Will & Rosie

Will & Rosie

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Category: Romance
Rosie is meant to hate famous rockstar Will O'Connor, who killed her father in a car crash, but she finds herself falling in love instead.


Rock sensation, Will O'Connor is in the prime of his career when he unintentionally kills a man in a car accident. Full of remorse, he must come to terms with his non-guilty verdict. People-pleasing Rosie Montgomery dedicates her life to making others happy. Following her father's death in Will's crash, she becomes desperate to keep her family intact. But when Will and Rosie accidentally meet at her father's grave, there's an undeniable bond. Can they ignore the rest of the world and go after what their hearts most desire? And most importantly - can either of them handle the consequences?

[[word count: 80,000-90,000 words]]

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