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You in Real Life

Mazie has fallen in love. Okay, maybe it's with the ghost of a boy from school she hates, but love conquers all, right? *****Soon after sixteen-year-old Mazie moves to the town of Dorn, she becomes haunted by the ghost of a teenage boy. The ghost doesn't remember anything, so Mazie calls him Jack. Until then, she never knew that ghosts could tap dance, nor that it was possible to fall in love with one! But then Mazie meets Blake, a mean, popular boy at her new high school - and she realizes that Blake is Jack's living counterpart. This means Blake is in grave danger, and only Mazie can help him, but saving this unpleasant boy might kill her ghostly love forever...[[word count: 50,000-60,000 words]]
The Mafia's Pure Desire

"You all must have heard that a ray of light is definitely visible in the darkness which takes us towards light. But what if instead of light the devil is seen in the darkness?? Such is the story of our Nitya who was running away from her own family and in the meantime she collides with 'Avayan Singh Rathore' who is a business man to the world but is actually an Underworld King, who doesn't think even once before killing anyone. Looking at Avayan, no one can say that he would have anything like a heart. What will happen to Nitya's life in such a situation?? Will she escape from one cage and get imprisoned in another?? Will Nitya's innocence ever change Avayan"??
N.R/S.J And W.M/E.O x daughter one shots

Natasha Romanoff/Scarlett Johansson and Wanda Maximoff/Elizabeth Olsen x daughter one shots, Requests are always openStarted: 03/12/22: 3rd december 2022

[COMPLETED] Two women. One name. Too many secrets to count. Married to her high school sweetheart, Calista Hargrove thought she had the perfect life. She never imagined she'd be the victim of an attempted murder. When she wakes up in a hospital bed mistaken as the wealthy Calista Dover, she quickly realizes her old life wasn't everything it seemed to be. Is someone trying to murder her? Was her husband really having an affair? And more importantly, where is the real Calista Dover?

The Promise (Book 1, The Coven Series)

When CJ, a teen girl living in a town that practices witchcraft, starts uncovering the truth about her sister's death, she discovers the insidious danger that haunts her and the town. Can she save herself and the people she loves, or will she burn just as her ancestors did all those centuries ago? *****Cassie Jayne Bishop grew up the only non-believer in the Coven. But when a handsome stranger comes to the sleepy town of New Salem, everything she thought was true starts unraveling around her. Clues start to pile up and CJ is determined to find out the real reason her sister died. What she uncovers terrifies her to the very depths of her soul...[[word count: 70,000-80,000 words]]Cover designed by April Alforque

Kaya mo bang pigilan ang sarili mo na wag maTUKSOng tikman ang mga asawa at anak ng inyong mga nakakatandang mga ate?Ating subaybayan ang istorta ng ating bidang si Dan ,sa pagharap niya sa mga TUKSOng mahirap iwasan
Plunder (The Pirate King Series, Book 1)

He just wants her booty, but she'll end up stealing his heart. *****After pirates kidnap seventeen-year-old Ana in a case of mistaken identity, the orphaned housemaid prepares for the worst. Instead, between a shipwreck, mutiny, and her growing feelings for her captor -- the dashing Pirate King of the Caribbean, Alestair Kincade -- Ana soon realizes the secret she keeps is far from the most dangerous part of her new life. But playing the wholesome daughter of a Spanish admiral among rag-tag buccaneers isn't easy either, and to avoid both discovery and the gallows she'll have to learn to rely on more than just her wits and her charm. But is Alestair Kincade really on her side? Or will his protection and his love both disappear the moment he learns the truth? Book Two of The Pirate King Series is called SCUTTLE (formerly The Reluctant Pirate Queen)[Now an audiobook from Hachette, Powered by Wattpad][word count: 90,000-100,000 words] PLUNDER (Book One in The Pirate King Series) © 2014 by R.S. Kovach. All rights reserved. No part of this work may be reproduced without the author's written permission.Cover designed by Ren T

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Kintaro: The Descendant Of Yamoshi

Age 737. Planet Vegeta has been destroyed. Only a few Saiyans escaped the explosion. Kakarot and Raditz, sons of Bardock. Vegeta IV, son of King Vegeta. And a Saiyan of more mysterious origins. KintaroThe following is a fan made story. Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT and, Dragon Ball Super are all owned by Funimation, Toei Animation, Fuji TV and Akira Toriyama

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Mr Possessive ✅

"Xavier, are you out of your mind? You can't hit anyone you want." I tried to pull him away from the guy. With his temper, he might send him to the hospital for quite a long time. Xavier suddenly stood up, he took my hands in his and pushed me to the wall behind me. He looked deep into my eyes. I got scared, I saw him angry before but never at me. He closed his eyes and put his head against mine."You make me do crazy things. I'm not letting you talk to any guy from now on. I know I promised that I'll behave, but I can't see you talk or laugh with any guy."How can he be possessive over our juniors?******************Hello. I'm Anastasia. You can call me Anna. I'm a normal school girl. Like other kids of my age, I also don't like school. But my reason is different from them. I get bullied every day. It is the same at home also. My cousins bully me. My uncle and aunt only listen to their children. I get punished for their mistakes too.But suddenly one by one all of this bullying stopped. I don't know the reason, but from the moment I started spending time with this new guy who transferred to our school. Everything bad had stopped. ***************Hey. I'm Xavier. I hate school, but I still go there so I can entertain myself. I got expelled from 9 schools already. You see, I can't tolerate ill-mannered people and in school, you can find a bunch of them. So it is fun to make them see their place. In this new school, I found a girl. She was so fragile and oblivious of her beauty. She made me feel warm. So I followed her. I followed her literally everywhere.****************Hello, lovelies.Hope you like the story.

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0852-5756-6933, Tempat Prakerin SMK di Jabung

"Tempat Prakerin SMK di Jabung, WA: 0852-5756-6933 | Tempat Magang SMK di Malang, Info PKL SMK di Malang, Pusat Prakerin SMK di Malang, Pusat Internship SMK di Malang, Daftar Magang Mahasiswa di Malang.Lokasi Bisa Langsung Kesini:https://goo.gl/maps/j9JVoCqerNMBAtaY7Segera Hubungi Kami Disini :IMPro DigitalTelp/WA: 0852-5756-6933Telp/WA: 0852-5756-6933Website: https://magangdi.improduk.comIG:https://www.instagram.com/improdigitalmalang/Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@improdigitalmalang#TempatPrakerinSMKdiJabung #TempatPrakerinSMKdiKalipare #TempatPrakerinSMKdiKarangploso #TempatPrakerinSMKdiKasembon #TempatPrakerinSMKdiKepanjen"

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Sanders Sides Isekai

Virgil owns a small cafe in New York, but one day he was taken by a god into another world, where he opens an Inn on the edge of two countries, finding a place where he finally has a home.

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Whatsapp cdm Los locos del insti!!!?

Los chicos de cdm usan whatsapp y arman mucho quilombo y salseos a ver que pasaaa!!!?

7.9K 19 296 Full
Human Fnaf x Reader

(I brought this story back for Fnaf VR, Security Breach, and the Movie. I couldn't keep up with all of the notifications. That's why I removed the story.)Remember Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria? A magical place for kids and grown-ups alike, where fantasy and fun come to life? You sure did. You used to go there as a child.Recently, the animatronics had gotten an "upgrade" to look "friendlier" and more "human-like". You decided to visit the old place. You couldn't believe it was remade and still functioning after all of these years. You remembered when Freddy Fazbear's PIZZA was a thing.After you admired the upgraded animatronics, singing the same old songs, and reminisced with the classically old pizza, something made you want to keep going back every time you left. In the end you decided to apply to work there. You wanted the day shift but entered up with the night one.It was rumored to be haunted at night but you didn't care or believe in stuff like that. You weren't really affected by it. 12:00 to 6:00 A.M. That was the work time.This is the first book out of the series.Book One: Human Fnaf x Reader (Released and Finished)Book Two: Human Fnaf 2 x Reader (Released and Finished)Book Three: Human Fnaf 3 x Reader (Not out yet.)Book Four: Human Fnaf 4 x Reader (Not out yet.)Book Five: Human Fnaf 5 (Sister Location)x Reader (Not out yet.)Book Six: Human Fnaf 6 (Pizzeria Simulator)x Reader (Not out yet.)Book Seven: Human Fnaf 7 (Help Wanted)x Reader (Not out yet.)Book Eight: Human Fnaf 8 (Security Breach)x Reader (Game isn't out yet. [Coming 2020.]Not enough information to make story until game is out.)

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Battle of the Leagues

Albia and Zamira have always been a fan of duel but unfortunately, their mother doesn't allow them in joining one eventhough she's been training them since they were kids. What could be the reason behind it?

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The Werewolf Prince

On October 31st, James and Lily Potter were unjustly attacked and killed, the only survivor being their young son, Harry.Or maybe...not so.You see, just a week before, the King and Queen of Lupus Lunam (Wolf Moon in Latin)had been murdered in the middle of the night, leaving their own son, Arche Theodorr Apollo, heir to the throne.But, the next day, young Arche too had disappeared, at the blackest point of midnight, leaving a distressed kingdom in his wake.

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Fresh Sans X Reader

buon giorno a tutti ragazzi questo è il libro richiesto da 3 persone ansi credo 4 (sai che parlo di te C:)cooooomunque doveva essere un smool reader x fresh sans ma non avevo le idee chiare su quel libro quindi farò questo ye? può esserci del copyright ma ancora non lo so

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