The backup Bride

The backup Bride

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" I would never be a second choice to anyone. If I need to compete with someone else for your love, I would gladly make it easier for you by taking myself out of the equation. But why am I here, ready to be your backup bride ? "


Rajiv and Prerna ,the runaway couple promise to return to their family after four years. But, fate had other plans for them. They wound up in a police case and search for the perfect bride replacement.

Aparna, Prena's younger sister jumps in to help the couple, agreeing to be in her sister's place and meet Rajiv's family. Everything goes well, till Shiva, Rajiv's brother starts digging the backstory of the imposter.

Hop in for a South Indian story mixed with drama, romance and some non sense too, May not be a typical wattpad love story kinda relationship.

#2 in South Indian - 31.3.2020
#1 in intercaste - 25.8.2020
#1 in South Indian - 9.4.2021
#1 in Profession - 9.8.2021

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Now available as an Audio book on Audible India.Dear readers, BEFORE YOU ALL, MAKE AN ASSUMPTION ABOUT THIS BOOK BEING THE SAME AS MANY 'ARRANGED MARRIAGE' STORIES ON WATTPAD, I HUMBLY REQUEST YOU ALL TO READ THE AUTHOR'S NOTE WRITTEN IN THE BEGINNING. THANK YOU.It's a story of how Neha, a 23-year-old woman, and Arun, a 26-year-old man, two absolute strangers, are bound together in an arranged marriage and how they make their marriage work by overcoming all the hurdles and making beautiful memories. It may be cliche at times, but I would be happy if you all could give it a try as it is my first book here.Note: The full book is available on Wattpad from now on. The first chapter of the story can be misleading, but I had written that when my book was published as a paperback in 2020.
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Park ChanyeolByun BaekhyunChanbaekStart Date-26:3:2022

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