The Kids Aren't Alright

The Kids Aren't Alright

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The year is 1988, and Finn, Ronan, Becca and Jasper are spending the summer at a reformatory camp located deep in the Alaskan wilderness. The camp, named Lightlake, is the last chance the teens have to get their lives back on track, but changing for the better isn't easy - and especially not at a place like Lightlake, where secrets outnumber the campers and myths have a way of coming to life.

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[[word count: 200,000-250,000 words]]

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Abuse is all Belle has ever known, Her mother had 5 other children before Belle was born. When she had Belle she didn't want to have her grow up in that environment, so she fled with her. only her.things took a turn for the worse when Belle's Mom Sarah met a new man Belle's step father Mark.Sarah got into drugs because of Mark and they both started to abuse Belle when she was only 5 years old. she doesn't know anything about having 5 older brothers so what happens when she has to go live with them?Cover by _navyblueee_
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Bhagavad-Gita is the most beautiful, perhaps the only true philosophical song existing in any known tongue' - so opined William von Humboldt.Though it is a matter of consensus that Bhagvad-Gita in the present length of seven hundred verses has many an interpolation to it, but no meaningful attempt has ever been made to delve into the nature and extent, not to speak of the effect of these on the Hindu society at large.The moot point that has missed the attention of all, all along, is that if the Sudras were to be so lowly in the Lord's creation, how come then the Gita's architect Krishna, His avatar, and Vyāsa, its chronicler, happen to be from the same lowly Hindu caste fold. Moreover, is it not absurd to suggest that either or both of them had deprecated the station of their own varna (caste) on their own in their very own Gita?The methodical codification of interpolations carried out here, for the first time ever, puts the true character of Gita in proper perspective. Identified here are hundred and ten slokas of deviant nature and or of partisan character, the source of so much misunderstanding about this book extraordinary, in certain sections of the Hindu fold.Thus, in the long run, exposing and expunging these mischievous insertions is bound to bring in new readers from these quarters to this over two millennia old classic besides altering the misconceptions of the existing adherents.In this modern rendition, the beauty of the Sanskrit slokas is reflected in the rhythmic flow of the English verses of poetic proportions even as the attendant philosophy of the song that is the Gita is captured in contemporary idiom for easy comprehension.Link to the audio book in YouTube
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Dragonkin Chronicles - Book 1The story for Rebel Queen was born from a natural curiosity in how life was proceeding on Amesdia. I spent so many years there and spent so much time conceiving of the dragons that populate that world that I couldn't help but jump back into their lives and have some fun. I took my love of dragons to the next level, bringing in a species of dragon of a more humanoid shape; the dragonkin.Eighty years have passed since the events outlined in Draconis' Bane and Deadly Intentions. Life in Amesdia has been peaceful and prosperous.Cassandra is the fifth child of Tristan and from all outward appearances, is a perfectly normal young woman...until her mother passes away. Changes begin to occur in Cassandra, small and seemingly inconsequential at first. When she wakes up one morning to find that her soft human flesh has morphed into golden dragon scale, her family begins to worry.While Tristan struggles with how, or indeed if, he should do anything about his daughters dramatic change in appearance, an invasion force lays waste to a major port city. The creatures who invaded look very much like Cassandra and when a band of delegates are assembled to investigate the race known as the Sakwa Dragonkin, she is chosen to join that mission.The Sakwa are a dying race and in order to expand their empire, they are willing to kill and die for new lands to call home. Tristan and Cassandra have to discover if a peaceful alliance can be reached, or if the Seven Kingdoms have to prepare for a war of attrition.

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Abuse is all Belle has ever known, Her mother had 5 other children before Belle was born. When she had Belle she didn't want to have her grow up in that environment, so she fled with her. only her.things took a turn for the worse when Belle's Mom Sarah met a new man Belle's step father Mark.Sarah got into drugs because of Mark and they both started to abuse Belle when she was only 5 years old. she doesn't know anything about having 5 older brothers so what happens when she has to go live with them?Cover by _navyblueee_

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