I don't want to be the heroine!

I don't want to be the heroine!

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Category: Fantasy
When Ella woke up, she realised she was not, in fact, dead or in a hospital but instead...the main heroine of the famous internet novel, 'Kingdom of Light', Ella Deon! The supposed commoner who was the 'Goddess of Light' who gathered a harem of flower boys, and was ruthlessly bullied by the villainess.

"But I don't want to be the foolish main character! I want to be the villainess! Instead, I shall be a loyal ally of the female villainess and fangirl over her!"

Join Ella in her new life as she decides to fight her role in the novel and survive in this fantasy journey.

[A light-hearted novel with conspiracies, romance and of course, epic friendship!]

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He's Tyler. He has a certain mental illness that makes him think that what he does is utterly right. He kills women to 'save' them. He's been the cause of death of too many women already and he seeks for more to 'save'. That is, until he met Sheanne Walter, a nurse who brought him to a complete confusion.He was obsessed to see her smile, but she happened to lose it after they had met.Now, he doesn't have any choice but to save her too.Amazing cover by: _born_sarcastic__Started: August, 2018Completed: April, 2020

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