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Category: Romance
Amari Vasilios, the CEO of a rapidly growing Advertising Company in California, experienced a heartbreak from her best friend, Zane Shaw, five years ago-a person she least expected to be the first to break her heart. Surprisingly, it was all because of a girl he had known for only four months.

Amari was furious at the time, and her anger still persists. She made a conscious effort to ignore and avoid Zane as much as possible, and for the past five years, she succeeded.

However, everything has changed now.

Presently, she finds herself gazing at the invitation letter clenched in her hand. It turns out to be a wedding invitation, sent by her brother and his fiancee.

She realizes she must return home, to New York, and attend the wedding.

Going to the wedding means encountering Zane once again.

Going to the wedding means coming face-to-face with the person she managed to evade successfully for five long years.

Read the story of Amari Vasilios and Zane Shaw in 'Chase me.'

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All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof
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