His Witch

His Witch

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Category: Science Fiction
What if Renee and Charlie didn't just have Isabella?
What if Isabella had an older sister?
What if Charlie and Renne were paying attention only to Isabella?
What if Selena was raised by her grandmothers and grandfather.
What if she had a gift that Charlie and Isabella don't have?

English is not my first language
I do not own the copyright of Twilight but my OC
I do not own the copyrights to the images or videos I use

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While legacy Matt Zahid asks female fighter Scarlett Ema to become his mentor in order to participate in the annual MMA tournament, things begin to go sideways in Renton city. โ™ค โ™ค โ™ค"It has been quiet in Renton city for too long. The secrets of the past became restless. But now she is here, a ghost of the past more alive than even the living. And her plan of revenge is already set in motion." โ™ค โ™ค โ™คTHIS IS A REWRITE OF "THE CUTIE IS A BOXER". THIS IS HOW THE STORY WAS SUPPOSED TO GO.

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Gary's Song

Have you ever had stage 4 cancer, been 6 months deep, but rather tell your family you're gay? No, just me? It's not that I like lying or being sadistic. I think I'm just selfish. So much so, that I'd rather suffer alone than hurt my family. I won't give cancer the satisfaction.Cover art by: arodriguezdesign on Instagram

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