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Brain Games

First year interns get tangled up in an enemies-with-benefits relationship while competing to be the top resident and get the best cases.*****Delilah Harper has wanted to hold a scalpel in her hand since she was five. She's gone to the best pre-med and medical school, and now she's onto the best hospital in the country to start her residency. Everything is going according to plan with her dream of becoming a neurosurgeon. Except one little thing.Bradly Gallow.Stupidly tall, dark, and handsome Brad. Not only is he undeniably attractive, but he's also extremely arrogant and, unfortunately, intelligent-despite his stereotypical, air-headed frat boy name.Since day one of medical school, Delilah and Brad have been duking it out to be at the top of their class. And as fate would have it, they both match at the same hospital across the country to start their residency, continuing their rivalry. While competing to be the top resident, the two come up with the self proclaimed Brain Games where they battle for the best cases and keep tabs to see who will help perform the first major surgery. The games seem simple enough, until tension, sexual frustration, hidden feelings, and seemingly unfair advantages come into the mix to complicate everything. Who will win and who will lose?A spin-off of The Scars of Anatomy.

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Loving Ashe - Book 1 of the Celebrity Series

Twenty-three year old Riley Eames is still haunted by the heartbreak from three years ago. After the unexpected encounter with rising Hollywood star Ashe Hunter, will she finally open up or will her heart stay tormented by the past? *** After being dumped three years ago by her celebrity boyfriend, Riley Eames remained unable to truly heal and move on. So when he invites her to meet-up in a hotel, she agrees, albeit reluctantly. But plans are ruined when she gets stuck in an elevator with British actor Ashe Hunter. They may have hit it off at the start but it would take a lot of convincing before Riley lets him into her life. With all the doubts and baggages that's coming back from her past, will another celebrity open up Riley's heart?Cover Designed By Daniela

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Back to Willow - [ON GOING]

[+18]Twenty-two-year-old and single-mom, Willow, has a busy life between raising a 5-year-old, working and finally starting college. She wouldn't be able to do it without her grandmother's help and finally after 7 years of struggling she finally has her life back on track. She's back to fulfilling her dreams and there's nothing she want's more than to show her baby boy that even when life sets you back, you don't give up.But Willow finds herself in a setback when her childhood friend, who lives in the same city she moved to, comes stumbling back onto her life.She wasn't expecting to see him ever again and his presence brings a whole set of memories and secrets that she wanted to keep buried. But their feelings run deep and the unfinished business keeps forcing them to cross each other's paths. Will She be able to stay away or will she give in and tell him the truth?***🥇 for ChickLit - The Lucent Awards🥇 for New/Young Adult - The Rose Gold Awards🥈 for Chick Lit - The Phoenix Awards🥉 for ChickLit - The Seasonal Contests#1 Bestfriends among 111k stories on 05/09/2021#2 Friendstolovers among 15k stories on the 30/08/2021

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A story written with heart to touch yours. Forever Grateful is a story where a young beautiful girl who has gone through what most wouldn't even dream of and yet has the brightest smile and heart full of love.Hop on this rollercoaster ride, as it will make you want to laugh, smile, be in love and cry with the characters.Reviews- @L33SH13 - Wow. This story was amazing! It's just so emotional and powerful. I love it a lot. It was predictable but yet unexpected. I'm literally crying tears of joy and sadness lol. I honestly wish this was a movie because I can imagine it perfectly and it would definitely be one of my favorites. It was so inspirational, full of emotions and love. @duashah124 I read this story and not gonna lie this story left me in tears. Everything was just perfect, this story is like a check on us to have Faith and to know that life is not easy or that not everyone has their 'happily ever after' on this earth. Best story honestly I loved it. @Yeshaswiii Love it sooooo muchhhh. Best journey ever....❤❤ @Maanya_ Like the book was so damn emotional and all the things portrayed were💯 relatable you wrote it with such sincerity I literally cried reading epilogue You are [email protected] I am crying over a book after a long time the first and the last time I cried over a book like this was years ago and it was the fault in our stars.Ranking-#1 Sad story (16th December, 2020) #2 romance (26th August 2020)#2 new adult (9th July 2020)#1 inspiring (28th August 2020)#4 hot (25th August 2020)#2 writing (30th August 2020) #1 character development (26th nov 2020)#1 Indian author (10Feb 2021)

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C - Suite

An ambitious Indian-American CEO mixes business with pleasure when she finds a hot-headed investor for a new venture. However, when forces threaten their fragile partnership, she must find the culprit before her bank account and bed are emptied. *****Nyla Malhotra was just promoted to CEO of one of the fastest growing companies in America. Now, it's do or die as she navigates the ruthless business world where she not only faces a contentious Board of Directors but also plenty of backstabbing along the way.To prove herself, she is bound to launch a new product line but it get's shelved indefinitely. Needing an investor, she turns to fellow CEO Darius Giordano, a rather brooding and hot-headed businessman with an agenda of his own. Sparks fly, inside and outside the bedroom, as Nyla faces budding feelings and an enemy who is set to destroy everything she has ever worked for. It might be more difficult holding onto her crown than she thought before. Cover credit: @blackroguex© 2018 Moonlighthunter3 All Rights Reserved.

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Happily Divorced

A firm believer of "Exes can be friends," Chassie Lewis has proven everyone thinking otherwise wrong. For almost four years now, she's been happily divorced with ex-husband, Nathaniel Forester. The sparks had flown and crashed between them a long time ago. It is never capable of flight again for sure. Or at least that's what she thought before time starts reminding her why she fell in love with him rather than why she ended it all.The sparks are flying again, only this time, it's taken off higher than it's ever been. But then she's maybe too late. The rational thing to do? Try not to desperately want him back. Can she though?

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Little More Love || Completed

She has always craved for true love and when she found it, she left it. She moved from Manchester to Chicago without anyone's knowledge leaving her family, love, memories and everything else behind, now all she has is herself and her dreams. *****Nora Williamson, a 24 years old girl, trying to live her life the way she always wanted, she escapes from the place one would call home. People say she's selfish enough to abort her child but no one really knows what's going on inside her head, she's pretty complicated. Hans Nicholas Anderson, a 26 years old business man, industrialist and founder of Anderson Enterprises, have some major anger issues and a lot of sarcasm, he has worked all day all night to bring his company where it is today. What will happen when he will meet the person who changed his life in every possible way, whom he has cursed for the longest time.Jump into the LoveHateLove story of Hans and Nora for a roller coaster ride filled with laughter, tears, anger, contentment, and surprises.Cover credit : Myself.

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The Boy Who Didn't Love

A story in which a girl falls in love with a sociopath.Highest rank: #1 in Teen Fiction [July 29, 2022], #1 in Humor [January 3, 2023], #12 in New Adult [January 23, 2023], #26 in Romance [January 26, 2023].

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Fifteen years ago, the world we knew changed. Aliens started an attack against Earth.At first, it was just a whisper on the internet, and then the country it happened to grew silent. Nothing was heard for months, and the rumours died, but then it rose up again after another one of those strange things happened.A shooting star-space trash-an alien warship. This time, more people were catching on to it, it became a huge thing, everyone was talking about it, except the government.The second wave happened when I was twenty. I was elated by this. This was my chance to get a mysterious alien husband. Surely my "gaming" experience would help me with them. They would fall in love with me, and I would live happily ever after.The first aliens were called Xalavian. They didn't take us as wives, not that anybody wanted that. They were ruthless beings that took humans as their "cattle." This was nothing that I ever imagined. The games I played had amazing, handsome aliens. Warriors of noble cause, not these ragtag villains.Earth was no longer in the safety bubble of "do aliens exist or not", we were free for all the aliens to visit.Next up was Fhaen, or as we humans called them; elves. Truly beautiful, pure creatures with bright white eyes, long silky hair, long stature, and frail looking.They kept us safe from the other invading aliens that we honestly didn't even know about anymore. We believed what they said.Saying we were kept safe and tolerated doesn't mean they were nice.Slave species. That's what humanity became.At this point, I had given up on my fantasies, forgotten, and laid to ruin within the depths of my laughable mind.Then, I met another alien species, Zohra.

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The First She ✓

In a freak accident, Kira, a NASA scientist, is teleported to a planet that has no women. When she's saved by an alien that thinks she's a boy, she fights to keep herself alive and her gender a secret. - • - Vrox's life has always been tranqil, until a troublesome boy with endless secrets crashes onto his lap.

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The General ✓

Sex makes them stronger. We're at war, and the Zolano warriors need women in their furs to enhance their fighting performance. They're known for their skills in the battlefield and in the sheets, so it's easy for them to get volunteering women. Then there's me. I'm not there to have sex with alien warriors. I'm there to clean their dishes and laundry, straighten their sex-wrinkled sheets, and hope I don't anger any of these beasts.When The General comes to me and asks me to lift my skirt, he's shocked by my rejection. I've never seen this man looking anything but bored or angry. There's a dozen women here who wouldn't dream of turning him down, but he wants me-- his servant; the human with the plain body and the backbone to reject him.

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Chasing Sunsets

(Complete) When popular Indie Adams gets paired with a boy she's never looked twice at for a photography project, she begins to see herself and her surroundings from a different lens. Although her life looks picture perfect from the outside, there's more than meets the eye. A story about love, healing, but most importantly about friendships- and the irrevocable bond that comes with being best friends."an amazing story, you've captured the emotional and beautiful journey of loss and love" [email protected]"I can't express how well written and executed this whole story was" [email protected]_musclebunny

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Waiting For Us

Sometimes, the guy falls in love first. Deeply.In kindergarten, she gave him a flower. She forgot her kindness, but he would always remember. No matter how many girls Grayson Summers dates or hooks up with, he can never forget Talia Chase. Accidentally labeled as the high schools womanizer, he continuously collects more and more problems. Too scared of rejection, Grayson has never asked Talia to be his, and only spends his time hopelessly dreaming. Talia is confused. Her friends have told her Grayson Summers is not a guy who smiles or is kind, but Talia swears she has seen him act both of those ways before. The universe has plans.After the night of the basketball state championship, Talia finds herself questioning Grayson's true reasons behind his actions as the two grow closer together. --------------------------Warning: this story contains strong language, alcohol and drug use, and sexual content

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The Lieutenant 🪖

Harper Williams has never been one to follow the rules, so it's no surprise she lands herself in a court-ordered delinquent bootcamp for two years trapped under Lieutenant Assholes ruling. He's unapproachable, unattainable and fucking hot. Rumour has it, he took a vow to not have intimate relations with any of the recruits. So what happens when she accidentally ends up sharing a shower with him?Will he break his vow, or will she just get into a lot of trouble for that? 🪖💎Short story, no triggers. 💎🪖

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The Alpha's Breeder ✔️ COMPLETE

After being kidnapped by a group of vengeful werewolves, Emira finds herself in one hell of a situation.Her true soul mate is a Cardinal Alpha who is hell-bent on keeping her. And, to make matters worse, she only has 6 moon cycles to be 'marked, mated, and pupped'.What does that even mean? ...Snippet :"It has taken me far too long to find you. How could I let go of you?" he rumbled softly as if in contemplation, "How could I reject the best part of me?" His voice is deep and velvety with a husky undertone that seems to become even more heated with every word he speaks. I find myself completely enthralled by his longing tone of voice."I will give you time, mate. But it does not mean I will stand by and watch you without attempting to...entice you," he rumbled out with this really sinfully erotic voice that caused my heart to stumble. I think he already has me where he wants me....Both main characters are virgins.WARNING : Mature content, dark themes, sexual references. If you like emotional roller coasters than feel free to join! Chapter 35 has been shortened.** At the beginning of a chapter indicates that the chapter contains explicit sexual content not suitable for all readers. Proceed with caution....THE FULLY EDITED VERSION WITH EXTRA STEAMY CONTENT IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE ON AMAZON!!!! Clickable link is in my profile!The Alpha's Breeder :

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The Actress' Husband

❝Hollywood is scary. She is scarier.❞• • •The night before their marriage, Emily Pinault catches her fiancé in the act of cheating. Completely devastated by his betrayal, she has a breakdown outside of the civil affairs office where she had gone to register their matrimony as a family tradition. However, his sudden forfeiture on that exact day after screwing someone behind her back the prior night acts as the last straw. No longer does she have plans to forgive and forget. She becomes thirsty for revenge instead. To get back at him, Emily grabs the first good-looking man standing close to her and confidently asks, "Will you marry me?" Achievements:#1 - hollywood (08/01/2020)#1 - actress (01/26/2020)#1 - actor (06/26/2020)#1 - young adult (12/19/2019)#1 - diverse lit (02/05/2020)#1 - husband (02/22/2020) #1 - cute (12/18/2019)#1 - revenge (04/22/2021)#1 - wife (12/29/2022)#3 - chicklit (11/22/2019)#3 - steamy (04/19/2020)#5 - new adult (12/06/2019)All rights reserved @Zanzan112. Copyright 2019.[The first book in the Hollywood series.]

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Billionaire's Disastrous Kiss

When Hailey Evans, an aspirant employee of the marketing department in one of the most wealthiest companies in the states finds herself in trouble with the arrogant, cold hearted CEO Ian Kingston, she pulls a trick no one has ever done.And in return he gives her a disastrous kiss that turn her world upside down. One party.One kiss.And the next thing she knows, she's a billionaire's fiancé.

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Elena's life had been peaceful, until the day she was forced to join the Godson family to pay off a debt that had been owed for generations before hers. To complicate things, Elena had captured the unwanted attention of the youngest son of the Godson family, Griffin Godson. Elena is determined to erase this debt once and for all while staying out of Griffin's way. What she didn't count on was Griffin's determination to be in her way.---So much for a little rest, one hour had already passed. I stretch my arms over my head to hopefully gets better blood flow " Sleeping on the job?" Came a low husky voice My body went rigid. My eyes instantly snapped toward the source.On my bed, in gray sweatpants, a fitted white t-shirt stretches over his big body with one knee slightly bend as he sits comfortably with his back against the bedpost, flipping through my book.Griffin.My body remains rooted on the spot, my eyes peek at the door. I locked it, right? Griffin leisurely places the book back on the bedside table before turning his full attention toward me. Should I make a run for it? " Don't even think about it, Elena. If I have to catch you, I will throw you on this bed." His eyes steadfastly fixed on me I swallowed " What do you want?" I ask instead

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Local Flavour: Big Apple (Book 3, the Local Flavour Series)

TV chef Quinn Allen is ready to settle down with Lucy McLean in her small hometown, but will their relationship survive her big-city dreams? *****From the outside, Lucy McLean's life is perfect. She's with the love of her life, Quinn Allen, and they have a thriving business together in tiny Port Ross, Nova Scotia. He wants to put down roots in the town and get even closer, but she's holding back - she can't escape the painful memories of tragic events from the past. A lucrative offer from an enigmatic billionaire has Lucy's head spinning, offering them a chance to get away from it all in New York City. It's a dream come true for Lucy, but Quinn is suspicious. She knows it's a gamble - either the opportunity of a lifetime, or a deal with the devil. Can they have it all in New York, or will Lucy's Big Apple dreams all turn sour?(Book three of the Local Flavour Series)[[word count: 100,000-150,000 words]]Cover designed by Ren T

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The Billionaire's Wedding Planner ✔

Wedding Planner's Golden Rule: Don't fall in love with the groom.Handsome, charming, billionaire playboy, Aiden Carlisle's wedding to beautiful, but demanding Caroline Baxter is set to be the event of the century.Sweet, smart and talented, Rosalie Darling is the best in the business; wedding planner to the stars!Planning a wedding brings people together, but what if it brings the wrong people close?*"Aiden. Aiden," she said, softly, hurriedly, breathlessly, clutching my shirt in her delicate hands. Her body was pulling me closer and her mind was pushing me away. I couldn't tear my eyes off her face, her lips.She was breathing heavily. "I'm planning your wedding," she said, her eyes focused on my lips, so close to hers, as she bit down on her lower lip.I smirked, chuckling darkly. "What wedding?" I asked.I tightened the grip that I had on her.And I pressed my lips to hers.*#1 in Love#2 in Romance#20 in Bad Boy

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Erin Thomas is 23, and expecting. She lives with her boyfriend,Dean, and cannot wait to bring her baby into this world and live happily ever after. Dean has no desires to be a father. When Erin tells him she's pregnant, he begs her to have an abortion, but she refuses. He gives her an ultimatum, the baby or him.Enzo "Assassin" Costa is a 30 year old boxer. He has never lost. He's dedicated his life to boxing, never having time for anything else. He spends all his time training and ends up overhearing some guys in the locker room talking about selling off his girlfriend. Enzo becomes enraged and decides to intervene. But is he too late?

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Dynasty Boys

ELLE TAYLORSHaverhill was supposed to be a fresh start for me. The only thing I didn't expect was to grab Carter's Knight and his friends attention, the rich and mysterious boys who own the entire town. After my parents' death I thought it couldn't get worse but it was until I started getting strange texts and visits from a masked man. Who should I trust? CARTER KNIGHTI wasn't ready for Elle Taylors. Ever since she stepped on St-Williams Knight High I couldn't stop thinking about her, I wanted to own her. But it wasn't easy, I wasn't a Prince Charming. If she knew what I was capable of she would run away. Too late, I'm Carter fucking Knight and I noticed her.She's mine now. She just doesn't know yet.SINFUL BLOODLINES BOOK ONE | DB is NOT a RH#1 New Girl (4.2.2023)

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Alpha Kaden

I shouldn't have become friends with benefits with my alpha. When an injured Alpha Kaden comes to my office, I do what any doctor would do and tend to his wounds. Somewhere along the light touches and eye contact, I ended flat on my back on the patient bed with my alpha buried in me. We agreed to a friends-with-benefits arrangement. No attachments, no drama, only sex. It was supposed to be easy, but I should have known Alphas are greedy. Kaden got a taste of me, and demands more.

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Paint with Me Among the Shadows (Book One, the Salvation MC Series)

What happens when a finger painting prodigy hitches a ride from a disfigured biker? Why chaos of course!Quirky, oddball Georgie is anything but normal. For years she hasn't only suffered from a lack of filter but she also has "episodes." She can't control them. To make matters worse, she was just expelled from the illustrious art university that she had been lucky enough to get into. With nowhere else to turn, Georgie makes the decision to travel back home to Sunny Valley, AL to reunite with her father and sister, whom she hasn't seen in fourteen years.It's at a gas station where she meets the beautifully scarred, Adonis, and with his help, she arrives home in typical Georgie fashion: with arms full of snacks, a never-ending string of chatter, and a determination to find out the truth all while keeping her episodes a secret. Easier said, right? Especially when that handsome biker stumbles upon an episode.*Wattpad Reviews:"This was a beautiful book and captured me throughout." @JamieLee716"This was honestly one of the best books I have read on Wattpad in the last two years." @alswedlove"I love this book. This was such an emotional ride. At times so painful, so raw. And the ending... Perfect." @YelenaLugin"I was so hooked I couldn't put my phone down." @S_Nicole1995"Wow, honestly I loved the raw emotions in this book." @kenny-08"This story was seriously beautifully written." @SugarLoverCandy9"This is one of the best stories I've ever read no exaggeration!" @xxxSweetMelodyxxx* # 1 in Chick Lit 2/21/23# 1 in Art 5/8/22# 1 in Alphamale 7/20/21# 3 in Comedy 6/26/21# 1 in Painting 7/30/21# 3 in Biker 5/5/22# 3 in Motorcycle 5/5/22# 5 in bad boy 11/19/21 # 4 in Mental Health 2/19/22# 21 in Romance 7/20/22

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Because of Haven Beach

"The moon's really beautiful, if you think about it," I blurted."Yeah?" he asked, mild amusement and curiosity mingling in his voice."Yeah," I confirmed. "It's just- there's something about the moon that's ethereal. I don't really know how to describe it, but it's a constant in life. You can't always see it, but you have to trust that it's out there somewhere. And when you can see it, it's all bright and shiny and overcomes the darkness." I paused, searching for the right words. "I don't know. I guess it's a reminder that there are good things out there, even if you can't see them... And it's cool to think that someone hundreds of miles away is staring at the exact same moon as you. It makes me feel not so alone in life."Turning my head, I saw him staring at me intently with a thoughtful look on his face."Too deep for a Friday night?" I laughed nervously, feeling my face grow hot.And this was precisely why I didn't go to parties.He shook his head and seemed to snap out of his daze. "It was deep in a good way."*** SHE was quiet & left out. Part of a friend group because of convenience. Dealing with fighting parents at home. Looking for more in life. Always wanting to get away from Chicago & start over. Her parents' divorce gave her the perfect opportunity.Ending up in Haven Beach, she rekindled relationships with estranged relatives & got the teenage experience she had always dreamed of. Midnight drives. Bonfires at the beach. Adventures every day. Friends who actually cared. Because of Haven Beach, she found herself.HE was a focused athlete- Haven Beach's golden boy. The 4 F's were all that mattered: football, friends, family, & food. All that changed when a quiet brunette moved to town. Because of her arrival in Haven Beach, his world shifted on its axis.THIS is Charlotte & Eli's story.Started: 12/10/20Finished: 2/16/21WC: 107k#1 in contemporary romance 5/24#1 in sports romance 7/16#1 in friends to lovers 8/1#1 in newgirl 8/8

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About Kylie

Christian Parkinson's playboy lifestyle has taken an interesting turn when he met the sharp and witty Kylie Preston. She has something in her that other women lack - the guts to call him on his bullshit.She's not the type he dates but Christian finds pleasure annoying the life out of her. It was obvious the feelings wasn't mutual. But he was still surprised to see her swoon over his goody-two shoes brother.It would've been fine, really. Except it hurts his ego just a little.

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