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Only You (gXg){Intersex}

Ana Frank a girl from another world who wakes up and is shocked to find that she is in some one else body! A useless princess's body, who everyone finds an eyesore.She is about to be married to the cold-hearted women named Marcia who is the first most powerful clan's eldest daughter and is also the second general of the Holy Dragon Empire.And ana has a dick!!Can ana face all these challenges?Read to find outA/n: I might not be good at the description but you might change your mind once you try the story so give it a try \(^o^)/(A/n: I think I should mention this: that this book is a slowburn book and it doesn't only contain romance but also a journey. This is not a typical romance book. If you are trying to find a book with romance all the time, then this is not for you. But if you wanna a read a really good story, then this is for you. I wish you happy reading (^^))A/n: if you don't like this book then kindly fuck off.

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Second Wife

Being a second wife is rather like learning to perfect a set of aerial maneuvers. There are seriously complicated stunts involved: trapezing around the first wife, learning when to appear and disappear at exactly the right moments, tolerating your mother in law, enduring the concubines, and getting the husband in your bed.No one expects to be a second wife. No one does.

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The Demon and the Elf (Book 1)

[mlm] The lonely Elf had waited many years to meet his bonded mate, but reality was harsher than he would have liked when he finds out his mate is not only a Demon, but the Demon wants nothing to do with him.[Part 1/Book 1 complete. Follow the story or my profile to get updated on Book 2]Highest Ranks:#1- love 2/1/2023#3- LGBT#1- Gay#1- unrequited#8- slowburn#10- magic

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Master Fu's Beloved Petite Wife Is Calling for Divorce Again

Su Yu had loved Bo Yunian for five years. She did not hesitate to break off all ties with her family to marry him. However, once Grandpa Bo passed away, she was framed as a murderer. She could tolerate it if the entire Bo family bullied her, but even this person who shared the same pillow with her did not trust her at all. She only received his cold shoulder, ridicule, and disgust. He even believed that she had the ridiculous motive of killing someone for the sake of receiving a huge inheritance! Who was Su Yu? She was the only daughter of a low-key wealthy Su family in Xiangxi. With a wave of her hand, the entire world's economy would tremble at her feet. Initially, Su Yu still had a glimmer of hope. However, when she returned home, she saw another unpacking her things and moving into the Bo family. Bo Yunian started turning colder to her and wanted to divorce her. Her hopes were shattered. After five years, it seemed like she still failed to warm Bo Yunian's cold heart. Since she could not get him, she decided to let him go.Thus, she took a private jet back to Xiangxi only to find her Sixth Brother booking a whole convoy made of limited edition cars to receive her. The second Brother sent over a platinum card with six hundred million in it, adorned by a whole row of six for prosperity. The third brother sent over a set of internationally acclaimed couture jewelry. The fifth Brother bought Su Yu a public listed company that Su Yu had always wanted since five years ago to welcome her return. He had already signed the company under her name. Meanwhile, Big Brother brought her to attend the Bo family's banquet and face-smack Bo Corporation in public. Su Yu's parents flew home straight away from Australia with wide smiles. After chucking all responsibilities over their international businesses, they retired!Honestly, why must she suffer such a torturous love in those five years? Was it not great for her to be a precious little princess at home?

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His Meihua Swan | 他的大天鵝 (BL)

Feng Xi, who was just an ordinary guy loves to read Cultivation Novels and there was his recent Favorite novel entitled "The Black Book". When he was about to reach the ending of the novel, he fell asleep and woke up as the First Cannon fodder of the novel, Liu Xiao. What will he do to gain the favor of the Protagonist? (Note: This is a BL story. So feel free to leave if you don't like this type of story. I understand and accept your personal preferences- R u n n o x.)

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Festival Of The Gods [Unedited]

What would you do if, after getting drunk in a party and passing out somewhere you don't remember, you woke up in a cart that is pulled by a horse with two people speaking weird language and wearing white sheets over their bodies? You panic, obviously.Era never believed in Gods and magic. Why? Because it wasn't explained by scientists. She doesn't even change her view when she is thrown down the time hole and back to the ancient Greece -time when people believed in everything, especially Gods of the Olympus.But her talk of "Gods don't exist" lands her into a festival of the Gods - a festival where people marked by one of the Gods of the Olympus fight for their life by performing something sociated with the god that they represent.And she is supposed to survive when she is marked by the God of the Underworld himself. He goes by the name of Hades.2# in Festival 2018/05/20123# in Gods 2018/05/262# in Ancient Greece 2018/05/31Cover by PhoenixOfStorys

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Water Mirrored Moon - 水鏡月

After a terrible accident that she'd rather forget, Casey Leung abandons her life in Canada and boards a river boat in China. Reaching to touch the reflection of the moon in the river, she gets sucked into a water vortex and spat back out into an alternate universe where ancient China is known as Tiansheng. With no way to go back, she assumes the name Wu Cui Xi, and starts a new life with the family of doctors that rescue her. But life in Tiansheng is not peaceful, and Cui Xi's hope for a quiet and idyllic existence is shattered when a local nobleman tries to kidnap her new foster sister.Fleeing to the capital with her, Cui Xi becomes romantically entangled with two powerful men: her doting Master Zhao Ling Ye, and the deadly Iron Spear Prince, Zhao Ling Xian. Caught between the two, she is pulled deep into the kingdom's dangerous political intrigues as internal and external forces converge in a fight for the throne. Cover by Ohhriyo.**Wattpad Asian Fantasy Pick**Highest Rankings:No. 1 #asianfantasyNo. 1 #wuxiaNo. 2 #martialNo. 2 #flNo. 2 #historicalNo. 3 #transmigrationNo. 6 #chineseNo. 12 #-romanceCopyright © TL_Nonoke 2021-2022.

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The Silent Guard (mxm)

Sometimes, words are not necessary.Zen has been mute since the day he was born. Having grown up unwanted and on the streets, he unexpectedly found himself a hero in the prince of his country, Qi. The man had appeared when other children had been throwing stones at him, trying to drive him from the safety of the town's protective walls. Qi ends up saving him, and as thanks, Zen decided to dedicate his life to protecting his master. Years later, as tensions begin to rise with one of their much-larger neighboring countries, he finds himself and his master thrown into unfamiliar territory, both physically, and mentally.

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Until The End

Nadia Hayden has never been one to open her heart to people. Abandoned as a child and forced to spend a major part of her childhood in foster care, Nadia was always wary of letting people into her life. However, when her best friend's cousin turned out to be the one person whom she had always admired and the owner of the one corporation, she always wished to work for, Nadia let her guard down for once. And regretted it instantly.Dylan VanAssche, a ruthless businessman who runs the biggest security company in the country, has power and resources. A man who is respected and feared even beyond the business world. Reading people effortlessly as a part of his job, he was never wrong about them, not until he met his cousin's best friend.They started on the wrong foot but what will happen when they meet again, two years later? What happens when the past comes tumbling to haunt their future?Vacant roads. Empty cars. Missing people. A quest for truth. And lives at stake. Will it all drive them apart? Or will they stay together until the very end?

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Dark Lord

He was finally back. After so long, he was able to break the seal that had condemned him.After suffering for so long, he finally can get revenge.He now remembered the day the blood of his love was spilled.The day that he was killed, taken away from his arms. Now that he was back, he swore to get revenge.He was known as the Dark Lord.AN: My second book written, probably a bit confusing overall. There is definitely some mistakes in it, but I will keep it as it as. This book is over two years old but was finished about a year ago. Beware, there's definitely a bit of mistakes and editing errors that I never caught.

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Chen Li jie, a well-known criminal died and transmigrated into a soon-to-be-concubine of the cold General Feng Delun. As a straight man himself, he was frustrated that he was about to marry the General and because of that he ran away. But seeing the latter made him intrigued and persisting him to be his wife at all cost. He just never expected, that as the time passed he became straight as a zigzag.S Shou: I'm straight.M Gong: So what?S Shou: I have a sword.M Gong: So what?S Shou: I'm a man dammit!M Gong: As long as there's a hole, there's a way.S Shou: ...DON'T REPOST WITHOUT MY PERMISSION! PLAGIARISM IS A CRIME!THIS STORY IS MY OWN ORIGINAL. NO TO PLAGIARISM.Unedited

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Blind and Bereft

In order to uncover the mystery behind her sister's death, Li Jingrui will stop at nothing even if she must become a palace maid to serve a stern bastard prince for eternity. *****A mountain that hides the secrets of the past, a decree written with blood, a fraud emperor, and a bastard heir.When her sister mysteriously dies in the palace, Li Jingrui endeavours to find the culprit and seek justice. But when she disguises as a maid and is appointed to work under an enigmatic and dangerous bastard prince, vengeance may not be the only thing she must deal with. Caught between a sinister plot, a forbidden romance, and twisted truths and lies, she must fight to stay alive while protecting the bastard prince who has her heart in his clutches.-[[word count: 90,000-100,000 words]]COMPLETED | Under last round of editing.无色郁金Highest rank: #2 - HistoricalFictionFEATURED ON OFFICIAL WATTPAD:@Romance @Fantasy @HistoricalFiction @Action @MythandLegend @Magic @WattpadHistoricalRomance

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I Was A Substitute

I've lived my life as everyone wanted me to, the perfect Young Miss. But I was only adopted to fill the vacancy of the real Duke's daughter. When the real Miss returned, they all turned their backs on me."If I had known this was going to happen, I wouldn't have let you in."I loved them dearly, but to them I was nothing but a substitute for a Young Miss."Should I tell you something before dying? Actually, I'm a fake too."

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Completed - I'll Seduce the Male Lead for My Brother

Description:She possessed into an obsessive tragedy novel that had neither any hopes nor dreams.More precisely, after having an unrequited love with the female lead who had a contract marriage with the male lead, and ended in his death. She possessed Raphine, the youngest little sister of the second male lead!To think it was such a miserable ending for my favorite character and kind eldest brother. No way, never!In order to prevent the female lead's contract marriage, Raphine decided to brainwash the Imperial Crown Prince Zerkan, the male protagonist of the novel. So that when he needs a contract marriage, he'll remember her!"Older Brother Zerkan! Will you marry me?""If you're thankful, you have to marry me next time.""You need a political marriage, you know. At that time, have a contract marriage with me..."And when the brainwashing finally succeeded, Raphine cheered inside."Yeah. For sure, I'll marry you."With a look in his eyes which she couldn't even imagine at all.* * *Yeah, she really didn't know at that time things would become like this."You said you wanted to marry me, and it wasn't long ago when you pestered me at all times...."".......""Now that I've come, are you running away?"

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Hero's Undercover Aide

Akiara Nakamura's life was a living hell. After the death of her parents, her normal life started to turn upside down. She was picked and bullied by girls in her class, treated like a slave by her father's relatives and forced to do part-time job to treat her sister who is in coma.Five years passed as she got used to living like this. She was fine hoping that once her sister wakes up, she will cut ties with her family and live a quiet life with her sister. But her dreams were crushed after her sister's death.She lost all her hopes and attempts suicide. But instead of experiencing death she hears a voice telling her, "You have to compensate for taking your own life.""Who are you?" She asked."I am giving you my blessings to protect the girl with scarlet eyes." The voice replied.After the short conversation with an unknown being, she wakes up in a forest with her perfect unscathed body.Will she be able to survive and protect at the same time?Highest ranking#2 - shoujoai (01.2022)#2 - pastlife (01.2022)

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Demon Archon Of Naferanam

Did you know the story of other side? I mean the underworld. Teyvat have their own crisis when the demon roaming their land until 1 person come out and controlling those demon. She is the one that people call Demon King or Demon God. She created another new place where all of her subject can live in there. This place called Neferanam. Thousands of years pass and she still the absolute ruler of the Neferanam for all of the demon only forever accept her order.

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Silver Silence

Siles follows the Queen like a shadow, protecting her from the many dangers that arise from ruling a treacherous hierarchy of magicians. He doesn't have magic like the other members of the ruling class, but his ability to resist their magic allows him to enjoy their luxurious lifestyle.After the Queen's death, a new magician with an almost obsessive interest in Siles takes her place. Meanwhile, a commoner rebellion begins to build that, for the first time, Siles might not be able to or want to suppress.

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Tainted Heart | 被污染的心 (BL)

Lian Ren, a trash and incompetent direct disciple of Yun Sect Master Shao Ling always wanted an acknowledgement from his Master, but never received it. Even when he was tormented by his fellow disciples, banished from the Yun Sect and became the Frost Demon, His Master, Shao Ling didn't even gave him a loom of acknowledgement let alone sympathy. Now that his Master died by his hand along with him but woke up realizing that he came back from the past, what will he do?(Note: This is a BL story. So feel free to leave if you don't like this type of story. I understand and accept your personal preferences- R u n n o x.)

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The Unseen

In a draconian world, a young man comes of age.

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Skyris {GirlXGirl}

Though once at peace their world is now rising in war. The Deamons and Angelo both have mighty kingdoms secluded to their own races, run by monarchy's. And just like every great kingdom. There are always those who wish to see them fall.Skyris is the mountainous region of floating lanshelfs the Angelo call home. Little is known of the lands queen, seen as cold and vicious she strikes fear in those unlucky enough to be caught in her presence.One choice out of a hundred possibilities can change your view and put you in the middle of a dangerous game. A lesson learned too late by one who wanted to change things, but not like this.

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A Shrine to an Unknown God

Antigone Katsaros was born and raised in a cult. Now, at eighteen, she doesn't know what wifi is, but she's well-versed in the old gods. [A Wattpad featured story.]

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Yu Qingluo is a transmigrator previously known in the modern world for her marvelous medical skills and eccentric disposition. One day she transmigrates into the body of same name, a young girl who got pregnant after she was framed and abandoned cruelly by her own husband. during the journey to find her son's biological father , she meets ye xiudu prince of feng ceng kingdom.

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Lady Earthquake

A child's deception leads to a life of adventure...and the unraveling of a heavenly mystery. All little An-Xia wanted was to learn sword-play, but the itinerant master refused to teach girls. Pretending to be the lowly Shu Ban-Li, she becomes close friends with the neglected prince, Sun-Sin, until he is recalled to his father's court. The two make a vow to meet again when 'Shu Ban-Li' is eighteen. Knowing that is impossible, An-Xia says goodbye forever to her best friend. But when her family is murdered and her home burned by unknown criminals, she must assume her disguise once again. Fleeing to the capital with little except her grandfather's famous sword, she means to stay out of Sun-Sin's way. But Heaven has other plans....Completed!All Original Story, not based on manga, film or TV series.

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Bringer of Winter- a M/M/M Epic Fantasy Romance

Cailleach Bheur. The Bringer of Winter. Demi-goddess queen of Wal'yah.I was supposed to be born a woman. I was supposed to lead my people, use the wisdom of the ancestors to keep them safe. I was supposed to be the greatest Cailleach since the beginning of creation, take the mantle from my grana and become what she promised me I was to be. I was meant to be their leader, and I failed them. I failed them all, and worse yet, I abandoned them. Left my home and family burning behind me, their blood coating my body, their lives bitter on my tongue. Their souls heavy in my heart. But I would return. I swore it on the blood of the goddess queens of my line. I would return, and I would bring the wrath of winter down on the men who thought to end my line.For I am Cailleach, I am my grana's grandson, and I am death to those who mean Wal'yah harm. I am death, I am destruction, and I am vengeance. Nothing would stand in my way, not even the two men who both should have been my enemies, but who I was in danger of falling much too hard for. Because I could not be weak. Not again. And my people deserved the vengeance I would bring down on the heads of our enemies.Even if it meant losing the men my heart yearned for. *****Bringer of Winter is a M/M/M polyamorous romance with magic, pirates, and gryphons. Because who doesn't like magic, pirates, and gryphons?? Trigger warnings in first chapter.*****

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Mansion of Time

Class 1-A and Class 1-B find themselves in a mansion with the teachers after they agreed to watch a show about their lives. But they don't know what they will see. They will be watching the english dubbed of the show.

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Lady Samurai

The Last Samurai meets The King and I.For years she believed herself to be cursed.Every time she grew close to someone they were taken away from her, paying the ultimate price. And now the curse struck again...Lottie has been falsely accused of her uncle's murder. She must escape or she will hang.It's 1854 and America's lawless West is not a place where a lonely woman can count on justice.Then, by the turn of fate, she is given a chance to revisit Japan and seek the people who raised her.In Imperial Japan, divided between isolationists and modernists, she finds an unexpected love and a new sense of belonging. She also finds someone else. Someone from her past...What will she choose? Where will her loyalties lie?On the Wattpad's Featured List in April 2018.Highest position so far: #1 in Samurai #19 in Historical Fiction.Cover design by More Visual Ltd.

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