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Another Life, Another Me

Apparently, God made a mistake. That mistake wasn't only for my death but for MY WHOLE LIFE. Imagine dying, meeting God, and learning that your life was a mistake. I better be receiving compensation for my boring life or else!Next thing I know, I'm reincarnated into another world. But something is off...Cover by: Ktphm2005~Highest Rankings List~#1 unfortunate : July 7, 2019#1 smart : August 27, 2019#1 otomegame : October 27, 2019#1 mythical : December 14, 2019#1 food : December 27, 2019#1 reverseharem : January 1, 2020#1 princecharming : January 10, 2020#1 reincarnated : January 10, 2020#1 isekai : February 1, 2020#1 dragons : February 21, 2020#1 magic: October 10, 2020(A/N: All art belongs to their respective owners. None of the art used in this story is mine. But, this storyline is my original piece.)

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The Villainess who has Reborn Five Times

The villainess who has reborn five times just wants to rest in peace. I am Odette, I was once an heiress who had it all, be it money, status or fiance. When my perfect stepsister appeared, I realized I was just a villain in this story. I, being the evil stepsister, was of course killed off halfway through the story. When I opened my eyes again I was reborn, but no matter what I did, I died in the end. Having experienced burning on a stake, the guillotine, hanging and stabbing to death, all I wanted now was to die normally after a normal life. Please let me rest in peace!

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The King Of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

The Gluttonous house's auction feast had an exceptionally good furnace in constitution of a little girl with sky-high price, everyone in looting. Suddenly, the little girl opened her eyes in the golden cage, aura radiated coldly, she no longer the cowardly. She was the gold medal assassin of the 21st century, crossed over to become the good for nothing everyone bullied and humiliated of the doctor manor's Third Miss Nalan Hexi. Meridians completely crippled, didn't have innate talent to cultivate? Afraid of what, she is the exceptional genius doctor, this injury simply didn't need to pay attention to. Father doesn't doted on, Mother's a deceased, everyone schemed? Humph, she has a space in hand, spiritual beast unmatched, the small Nalan Manor's act in disguised can be destroyed! Ugly complexion, malnourished and sickly in appearance, no one wants? Just blinked a pair of eyes to restored her complexion, afterwards followed by a dozen good looking men as bodyguards! But, there are the overbearing man always sticking to her starting after the auction. Who said I was destined to you? I am my own, no one can decide my future! A certain man: Then I am yours will do, right?

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The Demon King's Beloved Daughter

Freya Antinea Laphinia woke up from an assassination attempt with memories of her previous life. She reincarnated into a novel she read! It wasn't a romance novel, it wasn't a reincarnation novel, it was a shitty one star stallion novel!As a former assassin who could get any man she wanted, there was no way that she's going to marry a man with 15 wives. Her father, Arche Leroy Laphinia was one of the demon king in the novel, the most wronged character there is. She's not going to let her father die!How will the forbidden child of an angel and demon change fate? Read to find out!(If you are the artist of the book cover, DM me and I will remove it immediately.)

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The Abandoned Princess

The story starts with "Once upon a time" and ends up with "She died with her head unattached to her body."And her world did not end with a bang, or a scream but rather in one small sob.

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Farming Space Makes Me Rich (4)

Chapter: 601-800After Xiao Lingyu was betrayed by her boyfriend, she had the scumbag underneath her feet and along with the slut. Then, she used the spatial jade pendant to return to her hometown and began planting. She planted, planted, and planted before selling, selling, and selling. After that, she built, built, and built. She went on a frenzied path of establishing her farm kingdom, running further and further away!Until one day, under the peach blossom tree in Tao Yuan Village...A cute little toddler who was about four or five years old tried his best to raise his head. When he finally raised his head, he straightened up. Uh, his neck was starting to hurt from him raising it, but he still stubbornly maintained this posture. His big round black eyes narrowed slightly, and he asked curiously, "Who are you? Why do you look so much like me?"The man peered at the cute child who looked exactly like him when he was young. The man was tall, handsome, and exuded an extraordinary aura. He narrowed his eyes and asked coldly, "Who are you?"In his heart, he was trying to guess which bold woman was behind this.If she dared to do it, she must pay the price!However, before he could make the woman pay the price, this cute little toddler came over and held his hand. With a longing gaze, he said, "Uncle, I'm lost. Can you bring me home?"As the man held the little boy's hand and led him to a farmhouse in an unexpected turn of events, he heard the little boy's excited voice."Mommy, you can get married now! I've finally found a man who looks like me!"Everyone, "..."This child really went nuts in his quest to find himself a stepfather!In short, this was a story of a white-collar worker who was reborn in the city. After getting set up by someone and obtaining a spatial tool by accident, she returned to the countryside, farmed, and raised her son. She was also cared for by the man her son brought back and transformed into a rich lady.

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Genius Ninth Princess

She's known for her timid side and a good for nothing. She's the beloved ninth daughter of the Emperor who gave her the crown princess position. Her sisters poisoned her causing her to die but when her eyes open, she's the 21st century's number 1 assassin! Her talent in medicine is peerless, stunning everyone. However, she attracted an unexpected "person"!He's the King of all beasts. His charm attracts girls towards him. He'll kill without mercy but for her, he turns into a cute pet that wants to be loved on!-----------This is my own work, enjoy🤗 Disclaimer: I do not own any of the graphics usedCover work is done by RealmCliche plot |✔️Assassin |✔️Amateur writing |✔️Bad grammar |✔️Spelling mistakes |✔️Plot holes |✔️Dropped | ✔️Should you read this? | ✖️

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The Tomboy

Tomoki Akari was the school and drama club's prince. However, no one would've expect the that the "Prince" was actually a princess!Akari, along with her two best friends Hana and Kazuto, were three of the most popular people in the school. However, an unfortunate accident caused the three best friends to meet their end. Waking up in an unfamiliar, beautiful woman's arm, Akari realised."Wait... A-Alterisa?! I'm that brat from 'Lovely Happenings'?!"Reincarnated as a villainess, Alterisa must now avoid her death flags to live a peaceful life.If you enjoy my story, please come support me in my Patreon!!!

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Your Talent is Mine

The young man Ye Tian obtains the ability to copy the talents of others and now fights against the heavens to change his fate. He struggles to survive and protect his sister from the apocalypse of the alien beast invasion. In order to become stronger, he begins to explore the unknown world and gradually reveals the secret behind the invasion of the alien dimensions......Ye Tian: Hello there, my friend. Your Metal Armor Rhinoceros is quite impressive. Can I touch it?A certain girl genius nodded, confused. Ye Tian touched the Metal Armor Rhinoceros and secretly replicated its [Defense] talent.Ye Tian: Let's be friends!Ye Tian extended his right hand to shake hands with a prodigy who had a puzzled expression on his face and secretly replicated his [Regeneration] talent while oddly smiling.From 2019 to a world 100 years later, Ye Tian declared that there is no talent that he cannot replicate in this era . With this, A man with the ultimate and strongest talent is born.Ye Tian: In this life, I'll go beyond the stars....Hey everyone! If you're enjoying the story, please leave a rating and review on Wattpad or Novel Updates! For announcements or to report mistakes, please join my Discord: Thanks for your support!

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The Villainess Became The Male Lead's Secretary

Picture this: I suddenly find myself in a medieval fantasy world, like the ones I used to gobble up in books. But here's the comical conundrum: I've got no clue which exact story realm I've landed in. Well, you see, I have a habit of ditching books faster than a rabbit on roller skates if they don't captivate me. So now, I'm stuck navigating this new world armed with nothing but recycled plotlines, overused clichés, and predictable story arcs. It's like I'm playing a game with rules as simple as connecting the dots, but with my luck, it'll probably end up being more like connecting the dots during an earthquake! Who knows what kind of hilariously bizarre situations I'll find myself in?Original Story.

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I Reincarnated Into An Op Villainess!?

Alicia Tanaka, a ceo's neglected daughter with a submissive and carefree attitude who loved otome games and experiencing new things was suddenly killed in a mysterious car accident and reicarnated as the over powered villainess in her favorite otome.Quickly adapting to her new life Alicia lived in caution as Snow Sterling, the spoiled, immature, love sick princess whose mother disappeared under strange circumstances.As Alicia progressed as Snow she discovered something wrong with the story line and she knew it had nothing to do with her but a force greater than she could imagine.Will she discover the darkness that thrives in this world or will she have to continue living in the dark?

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I Have Decided to Protect My Fiancé from the Heroine

Kaede Sakamoto, just your average Japanese high school girl. She was hit by 'Truck-san' and died. Surprise surprise, she has reincarnated into an 'Otome game', "Doki-Doki My Love Magical Academy"; which she coincidentally played due to a recommendation from [Friend A]. Now, she vows to be a good ruler, and to protect her fiancé (AKA Capture Target) from the all charming heroine. A/N: Sorry, I'm not good with descriptions. WARNING:This is my first story, so prepare for some (probable) cringe, some OP-ness and probably some plot holes. I will try to make sure my grammar is decent, and update when I can. (No promises though) My goal is to finish and complete the whole story without going on hiatus, so wish me luck!This is also going to be a fluffy intended type of story, so there won't be swearing, but there might be some mild swearing, like...crap? I don't really know. I haven't written a lot. Feedback and criticism is always welcome. I also do NOT own any of the pictures I've used.

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The Beloved One!

Toshiko Fujiwara is a nineteen year old college sophomore. After she is finished playing the route of a new popular otome game called, 'The Beloved One!', she is stung by a bee.Dying due to anaphylactic shock, she finds out that she has been reincarnated as Ashnah Morley, the evil half-sister of the heroine and villainess of the very same game she died playing.

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Death's Daughter

Have you ever wondered if death had a child? What if I told you he did, and her name is Raven Reaper. Life as the future goddess of death isn't as easy as it sounds. Raven must go through the trials of not only being a reaper but of also being the daughter of death himself. She will face many different choices along her way, some that will change the future of the supernatural world. But when a boy named Luke is thrust into her path, will she be able to choose between the love of her duty? Or her love for the boy?There's only one thing I can say, don't believe everything you read...

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Still Learning To Live As A Cultivator

The continuation of Learning To Live As A CultivatorWhen Leon awoke in another realm, beneath the fist of another, he had no clue how to deal with the change. But now, he has a home, he has a pet and he has recognition from the Institute he attends as a talent in alchemy. Oh and he also gained a husband.Good job he was gay, otherwise this might have been a problem!Life here for him is just beginning. He still has memories he wants to regain and one day, he'll convince the bees and butterflies fluttering around Jin Li that his man is off limits. And on top of that he still has to learn to live as a Cultivator.Note; Cover is Mine x

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The Reincarnated Villainess Waits Patiently For The Afterstory

Beatrix, villainess and social butterfly, gains the memories of a girl of another world.Unsatisfied with her fate, she plans a scheme to overthrow it, and prove that the heroine is not as perfect as she seems to be. With the goal to retake her position, the way it should be.

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A DRAGON'S JEWEL: the Ancient Mage and the dark arts

Alythia wakes up in a strange new world which she believes she has read about somewhere and some time ago.Magic and Mythical Beasts surround her at every turn.She manages to befriend a Dragon but this only leads to more complications...

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I've Become the Demoness

All Xiu Xiang wanted was to live a life of fortune so that she would never have to struggle again. Who would've thought the cheap family heirloom jade would grant her that wish?Xiu Xiang gets transported into her favorite web novel 'The Demoness' and becomes the main character, the Demoness! Unfortunately, while the Demoness lived a life of wealth and power, she dies early. Can she change her fate while knowing that death looms over her?

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Chinese Novel Review 1

I made this for myself, what I feel when I read the novels and to remind what's the story. Contain a lot of spoiler, no intention to offend.List of bunch transmigration, reincarnation, rebirth, revenge, strong FL, handsome ML, short stories.No BL, yuri, yaoiwordpress link :'s part 2 since this one already max out.

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The reincarnated goddess

Harlee was just an average girl, she tried very hard to please her parents, her brothers were mean to her, she loved anime very much too. She even had a boyfriend name Zach, funny thing was she didn't know what love was so she pretended by reading books about romance.She had no friends but she wasn't exactly lonely, she of course was bullied a lot, she had a sever case of depression, but her mother was too busy to deal with it.Harlee had blond hair and blue eyes, of course she had acne and hated her looks. She was once going home on the bus when she noticed the bus was about run a kid over, she raced for the front of the bus and forcefully turned the bus, but luck was not on her side and she accidentally opened the doors and fell out of the bus, and the bus then crushed her.Harlee then wished with all her might "I want to be reincarnated!" And then she fell asleep, or died as some would say.

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Romance Chinese Novels List

I compiled my favourite chinese novels with complete description.I hope this list is helpful for those seeking worth while novels to read.Anyway, my general genres are FEMALE PROTAGONIST and ROMANCE. Then it all depends to the plot. Though most of these lists will be more or less about reincarnation.Well, enjoy!*Note that I'll only list down the novels I've actually liked, some may be so-so, but definitely, novels that's good enough for me to want to recommend to. ~^_^~*I also like novels with MATURE content 'ahem!' and obviously, from my common read, STRONG FEMALE LEAD and realistic portrayal of the human nature.*NOT every thing here are chinese novels so...*I would be honored if you also leave a recommendation of novels for me to read :3

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Remembering You For Eternity

[[Book 2 (FINAL book) of "One Lifetime is Never Enough"]]"I would have waited for you forever." The lament of a faraway voice that she had missed - that she had been longing to answer to - echoed in her mind."But, you are no longer here."The despairing sigh was a muted murmur - clawing at her, begging for her to respond.But she was there, here, wherever the voice was. But then again, she might as well was not. She could no longer see, could no longer reach him. The voice sounded so near, but it was also as far as another world she could no longer be in.Nevertheless, she could still feel, in the darkness that was cradling her non-existence; the agony she felt in her non-beating heart, in her dormant soul, it was all due to her longing.For the owner of the voice. For him.The voice kept begging in agony - tormenting her, tormenting himself. And she could not do anything."Please wait for me.""Please remember me.""Why... why can't I see you?""Won't you wait for me?"-----------------For you, I will wait for eternity. This time, I will wait.This time, it is my turn to wait.So please, please just let me find you. Please, be there when I find you.Please, tell me that you are still mine. That I still exist, perhaps not in your memory, but etched in your very soul.Like you have been deeply engraved in mine, lingering like a beautiful illness I will gladly bear and succumb to.Because, I will search to all corners of this world, and wait until the end of days. For you.Because, this world will always be wretched without you.And then, I will always, forever, bloom. For you.-----------------

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Romancing the Son of Heaven

It is love at first sight when dragon king Qiu Ling makes the acquaintance of the Heavenly Emperor's son, Jing He. In his mind, there is no doubt that he will spend the rest of his life with this person. Unfortunately, Jing He is not inclined to accept his proposal, instead feeling intimidated by the dragon king and his wacky sense of romance.With one pushing forward and the other retreating step by step, a tug-of-war for Jing He's heart begins. But Qiu Ling never wavers in his conviction: Even if it takes ten years, one day, he will manage to romance the Son of Heaven and call him his.

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I don't want to be the heroine!

When Ella woke up, she realised she was not, in fact, dead or in a hospital but instead...the main heroine of the famous internet novel, 'Kingdom of Light', Ella Deon! The supposed commoner who was the 'Goddess of Light' who gathered a harem of flower boys, and was ruthlessly bullied by the villainess. "But I don't want to be the foolish main character! I want to be the villainess! Instead, I shall be a loyal ally of the female villainess and fangirl over her!" Join Ella in her new life as she decides to fight her role in the novel and survive in this fantasy journey. [A light-hearted novel with conspiracies, romance and of course, epic friendship!]

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Last Part ❤

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Chinese Novel Review 2

novel review continuation

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