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*** The Vision was shortlisted for the Watty India Awards 2019 under the horror/paranormal category.***This is a supernatural adventure story of Abhay along with his childhood friend Vipul. Abhay has some visions which were earlier ignored as nightmares but it turned out to be something else. Join Abhay and his friend Vipul along with Officer Madhav as they solve the most twisted cases in the town.Cover Picture designed by- @InfamousPaint This is a work of Fiction. The story and the characters are an integral property of Biswajit Patnaik and all copyright reserved. Please do not copy or reproduce the story in any form. If you are reading this story on any platform other than Wattpad you are very likely to be at risk of a malware attack. If you wish to read this story in its original, safe, form, please go to Thank you.

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Allies and friends of the Wolf People come in many races. Like the Tundra-wolf, the War-horse is big, powerful and a dedicated companion to all the free people of the Wolf Nation. Like the Tundra-wolf they are infused with the Wild Wolf Magic, although not as much as the Wolves, but enough to make them valued additions in the fight against evil. This is a story to tell you a little bit about these superb horses and the Wolf Pack Rangers who ride them.

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The Plummeting Ascension

The bringer of wanton anguish jeers at all who fall before its machinations! Its shadow is like smoke on the wind, all who detect it know of a fire burning but can the flames be found and extinguished before the inferno spreads out of control? We are all kings or pawns, for life is but a game played by immortals. Who are the players and what is the goal?Framed for the gruesome death of his mother, Julious is ripped from his mundane life just as fate had begun smiling upon him. An unknown entity, ever watchful over this lost boy of 14, darts just out of Julious' grasp but never truly leaves his side. It remains veiled within the deep shadows of past and present pushing the boy towards an uncertain future. Julious is forced to run for his life, quickly discovering his mind is not completely his own. Nightmares filled with foreign memories and ancient musings haunt his dreams and strange voices consume his every waking thought.Surviving in a world over run with demons and magical creatures alike he is not alone in the fight for survival. But how does one tell friend from foe? Humanity clings to slivers of hope as they attempt to rebuild in the wake of the great cataclysm. Though the world may now be out of the dark ages it is not out of the woods yet. Humanity must not only survive warring with itself, but must also take back the planet from the nightmares that came along with the return of magic!*Book two is in editing currently, book three soon to come!

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Fate/Apocrypha is a story based around a Holy Grail War separate from that of the five Fuyuki Wars. The original chapter 1 "Unbirth" focuses on Jack the Ripper. Though elements from this chapter exists in the official story, this chapter is not related to the official plot of the story.

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I Don't Seem So Bright in a Well-Lit Room

The universe is a very strange place. It will take even stranger heroes to save it."Absurd. Existential. Ridiculous. Tragic. Comic. The antiheroes of "I Don't Seem So Bright in a Well-Lit Room" are a kind of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern with space packs, inadvertently colliding with their destinies against a starry background of witty wordplay. With a vision as sprawling and limitless as the loveably goofy universe in which it's set, Browning's wit, wisdom and heart are always at play, combining to form a wonderfully panoramic and very silly heroes' journey that visits every trope of its overlapping genres and draws moustaches on all of them."- Marcel St. Pierre, author of "Vengeful Hank" and "Cliché and Wind Go Hitchhiking".(Sci-fi /Dark Humour/Absurd) *Completed! Enjoy! Highest rankings:#1 Adventure#1 Action#1 Science Fiction/Sci-fi#1 Misadventures#1 Absurd#1 MindbendingAnd all because of YOU. Thank you.*Now available in paperback from Story Well Publishing anywhere you like to order books! www.storywellpublishing.comMerch available

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Cognitive Deviance

In 2045, Psychwatch treats the mentally ill or cages them. Margo wants to bring empathy to every patient but a killer pushes her, and the system, to the limits ***** In a dark future, more than a third of the United States population suffers from mental illness and violent crime is on the rise. In response, Psychwatch is formed - an organization intended to combine mental healthcare and law enforcement - creating monitored areas and neglected ones known as the Psycho Slums. Margo Sandoval is the latest recruit to Psychwatch, bringing a new level of empathy to the controversial agency known for its unforgiving methods. Margo spends her days as an Empath treating everyone possible, until the arrival of a new serial killer upends her life and forces her to confront the evils of the human mind and the system that claims to be the solution.

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This is an origin story. It tells the evil beginnings of an ancient enemy to all the free peoples and the Tundra-wolves in and around the Wolf Lands. They are the black sorcerers called the Druids-Bane. Learn how they started their evil quest to stamp out the Wild Wolf Magic and put all the free people under the rule of their iron fist.Read my story "Elves of the Northern Vale", a continuation of the evil Druids-Bane.

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A desert planet. A dangerous secret.When Skylar's enigmatic uncle warns him to stay away from the mysterious winged insects that have been sighted on other planets, he thinks little of it; no one has seen the insects on their own planet of Haladras. His uncle knows more than he's telling, though. The creatures are not insects, but machines. And they're hunting for Skylar. Only after Skylar narrowly escapes capture and flees Haladras with his uncle does he learn the whole truth. What his uncle reveals will shatter Skylar's world. Torn from the girl he loves and thrust into the center of a conflict that will consume the empire, Skylar must fight for all he cares for, even as he struggles to know who he can trust.Star Wars meets The Lord of the Rings. HALADRAS is the first installment in a gripping new YA adventure.

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An NPC's Path: The Dead Rogue (LitRPG series)

A LitRPG novel by Pavel KornevVirtual worlds are places of boundless freedom. Anyone can become an elven mage or an invisible rogue, join a clan and go on raids, fight, develop their characters and most importantly, escape from the daily grind.However, a game is only a game if you can quit. This is something I learned the hard way. I just wanted to let off some steam in virtual reality and ended up getting murdered and imprisoned in the body of one of the undead-slow, clumsy and cursed to die at the hand of other players over and over again.The only way out of this awful predicament was to find the legendary Scroll of Rebirth, but the helpless plague-ridden corpse would need to be turned into a real killing machine. If only people knew what it was like to level up a dead rogue...

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Wings of the Republic

(A SEQUEL OF FOR OUR UNITY)Indonesian Civil War is over.The country was quickly rebuilt and it seems it will be peace in our time.But it was a prelude of a larger war..Economic collapse and devastation after Middle East World War united Middle East and North African countries, along with Pakistan, Bangladesh, Maldives, Somalia, followed by Turkey, into a theocratic caliphate and declared jihad. Non-Arab states with large Muslim population like Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria, India, former Soviet Central Asian states, along with restored Imperial State of Iran, and Israel, mortal enemy of Arabs, were threatened as they refused to pledge allegiance with the United Caliphate Confederation, the UCC.Soon, great powers joined the fray and the stage was set for a World War III, in the world which strategic nuclear warfare has been rendered obsolete by advances in electronic and cyber warfare, space-based global missile defense, and directed energy weaponry.This is the story of heroic pilots of Indonesia as they fly the flag over South Asia and Middle East. Warnings:This story contains Gore, Violence, Extreme religious contents, Vulgar languages, and reference to racism, war crimes, and unfavorable portrayal of a certain group.

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As happened many times in the past the Fell Ice once again charged down from the north and attacked the world in its effort to turn it into a frozen ball of ice. Only the White Magic and it's ally the Sun could stand against such a vast enemy.From their home in the Valley of the Sun the great tribe of Elves could only watch as the monumental fight unfolded. As the battle intensified and the valley became threatened the tribe separated back into their four original tribes and each made their way back to their ancestral homes. Within their Vales, behind thick stone walls and under powerful domes of magic, they were protected from the onslaught upon the earth. The Elves watched for thousands upon thousands of turns as the war raged overhead. The Fell Ice against the Sun and the White Magic were locked in a struggle lasting for an age, with neither side claiming victory as the earth was ravaged.In time the Fell Ice retreated, as it had so many times in the past. Beaten, yet not defeated, only biding it's time for the next attack. It returned to its frozen Kingdom at the Top of the World, thus ending this last Age of Ice. This time, as the earth warmed around them, the Elves remained secluded from the world in their hidden Vales. They observed from afar life returning to the lands and took stock of man becoming the dominant ones as their numbers grew and spread.As the Elves watched they felt safe and secure in their Vale strongholds. They had no idea of the danger that was about to befall them.This is a stand-alone sequel to my story "Druids Bane".

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Of Tears & Darkness: 1 Light of Elliana

Watty's 2018 Long list! Highest Ranking: #1 in Action & #1 in Fantasy. (For ease of reading for those with mobile devices, this written work will be one story section per chapter.) Brenna Caldwythe walks in the forest on her sixteenth birthday and discovers a relic. Her discovery begins a chain of events which will forever alter her purpose in life. Aederan, the world upon which she lives is threatened by unspeakable evil, which is growing in strength and power. "Listen child to the voices in the wind blowing through the grasses and the leaves, they speak of many things; the wise should listen to what they have to say. You are young and know not of the darkness, yet you sense its wicked ways. The evil is spreading through the water, the soil, and through the air, seeking to corrupt the world," Elliana said. "As a flickering flame can shine brightly in the darkness, driving back the shadows; so too, can the power of one who is pure, strong of heart, and faithful. My child, you are the one Light of Elliana and are Aederan's greatest hope. Go forth, and rally those who share your dream of finding the sanctuary, for within lays the destiny of your world." Prince Donovan Answaar, through events, finds himself guided deep into the forest. Determined friends, in the form of Morgan, Changa, Girard, among others,are found by Brenna who leads them to Donovan. Five friends realize they're experiencing the same recurring dreams which state they must begin a quest.Twelve loyal friends discover the horrific truth about their world's ancient past. With the enemy pursuing their token force of intrepid adventurers, they must face dark sorcerers, evil necromancers, the undead, and the brutal malice of a Black Dragon. These stalwart heroes are locked in a race against time. The prize is nothing less than the hope of victory over ancient evil, which threatens to destroy their world.

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Mortal // Batman

Bruce had never been a fan of aliens. They were an unknown. An unpredictable threat. He saw his friendship with the Kryptonian Kal-El as an exception to these rules, and the only one that he was willing to accept. So, when an alien vessel crashes in Gotham the detective is instantly put on edge. One question rose above the rest - Is this alien friend or foe?

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Gun Run

Humanity has turned against its greatest benefactor, to gain back their autonomous rulership of planet Earth. Pressed with false allegations, the Citadel administration gets forced to surrender to the new world order, or suffer consequences of a hostile takeover. While recovering from incidents prior to their current troubles, our heroes must find new resources to make one final effort for saving their people from harms way. Story contains heavy subjects, that may occur difficult for some people. © 2019-2021 Thomas Pine. Story, characters, cover art and illustrations. All rights reserved.

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Demon Possession (Shadow Quest Book 1)

SHE NEEDS HIS PROTECTION. HE NEEDS HER FOREVER.After years of unjust captivity by those who would exploit her mysterious powers, Analia makes a desperate and dangerous bid to escape the craft that has been her prison for as long as she can remember. By chance, she stows away on a passing merchant ship, which could lead her to freedom...or a life worse than death. Staying hidden from the fearsome demon captain and his crew proves impossible, however. And when Analia is discovered, she must keep her secrets close while contending with her freshly awakened desire for the brutally handsome demon. But those whom she escaped want her back and will stop at nothing to reclaim her.

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DND high

//DISCONTINUED//Martin is a 17 year old gay kid who has just enrolled into a high school wear DnD is the shit. Martin has never even touched a d20 dice and it shows. To say the least people hate him; and maybe the world of Delphina might be his escape. But who knows. Also I'm making this like it's a DnD game so I roll for the actions of the characters and have a few friends help me with plot points.Basically: DnD, Gay, High School, Comedy, and Pure Randomness Sorry if this offends you or triggers you, just a new way for me and my friends to play DnD with more plot.//DISCONTINUED//

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Long Island

Long Island was not the first virtual reality game or to say a VRMMORPG. Not the one which changed the world and became a legend. No, it was made when there were lots (quite a few) of virtual reality games already on the market. Each game had its own unique AI feature, its own unique adventure, promising everyone a chance to become King, if not a God. In such a time Long Island was made. Just a little different, just a little unique. Swamy was starting his own adventure, in life and in game.Note - Thanks @DameCarnelian for the cover. Just so people don't get confused, that ship is not Raka's ship :)

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The GreenHouse

It's been 99 years since Yellowstone park erupted, causing a mass extinction and plunging the world into an ice age. Survivors are living in a structure dubbed the Greenhouse. They believe they're the only survivors, until a message appears on the outside of the glass.Jack Paul lives in a land of ice and snow, and Ruby Hammond lives in a lush, tropical world where the sun always shines. Even though they're from such different world, their fates are so intertwined that they are destined to meet.

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The Invisible Universe

What lies beyond the senses? What secrets have been hidden from you due to your physical limitations? Is the universe as empty as it seems? Are we alone?Dr Thomas Clark has just made a discovery that will answer all of those questions...Hope you enjoy this collection of Sci-Fi short stories starting with "The Invisible Universe" I would love to hear from you."Traction"The deafening sound of roaring engines. The smell of burning rubber. The rush of the wind, pushing against you at every turn... You don't get these on The Moon, but you do get 400kmh. Racing on The Moon, what could be better?"Alpha Division" In the distant future the human race has spread across the stars, forming colonies on many habitable worlds in a golden age of exploration. However, humanity soon learns that the universe is a hostile place and that they must fight to keep what is theirs.Fresh out of training, Rickey is plunged into the heart of war against a never before seen alien race and to make matters worse he's been placed in the infamous Alpha Division, humanity's first into battle shock troops. Rickey must fight alongside his fellow recruits in bloody battle to push back the enemy on a distant mining world. He's passed the training and survived the simulations but will he manage to keep his cool when the danger is real?

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World War Zed

World War Zed : The Survivors' Stories - It is ten years since Britain declared itself free of the Zombie menace. This book compiles the untold stories of survivors across the world, how they survived, how the spread of the Infection impacted on their lives, and how they fought against the moaning horde of undead that threatened the very continuation of the human race. (Horror / Fan Fiction, Fan fiction of Max Brooks' World War Z.)~If you've read this and fancy more zombies, or something that isn't fanfic then I've got the zombie novel WalkerZ on my profile.

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Wergild: A Heartwarming Tale of Coldblooded Vengeance - Sample Chapters

Tormented, robbed, and murdered by their Gheet neighbors, the Surrey folk of the County of Blenheim are a battered and cowed people in their own land. It's what happens when you lose a war.Deirdre is just a Surrey farm-girl, but when the Gheet murder those she holds most dear, she refuses to sit around and wait for her own slaughter. She wants justice, she wants vengeance, she wants blood, and she's willing to do anything to get it, even if that means selling her soul to the fiend, a dark and malevolent creature that lurks in the far-off barrow in the blackest woods of the forest.One way or the other, she'll have her vengeance.The Revised and Edited version of "Wergild" is now just a click away on Amazon, for a paltry three ducats! Your patronage is very welcome! Warning: If anything upsets you, anything at all, don't read this story.

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THE RELIC GUILD (and other stories) Updated regularly.

Magic caused the war. Magic is forbidden. Magic will save us. The Relic Guild is the award nominated first book in The Relic Guild trilogy.It was said the Labyrinth had once been the great meeting place, a sprawling city at the heart of an endless maze where a million humans hosted the Houses of the Aelfir.But when the Thaumaturgists, overlords of human and Aelfir alike, went to war, everything was ruined and the Labyrinth became an abandoned prison. The surviving humans were trapped behind boundary walls a hundred feet high, and all magic was forbidden.And now the war is returning. The Relic Guild are all that stand against the end of the city. But they are old, scattered and weak, and the enemy is growing in strength...Here in THE RELIC GUILD (and other stories) please enjoy a large chunk of The Relic Guild Trilogy (published with kind permission of my publisher Gollancz), complete short stories, the odd poem, one or two blog posts, and samples chapters from my other novels.

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How Not to Poach a Unicorn

The deepest darkest prison on the planet is not where anyone would choose to start their day, particularly when they have a job to do. A princess and her personal guards fighting to stop a war, arrested for trespassing; an expert assassin stalking a merciless wizard, arrested for poaching; and a confused boy, utterly lost and severely concussed, arrested for failing to adequately explain who he was or how he came to be lying in a sizable crater. Together this unlikely, and somewhat unwilling, band of allies will perform daring escapes and battle an onslaught of mages, monsters, and malodorous thieves as they race across a continent to save two nations from mutual annihilation.

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God Forge: Forge of the Mind (book 1) [draft 2]

AZTERON'S JOURNALGods ravaged the land...The mortal realm, Anhsook Del Iris, suffered unrelenting attacks. Who knew why, or what they wanted? They wiped entire cities off the map. They searched for something.I didn't believe in them! What a fool! We had the world to ourselves. Our magic was our own; our science, our own-our lives needed to be... our own.Everything changed.My friends, my loved ones; they perished as angels of the celestial tyrants swarmed. Few survived the assaults, and even fewer could fight back.I sat by and watched the slaughter for years, always fearing-scared that next they'd kill my wife or son. But I made a discovery. I discovered what the corrupt deities sought. In the town of Angel's Outpost, deep under the ice caverns of Sheeva, I found a mythical artifact; the Philosopher's Stone.It was then I formed a plan. If desired the item so, I'd deliver it-in the form of a warrior that able to bend the power to his will; a god slayer to defeat them! A problem existed. How to hide it? What was the price of the sacrifice to end them? The soul of he whom I cared for most.- Azteron Zirnoff

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Raven Knight

It's the year 2309 and the question of are we alone in the universe is finally answered; an answer which ends in full scale war.Desperate to become a hero, Jason Scharn enrols into the United Solar Military to push back these alien invaders. But as the war progresses and his career soars, two things become apparent. Is the sacrifice to those close to him necessary and are the enemy this evil entity that propaganda suggests.As more colleagues and friends die around him and key figures start to disappear, questions start to emerge that only he can answer. Why did they attack us? Did they really start this war? Who is my true enemy?

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Nephilim: New Dawn

Haru, a daydreamer outcast from a coastal village was lost in one of his journeys inland, into the ruins of the Old Ones, there he was saved by a mysterious stranger named Quetz Xolotl, little did both of them know that their fates were intertwined from that moment on. As darkness began to brew, they and the ragtag family must stick together to survive until a new dawn.

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