most didn't last long at the McGregor's, but Ms. Waverton did. She was known for making anything possible, having connections all over town and anywhere you can imagine. But now that her former boss and friend is dead the company will be taken over by James McGregor jr. the son of her boss. Elizabeth had never quite taken a liking to this man, but he however has taken an interest in her...

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Jenifer Martin, a girl from California. A girl with a beautiful and the kindest heart. She has a superb business degree. But alas, sometimes bad things happen to good people. Her boyfriend of three years cheated on her with her only best friend since childhood. Damian Wilson, CEO of Wilson Clothing. He is handsome, he is super intelligent for the business world. Lives in New York City. He believes in love, but haven't found yet. He has one night stands just for his distraction though. A girl from California and guy from New York. How these two will meet? Maybe she will work for him or maybe not?Stay tuned to find out more about these two souls!Love,Anushka💛Ranks:-#45 in nyc out of 1.56k stories.PS- Current cover made by @_navyblueee_Date:26/03/22

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Something Inside  (Published)

Ashton Miller was the richest, most powerful and sexiest man alive. Being a multimillionaire, he had everything he could have ever wanted; girls, cars, and so much money he didn't know what to do with. As the biggest playboy in New York, Ashton jumps from girl to girl breaking their hearts as he went along. He didn't care about anything other than his company and himself. Layla Kingston. Layla was NOT rich, actually Layla was basically broke. She worked as a waitress. She didn't have guys all over her, in fact she's only had one boyfriend and that didn't turn out well. Layla didn't have it all, in fact she's had a very hard life, and just when she thinks her life is finally starting to turn over it turns out way different than she thought. A story about two wounded polar opposites crossing paths. ****************************************************************************************************** Warning! There is some swearing and 1-2 dirty scenes so if you don't like that or are too young I'm not responsible :) Thank you @babedirectionerxx for helping me edit!! Highest Rank: # 1

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Secretary  Mom Wife  (Editing)

Amelia Thompson , a beautiful girl with a traumatic past. She ran away from it the day she clocked 18. She was always alone She thought it'll be better that way. Her boss however was so intrigued by her , what he didn't know was that her pull factor towards him was his son.

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Mr Rude & Me (Undergoing Editing)

What happens when Ms Innocent, Chelsea-Anne Richards is kicked out of her dorm room and has no place to stay?What happens when a curly-haired stranger offers her a place with his best friend?His best friend, Kyle Chambers aka Mr Rude.Rude is an understatement, not to mention that he's a womanizer too. He can't stand her and makes sure to mention it every time. She hates to admit it but the guy is drop-dead gorgeous. He looks like a page straight out of a Calvin Klein magazine.What happens when Chelsea is dragged into the dangerous rollercoaster that is Kyle's life? Will Chelsea be able to deal with all these changes? Also... will they ever be friends?Probably less.But... maybe M O R E.Join Chelsea and Kyle through their ups, downs, college life, ridiculous rules, illegal activities, many many arguments, psycho brothers, dangerous fathers, missing sisters, bitter exes, arch-nemesis and most importantly... their crazy, crazy friends.You don't want to miss it.#1 in dragracing [23/04/2020]#10 in roommates [23/04/2020]

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Crush To Boss. ✓ [Editing]

"Take it."He mumbled. I obeyed him.His lips were at one end while mine at the other.I felt the heat surround us.He slowly bit the stick leaning closer.I panicked a little."Hurry."He mumbled. I obeyed once again, slowly biting it. And then it was a centimetre gap between us.My breathe hitched.I placed my palm against his shoulder hoping he would pull away.But he didn't, instead he wrapped his hands slowly around my waist.After 10 years, Elle Miller, meets her childhood crush at an interview and he is her...BOSS! She loved him a alot. Loved. But in her eyes, he never noticed her presence as much as he did to her mates. Enzo William meets that cute and shy girl from his childhood at an interview. And she is Elle Miller, now his PA. He always admired her from afar but never went for her.When Elle and Enzo spend more time with each other they discover their true feelings. Day by day they spend more time with each other until one day they were finally in love. But will they ever end up together? "They say crush lasts only upto 4 months but mine did for years and counting.. this is love.."Cute love story.#1 : boss ❤️Mild strong language ✓No smut scene ✓Cute ✓✓•Cover made by me•

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Alina Bardot is a very talented figure skater. But her coach is having problems with her speed and hires a hockey player to teach her to be faster. When Reece gets sighed up to teach a figure skater to skate like him he has no choice but to say yes..."Book 1 of Laurie U"

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Assistant of Mr. CEO

"What are you thinking about mia cara" he asks me causing my thoughts to drift back to me kissing his jawline. "N-nothing" I stutter cursing myself at how breathy I sounded even to my own ears. I watch his mouth curl up into his trademark smirk quickly glancing over with an eyebrow raised. "Didn't seem like nothing when you were eye raping the side of my face mia cara" he responds almost mockingly trying to rile me up. Feeling bold and teasing, I open my mouth to share my thoughts. "Well if you must know, I was thinking about leaning over and placing a trail of feathery kisses along your jawline" I say nonchalantly pretending to examine my finger nails. I hear him suck in a breath and cursing before I feel him pullover on the side of the rode. "That's it" he whispers huskily turning off the engine and reaching his arm over to lift me off my seat. He places me on his lap and I shift around trying to get comfortable but I can tell my movements weren't helping. "God damn it mia cara, you're gonna be the death of me" he whispers, his Italian accent coming out as he smashed his lips on mine. The kiss was nothing but aggressive, our hunger and need for each other evident. His hands grip my hair and pull my head back slightly to give him better access to my mouth.I break away to catch my breath while I begin peppering kisses on his jawline grasping his hair and tugging his head back to get more access. I easily elicit a growl from him and I teasingly bite his neck slightly before pulling away completely. I attempt to get off his lap and back into my seat but his iron grip keeps me still. "Mia cara, will you be mine" he asks huskily, his face expressing his nervousness as well as hope. I smile from ear to ear before giving him a sweet peck. "Of course you idiot" I say smiling for ear to ear.

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Falling For My Roommate

'Oh come on Blair, I know you want me''No I dont, now let me shower in peace'I try push him but he grabs my hands and pulls me into him. I feel a slight throbbing feeling down below and feel my thong get increasingly wet. I accidentally touch his abs and stop. I look up at him and he raised an eyebrow and smirks. He bends down slightly to me and his smirk increases. 'If you didnt want me,'He leans his hand down and puts it between my thighs.'Then why are you so wet hmm?' ☆☆☆☆☆Blair Davernports has just got a scholarship at one of the most prestigious universities in the US. Being the type to stay inside and study then party is gonna be a struggle when her roommate drags her glams her up and takes her to a party which completely changes her look on university forever.Josh Richards only got into Hallsway University because of a football scholarship. Hes the type of boy to go out partying everynight and sleep with different girl each day. When he sees his new roommate, he makes it his mission to get with her. Realising that she does have a crush on Josh, she trys to find him, only to find out hes gotten back with his ex... Start: 10th February 2021Finish:Warning: -Explict And Detailed Scenes-Use/Mention Of Drugs -Violent Scenes

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At His Service (SLOW UPDATES)

What happens when you owe a billionaire a huge amount of debt? Try to pay back? But what if he wants service in return? Thomas Raymond doesn't want Emberly Rae to pay back; instead he wants her to be at his son's service all the time and everywhere. Meet Arran Raymond; hardworking CEO of world's leading company and party-hard Casanova aka man-whore at night time. For Arran money doesn't hold any value, he truly believes if you work hard then you ought to party hard. Thomas is sick and tired of his son scandals appearing on every newspaper in the morning. For him only Emberly can change that. Ever since Arran found out about his father's intention he promised himself to take revenge on him by making Emberly life a living hell. How can Emberly repay by 'babysitting' Arran? How will she manage to spend time with annoying, arrogant, full-of-himself and cocky Casanova? ❦❦❦❦❦ ✓= Chapters are edited by various talented editors. Thank you so much for editing :) x

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BOOK 1: FALCON FAMILY SERIESIn a world of wealth, power, and family feuds, Shay Falcon fights to break free from the shadows of her billionaire dynasty. The youngest daughter of the renowned Falcon Group's CEO, her life is a blend of neglect, sibling rivalry, and the suffocating pressure to conform. But beneath her fragile facade, Shay craves independence and forges a secret path as a secretary at the illustrious C&E Holdings, a company owned by her family's bitter rivals.Just when Shay believes she has found solace in her hidden sanctuary, fate intervenes, thrusting her into a tumultuous whirlwind. The enigmatic Jason Cartwright and the charismatic Chase Evans, the powerful bosses of C&E Holdings, uncover Shay's clandestine identity. Their shocking discovery sets in motion a chain of events that will shatter the fragile facade of her life.In the heart of the cutthroat corporate battlefield, where power is a weapon and loyalty a luxury, Shay Falcon's life becomes a gripping tale of survival and redemption. Can she transcend her tainted lineage and reshape her destiny, or will the weight of her family's legacy consume her? Prepare to be captivated by a story where ambition collides with fate, and the untamed spirit of a young woman defies all odds.

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Faceoff (St. Cloud #1)

Sparks fly between Max and Luz every time they faceoff. But they're the captains of rival hockey teams. Will the game be more important, or their hearts?FULL SUMMARY INSIDE / BOOK 1 IN ST. CLOUD UNIVERSITY SERIES©2022-present marianna leal / hubrism

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matters of the heart

*Slow updates*After agreeing to be the focus of a college article, senior Charlie Murtaugh gets more than he bargains for when he's assigned a clueless sophomore who knows nothing about the sport. ****A year after staying under the radar due to an injury that almost cost him his career, Charlie Murtaugh has only got one more chance to get the NBA's attention or his dreams of ever going pro get shattered. So he scores an article on the College Paper with hopes of gaining more publicity. Journalism student Lorraine Perabo's first piece as an intern is way out of her comfort zone. Being an antisocial journalist is difficult enough without adding interviewing hot college basketball players to the list, especially when she knows nothing about the game. But what's more daunting is who the focus of her article is- Charlie. The drop-dead gorgeous point guard everyone seems to want to know about. Although these two's relationship starts on a rocky road, they find themselves relying on each other more than expected. In between late interviews and saving each other's asses, they soon realise that lines are easy to cross and that there are no rules regarding matters of the heart. Charlie & Lorraine Book 1 of the UCLA seriescopyrighted ©2020#1 in unexpected romance out of 86 books#1in Journalism out of 1.04k books #2 in journalism out of 1.04k books#4 in collegelife out of 1.5k books#5 in unexpected romance out of 86 books#31 in football out of 1.51k books#380 in newadult out of 1.754 books*This book is only published on Wattpad; please report if seen on another website*

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In for the win

Twenty-one year old Amara Preston is a student at Brookhills university. She's a top student and a great volleyball player, with a glorious career in front of her. But when she meets Ethan Crawford, captain of BHU's hockey team, everything changes. Will Amara dare break the promise she made to herself of not falling in love before graduation, or will she succumb to his playful charm? Or will the star of the Bears hockey manage to win it again?TW : sex, nudity, tw topicsIn writing: at least 20+ parts to come

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Dorm 101

"Whatever happens in dorm 101 stays in dorm 101, baby girl."

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It's Valerie's first year of Uni. She didn't even think she'd make it this far considering everything that has happened to her over the years. Luckily, she has her best friend, Mable to brave it all with. She feels lucky to even be here but what happens when she catches the eye of a certain brown-eyed hockey player? Thomas Verner hates everyone. It's a known fact. He has enough on his plate with his brother, family, hotel empires and more. The last thing he needs is to be obsessed with the one girl that hates him.Dual POV!TW!: Mentions of abuse, harassment and vomiting.The cover is not owned by me it is from Pinterest.

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Mr.OCD's Messy Assistant (Completed)

(Short lovestory)Jason is a perfectionist, a control freak, a neat freak. To top it all, he also has obsessive compulsive personality disorder. Sarah is a messy girl who hates control freaks.When Sarah becomes an assistant to the Ceo Jason, she intends to make his life interesting. Little does she know, he intends to do the same................................Highest rankings:#4 enemies to lovers of 56.2k #1 romcom of 20.9k#8 humor of 211k #8 ceo of 27.6k#1 shortstory of 315k#19 billionaire of 39.5k#4 comedy of 175k#19 lovestory of 319k#50 romance of 291k

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The Fumble Of A Quarterback

Nora hated football more than anything else in her life. But when her father, the head coach for Ohio State University, offers her an internship, she accepts. She had no intentions to fall in love with anyone on the team, especially when he was more arrogant and rude then she could bare. But she is going to learn what a fumble really is

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The Billionaire's Getaway Tryst

Valerie Jones, a 25-year-old copywriter, aspires to be a senior content editor in the advertising world and wishes to work in her dream company - Zedd Automobile Enterprises Inc. After five years of working in the small advertising agencies, she finally cracked the interview at the ZAE Inc.Skye Williams, a 26-year-old heir to the world famous company - Zedd Automobile Enterprises Inc., has only one motto in his life and that is to break the benchmark set by the media after his father's retirement, Jonathan Williams.When Skye sees Valerie after a long time again, he couldn't help but think back to those old memories that come crashing down on him.COVER CREATED BY Rebel_One4

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LOVE ON A TOUR (LOAT) #wattys2020

Dr. Sophia Taylor, 25 year old girl from India, is a very talented and smart doctor. For her patients, she is similar to their God. Just her smile makes thousands of men fall for her. But for her, love is not for her. It's not her thing actually. She just wants to stay strong, independent and with full freedom. She wants to spend her life in serving the needy and poor. She has a rule in life and that is to stay away from love. She has many friends who are boys, but no boyfriend. Sophia gets a chance to visit the NYC for a seminar. She decides to visit places nearby NYC too. It was just a casual tour for her.Mr. Christian Wright, 26 years old from NYC, is the most eligible bachelor in the world. He is smart and sexy as hell. He is just like a Greek God. Girls swoon over him. He is a playboy and stays away from even the talks of marriage. His playboy life is what he likes the most.But what will happen when he finally bumps into the Sophia and is smitten by her beauty and intelligence? Two different persons, two different cultures, two different traditions, two different countries and even two different continents. Love will make them learn many new things and have many new adventures in life. Their love story will not be just a fairy tale one. It would be something different.So to know about their stories, keep reading ......"LOVE ON A TOUR (LOAT)".

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how you get the girl- Paige Bueckers

what happens if UCONN's most popular basketball player finds herself searching for one person in the crowd? Jules knew who she was and what she wanted and when she gets offered a spot on the media team for UCONN's women's basketball team she takes it up immediately, finding herself infatuated by Paige Bueckers. Only problem is one is on the court and one is behind the camera.

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