Remembering You For Eternity

Remembering You For Eternity

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Category: Historical
[[Book 2 (FINAL book) of "One Lifetime is Never Enough"]]

"I would have waited for you forever."
The lament of a faraway voice that she had missed - that she had been longing to answer to - echoed in her mind.

"But, you are no longer here."
The despairing sigh was a muted murmur - clawing at her, begging for her to respond.

But she was there, here, wherever the voice was. But then again, she might as well was not. She could no longer see, could no longer reach him. The voice sounded so near, but it was also as far as another world she could no longer be in.

Nevertheless, she could still feel, in the darkness that was cradling her non-existence; the agony she felt in her non-beating heart, in her dormant soul, it was all due to her longing.

For the owner of the voice. For him.

The voice kept begging in agony - tormenting her, tormenting himself. And she could not do anything.

"Please wait for me."
"Please remember me."
"Why... why can't I see you?"
"Won't you wait for me?"


For you, I will wait for eternity.
This time, I will wait.
This time, it is my turn to wait.
So please, please just let me find you.
Please, be there when I find you.
Please, tell me that you are still mine.
That I still exist, perhaps not in your memory, but etched in your very soul.
Like you have been deeply engraved in mine, lingering like a beautiful illness I will gladly bear and succumb to.

Because, I will search to all corners of this world, and wait until the end of days. For you.
Because, this world will always be wretched without you.
And then, I will always, forever, bloom. For you.


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