Satan's Most wanted Person

Satan's Most wanted Person

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Category: Spiritual
Satan: The supreme evil spirit or deity who tempts humanity and rules hell

Most wanted: Someone subject to detainment by authorities in sight.

This is a novel of a young lady's journey to fulfill her God-given destiny in her life and her encounter with the devil disguised as human.

She has become his MOST WANTED PERSON and she would be his most priced target why, because a Superior being has intricately woven His divinity around her...

He now has a mission to accomplish. All odds have been laid on the table.



"Well, don't think the devil is going to leave you alone just because you claim to be a child of God," he said with a smirk...

"I am not claiming, I know that very well Claunt Luc and I also know my God will never leave me alone just because I am His child," I retorted with a smile and a tone of sincerity lace in my voice.

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