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Lexi despises her best friend Morgans brother Jake. Somehow things end up happening at a party and Lexi turns out pregnant- with Jake's child. This is the emotional roller coaster awaiting her.

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One day, Axel finds a cardboard box on the sidewalk while walking home. It reads "Copy and Paste" What is it? What will Axel do? Show his friends, mom, or dad? Well, you might be surprised at what happens.
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Animal Farm is an allegorical novella by George Orwell, first published in England on 17 August 1945. According to Orwell, the book reflects events leading up to the Russian Revolution of 1917 and then on into the Stalinist era of the Soviet Union.Orwell wrote the book between November 1943 and February 1944, when the UK was in its wartime alliance with the Soviet Union and the British people and intelligentsia held Stalin in high esteem. It became a great commercial success when it did appear partly because international relations were transformed as the wartime alliance gave way to the Cold War.Time magazine chose the book as one of the 100 best English-language novels (1923 to 2005). It also featured at number 31 on the Modern Library List of Best 20th-Century Novels. It won a Retrospective Hugo Award in 1996, and is included in the Great Books of the Western World selection.
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Young and gentle Y/N L/N is tired of her provincial life and the people around her treating her like an outsider. Suddenly she is thrown into a world of Twisted Wonderland.There she meets boys that are flawed, stubborn, vain, and rube, but she can't help but feel some sort of attachment to them and soon discovers maybe their not as beastly as she thought. But the more time she spends with them, the more she can't help but fall for them....And the boys can't help but feel the same.Maybe there's something there that wasn't there before.(Female Reader Insert x Various Twisted Wonderland Harem)First posted as of November 27, 2022 and still updating.This is NOT a Yandere book.I do not own Twisted Wonderland or the pictures.Cover Credit goes to the app "Unsplash"Help with translations from Ryota's Musings
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Beckett Steel is considered to be the schools cute boy, the boy you can't hate. The boy that makes everyone smile. The boy everyone loves. The boy that happens to be openly gay and no one judges him for it. And he found someone who needs a smile. The bad boy Reese. Reese Ridge is considered to be the school's badboy, when he really just needs someone who understands, and he doesn't like the little ball of joy that has popped into his life. But Beckett happens to know more than Reese knows.Cover: @DucksEatBananas
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All the stories are true...Everything we believed that did not exist; vampires, werewolves, faeries, angels, demons, ghosts, warlocks; just to name a few, did exist after all.Faeries are part angel, part demon. Warlocks are the offspring of humans and demons. Werewolves and vampires are humans who bear demon diseases.Just after graduating high school, Lee Y/N is thrilled of the opportunities before her.But what will be the consequences she will have to face when she finds out that she had entered a territory where no human soul has ever set foot on?Or was she the only one?
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"oh my god!" my eyes are wide when i realize what i just did. "what?" he comes back to me and starts kissing up and down my neck. fuck i didn't want him to stop. "wait, we can't!" i put my hand on his chest slightly pushing him away. "you're my best friends boyfriend! i can't...we can't!" ❀ most impressive rankings starting 2/7/21 ❀ ❀ #1 in lust→ 2/7/21 ❀ #1 in teens→ 3/2/21 ❀ #2 in boyfriend→ 4/11/21 ❀ #1 in completed→ 4/25/21 ❀ #2 in boyfriend→ 11/18/21 ❀ #3 in boyfriend→ 3/6/22 ❀ #3 in forbidden→ 6/12/22 ❀ #5 in bestfriends→ 8/20/22 ❀ #7 in teens→ 8/27/23 ❀ #6 in teenromance→ 9/6/23 ❀ #1 in teenromance→ 10/10/23❀ i've rewritten this book so many times but i was like 13 when i first wrote it sooo warningggg: teenage plot ❀
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Rania Algafari never asked to be different, and when she escaped the war in Syria and moved to the UK, her only goal was to live her life in peace. Get up, go to work, avoid talking to the dead - that sort of thing.But not everyone dies quietly, and Rania's soon being pestered by one ghost, blackmailed by another, and distracted by a handsome private investigator who's got his own reasons for wanting to solve a particularly gruesome murder. While Will Lawson doesn't mind using unorthodox methods to crack a case, he's never had to contact his witnesses via a seance before. But the clock is ticking, and Will and his unlikely sidekicks need to hunt down a killer before he's dispatched to join the spirit world himself.
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Anna and the ninja defeated Chen and his Anacondrai, by banishing Garmadon to the cursed realm. However, this victory came with a heavy cost. Lloyd, Garmadon's son, was left grieving over his father's death. This loss had a profound impact on Lloyd, leaving him emotionally scarred. As the dust settled from the intense battle, a mysterious figure emerged, catching the attention of Wu and Sukina due to its uncanny familiarity. This unexpected appearance raised questions and concerns among the ninja, especially as they were now stripped of their powers. With their powers gone and their friend in peril, the ninja found themselves facing a daunting challenge in confronting this enigmatic ghost. The stakes were high as they embarked on a mission to save their friend and unravel the mysteries surrounding this spectral presence. The outcome of this encounter would determine not only their fate but also the fate of those they held dear. Only time will tell if the ninja will be able to overcome this ghostly adversary and save their friend without succumbing to the curse that looms over them. The outcome of this harrowing encounter will reveal the true strength of their bonds and their unwavering resolve in the face of adversity.

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au where quirks are still developing in new generations, yet something is different. a supernatural force rocks the balanced and relatively happy life of y/n, and turns her normal world upside downbakugou x fem reader3rd person's povt/w: vulgar language, minor nsfw (nsfw is super lowk dont worry)disclaimer!! picture from cover is not mine© kohei horikoshi - bnha© alatus_r - plotword count: 10,922highest ranking(s): #751 in manga

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The Invatation to 1872

Alyssa Tyler was a normal sixteen-year old with no past and a very limited future. Her whole life had been spent in an orphanage. But when a mysterious boy with an even more mysterious invitation shows up the whole world becomes a possibility, though the hidden cost might just not be worth it all.

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The Whisperer At Midnight

Bit of a different take on the events at the beginning ofS4E2. Requested by @shalane163 💛*After she and AJ are kicked out of the school, Clementine runs into an old friend turned foe. She and AJ successfully escape with the help of kind stranger, but AJ is badly wounded. The stranger helps to take care of AJ, and allows them to stay at his camp for the night. Clem isn't sure what to make of him, but she's pretty certain she can trust him.

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Hey! This is a book of imagines from the CW TV show Riverdale! I GOT ALL THESE IDEAS FROM

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😼Arrogant & Stubborn😾 •OSHxSJH• ✔

Buat pertama kalinya kisah cinta antara jejaka amerika dengan yeoja korea di terbitkan dalam ff ini..tapi cinta mereka musnah apabila jejaka amerika itu tidak menghargai cinta dengan yeoja itu kerana pergaulan di Amerika sangatlah bebas.Tibalah satu masa Yeoja itu pulang ke tanah air iaitu Korea dan bertemu dengan jejaka Korea yg handsome tapi satu jer...Arrogant tahap gaban!!Pakk!Jentikan diberi oleh jejaka korea itu pada yeoja itu"Yah!!appo!""Lain kali mulut tu jaga sikit!"kata jejaka Korea"Urgh!!!"Tapi walau bagaimanapun..Yeoja itu telah jatuh hati pada jejaka Korea itu.Dan siapa sangka bahawa cinta yang lama akan mengejar yeoja itu dan menyebabkan yeoja itu menjadi bingung...Adakah Jejaka Amerika yang dipilih atau Jejaka Korea??Want to know the ending??Let's read it!Cast:Justin Bieber(penyanyi Amerika popular)Oh Sehun (Ceo syarikat terbesar di Korea)SongJihyo(PA di bawah syarikat terbesar Korea)Cast yg lain akan di tambah nanti..Keep reading ok??and...Keep voting..I know SeHyo shipper is Daebak!!Love you guys!!?

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Keto Emagrecedor | Keto Boost Composição | Funciona | Reclame aqui?

keto boost composição, extrato puro de ketu, keto plus funciona, keto boost reclame aqui, extrato puro de keto, keto com vinagre de maçã, extrato de keto, keto composição, reclame aqui keto, keto emagrecedor reclame aqui, emagrecedor keto boost, keto plus diet funciona, keto plus reclame aqui, keto emagrecedor, keto plus funciona,

1K 1 0