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The Scars of Anatomy

College football star Bronx Miller and pre-med major Olivia McCausland are paired as anatomy lab partners, and throughout the rocky semester the two become closer than they ever could have imagined.***Bronx Miller is the hotshot college quarterback with a rough past. On track to make it to the NFL after graduation, Bronx is hyper focused on football, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have his fun as campus's most notorious player on and off the field. While Bronx has a well-known zero commitments policy, that doesn't stop campus's queen bee, Adrianna, from desperately trying to lock him down for herself.It isn't until Bronx is paired with straight-A, pre-med student Olivia McCausland as his anatomy lab partner that he realizes he may actually want something more. Instantly drawn to her, Bronx starts to let his guard down and his playboy persona slip.Throughout a rocky semester full of study sessions, bets based on test scores, and driving wedges determined to keep them apart, Bronx and Olivia become close, realizing they're more alike than they originally thought. And when faced with turmoil, Bronx comes to learn that scars come in all forms, shapes, and sizes. If you look hard enough.

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Playful Love (Edited)

What happens when the college Nerd and Playboy falls in love because of a simple dare? Evander Arlette took a dare to make Violet Everly fall in love with him, but when Violet got to know that the person, whom she loved with her life only faked the love and played with her feelings. She left him and vanished into the thin air. What happens when they come face to face after two years? Will Evan be able to unveil the secrets Violet is hiding from him? Join the Journey of The Playful Love to know what happens next.

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Miss. Fragile And Mr. Powerful

#1 in hatelove - 12/08/2022#1 in business - 25/02/2023#1 in forcedmarriage - 20/07/2022#1 in businessman -18/07/2022#1 in arrogant - 23/07/2022#1 in contract - 23/07/2022#1 in rude - 12/08/2022#1 in generalfiction - 09/03/2023"This is your check for the first month of five hundred thousand dollars ."She jerked her face to the side as soon as the envelope hit her cheeks."Wh....wh.... what's this? " She asked stuttering."This my dear wife, is your payment in advance for being Mrs. Adams. I know that you are a burden on everyone and I am ready to do a charity of giving $500,000 to you every month till the time you are here.I know you don't deserve this , but I had given it in my clause that as you don't work and solely rely on the money of your parents, I will give you $500,000 every month , so that you can spend that on yourself and not try to rob or steal from my mansion." I said I grabbed her chin in my hand and said, "Get this thing , after this night if you dare to break any of the clause from the agreement or try to raise your hand or even point a finger at me, I wouldn't mind cutting off your hand and ruining you completely." Don't let it break you. No matter how hard it gets, Life goes on.This line works exact right to both of their life. Both having their own demons to fight with find it difficult to tackle each other. Join these two souls in their journey of separation or union.

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The Forced Bride Of Rodriguez (COMPLETED)

#1 in romance genre (1stJan - 8th Jan.)( Again placed #1 in romance in Feb)Aaron got up from his seat and walked round the table towards her while she was still sitting as if glued to that seat. He bent towards her, his one hand on the table and with the other he held her chin so that their eyes were at level.."Listen to me very clearly, Mrs Livia Aaron Rodriguez, you are my wife now. So you can only think of me, talk to me, smile at me, look at me and be around me only. You will do what I say.""I am not your slave."Ignoring her protest he continued,"And if you are feeling very needy and if you want to sleep with a man so much then don't worry just come to me and I promise you, I'll give you the best physical pleasure in this world. Afterall I'm quite experienced in this physical pleasure department." "Bastard!" she slapped his hand away but Aaron caught her mouth and kissed her hard...____________A cold and arrogantly ruthless CEO by day and a playboy by night, was how newspapers and magazines always portrayed the young billionaire Aaron Rodriguez but how much of truth did these rumours held? Was he really that kind of person as the rumours called or was there a different shade of him? Livia was going to find out soon...______________18 Oct '19 - 12 Dec' 19Word count : 34950-35000 approx.***This is my first work and I hope you'll like it ๐Ÿ˜Š Do vote and comment because your support matters a lot. ๐Ÿ‘‰ The work is unedited. So read at your own risk. If you find a mistake I hope you'll be able to either ignore it or point it out very politely. You can also check out my other book. Hopefully you'll like it too. โค๏ธ

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A decade ago, Ellie was heartbroken when the love of her life chose his Hollywood party lifestyle over her. Can she forgive him and give love a second chance? ***** Thirteen years ago, Ellie Cooper struck gold. She secured a coveted movie role that sent her life spiraling out of control. Landing in the arms of Wyatt Burgess, her world-famous co-star with some hard-partying ways, she was enveloped into a world of clubs, romance, and drugs. But when one of Wyatt and Ellie's best friends overdoses outside a nightclub, Ellie gives Wyatt an ultimatum: the lifestyle or her. Wyatt makes the wrong choice. Now years later, Wyatt is out to set things right. But Ellie has moved on; she's in a committed relationship and has left the party life behind in exchange for something more stable. There's just something about Wyatt though that sets her heart on fire. And now Ellie is forced to choose between the new world she has carved out for herself and the passionate whirlwind that allowing Wyatt back into her life could bring.Content and/or trigger warning: This story contains scenes of drug use, including an overdose. There are mentions of sexual abuse and harassment, which may be triggering for some readers.[[word count: 100,000-150,000 words]]2020 Watty Award Winner - Romance#1 Romance, NA, and ChickLit

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When Ashley found out that she was pregnant with twins, she couldn't wait to share the good news with her husband. But when he got home later that night, he told her that he wanted a divorce without really giving her a reason why. Heartbroken, Ashley does the only thing that she could do. She signed the divorce papers. Now she's forced to go through her pregnancy alone with no one to help her but her friend, Mayla. During her pregnancy, complications occurred that gives Ashley a new outlook on life. She realizes that not everything is as it seems and not everyone can be trusted. *Originally written by ForeverInfinities*Descriptions are not my best but hopefully, the actual story would be better. :))

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Sold to a Wolf Pack

"My dad sold me to a pack of werewolves to settle his gambling debt."โ€"I'm going to count to three," Logan growls. He doesn't have to say the rest. If I haven't come to him by then, he'll come to me... and I'll regret it. I know this game, and I know there is only one way it can end: with broken bones. If I don't come to him, his wolf will take over and he'll make me pay. If I obey, his wolf will still take over, and I'll still be the one suffering the consequences."One," Logan snaps.A tear slowly rolls down my cheek and I dig my nails into my palm until they draw blood. More tears join the first and my lower lip trembles. I want Logan to see how much he's hurting me. "Two," Logan counts, gesturing for me to come to him. I know that he's filled with anticipation. He's hoping for 'three,' craving it.โ€Three Books in One: Sold to a Wolf Pack | โœ”Saved by a Wolf Pack | โœ”Loved by a Wolf Pack | Ongoingโ€ A fake Omega:Saffron is a rogue, but when her dad sells her to a pack of werewolves, she also has to pretend to be an Omega. Good thing she has a plan: to escape the first chance she gets. A not so mean Alpha:Logan just wants to find his mate and his happily ever after, but instead of the perfect Luna, he gets a weak, frightened Omega. Good thing his dad has a plan: make everyone in the pack mistreat Saffron so she'll finally stand up for herself. An epic romance: Saffron and Logan are meant to be, but will they realize it before it's too late? Not everything is as it seems, and with an enemy threatening to destroy the pack, time is running out. โ€ 167,102 wordsโ€ Has been ranked #1 in: Werewolf, Paranormal, Romance, Teen Fiction, Humor, Fantasy, General Fiction, Action and even Vampire!

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Her Hidden Pain

"Niya" he called her by standing in the middle of the sitting area but got no response in return. She always used to wait for him with a smile on her face,and she always used to come within a second if he called her, but today it was different. He wanted to see her.He went towards the kitchen to see whether she is there or not, but there was no one in the kitchen. His heart was clenching in unknown fear, and it was thumping faster. His mind was telling him that something is wrong, but he consoled himself by saying everything is fine, but his heart was still not ready to beat at a normal rate. "Niya!" He went towards her room by calling her, but there was no response from her side, so he slowly opened the door and what he saw next made his heart drop to his stomach. โ–ชโ–ชโ–ชโ–ชโ–ชHe gave her only his hatred when she was yearning for his love. He loathed her presence when she used to love his presence. He was busy in breaking her heart when she was busy mending his heart. He wanted to bring darkness into her life when she wanted to bring light into his life. She was living only in one hope, that one day she would get his love, but one day it also crushes. Since then, she stops excepting anything in life.It is said that 'we don't know the value of things until we lose them'. And it's true, we don't value or appreciate them until we lose them. What will happen when his hatred turns into unconditional love?Will he be able to mend her heart, which he has broken? Or will it be too late?What will he do when he comes to know about HER HIDDEN PAIN ? โ˜†โ˜†โ˜†PLEASE DON'T TRY TO STEAL MY WORK, I WILL NOT TOLERATE IT.I DON'T ALLOW MY WORK TO BE USED IN ANY WAY OR ADAPTED IN ANY WAY WITHOUT MY PERMISSION.Copyright ©๏ธ 2021 by Vel

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The Professional Lover III (18+)

"What can I say? People like to watch. If they're willing to pay, why not let them?". . .Margeaux is a bad girl with good girl intentions. All she wants is a steady home with whatever family she has left. With no GED, no credit, and no bed to sleep in at night, she's willing to do almost anything to make a change.Her best friend Jamie has made it big in Hollywood. As she tries to keep up with the busy LA scene while getting back on her feet, she dips her toe into the world of Only Fans. Things take an unexpected turn when she amasses a huge following. When friends turn into enemies, and strangers into threats, there are only two men she can trust. She finds herself falling for them both. Too bad they're already dating each other.Margeaux's life was never by-the-book, but what is the reality of trying to get your life together while getting paid to strip for strangers on the internet?. . .A/N: Frequent explicit sexual content, intended for 18+ audiences. This story is stand-alone. You DO NOT need to read the prequels to understand this one but the characters are connected throughout the series. Please remember to vote and comment!

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Under His Roof

When Kimberly's family can't afford to send her to Miami with the rest of her friends, she is forced to spend her spring break at the house of her father's friend, Julian Carter.Kimberly was not happy with the arrangement and prepared herself for a boring spring break. What she didn't expect though, was for Julian to be young, hot, and captivating. The sexual tension between the two came as a bonus.In the course of a few weeks, Julian will enlighten Kimberly and show her exactly what kinds of things happen under his roof.**WARNING: mature themes, swearing, lots of sex (as if that ever stopped anyone)Copyright © 2015 Nabi Chung. All rights reserved.

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The Wallflower's Revenge

Russian heiress Tatiana Rostova thought that her 'happily ever after' would be with her beloved fiance. However, the people she cared about most betrayed her and left her dying. Saved by a handsome Italian duke, a plan of revenge blooms.*******Tatiana Rostova took upon herself to seek revenge on the two people she loved the most after their betrayal left her half-dead, even if it meant she had to sell herself to the devil-especially since the devil is in the form of the handsome six-foot-two, silver-eyed Italian duke named Lucca Cavelli. This wallflower vowed to take everything that is rightfully hers. But in the process of her revenge, will she be willing to risk her heart again?Cover designed by Ren Tachibana

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๐“๐ข๐ฆ๐ž ๐๐จ๐ฎ๐ง๐ ๐‹๐จ๐ฏ๐ž {๐’๐ฅ๐จ๐ฐ ๐ฎ๐ฉ๐๐š๐ญ๐ž๐ฌ}

What do you do when the biggest challenge in your love life is time? You struggle against it to make and take some time out of it for your love and loved ones. This is the story of Monami Mahajan and Karan Shergill and how they fight against all odds and break the rules to love each other despite all the shortcomings. This is a story of a Captain of Indian Cricket Team and an Air Force Officer. It is a love story which is bound by the time! Join me and them in this journey to see what the future holds for them.

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Arranged Love

ManikA simple middle class man, looking for a girl to marry, not only as his wife but also to take care of his family with love and respect. So, the moment Manik saw her, laughing without a care in the world, yet having maturity to handle the responsibilities of a marriage, he was pulled towards her like a moth to a flame. So, he did the only thing he could to get what he wanted. He sent a marriage proposal.NandiniNandini's was always ready to be married at the young age of twenty three as that's what was ingraved in her since she completed her graduation. So, when her uncle arranged her marriage with a middle class man, Manik, she agreed. But, what she never agreed was to accept all the responsibilities that she will be shouldered with as secrets unfolded along with a husband, who was a stranger like everyone else, even though she knew him in ways she hadn't known any other man.Join in this journey of Manan as they metamorphosed from two strangers to companions for life.Plagiarism is a crime that isn't supported by me. So, if you are reading this book on any other Wattpad profile or any other platform, it is not legal and kindly let me know it.WARNING ๐Ÿ”žContains Mature Content so please proceed with caution.

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I'm Not The Girl You Used To Know

Can you imagine if your parents get divorced and they send you to boarding school?Linda manages to survive through her high school but she is a different person before her parents divorce. After graduation, she got accepted to a college at a town where her brother lives and his best friend. Brian can't believe the drastic changes in her sister. Can Linda be the sweet and caring girl like she used to be?

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What happen when you are getting married but your groom ran away from the wedding and you are waiting for him in your bridal attire, in place of groom a letter came and you have to marry your long time crush, just to protect your family reputation.What will you do?What will she do?Ishika Sharma, well known fashion designer, and top of that billionaire. 26,cute, intelligent, independent.Ranveer Kapoor, our not so sweet businessman. Never dated anyone because he loves only one girl since childhood. For which he did something, no one can expect. 27 sweet and innocent only for loved ones and ruthless for everyone. What he did?Will it affect their relationship?After knowing the secret will she accept him or will leave him in middle?There was love, romance, and everyone favorite twists and a sweet secret.To know about the secret do read it.

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The Orsini Bride

Italian playboy billionaire Marco Orsini has a dilemma. With the ultimatum to either marry or get disinherited, he must now find himself a wife before his grandfather's birthday--and he entrusts his fate on one woman to find him the perfect bride. ********** Twenty-nine-year-old Francesa Marcolini never expected that the day will come when the handsome yet hateful playboy billionaire Marco Orisini would barge into her office and announce that he needs a wife. Despite being a teacher of etiquette and personality development, Francesa had no intention of becoming the matchmaker for this arrogant Italian no matter how determined he is for her help. But to Francesca's horror, she finds herself on that very job!Cover design by Holly Thurston

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Rich Girl Poor Girl

Two very different girls fall for two very different guys in a double romance about love and money. What happens when a corporate city girl falls for a musician, and a free-spirited hippie can't resist the charms of a successful businessman? Both women will have to face their pasts to overcome their differences and find true love. Lexi is a driven businesswoman living a high-flying corporate life in Sydney, Australia, who has her eyes on one thing only: a promotion. When a chance encounter has her suddenly housing Otis, a homeless but handsome musician, she can't help but feel that she might be able to make room for one more thing in her life - someone to love.Meanwhile, Sparrow is a beach-dwelling, spiritual hippie who lives her life in the moment, not bound by money or modern society. But because of her past, she's afraid to love again. When Thomas, a kind-hearted businessman begins to slowly break her walls down, can she forget everything she's left behind?Both Lexi and Sparrow fall hard into whirlwind romances with the very different men they've chosen, and tensions rise as they are forced to make hard choices about money, love, and themselves.[[word count: 100,000-150,000 words]]Cover designed by Anastasia Wright

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Lost N Found

"Anu, there's no other way now. You have to go to Mumbai to handle this project."Anaira was expecting this. She didn't want to go to Mumbai. She had left something behind in that city and she was not sure if she was ready to face that again."No dad, there must be some other solution. I am very new to this and I don't think i can handle this project."She tried reasoning with her dad. But everyone knew her capabilities and were very well aware that she will be able to take this responsibility. "No Anu, we know that you will be able to do this. Is there any other reason why you don't want to go there? " It was her dad again.She didn't want to argue with her dad any further on this. She knew she had to go. Her brother Anuj was supposed to handle this but his wife Sneha was pregnant. After they got the good news they decided that Anuj will not go as he needed to be there for his wife.Anaira thought for a while and told her dad she is okay to go to Mumbai. But only she knew how much scared she was. Going to Mumbai meant that she will have to face HIM. She was still suffering from the pain he had caused her.Please read the story to find out more!

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In My Heart

He was filled with ego, rudeness, and cruelty. Every girl throws themselves on him just for his looks and money, but there is only one girl in his life that is his girlfriend, who is a famous model. He loves his family and best friend a lot. He is from a high-class family and hates middle-class people. He thought that one day he would marry his girlfriend, but fate played a game and he got a middle-class girl who is beautiful yet caring.She knows how to be happy with small things. She had never dreamt of a becoming the wife of high-class man. She was happy in her small world, which consisted of her mom, sister, and two best friends who could do anything for her happiness. But one fine day, the situation forces her to step into another world, a world of high-class people. Her fate binds her with him, who hates her to the depths. Will she ever be able to find happiness in her new world? Will his hatred turn into love?Will their marriage work or will they return to their old life?He is Mr. Shourya Kapoor, and she is Miss. Khushi Raichandr. โ–ชโ–ชโ–ชโ–ชโ–ชNOTE This is my first story and English is not my native language so there will be a lots of grammatical mistakes so please don't discourage me by putting harsh comments. PLEASE DONT TRY TO STEAL MY WORK I WILL NOT TOLERATE IT. I DON'T ALLOW MY WORK TO BE USED IN ANY WAY OR ADAPTED IN ANY WAY WITHOUT MY PERMISSION.Copyright ©๏ธ 2021 by Vel

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Distance b/w Us...

They say distance means so little when the person means so much... But when you mean nothing to that person then, the little distance will definitely mean so much... They say distance is a test of how far love can go but what if there is no love in the first place... They say the worst thing about distance is we don't know whether they miss you or forget you, but what if they don't even give a sign that they feel your presence even after looking at you every day... Distance doesn't just refer to the miles between two persons. Because we are not living in different places far away from each other, but still, there is a distance between us. Is it going to be just there forever? Or will there be any way to reduce it... You may have become my husband, but you made yourself as a stranger to me by forming this distance between us, and I am losing the little hope which I formed in the beginning slowly...

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My Arrogant Billionaire CEO

Arabella Heatherway, the youngest daughter of the most successful lawyer Gabriel Heatherway and his beautiful wife Blair Heatherway. And the youngest sister of a billionaire and owner of many hotels Matthew Heatherway. Being a daughter and sister of billionaires she should be a spoilt rotten bitch but she is not anything like that. She is a smart, soft hearted, hard working and kind young lady, who wants nothing but to be a successful architect and earn fame from her work just like her father and brother did.Alexander Knight, not the typical knight in shining armor of women's dream. Sure he is devilish handsome man and might be a knight in shining armor by appearance but his behavior tells another story. He is a arrogant cold hearted bastard and the CEO of the Knight Inc. Inherited the company from his father at the ripe age of 20. Oh and not to mention he is too a heartthrob billionaire.What will happen when our sweet young Arabella will accidentally bump into cold Alexander in a night club. And keep on bumping into each other on several occasions on her sister's wedding?Will they able to create a nice friendly bond? or a relation where both will want to chop each other heads off?

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My vows

Meet lakshmi A 19 year sharp tongued lazy medical student who tries to run away from her marriage set up by her parents within 3 days.... What happens when all her plans fail and she ends up being married to a cold arrogant CEO who is 10 years older than her?! What will happen when she has to face the harrasments, cruelty and schemes of the world to which she wasn't exposed before? What happens when they are caused by peope close to her? Will she be able to overcome the hurdles and stand strong? Or will she fall apart? Will her life be a path of rose petals or it's thorns to make her bleed? Read the story of a young girl tied in a sacred bond with a Dark Devil....โš ๏ธContent warning : consists of physical and mental abuse, violence and mature content 18+.๐Ÿ”žโš  PLAGIARISM OF THIS BOOK IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED AND SERIOUS ACTION WOULD BE TAKEN.

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The Unexpected Beautiful Relationship [Completed]

Dev Dixit : A fun loving smart mamma's boy who is very casual and pays no heed of what others think about him he likes to do whatever he feels right ... He has been rejected by all the girls whom he proposed in his teenage with an excuse that " Look you are good and even well mannered , but the point is that you are not good for me ." But a incident broke his heart into pieces after he came into relationship finally in his college days....Being a boy with different attitude never disrespected them but befriended them though he kept a distance from them ...He is now CEO of a top company whom he built by himself "Dixit Enterprises" .. Now he is a composed serious and cold guy who don't like to be open with anyone ....Ritika Sharma : A simple girl who is very simple straight-forward and bold .. she is fun loving and care free and don't believe in Romantic Shits before marriage...She just likes to be herself and hates when someone pokes in her business....She is a software developer and loves to spend time in watching Anime....They are arranged to marry each other lets see what happens when two opposite characters will stay together under one roof....Cover credits : @Noya_avery Warning : This story may contain some strong scenes and words read if comfortableThank you for giving my story a chance!! Just spread and share your love with my story!! Have a Happy Time Reading it...Happy Reading โค๏ธโค๏ธabhaydubey0999โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ

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Rudra Rane, NMIMS's popular football player, final year student in electronics & telecommunications. Sure, the guy is popular, good looking with his high cheekbones and sharp jawline but, there's a but. He's cold as fuck and no one dares to cross him. Preshtha Mohite, NMIMS's not-so-popular girl, final year student in electronics and telecommunication. She got those curves which she is insecure about but she is messed up trying those stupid diets and not seeing the results or barely minimal results.Moreover, when Preshtha gets hits by a football which was kicked by the college's most popular guy Rudra. This situation attracts these two towards each other but something else too. What's that?? For more, tune in. ×-×-×#1 in general fiction on 30/7/21[Started: 30/3/21 ; Ended: 18/8/21]*the pictures used in the book do not belong to author*

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Flora Danforth is the epitome of all things innocent. Like a flower, Flora is beautiful and pure. Of course, that all changes when she meets the town's sexy, new, mysterious bad boy, Alex.~"I'm no good for you, flower." She opens her mouth to speak, but his finger gently silences her. She parts her lips in futile protest, but his finger slides past, slipping inside the warmth of her mouth. She swipes her tongue across the pad of his finger, hollowing her cheeks ever so slightly around it. Alex takes a sharp intake of air, his bright blue eyes growing impossibly dark with lust. "But then again, you're not such a good girl are you, princess?"

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The Bet (DDlb book)

Mr. Davenport has an unhealthy obsession with gambling. When he begins to lose big, he bets on something he never thought he would consider betting on; his son.Poor Luke has no idea what is in store for him when his dad loses big and is forced to live with Steve Cooper, CEO of the largest insurance company in the world. What he really doesn't expect is to become this man's new little, or to fall in love with him.

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