My Pretend Summer (Sequel to Camp Mapplewood)

My Pretend Summer (Sequel to Camp Mapplewood)

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Category: Teen Fiction
Emma and Vivian spend their summer at a new camp to help out a friend, only to discover that it's a dating camp and they both have to pretend to be single!


Emma and Vivian, having spent their first year of college living together, agree to spend their summer at Gwen Black's latest camp. Unfortunately, due to a misunderstanding (and Gwen's aggressive advertising), the entire camp is using Emma as a mascot because she's "single". Emma and Vivian decide to let the situation play out to help Gwen, finding a new thrill in keeping their love secret. Soon, though, things get out of hand as they start making each other jealous, and someone online is working to destroy their relationship (and the entire camp)! Can Emma save the camp, her reputation, and the only relationship that's ever mattered to her?

(Sequel to Camp Mapplewood: original version.)

[[word count: 40,000-50,000 words]]

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