MOCKINGBIRD | Spencer Reid ✔️

MOCKINGBIRD | Spencer Reid ✔️

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Scout Wiley has two sides. The loudmouth mailroom girl who hates coffee, and the trained assassin who never misses her target. Thanks to years of training, these lives have been kept separated.

But after an unusual incident, Scout can't help her intense curiosity towards the mysterious, and a little bit charming, Dr. Spencer Reid. As she learns more, her separate lives begin to merge in a dangerously lethal way.

Scout knows her mission. She cannot fail.

But what if succeeding sudden cost more than she bargained for? And is it worth anything if it destroys the only love she's ever known?

- previously titled NUMB -


#1 in criminal minds
#1 in reid x oc
#1 in spencer reid
#1 in matthew gray gubler

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