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Category: Werewolf
Two lost Souls.
Sawyer Romano: the new girl.
Kalani Reed: the church girl.
Jesse Crawford: the athlete.
Mya Jones: the teen mom.
Isaac "Bear" Jones: the incarcerated father.
Atticus Rigby: the victim.
Caitlin King: the bullied teen.
Lachlan King: the caring and selfless older brother.
Allison King: the "Kings Queen."
Hudson King: the shady excuse of a brother.
Cameron and Addison King: the grieving parents.
Grayson King: the wrongfully convicted murderer.
Viola Braxton: the master manipulator.
Derby, California: the corrupt town.

Strong, stubborn, brave and altruistic Sawyer Romano, a high school senior, has left her family after they fled for their safety, and is heading to Derby, California.

After a sheltered life, she's in for an adventure beyond her imagination, a love - deep and soul shattering with a broken man - she didn't expect and friends she'll do anything for by the end of senior year...

One of those friends is Mya Jones, unknown supernatural that lives in Derby, California with her two year old daughter, raising her with the help of a family that took her in when her grandmother died. At just eighteen years old, a senior in high school on her way to an Ivy League school, she has her whole life ahead of her if only things would for once go the way she wanted. But life, however, doesn't always go as planned.

With the support of Sawyer, the new mystery girl boarding next door, will Mya's life finally come full circle and gain some order? Will her daughters fathers' return cause mayhem adding to her already broken, and now shielded heart??

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Никто не хочет жить обычной серой жизнью, все хотят приключений и ярких эмоций. Такой и была Сара - простая девушка из пригорода Норфолка. Она спокойно жила в ожидании чего-то необычного и дождалась. В её жизнь ворвался загадочный но невероятно красивый незнакомец с огромным количеством секретов. Парень оказывается вампиром, но эта не единственная тайна, которую он хранит. Одна из этих тайн полностью меняет жизнь девушки ведь секрет касается её судьбы. Сможет ли она избежать своей участи или же судьба настигнет её в любом случае, куда бы она не бежала?
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Shazia could feel someone's burning gaze on her throughout the presentation but she chose to ignore the feeling of being watched by someone....., Ali couldn't help but wonder how a little girl like her carried herself more maturely and professional..... after explaining her part she turned around to be met with the most darkest and coldest eyes she has ever seen which sent shiver down her spine ( the first mistake she did is to look in those eyes) she quickly averted her eyes..., Ali's thoughts were stopped when she turned and looked directly in his eyes, he saw something which he cannot put his finger., in her eyes...., Shazia gave others a small smile before asking their opinion, but when it was Ali's turn to speak ..... the statement he uttered next made Raiyyan spit the water he was drinking....... and others astonished....( what did Ali say????)...... join this abstract roller coaster of Shazia and Ali's life to know more...!!! The story of two different people who will get to know each other by a meeting.... A girl who craved for her parents love but end up loosing them in front of her eyes A guy who had everything from looks to people... and also lots of taints of blood in his hands of innocent to bad...( little did he know that he won't be able to forgive himself for his one mistake after meeting that one particular girl)The girl who will destroy everything in him... see how the ruthless mafia fall on his knee in front of a determined girl
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Send It To My Phone

#ProjectBadBoys{Highest Ranking: #7 in Teen Fiction & #2 in Fiction}Blake Tyler is your typical bad boy. He skips school, sleeps with girls, smokes, drinks, and parties. He's the most popular boy at Hartford High School. Everyone wants to be like him or be with him.Kristina Reagan is your typical book worm. She gets good grades and studies every night. She has a future and strides to not veer off course.So when her popular best friend convinces Krissy to go to one of Blake's parties, she wasn't expecting to associate herself with the bad boy himself. A drunk text sent to her could change her entire world forever.

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Oriane Moore, the new addition to the Diana Mist College, recently discovered that she is a witch. Or more specifically, a so-called 'elemental'. It's changed her life completely.Aside from the usual hocus pocus, hexes, and talking pets, Oriane, like her fellow classmates, is supposed to have control over at least one of the affinities: Fire. Water. Air. Clay. Energy. It's bad enough being the new girl in town, but to make things worse, she hasn't discovered her affinity yet. Which makes her... pretty much human in a school full of the supernatural. While she tries to come to terms with her new identity, an imminent threat lurks in the corners of the serenely composed school. Life is tough at 'Mystic High'!Highest Ranking: #7 on Paranormal 'Hot' ListContains: Implied Student-Teacher Romance, Implied Violence© Ivana Keynes. All rights reserved. January 2015.

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Yeet-Meme Lord >:(

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This is my first story in Wattpad.. Hope you'll enjoy.."Hi I am Velvet.. A cute, little, girly watch for kids and teens.. I live with a girl named Stormy who bought me.. I live quite a happy life.. I am really thankful to her"Why is Velvet thankful to Stormy? What is buried deep down Velvet's dreadful past? What happened to Velvet? And why did it happen to her(velvet) To find an answer to these questions read the story till the end©All rights reservedWord count: 689(will be updated)

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