Exam and Fever

That's how the kim's house was no laughing no giggling even if u drop a needle u can clearly hear it .

So what exactly happening...???

Let me ans you all

Taetae has locked himself in his room only comes out to eat that too just a bit and then back to room .He's not even talking to anyone .

It all started before 2 days when taetae was waiting for his kookie to come back home from school so they can eat  lunch together he waited and waited but kookie didn't came

Taetae was now sitting on the couch in the hall when the Jin's phone ring

Taetae looked at his Jin momma  who was sitting near him. Jin picked the call


Kookie:jin momma can u tell taetae to please eat lunch and I have very important work so I can't come there .I'll see him as soon as I m done with my work.

Jin:baby why don't you talk to him youself ..??

Kookie :momma pls if I talk to him M gonna come running and won't be able to concentrate.

Jin:(sighs) ohk baby but it's gonna be hard  really hard .

Kookie :plz momma take care of him M gonna come there as soon as I can .

Jin:okay baby I'll do my best .

Taetae who was waiting for his jin momma to give him phone bcoz he knew it was his kookie on the other line but he was very shocked when Jin kept the phone down and just looking at his baby's face Jin knew it's gonna be really hard and was he wrong nope not at all.

Baby lis-

Taetae left without even saying a single word without any tantrum not even a single drop was shread now Jin was scared this has never happened before.He just prayed that kookie just complete his work fast .

Whole day went by Namjoon came home in the evening .Jin told him everything and he also got worried he called seojoon immediately and told him everything . Seojoon within 5 min reached to  kim's house three of them went upstairs they knocked on taetae's door but recieved no ans they thought taetae was sleeping but they heard sniffles it was inaudible but bcoz of being wolf they have good hearing so they knew he was awake

They knocked again but still no ans they sighed .

Seojoon:baby tae  can you open the door for your so appa please..?

No answer

Okay if u don't wanna talk can u plz atleast come out and eat .

Still no ans .....
Seojoon got an idea

Tae baby I know you are mad at kookie and u wanna scold him and fight with him.? But if taetae is not eating how's he gonna fight with taetae bcoz he'll fell ill and won't have any energy.....

But they still didn't hear anything

They waited for some minutes but then sighed and went backstairs

They settled on the couch

Jin:  what to do if this continues taetae's is gonna be sick for real he's not even talking to anyone he hasn't came out of his room since kookie called .

Namjoon :I know jinne I am also very concerned about taetae but we also can't disturb kookie his exams are going on he's really studing hard .

Seojoon :I am also very concerned and you are right kookie is really studing hard for his exams I don't know what to do we're stuck in the middle only moon goddess can help know as on que they heard the door opening sound .They shot their face on the direction of the stairs and little taetae came in view .

Red Puffy eyes ,red cherry nose eyes still little glossy he walked down without a word went and sit on the dinning table on his place Jin who was watching silently got up and hurriedly went towords taetae amd served him food who eat without a word and after eating went straight to his room and again locked the door .

So back to present

The silence was interrupted by the door knob sound Jin who was sitting with Namjoon smiled a little atleast he was eating but taetae was no better his face was still red from all the crying his steps were very wobbly and


The sound echoed in the house Jin and Namjoon run towards taetae door. There they saw taetae lying near the door . Jin eyes become glossy Namjoon took taetar in his embrace as he took his baby in his embrace his baby was burning up ....

Namjoon:Jinnie he's burning
Jin:my baby ( he cried more )

They went inside the room and laid taetae on his bed Jin sit beside his baby holding his little hand and crying silently

Namjoon was on the phone with the doctor who was called immediately to the Kim's house .

Namjoon told jinnie that the doctor's on the way and taetar gonna be fine he hugged jinnie who was still holding his taetae's little hand .

The doctor reched and Ring the bell Namjoon run downstairs ti get the doctor he came back with the doctor. Jin got up form his place and let the doctor examine his baby .

Namjoon was on call with seojoon telling him what was happening . Seojoon replied he's gonna be there in 5 minutes.

Other side
Yuna just reached home afted picking kookie up who was happy bcoz his exam was almost over and today he could meet his baby .Both got down and saw Seojoon  leaving the house in hurry .

Yuna :yebo where are you going???And what's wrong you look so worried??

Seo:yuna baby taetar fainted and he has fever Namjoon called me just now so m goiny their

Yuna :yebo M also coming wait Kook-

They looked where kook was standing a mon ago but was not there they knew where he went?

They both also went towards the Kim's house

Kim's house

Kookie reached running and directly went to taetae room doctor was talking to Namjoon and Jin was sitting near taetae who looked so weak ......

Kookie felt so guilty

He went near taetae Jin looked at him and got up and went towards kookie he hugged him

Kookie: please make him eat the food and medicine.

Kookie :Jin momma don't say please and I will don't worry

Taetae was slowly opening his eyes he groaned bcoz he felt pain in his head due to fainting.

Jin and kookie was only inside the room Namjoon went down with the doctor and Yuna and seojoon was also downstairs.

Jin kissed taetae's forehead and he also left downstairs.

Jin:m sending some food plz make him eat and the medicines

Kookie nooded

Kookie:pup .
             M so sorry pup . M really sorry

Taetae didn't replied he was just silent

Kookie:pup I had exams .I had to concentrate on my studies. I knew if I even see you or talk to you M gonna forget everything and just gonna play with my pup but I didn't kn... ew t.. ha.. t  th... Is  .. g.. on.. na ha.. p.. p.. en. ( He was on full tears now)
M so sorry pup

Taetae also felt guilty now he just wanted to be with his koo but now his koo was crying it hurt his little heart . He also started crying and hugged his kookie

After sometime they both calm down they both apologize to each other . Kookie made tae eat food and his medicine who eat with disgusting expression but looked really cute .......

After some time both parents came to taetae room but found them sleep soundly in each other's arms

They smiled and were also amazed that both their babies how can they have such a bond in this small age......

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