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Joe Schumacher was no doubt a magnificent director my respect for him is very high and there are movies he made that I love but sadly his Batman and Robin film just wasn't fit as many before and though he apologized many times for disappointing Batman fans and his apology was accepted but let's not forget the only reason Schumacher only directed Batman Forever and Batman and Robin cause Tim Burton was asked off the project after Batman Returns but now....I am here to give us what we been waiting for a fan fiction of What If Tim Burton was allowed to continue his Batman franchise I seen Channel Awesome's Fan Scription's Batman & Robin and I'm happy to give my own Tim Burton's Batman and Robin and for those who do not know I have also written my own Tim Burton's Batman Forever so if you hadn't read that yet please do before you dive in here nuff said let's roll in Tim Burton's Batman and Robin

Two years after the fall of the Riddler Gotham is now in for......a COLD end of the Summer a new villain steps into town with a thirst for cold vengeance Mr. Freeze is out to freeze Gotham in cold blood and it's up to Batman and Robin to stop him but Freeze isn't the only threat to Gotham a mercenary named Bane and his army of mercs invade Gotham in search for hidden serum and to brake the Bat The Dynamic Duo will need the help they can get from Alfred Gordon their frienimy Catwoman and a mysterious female vigilante called Batgirl it's about to get cold this summer.....VERY cold

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