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Dare to Fall

Hailey Jones has been moving from town to town to escape her past and the reality that she thought she can never face again. After her father died, Hailey's mother seeks for a man's love again.When her world collides with the baddest boy in town, she didn't envisage that her world would suddenly turn upside down and would abruptly see a glint of light in a world full of shadows and darkness that she has just stepped into. Cayden Anderson is a typical high school boy who catches the hearts of young girls, making them swoon all over his feet. A quarterback football player and a senior at Anderson High.will Cayden dare to fall for Hailey? and will Hailey dare to fall for the bad boy? •Recent Title: Falling For The Bad Boy•Ranked #9 in Teen Fiction - 06/01/2018

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Marrying Atlantis

When plain Jane, Aubrey finds a guy burried in the sand, she naturally helps him. He thanks her by kissing her which throughs her right off, not having been kissed, like ever. Forgetting her towel she returns only to be lured into the water and kidnapped by the same guy who now reveals to have a tail. She doesn't remeber the trip down, but after a pink florescent bath she finds herself in the new underwater world. Which is really cool, until the mention that she is this guys wife to be. Not only that she is no longer the plain jane from Topside but is seen now as the 'Temptress' marrying the No.1 most eligible bachelor in Atlantis. Will the sudden attention faze the shy halfling as she tries to return to her homeland...I don't know how I managed to rate this +13. And I dont know how to fiix it. It is more borderline G/PG.

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Last Flight to L.A.

Kelsey Harris, a young chef moving to LA, struggles with work, the glamour of the hollywood scene, and a new romance with mega-celebrity Ethan Glenn. ***** Kelsey Harris is heading to LA to begin her new career as a sous chef, and she's excited to work under a prestigious mentor and feed fabulous celebrities. She also meets Ethan Glenn, a movie star with doubts about his career, on the plane. But when she settles in, she learns that her new job is more intense than she expected, and her roommate is acting strange. When they happen to be on the same movie set, Ethan and Kelsey begin to grow close, though their friendship is immediately put under scrutiny by friends and the media. A romance begins, but the delicate facade of Hollywood is slipping, and Kelsey has to decide if she wants to escape the photographers and screaming fans, or if she wants to be with Ethan and put up with the consequences.[[Wattys 2018 Shortlist]][[word count: 80,000-90,000 words]]

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Fight For You

When Emily applies for a position as a caregiver for Daniel, a boy with a permanent spinal cord injury, she never thought she'd also be dealing with his brash fighter of a brother, Lucas. Emily soon becomes involved in the world of fighting that seems to constantly surround Lucas as he attempts to find retribution for his brother. Can Emily help heal the relationship between the two brothers while also caring for the seemingly brute professional fighter? Will Lucas lower his barriers enough for Emily to do so?

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Possessive Much ?

( EDITING!) He pushed me against the gym lockers and man did he look different. Not scary but...... Possessive " WHO IS HE !!" he shouted I was confused , who was who then I remembered and started laughing . " Oh you mean my older brother , yeah people say we are pretty cute ." My voice clearly with sarcasmHe looked at me for a few more seconds and then stormed off . Who knew he can be Possessive?

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Winning her back

Ben and Lisa had been dating for five years, married for two. Everyone saw them as the perfect couple, the couple that were meant to be. However, after an affair, a few broken hearts and a divorce, the two had to adapt to living seperate lives without each other.A tragic event occurs causing them to reunite once again, whether they liked it or not. Will this make them reconcile? Will the feelings they once shared for each other resurface?Find out in Winning Her Back.Note: Foul language and slight sexual content ahead !Cover credit: asxh_

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Bringing the Nation's Husband Home

"Don't touch me when we're out in public." "Don't openly say that I am your wife." "Don't let people know that you and I live together."Alexander and Isabelle were forced to marry as a result of their parents' arrangements. Isabelle thought their marriage would be loveless and inescapable, so she gave him three don'ts on their wedding night. He looked at her, expressionless, and blinked. Can't touch her in public? ...He'll do it in secret. He can't say that she's his wife? ...He'll say that he's her husband. And as for the final don't... In an interview, he declared to the entire world: "Every night, I share a bed with Isabelle." ***| #23 IN ROMANCE || #26 IN FICTION | | #2 IN IRONY |OFFICIAL BRINGING THE NATION'S HUSBAND HOME'S ENGLISH VERSION ON Wattpad☆ MINT(10 TO 9.9) GRADE CHINESE/MANGA NOVELThis is the official English translation of the book by Ye Fie Ye.. This account will be accessed by manager.

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Paint with Me Among the Shadows (Book One, the Salvation MC Series)

What happens when a finger painting prodigy hitches a ride from a disfigured biker? Why chaos of course!Quirky, oddball Georgie is anything but normal. For years she hasn't only suffered from a lack of filter but she also has "episodes." She can't control them. To make matters worse, she was just expelled from the illustrious art university that she had been lucky enough to get into. With nowhere else to turn, Georgie makes the decision to travel back home to Sunny Valley, AL to reunite with her father and sister, whom she hasn't seen in fourteen years.It's at a gas station where she meets the beautifully scarred, Adonis, and with his help, she arrives home in typical Georgie fashion: with arms full of snacks, a never-ending string of chatter, and a determination to find out the truth all while keeping her episodes a secret. Easier said, right? Especially when that handsome biker stumbles upon an episode.*Wattpad Reviews:"This was a beautiful book and captured me throughout." @JamieLee716"This was honestly one of the best books I have read on Wattpad in the last two years." @alswedlove"I love this book. This was such an emotional ride. At times so painful, so raw. And the ending... Perfect." @YelenaLugin"I was so hooked I couldn't put my phone down." @S_Nicole1995"Wow, honestly I loved the raw emotions in this book." @kenny-08"This story was seriously beautifully written." @SugarLoverCandy9"This is one of the best stories I've ever read no exaggeration!" @xxxSweetMelodyxxx* # 1 in Chick Lit 2/21/23# 1 in Art 5/8/22# 1 in Alphamale 7/20/21# 3 in Comedy 6/26/21# 1 in Painting 7/30/21# 3 in Biker 5/5/22# 3 in Motorcycle 5/5/22# 5 in bad boy 11/19/21 # 4 in Mental Health 2/19/22# 21 in Romance 7/20/22

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Ellie is Cool Now

Ellie Jenkins is struggling to write a high school TV show, so her boss gives her an ultimatum: go to her ten year reunion or lose her big break forever.. ***** Ellie Jenkins definitely didn't peak in high school. She was an outsider, an invisible girl with a desperate crush on Mark Wright, a guy who hardly knew her name. But ten years later, she's living in Los Angeles, trying to write a hit show about cool high school kids, when an invitation for her high school reunion arrives. She doesn't want to go, but her writing has been suffering and her boss makes her an ultimatum: go to this reunion or lose her big break forever. Her boss even gives her a list of challenges to complete! Ellie takes the bait and returns to the school determined to find friends, fun and to prove to Mark Wright, once and for all, that Ellie is cool now.[[2018 WATTY AWARD WINNER: THE HIDDEN GEMS!!!!!!!]][[A TOP WATTPAD PICK: FEATURED IN MILLENNIALS & MAYHEM]][[word count: 70,000-80,000 words]]

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Who Is She?

Lillian Black was just a child when she lost her innocence.She was just a child when she realized the world is a cruel place. She was just a teenager when she got kicked out for something she didn't even do. How will her parents react when she comes back several years later. What happened to the cold, aloof and detached Lillian all were familiar with. Who is the charming and sharp tongued Lillian. Just.....Who is she?Is she Who she says she is? Is she really Lillian? Just.....who is she?Find out what happens in 'Who is she?'This book contains strong theme. Trigger warning: contains child neglect and mention of rape.The cover page does not belong to me, I took it from the internet.

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The Boy Who Didn't Love

A story in which a girl falls in love with a sociopath.Highest rank: #1 in Teen Fiction [July 29, 2022], #1 in Humor [January 3, 2023], #12 in New Adult [January 23, 2023], #26 in Romance [January 26, 2023].

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Her Adopted Baby's Daddy

Jules Jenna hates the fact that she's trying to hide in her work to avoid grieving her parents' death. She needs someone in her life and she's never been good with relationships. But one thing she is good at is taking care of kids. She finally decides to take the plunge and adopt a child, whom she now can't imagine life without.Ceaser Thompson, CEO & widower, just found out that he has a child who was given up for adoption. Now he wants his flesh and blood, and the heiress to his companies. He'll do whatever it takes to have her as his own, legally.Read to find out if Ceaser's plan to get his daughter from her new mum, Jules, goes as planned.

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ENCHANTED- BY LOVE (completed)

RANKED #1 CUTE#1 COMEDY-ROMANCE#2 YOUNG ADULT#2 BOLLYWOOD#2 LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT #3 PASSION#7 COMEDY-DRAMA#9 LOVEP.S - Do let me know if you are here from Instagram 😉The story of king Adinath, a righteous king known for his anger, and Queen Vaishnavi, an innocent girl whose horoscope got her married to the King of the Nine Kingdoms.This is the kind of book that can make you smile and relax after a bad day and fill your heart with happiness and love!!!There are moments that will make you laugh, moments that will you make you think, moments that will make you feel good, but mostly moments that will put a smile on your face :)Step into the beautiful world of Royal love yourself or look at some of the comments from our readers below for a quick sneak-peak"From "I cannot understand your silence" to "Silence can speak too" 💗💗💗""Made my heart melt😭💗""THE STORY IS SO DIFFERENT AND AMAZING especially the bickerings btw second couple and I've no words to describe how beautiful the king and the queen's bond is ❤️""The way you portray the emotions and feelings, makes this story too surreal""Aww this was so beautiful that I teared up a little please😭💗🦋✨💫🌸""This is the most beautiful and elegant way to describe romance""This book has the most heart touching man I have ever read""Omg finallyy😭💗✨ the line tho- oh my heart😭❤""Who confesses oh so casually 😫""This is getting close to my heart""This is so cute 😍🌸""I could not help but smile""I read it at one go's really interesting n beautifully written""This book is my therapy ❤️"So ready to step in for the ride?Note: Updates every Friday at 4:00 PM IST

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The Billionaire's Wedding Planner ✔

Wedding Planner's Golden Rule: Don't fall in love with the groom.Handsome, charming, billionaire playboy, Aiden Carlisle's wedding to beautiful, but demanding Caroline Baxter is set to be the event of the century.Sweet, smart and talented, Rosalie Darling is the best in the business; wedding planner to the stars!Planning a wedding brings people together, but what if it brings the wrong people close?*"Aiden. Aiden," she said, softly, hurriedly, breathlessly, clutching my shirt in her delicate hands. Her body was pulling me closer and her mind was pushing me away. I couldn't tear my eyes off her face, her lips.She was breathing heavily. "I'm planning your wedding," she said, her eyes focused on my lips, so close to hers, as she bit down on her lower lip.I smirked, chuckling darkly. "What wedding?" I asked.I tightened the grip that I had on her.And I pressed my lips to hers.*#1 in Love#2 in Romance#20 in Bad Boy

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ALMOST A BRIDE (Open On Annie)

(#1 ChickLit) Annie is having a very bad day! First, she walks in on her boyfriend having sex with another woman (the kinky kind), then she accidentally gets arrested and loses her job. Unfortunately for Annie, her very bad day lands up turning into a very bad year.So when her sister invites her on Holiday to Mauritius, she jumps at the opportunity to get away from it all. But her holiday soon turns into a nightmare when she discovers her ex and 'the other woman' are staying at the same resort. #AnniesbigdayEnter Chris, a cynical screenwriter with a bad case of writers block, who agrees to play her 'pretend boyfriend'- so she doesn't land up looking like the single, lonely, pathetic ex.

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And Then There Was Victor

How exactly did I end up the best friend of the guy I hated my entire life? Listen, this is going to be a long story. Let me take you to the beginning. The year was 1992...ENEMIES-TO-FRIENDS-TO-LOVERSVictor Manning has been infuriating Becka since she sat behind him in 7th grade English. He's cocky, self-centered, and obnoxious. When High School ends, the college dynamic slowly turns Victor into the one person Becka cannot live without. "The best slow burn I've ever read."YA/NA, for cursing. Set in the 1990s.

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Loving Cassie

Cassie never expected her husband to leave her, not six months after giving birth to their little boy, and especially not for her younger sister, Carrie. After a revelation from both her cheating husband and home wrecking sister, Cassie decides to do what's best for her and her son; move away. She plans to live a man free life: barring her baby boy and her father, of course. That is, until her handsome new neighbor, Ward knocks on her front door. His smooth southern drawl, sly half-smile and delicious backside knock her off her feet and she fights the attraction for the sake of her heart, but Ward is determined to have her in his arms as soon as possible.H.E.A endingBreathtaking new cover by @southernTXkindagirl.

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Love Not Included (An Arrange Marriage Story)

You are cordially invited to the wedding of Theora Botsaris and Nicholas Markopoulos. The marriage marks the union of two elite Greek American families. It meets all the necessary requirements according to tradition. Greek, check. Rich, check. Status check. Love? Eh not so much. So please come to see how two strangers forced together by their respective families deal with each other...

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It's Only Temporary

After his personal assistant quits, a Wall Street financier must decide whether to break all the rules and track her down.

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His Runaway Wife [UNEDITED]

"What a disappointment it's going to be for all of them to learn you are married."He looked up at me. "Rebecca-I didn't tell them-""Stop." I smiled. "I get it, Damian, you don't have to explain it to me." I paused. "I just don't know if it was a good idea to tell them I'm your wife when..." I trailed off.When we don't know what's going to happen to us.Feeling guilty was familiar to me now. Damian hadn't told his employees he was married because then he would have to explain what happened to his wife.Damian stood up and walked around the desk. I turned around, leaning against his desk as he stood in front of me with his hands in his pockets. He looked at me for a moment and I stared back at him. I loved his faint five o'clock, it made him look more mature, more handsome.He took a step forward. "You are my wife, Rebecca." He said in a low, sexy voice.I pressed my thighs together as my body responded to him. I looked away, a smile playing on my lips. "You intimidate me when you look at me like that." I whispered.You turn me on when you look at me like that was more accurate but I wasn't about to tell him that. He walked closer, until he was inches away from me. "You are my wife." he said again, more possessively this time. Yes, I was his wife...His Runaway Wife...

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My Pretend Summer (Sequel to Camp Mapplewood)

Emma and Vivian spend their summer at a new camp to help out a friend, only to discover that it's a dating camp and they both have to pretend to be single! ***** Emma and Vivian, having spent their first year of college living together, agree to spend their summer at Gwen Black's latest camp. Unfortunately, due to a misunderstanding (and Gwen's aggressive advertising), the entire camp is using Emma as a mascot because she's "single". Emma and Vivian decide to let the situation play out to help Gwen, finding a new thrill in keeping their love secret. Soon, though, things get out of hand as they start making each other jealous, and someone online is working to destroy their relationship (and the entire camp)! Can Emma save the camp, her reputation, and the only relationship that's ever mattered to her?(Sequel to Camp Mapplewood: original version.)[[word count: 40,000-50,000 words]]

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The Forced Bride Of Rodriguez (COMPLETED)

#1 in romance genre (1stJan - 8th Jan.)( Again placed #1 in romance in Feb)Aaron got up from his seat and walked round the table towards her while she was still sitting as if glued to that seat. He bent towards her, his one hand on the table and with the other he held her chin so that their eyes were at level.."Listen to me very clearly, Mrs Livia Aaron Rodriguez, you are my wife now. So you can only think of me, talk to me, smile at me, look at me and be around me only. You will do what I say.""I am not your slave."Ignoring her protest he continued,"And if you are feeling very needy and if you want to sleep with a man so much then don't worry just come to me and I promise you, I'll give you the best physical pleasure in this world. Afterall I'm quite experienced in this physical pleasure department." "Bastard!" she slapped his hand away but Aaron caught her mouth and kissed her hard...____________A cold and arrogantly ruthless CEO by day and a playboy by night, was how newspapers and magazines always portrayed the young billionaire Aaron Rodriguez but how much of truth did these rumours held? Was he really that kind of person as the rumours called or was there a different shade of him? Livia was going to find out soon...______________18 Oct '19 - 12 Dec' 19Word count : 34950-35000 approx.***This is my first work and I hope you'll like it 😊 Do vote and comment because your support matters a lot. 👉 The work is unedited. So read at your own risk. If you find a mistake I hope you'll be able to either ignore it or point it out very politely. You can also check out my other book. Hopefully you'll like it too. ❤️

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Learning to Live

Sapphire loves boxing, food and cats. Being a triplet with two brothers, she learned quickly how to stand up for herself and deal with boys.Hunter is the town's resident bad boy, at least according to Sapphire's best friend. The first time Sapphire sees him, he was beating up a guy to within an inch of his life in the school hallway. So she should be terrified when she finds herself alone with him behind the school gym. Except Sapphire sees beyond what others see in Hunter.Their relationship develops as Sapphire accepts hunter's unexpected offer. But life keeps throwing sucker punches that even Sapphire and Hunter can't dodge.

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Are you mine?

We've all heard about 'the main character'. The type of person who lives through the most dramatic and improbable situations, and finds the kind of epic romance you only see in works of fiction. Which makes you think about how unrealistic love like that is. I used to think the same thing until I met him.Until I met 'the bad boy' that, as it turns out, wasn't that bad at all, just simply...a boy. A boy with an easy smile, a charming personality and looks so enticing that I couldn't keep my eyes off of him if I tried. A boy whose shoulders were starting to slump with the weight of his past and his family. A boy who believed that the only way to survive was by putting a lock on his heart and chaining it down to a place so deep inside of him that no one could ever reach it again. A boy who, for reasons I'll never comprehend, placed the key inside my palm and didn't shy away when I tried to free his hidden heart from its restraints. A boy who made me the main character of my own story. A story I never want to forget, and which begged to be put on paper.This is that story. ~~~#1 love triangle 8/26/2019#1 teen romance 11/4/2019 #1 mystory 7/27/2020#1 teen drama 9/9/2020 #1 goodgirl 9/12/2020 Cover by @alexandramar1eContains swearing and mature language.

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The Kings IV II

the story of the King twins and their forevers, againtw: ed

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Call it Love

EmiliaI was so sure I'd never see him again. Not that I didn't want to. But not that I did.After all, he was the one that bailed on me. The one who threw away all those years we had for his own future. I shouldn't have been the one left feeling hurt. Yet somehow, I was.Seeing my best friend now, five years later, at my sister's wedding was the last thing I expected. But I never imagined I'd relive the heartache he left in his wake. And I never imagined falling for Adam Blackwell.AdamI wasn't supposed to see her again. Not that I didn't want to. A part of me did. A part of me always will.Emilia Feye was my best friend. Until I left her in my past and threw our friendship away.It was a mistake that haunts me every single day. It was between my best friend and my career. But I'm not the only one guilty. She did the same thing as me.Seeing her now, five years later, at my brother's wedding was unexpected. I never thought I'd have to suffer the consequences for the mess I made and the friendship I shattered.But I never imagined falling in love with her this time. I never imagined falling in love with Emilia Feye....Emilia and Adam meet again, five years after parting and going separate ways for college.They're not eighteen anymore. They're not so selfish anymore. And they're not best friends anymore.They caused each other heartache and now it's time to right their wrongs and make up for those mistakes. Now, in Marbella, Spain. Now, at her sister and his brother's wedding, the two meet again.Except this time, things are different. This time there's anger, frustration, pain, and regret.This time, they're not friends, they're a complicated mess.They call it friendship. We all call it love. ...ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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