A very hyperactive taetae running inside the kim household.......

Taetae:ajinnie fast fast taetae is getting late.

Jin:baby have you packed everything?

Kookie:jin momma I packed everything you don't have to worry?

Taetae:yes jinnie koo packed everything.

Oh have I mentioned taetae has started calling jinnie to his momma bcoz when he asked hid appa y is calls his momma jinnie ..?

He told taetae that it's a nickname and he loves Jinnie that's y he calls him jinnie .

And than taetae argued that he also loves his monna so from now on he is also gonna call his momma jinnie...

Back to present

Jin: kookie have you packed warm cloths?

Kookie:yes momma

Jin:what about taetae's fav strawberry bath wash and toothpaste?

Kookie:jin momma I packed everything you don't worry

Jin:takecare my both babies.

Taetae:jinnie if you will let us go on time that only we'll take care (he giggles)

Jin:yahh you bratt only bcoz pf kookie you got permission or else you u would have been crying in a corner but u know what it's not too late let me just call the teacher

Taetae:jinnie momma no no plz taetae is good boy (pout with puppy eyes)

Finally after some times everyone got ready and now everyone is standing on the near the buses taetae is taking and giggling with jimin and kookie they are waiting for the senior whith whom Jimin is paired with

Kookie:Jimin what is the name of the senior?

Jimin:Min yoongi

Kookie:oh yoongi hyung I have meet him once or twice

Jimin:how is he ? Is he rude or sweet?

Kookie:I don't know bcoz he doesn't talk much


Everyone get inside the buses on your appointed seats

Finally jinnie/jin momma has left the teacher (taetae and kookie both said in unison)

They both look at each other and burst in laughter

Jimin looks at them comfused

Jin:my babies plz take care call momma if you want anything kookie plz take care of taetae and taetae take care of kookie

He hugs his both babies after yuna,Namjoon and seojoon also hugs them telling them to be safe and enjoy

After bidding goodbye they sits on the places and parents stay their until the bus goes out of their view waving their hands wishing them to be safe and come soon.

Time skip after 3 hours of travel they reach their destination

Taetae slept after half an hour after getting on the bus he woke up way to early due to excitement and slept while chatting with his Koo .

Jimin found yoongi sitting on his seat as he reached his seat he was suprised bcoz they were waiting for so long outside and he was sitting inside

Jimin:Hiie hyung my name is jimin you can call me mini

Yoongi was just looking at jimin without batting his lashes he comes out of his trance when he hear the teacher giving some instructions

Yoongi:hi yoongi

Ans then he sits quietly on his place and some times later he fall asleep

Jimin pouts thinking he is not interested in talking to him .....

Everyone gets down from the bus pne by one kookie wakes up taetae who is following him koo now excitedly and behind him his jimin and yoongi

Teachers has allotted them places all so they can start with the tents the most creative tent will be rewarded that's what the teacher told .

Taetae:koo and taetae's tent will be the best

Kookie: ofcourse pup

They set the tent

Come on let's decorate it from inside
They decorate it with fluppy carpet and the plushies taetae bought and a big teddy on the bed which they made from fluffy blankets and a canopy around it so mosquito can not bite them .

The times passed veey fast everyone helped in cooking the food by doing something and now they were having their dinner .

The result for whose camp is best will be announced after the dinner .

While helping for the dinner they met yoongi as kookie told them before he's not much of a talker but he but he is nice they talked a bit with him .

They had their dinner together giggling and talking yoongi and was also getting comfortable with them on his own pace .

They result were announced and ofcourse taetae and his koo won

After that they were sitting near the campfire kookie and yoongi and somw other alphas were helping in cleaning

Some girls were talking among themselves when taetae heard them

G1:you know the most handsome alpha in our school is jungkook

G2:I want him to be my mate

G3:but he already has a beautiful omega. He is very cute also

G2:but he is not his mate We won't know until he turnes 18 so I can try till then .

Taetae listen to them but he didn't understand what is mate he looked at Jimin who knows that taetae's parents have not told him about it so he suggested him to talk to kookie .

After some times every one is inside their camp taetae was cuddling with his koo it was very comfortable silence kookie was stroking his hairs with one hand and the other was secured around his waist .

Taetae:koo ..?

Kookie:yes pup ?

Taetae :can taetae ask you something?

Kookie: ofcourse baby anything taetae wants

Taetae:kookie what is mate?

Kookie was stunned and a fear build in his heart why was his baby asking about mate ?but he know one day or other they had to explain it to their baby but he won't be the one to expain his momma's will be the one to do that

Kookie:can my baby wait till we go home jin momma and yu momma can answer taetae's questions.

Taetae:okay koo

After that everything started to change let's see if it changes in good way or bad?

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