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Vampire's Pet

The world had gone to hell long ago, taken over by the vampire race. In order to keep some sort of peace in our land, the Vampire Lords made a consecutive agreement. The rich and powerful humans could survive just as they had been, untouched by the vampires save for the occasional blood collections, or so they thought In reality, we were all under their control. Castles spread out throughout our land, one landing in each city. Each castle varied in the number of vampires residing there, but all of them carried a Lord. The Lords were the ones in charge in every city, whether we liked it or not. The vampires often roam through the city, making sure that everyone was in order and no one stepped out of line. If you stepped out of line, you died, end of story. Even if the rich were still under their control, their lives were still better than the poor. The poorest lives held a much worse fate. The men were to be put to work as slaves, whether that meant serving a specific vampire, or just building their castles, they were slaves. The women were to be pets.Pets were the lowest rank you could have. They were forced into cages that were too small to stand in with collars around their necks. They spent their lives in pet shops, just waiting for the dreadful day that they'll be bought. They were treated like animals, trained into what their master wanted, and punished if they misbehaved. Those who were lucky enough to live through that, we're to be slaughtered for their blood at age twenty-five in an act to make sure that our population would stay steady. I was born into this world. Born into this world full of blood-sucking monsters. Except, I was one of the lucky ones.Was.It all ended for me when I was 12, when I was taken away from the last bit of hope and family that I had left. Ever since then, I've lived in a cage, just rotting away, waiting, dreading for the day that some monster would make me his.This is my life. I am a pet.~~~Cover by: @mshacake

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A Vampire and a Wolf

[Completed]Previously called: "My Teacher is a Vampire"__________This book is an actual mess and has more typos than I breath in in one day. I've written this book when I was... uh, holly shit, when I was 16, so it's cringy as hell. You understand everything.Since it somehow has more than 700k reads and people seem to love it a lot, I'll become a decent author for once and edit it thoroughly.* * * * * * When you run away from your dark past, you expect to find a paradise or something similar to it, whatever the fuck fairytale cliche waits at the end of a long road, I guess.So did I. I wanted to spend my life living without problems and worries, I really did. I was a decent person, I didn't fight for no apparent reason, I didn't curse (to a dangerous degree, at least) and I didn't look for trouble living as plainly as I could But that modrefuckre just had to enter my classroom out of all and find me. He couldn't have stayed in Russia or wherever his Vampire castle was and rule for the rest of his life (which is trust me, pretty long period), drink bloody snacks and order his evil minions around for at least next five decades and let me die as a human.No.That Vampire King just had to come in my life and claim me as his beloved. * * * * * Azriela is 17 and she is trying to get through her last year in the high school and even picked the most ordinary name, Alex, to do so. She's the most hated werewolf in the world, has a dark past and even darker destiny, but the worst of all? She is beloved of the most ruthless vampire in the world. Can she change him and change herself as well in the meantime, or are some mates just not supposed to happen?Caine: Will you ever shut up, mutt?Azriela: When you're done burning in hell, leech!

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Darkly Devoted (Book 1)

Vivienne didn't believe in vampires until she started to suspect her prince might be one. Which will she sacrifice - humanity or love? *****Vivienne lives in a world where girls are chosen to become consorts of royalty, aristocrats and the filthy rich. When she catches the eye of a mysterious prince, she begins to suspect that the elite members of society aren't quite human. Her childhood friend, Blake, warned her about vampires before he died under suspicious circumstances - but now she might be bonded to one of the most powerful undead. Who can she trust? And more importantly - can she stop herself from falling in love?[[word count: 150,000-200,000 words]]Cover designed by Anastasia Wright

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The Vampire's Maid

Following the slaughter of her village, Elizabeth is plunged into the dangerous and deceptive world of Vampires. Forced to work as a maid for one of the most highly honoured Vampire families, a risky romance sparks. The choice that Elizabeth then has to face is not a simple one: Providing she finds an escape route, does she leave her lover behind for her own safety or stay with him?

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I Live with a Vampire and His Vampire Servants ✓

[Highest Rank: #162 in Vampire!] A sixteen year old named Kiara Hatake is alone. Her mother died from a heart attack and her father died from a car accident. Her father told her that if anything happened to him go to that place where it would be safe. She is dropped off by Nick who use to work with her father. When Kiara discovers a secret of the place she is living in she goes through situations that no teenager would ever want to go through. She learns things that she never knew could exist.

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My Vampire Love

What happens when you're sold to a pureblood vampire?~Brittany, a fifteen year old girl is sold to a pureblood vampire Prince.Purebloods are considered the most dangerous vampire breeds. They possess three times a normal vampire's powers.Pureblood royals possess two times the powers of a normal pureblood and are also the most dangerous purebloods.~Brittany's life might be in danger or did it just get better?This intriguing Vampire Romance Novel will keep you hooked till the very end. Enjoy!...A/N: This is my first time writing a book on wattpad, I hope you enjoy it😊

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The Vampire Next Door

He had spent centuries with only himself for company, he fed, tortured and killed that was his life and he liked it that way, until she came along and stirred something in him, something he couldn't and wouldn't accept.“If I were you I’d keep that stake sharp. Don’t expect anymore visits like this, next time I come I expect you to use that thing,” he told her pointing to the stake on the bed, and then he was gone.

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Sara Gaspard swore she'd do anything to find those responsible for her sister's death, but teaming up with the Sin of Pride is more than she bargained for. *****Desperate and dying, Sara Gaspard promises her soul to the Sin of Pride if he'll find the madmen responsible for ruining her life, but they soon discover her wish is more complicated than expected. Together, Sara and Pride delve into a twisted world of insidious plots, occult fanaticism, and paranormal disaster as they search for answers and struggle to survive. As the danger in the city of Verweald rises, Sara and Pride must find the cult before the newest threat haunting the city's bloody streets claims them both.[[Book 1, the Bereft Series]][[Writer's Debut Watty Award Winner]][[Readers Choice Award]][[Original Draft]]

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I Owed The Vampire Prince.

When Dorinda Bennett was walking home from a college party that her best friend, Kayla, dragged her to, she get harrassed by a school mate. When he start to undress her, she is saved by a guy she has no idea is. She than tells him she 'owes him' for saving her. The next day, he tells her what he's wants, he wants her to be his slave. Now Dorinda has been thrown into a world with vampires, pixies, and other supernatural.- - -Second Book Is Called Sweet Silent Night.Third Book Is Called The Vampire Prince And Me

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Vampire Guardian

Vampire, Peter Harris was expecting death after committing a crime. He wasn't expecting the alternative of becoming a guardian to a human. Sixteen years later, college student Scar Quinn encounters the man who has been watching her all these years. He's not leaving anytime soon, especially when creatures in the dark are after her.-"Drive!""But we'll hit him!""I don't care just drive!" Brad presses on the pedal with full force. The car whips side to side before going straight. The vehicle flies forward and I hold on tight because I don't have my seatbelt on.The headlights are shining towards him. He doesn't move and suddenly the car collides into his body. He goes flying over the hood and crashes into the windshield. The whole window shatters into little bits of glass while we all scream.

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Vampire Royalty

Melanie Meyer is an ordinary seventeen years old teenage girl. But when she meets Garret Stone, a vampire, everything just became so damn complicated. Because she witnessed two vampire drinking blood from two humans, she is forced to leave her normal peaceful life. She’s brought to the vampire world and stayed there for a long time since they don’t know what to do to her. They can’t drink from her, though, because there’s something about her blood that makes her so special. Her blood is so sweet that no vampire could resist stopping from drinking it. As she stays at the vampire world, she can’t help becoming close with the King and Queen and of course, the crowned Prince, Garret. Garret’s not their son, but he is like a son to them since the daughter of the King and Queen was lost nearly seventeen years ago. Join Melanie as she walks in the vampire world and falls in love while finding out her true identity.

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Belle Morte (Book 1, the Belle Morte Series)

Belle Morte is now published as a Wattpad Book! As a Wattpad reader, you can access both the Wattpad Original Edition and the Wattpad Books Published Edition upon purchase. Thank you so much for your support! *****Renie Mayfield volunteers as a blood donor for the Vampire House where her sister disappeared, when she's drawn to the smouldering vampire Edmond Dantès. ***** It's been ten years since vampires came out of the coffin, and now they are the world's biggest celebrities. Renie Mayfield is a new live-in blood donor assigned to the most famous vampire House - Belle Morte. Unlike the other donors though, Renie isn't here for fame and fortune. Her sister disappeared inside the Belle Morte House, and she wants to know why. But she isn't prepared for Edmond Dantès, a smouldering vampire who sets her blood racing. She can't deny their mutual attraction, and their dangerous dance begins. With each step into darkness Renie is drawn further into Edmond's influence, and closer to uncovering Belle Morte's secrets. If she has to choose, would she rather lose her heart or her humanity?(Book 1, the Belle Morte Series)[[word count: 150,000-200,000 words]]The sequel, Revelations, is now in Paid:

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The Vampire King

Highest rank - #1 in Vampire**In a world far beyond human imagination, into the deep roots of the vampire realm he ruled. For over a century, he's known to be the most powerful king. But when a prophecy hints at his destruction, he would do anything to save his empire from crumbling. The cause? A human girl. Upon hearing about the future, he snatches her away from everything she has ever known and traps her within the cold walls of his dungeons. Could she be the cause of his destruction? Or will he destroy her first? Leaving her to pick up her own broken pieces before she can be an ounce of a threat to him. You're welcomed to explore this world where only bloodthirsty creatures , lies, betrayal, and darkness exist. But don't be surprised if you discover LOVE along the way... **Cover by- @forcadeCopyright © 2021WARNING** Contains inappropriate content, must be 14+ to read. [Word count: 75,000 to 90,000] Enjoy.

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Under your spell {A Vampire Romance}

Noelle Hadley is a simple waitress at a high-end club, one that just so happens to be primarily haunted by the living dead. One night, when a group of her regulars shows up with a new member though, everything changes. Now she's on the run from vampire hunters, and the only safe place to turn is into the arms of the man she hates most.

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V for Vampire || kth. ✅

''so, want my bites or hickeys?''©2018-2019

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Vampire Bride

VAMPIRE BRIDE HAS A NEW COVER!!!!Vampires are a myth, but for Charlie Preston vampires are real.With the mysterious appearance of a man by the name of Maxwell Barnett, Charlie's life changes in a matter of minutes. Unfortunately, not for the better. Every vampire is assigned a bloodline and Charlie is about to learn that she's Maxwell's property. There's no easy way of accepting that you were born to nourish a vampire. No easy way of accepting that he wants you to be his vampire bride.From seduction to murder, Charlie and Maxwell face many obstacles together and against each other, but what Charlie doesn't know is that death is the only way to survive what's coming.FINISH VAMPIRE BRIDE'S SEQUEL ON PATREON! Eternal Bride is NOW posted in FULL, plus bonus chapters!

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Blood War (Book 1, the Halfblood Chronicles)

Nika, a halfblood vampire, faces conspiracies and dark magic during a hunt for her best friend - whose kidnapping has sparked a war between supernaturals. *****Lurking in the shadows of the human world are Daemonstri - beings akin to vampires, witches, werewolves, and other foul myths. Nika, a seventeen-year-old Daemonstri, has been alienated since birth for having "tainted" blood, and her only real family is her best friend Lu. So when vengeful shapeshifters kidnap Lu, she scrambles to the rescue. With the help of Ren, a guardian on her father's payroll, Nika uncovers shocking conspiracies about the Daemonstri government and even darker truths about herself. Bloody confrontations leave both Nika and Ren vulnerable to their growing feelings, while Lu's abductors execute horrifying plans. And should they survive the chaos of war, only one thing is certain: their world will never be the same.Book 1 of the Halfblood Chronicles[[word count: 100,000-150,000 words]]

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Vampire King

In the land of gods and monsters I was an angel; living in the garden of hell. Tyler King- the most powerful vampire on earth, the King of all vampires. Shae Valentine, a simple quiet oblivious human girl and Tyler's after her to stake his claim.In everything he did, he always was surrounded by a darkness. He didn't think anyone could change that. But she did. Shae Valentine made him feel things he never knew was possible. She made him explore new things and love. She was his saving grace. Just as he was hers.Even the Vampire King has a weakness.Highest rank: #1 in vampire 7/11/16Amazing cover by: @ellysmithy*book 1 of the 'crimson' series**completed as of 1/3/17*needs to be majorly editedNO TRANSLATIONS YOU WILL BE IGNORED

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A Vampire's Charm

One of his hands slides underneath my dress and between my thighs, trying to separate them. I press them together harder, and see his facial expression-It was dark, he was clearly getting aggravated at my defiance. His fingernails start digging into my flesh, as I let out a weak sob. My voice seemed to have left me as the world around me became nothing. Was I going to accept this? Eyesight blurry, I become dizzy- intense nausea seeping in. I hope I throw up. I hope it disgusts him enough to leave me the hell alone. What if I get away and he follows me to my mom? What if he hurts her? As soon as the panic comes, it leaves. Had someone finally heard my screams and pleas for help? The old man is knocked off of my body in a blur, and I take this chance to crawl away from his hunched form; My bones aching from the hard, dirty floor. I reach the brick wall, and let myself fall limp on a patch of ivy. I suddenly feel tired, my energy was draining. I feel a heating sensation warming up my chest- spreading like a wildfire; My veins turn a glowing citrus, orange color- but it quickly goes away. Did I see that correctly? Although, the weak feeling doesn't go away. I shut my eyes momentarily, only to reopen them to fill my curiosity. I don't see much because of the black blobs coating my vision. The veins on my arms have went back to their normal blue, as if I hadn't seen them turn any odd color at all. Maybe I was hallucinating. I was only able to witness one thing, and I had a sinking feeling that I probably shouldn't have watched. I was able to spot out a masculine figure grab the old man by his neck, and what I saw next shocked me to my deepest core. His eyes turn an intense silky red as his fangs come out quickly and he gives an evil, intimidating smile. "I'm gonna enjoy this." He states in his low guttural voice as he reaches forward and rips the old man's liver out.

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A vampires pet

Keeley is 17 years old and her life is spiraling downward as she's captured off the streets by the Radars. A group of powerful vampires that are most known for capturing young defenseless girls and boys and selling them to human pet shops. Will her new owner put up with her fiery personality or will he end his headache there...

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Vampire love Vampire [{FINISHED}]

You go to a party and meet the hottest person ever. You try to avoid him because you are a Vampire. It was hard for you to keep you from tasting his blood. But what you don't know is that his is also a Vampire.

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Mermaids And The Vampires Who Love Them

This book is FREE with paid BONUS chapters!Everyone knows mermaids and vampires can't date. But when a mermaid ends up at a boarding school with a smoking hot vampire for a roommate, will love take a bite? ***** Just before her senior year of high school, mermaid Waverly Fishwater learns she's being transferred to a cross-cultural boarding school for supernaturals. But reckless gods, single-minded werewolves, and virtuous fairies are the least of her troubles! West Marin Heights has vampires, and mermaid blood is their favorite snack. So Waverly has to learn who to trust, and fast -- especially since one of her new roommates is a vampire who's way too hot for her to handle! But just when she's starting to fit in, she discovers a dark plot that could destroy the school and the oceans beyond. If Waverly is to expose the evil scheme and get back to her normal teenage problems--overprotective parents, math homework-avoidance, and maybe, just maybe, getting a boyfriend--she's going to have to accept the help of a ragtag group of classmates. Will her plans be a supernatural catastrophe, or can Waverly rally this eccentric band of heroes to save the day? [[Word Count: 90,000-100,000 words]] Cover designed by Natasha ShaikhThree chapters updated every Wednesday and Saturday starting April 6th!

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Bad Blood || The Vampire Diaries [1]

❝Only three things are infinite: the universe, human stupidity, and my hate for Damon Salvatore; and I'm not even sure about the universe.❞In 1864, Clara Forbes, daughter of Sheriff William Forbes, was engaged to the eccentric Damon Salvatore. They were deeply and recklessly in love, regardless of the consequences and not caring that their fathers were ashamed of them. In 1864, Katherine Pierce arrived at Mystic Falls. Mysteriously, Clara died. More than one hundred years later, Clara Forbes returns to Mystic Falls, and she's not ready for what the town she once called home will throw at her. One of those things is finding out that Damon Salvatore is still alive.OC x THE VAMPIRE DIARIESS2 - S3BOOK ONE OF THE CLARA FORBES TRILOGYTHIS STORY IS NOT EDITED.

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The Secret Vampire

**Completed but NOT edited. It's highly suggested not to read this book. I have yet to start the rewriting and editing process. This book has too many mistakes to even count at this time. I have much better books than this one which is why I must say looking back at this book is just embarrassing. I mean it's one of those 'this author seriously didn't know the difference between there, their, and they're back then?' Ew, I know. It's hard to read and the book is rushed. So if you do decide to continue on then read at your own risk and don't leave Rude comments because I did warn you that the book sucks, I don't need anyone to tell me what I already know.** -------Lets start off with the basics. My name is Charlotte and I'm a Royal Pure Blood Vampire that's a Princess and next in line to be Queen. Pure Blood Vampires are stronger, faster, and more powerful, everything about them is better than other regular vampires. But when you mix blood of a pure blood vampire with Royal vampire blood then you are one of the most powerful Vampires in the world and that's exactly what Charlotte is. Her mother is a pure blood vampire and her father is royalty. There are only a few who are this lucky and are very wanted. Wanted dead. Charlotte doesn't tell anyone that she is a Vampire and refused to even show any signs she is one by using a little magic. She acts like a normal teenager at school with human friends and even a human boyfriend. Everything was going great until a group of Royal vampires join her school. Of course, humans don't know the existence of vampires so they have no worries. But Charlotte on the other hand has to worry about exposure of her secret. Especially because this Royal vampire is a future king. Join Charlotte on her little adventure with humanity and royal vampires. -----------•Highest rating: #12 in Vampire (11/29/15)

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I'm a Vampires Pet

Hi my name is Katelyn. I'm 17 years old and live in a world were the supernaturals rule the world. There is the Angels, Demons, Vampires, Werewolves and last the humans. I am a human living a boring live were humans are not treated as equals but as pets. There are places called 'Human Shop' its like a pet shop but it sells humans instead. I'm here with no family and no friends wondering who my new master(s) are going to be. My hopes were high only to be ruined by the handsome vampire that claimed me as his pet. His tall muscular body, silver blue eyes, brown hair and a smile that could melt any non-beating cold heart. What happens when this cute little innocent human falls for this vampire.(WROTE THIS AT AGE 14 IF ITS BAD IM SORRY) (COMPLETED 2017)

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I live with a vampire and his vampire servants [Book 2]

Sequel following the first one. Kiara has been living with vampires for about year and is good friends with them all. Its summer vacation and Nile, Jordan, and Kiara go up to Nick’s house to visit for a week. But when strange things start happening to Jordan they start to question things.

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My Vampire Mate

Thousands of years ago, an oath was made by the villages surrounding a castle run by the Vampire King, that every five years they would offer 3 maidens to his ancestors as a peace offering in exchange for protection against rogues and other dangerous paranormal species. But what happens when one of the maidens is the new Vampire Prince's mate?Highest ranking: #19 in VampireDISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE PICTURES IN THIS BOOK, THEY ARE ALL FROM GOOGLE IMAGES. THANKYOU!

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Vampire Pet (BL)

The story of a human and vampire falling in love (boyxboy) The almighty Vampire King Silas has been reduced to nothing after a spell locked most of his powers away. Centuries after the incident, a human by the name of Cade decides to take him in and try to help remove the shackles that bind him. What will happen when a vampire and human begin to live together?

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Captured To Become A Vampire Prince's Bride

Arianne Rosalina DeWynters found herself in trouble one evening while she was exploring the park with her best friend. She's kidnapped, taken to another place- another world, where she has to marry the vampire prince of a place called Nox Aterrima, meaning "Darkest Night". It was a place unusual to Arianne, but she'd have to get used to it because soon, she'd be the Queen. -Book 2 is out!- © Copyright All Rights Reserved Image of the model is not mine. #16 in vampire 13/04/17 #1 in kidnap 06/12/18

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