Everything was going smoothly

Jungkook was going to school regularly and was also studying well .

But since this week he was rarely home .

Taetae was sulking and whining all the time bcoz everyone was giving him excuses for why his kookie was not home .

Daily his appa and seo appa take kookie out with them and comes home late .

He was very angry with his appa and seo appa he wanted to cry just like all the times he do but his seo appa told him that it's important for kookie .

So understanding that he didn't cry but he was still sulking as soon as his kookie left he will lock himself in his room and won't come out no matter what .

Everyone was really worried for their baby taetae but no one told anything to his kookie bcoz they knew he will be back to his old self just some days

But that didn't stop them from worring.

Today taetae wake up alone on the bed but he clearly remember that he slept with his kookie last night after dinner .

Taetae now pouted and huffed . First his sleep broke bcoz and then his kooie is didn't wake him up and left hom alone in bed .

He threw the comforter from his body and got down from bed and walked down words still pouting looking hella cute but it's a secret no one's gonna tell taetae🤭

As he walked down his momma and yu momma both were their he went to them and tugged his Yu momma skirt

Taetae:yu mommwa where ish koo

Yuna:baby he's out with dada and seo dada they'll be soon here .

Taetae:buwt koo lweft taetae awlone in bwed and dwidn't wakwe taetae up
(He said with a pout and glossy eyes )

Yuna:oh bub he was in hurry don't worry he'll soon be back then you can ask him directly okay?

Taetae:otay tell koo twhat taetae is angly with koo and won't talk two koo

He huffed and started walking towards the stairs.

As he was walking towards the stairs a dog came running inside the house and directly run towards taetae jin and yuna gasped and yelled taetae name .

Hearing his name taetae stopped and turned back but smiled his boxy smiled as he saw the small dog as Jin and Yuna thought but not.

When the wolf stopped infront of taetae that's when they noticed that it was a wolf and it was none other than  their kookie's wolf they sighed in relief and smiled .

Taetae looked at the wolf with soft furs and deep gold eyes small taetae was in awe . He lift his hand and started petting his soft fur

But they were also shocked how was taetae not scared who was not petting the wolf .

Taetea:hwiee . My nwame is taetae .
What is ywour nwame ?

He asked the wolf who just stared at him and purred as he was petting him .

Yuna and Jin smiled at them

Yuna:baby he can't talk in his wolf form u can ask him after he shifts .

Taetae looked at her confused what she was saying . Taetae was living in the pack house but he didn't knew about wolf and has seen them but didn't knew that he was one or his parents or kookie was one ,

But he was about to know now 🤭

It was not like his parents didn't wanted him to know or didn't like being wolfs they just wanted to tell him when it was the right time .

Yuna :go kookie shift and also take taetae and both get ready and come back .

Taetae looked at yuna why was he calling the wolfie kookie ?

The wolf held taetae's shirt  sleeves in his teeth and started tugged asking him to walk taetae who smiled and ruffled his hairs for some odd reason he felt same with the wolf .

They walked inside the room . Taetae stood their near bed watching the wolf what he was doing who took some cloths in his mouth and went inside the walk in closet .

Taetae:waitttt where ale you gwoing?

But the wolf already left and with in five minutes came his kookie .

Taetae run and jumped on the older . Happy to see him older also held him amd hugged him tightly and pecked his hair but then taetae remembered that he was angry at his kookie .

He pouted and backed away and huffed looked to the side .

But then he also remembered the wolf where is he.

He went inside the walk in closet but no one was their he glared at kookie

Taetae:where is twhe wolfie ??

Kookie:( smiled) it was me pup.

Taetae:nwo lwie koo twell me where is mwy wolfie .

Kookie :bub it was really me . Listen I will tell you everyt--

Taetae:NOOOO!!! bwring mwy wolfie koo bwad .

He started crying loudly. Listen to the cries both the parents came running upstairs. Everone looked at taetae who was crying and now was red due to crying and then kookie who was standing there looking at the younger sadly .

Without having any other choice he shifted in his wolf taetae who was crying now stopped and was looking at the wolfie with supried bambi eyes  who was standing where his kookie was standing a moment ago then .

He then looked at his parents who also looked at him and now he understood the Wolfie was his kookie but how

His seo appa walked towards him and picked him up and namjoon went near jk kooki's wolf and Jin and yuna left downstairs.

Soejoon sit on the bed and made taetae sit on his lap namjoon also set on front of them kookie also settled on the bed comfortably still in his wolf form.

Seo and Nj explained everything to taetae who listened to everything with concentration.

After listening to everything . Now he came to the conclusion that everyone has wolfie he can also shift in his wolfie and the wolfie sitting in front of him is his kookie .

He smiled now and giggled and clapped his hands .

He got up for his seo appa's lap and went towords his kooki's Wolfie and started petting him .

But then he remembered how his appa's took his kookie away form him and how his kookie left him alone in the morning.

He now glared at the his both appa . Who frowned . Coz just now their baby was all smiley and giggly then what happed suddenly.

Taetae :awppa and seo awppa bwad twook koo away fwrom taetae .
Taetae bill gibe punshimwnt . Taetae bill nwot twlk bith ywou fwor whowle dway. Hummpp

They both agreed they knew they can't argue with their baby but it was difficult for not talking to their baby for a whole day . But what can they do...?

Now taetae looked towards the wolfie

Taetae:koo canwt shifwt bacwk untiwl taetae sway bcwoz koo lweft taetae in bwed awlone .

Before both the father's could say anything taetae asked them to leave them they looked towards jk who nodded sighing they left .

Without a word taetae snuggled in the Wolfie neck and within minutes he was fast asleep ........

After walking and getting fresh he eat his food but He didn't talked to anyone the whole day let and didn't let his kookie shift back untill night

Before dinner he asked kookie to shift back who did and then they went to eat the dinner without a word and after finishing he left for his room and kookie behind him and then they slept hugging but still didn't talked ...

Next morning everything went back taetae was back to his self everyone was relieved bcoz this their baby his really a brat still no matter what they loved him .........

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