Brew Books 2

Brew Books 2

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After a difficult first few months working in the Brew Books café, Jane is finally feeling at home - until the past comes back to haunt her.


After months of working at the café and bookstore, Jane has finally started to grow into her independence and stop viewing her self-worth in Instagram likes. But suddenly Harper, the cute bartender Jane feels a spark with, seems to have eyes for someone else. Kitty unleashes a secret from Jane's past that she's not sure she'll be able to get past. And the lingering affects of Matt's absence in the bookstore create a conflict which threatens to tear the entire crew - and business - apart.

(Book 2 in the Brew Books series)

[[word count: 70,000-80,000 words]]

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Genre : action thriller ........ Amukta : I know you very well ! Don't explain about yourself. Dev : thanks for coming into my life. ........ Priest : this is not just about the criminals. It is indeed about the curse. Dev : every criminal will be punished one day and every curse have a solution to get rid of it. .......... Amukta : I am all alone in this huge forest. I am severely injured. Where are you dev ? Dev : I am ready for the blood shed. ........... To know about her take a look into the story.
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-Jesteś powodem dla którego chcę codziennie się budzić i żyć , kocham patrzeć w twe piękne oczy niczym dwa lśniące bursztyny . Nie wyobrażam sobie sensu życia gdyby ciebie nie było . Dlatego że to ty jesteś moim życiem i dajesz mi energię . - Powiedział brunet trzymając ją w swych silnych ramionach . Ona nie protestowała , wtuliła się w jego tors i łzy zaczęły spływać jej po policzkach . chłopak otarł je i czule się do niej uśmiechnął . - Zayn przepraszam, ja tak nie mogę ......- Dodała opamiętując się w jednym momencie.

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There are many people that think learning Chinese is complicated, but if you choose the best learning method like Chinese Tuition, the Chinese dialect is a little simpler. Even better, you don't have to spend all your savings to learn a second language. Using the right approach is a very valuable decision at graduation, but the decision to acquire proficiency in a foreign dialect is a personal choice.

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