I Like You a Latte {Completed}

I Like You a Latte {Completed}

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Category: Romance
"You're my favorite thing." He croaked. "You're all I have left . . . I don't know what I would do if you left me."

A story built on coffee, awkward glances, dark pasts, too many puns, and one girl's uncanny ability to find trouble.
Oh, and love.
Beverly had always loved local coffee shops. When she stumbles upon Cynthia's, she enjoys a mocha and the adorable, awkward giant of a barista, who is covered in tattoos and would be terrifying, if not for the fact that he can hardly look her in the eye. As they grow closer, Beverly works to unravel his tricky past, whilst trying not to get involved in her roommate's suspicious antics and the sudden uprising of drugs and alcohol at her university.

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#1 in Sweet 5/14/22 -- 5/18/22
#5 in Chicklit 7/23/22
#1 in shyboy 8/7/22

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