Now the baby taetae was eight months
And his kookie was was going to be 3yrs old next month

Everyone was sitting and having their breakfast taetae was eating baby food his kookie was feeding him bcoz he refused to eat from anyone's hand then his kookie
And kookie was happy to fulfill his beautiful taetae wish

Taetae was blabbering and his kookie was listening so attentively as if they were having very important discussion about something.

After breakfast everyone settled on their own work both the babies were playing running and giggling oh did I forget to mention that baby taetae can walk now

A weak ago when both the babies were playing kookie remembered his fav toy was upstairs in his room so explaing to his taetae he excused himself running to get his toy .as kookie left to get his toy taetae also start crawling behind him as he reach the stairs he started crawling the stairs after reaching the stairs baaby taetae with the help of the door stands on his feet and slowly walks towards his kookie.

Kookie after finding his fav toy turns behind to go back and gets shocked seeing his baby taetae their walking towards him he smiles his bumny smiles and taetae claps his hands giggling and both laughing go downstairs slowly holding hands and kookie calls his momma and jin momma both stood their shocked and then hug each other claping amd cheering for their baby Jin kneels down in front of the babies and calls taetae

Taetae looks towards his kookie as he's asking for his permission and kookie smiles his bunny smile and taetae starts walking towards his momma giggling and as he reach his momma his momma hugs him and kisses all over his kisses

Kookie :Jin momma no kissi my baby taetae (he huffs)
Jin :bunny brat he's my son I can kiss my baby and the duo's fight continue

Back to present

As the babies were running taetae with his wobbly steps running behind his kookie giggling didn't see his the toy near his leg and trip and feel due to it bunny without looking back is still go and hides behind the couch and not seeing any one taetar starts sniffing and blabbering he's actually trying to call his kookie to tell him that he's hurt Jin and Yuna comes out of the kitchen after arranging the groceries they bought yesterday and saw taetae sniffing sitting holding his leg blabbering they run towords him after taking his baby in his lap taetae starts crying seeing his both momma and as kookie heard his baby's cry he gets up from behind the couch and run towords his baby and both momma as he reach their his baby is crying his eyes out holding his leg

As taetae see's his kookie he tries to say something

Taetae:k....... Ko..... Koo
And shows grabby hands towards his kookie

Jin and Yuna is watching taetae with dis belief

And kookie is shocked and stand on the same place looking at his baby who just said his first word and that too his name

Taetae: koo (starts crying more )

Kookie comes out of his shocked state amd look at his baby

Kookie :did u just call me by my name taetae ..????
Taetae :koo .......koo (starts claping and giggling )

Kookie pecks his baby's forehead
Yeah my beautiful pup can talk now
Yeah yeah now I can talk with my beautiful taetae pup

Jin :yaahh bratt give my taetae to me
Baby say maa momma

Taetae :koo ... Koo

Jin : maa baby maa(huffs)


Both taetae and kookie giggles

You both are bratt
Kookie brat and your pup is also brat just like you

Everyone starts laughing

Seojoon and namjoon who were standing near the and watching everything
Namjoon:I guess our children won't have difficulty in finding their mates
And both laughs together .

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