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A Demon In The Church (mxm)

Church never intended to raise a child, much less a human one, but when a tiny boy literally runs into him in the middle of the woods, he ends up bringing it home. Michael is a preacher at a local church that is quickly growing in popularity for its fun services and amazing activities. When he finds out that one of his new church-goers is a demon, he makes it his job to rid the world of the vile creature... but what will happen when a little two year old boy ends up getting in the way?

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The Church Girl

Them always have a saying say "Good girls gone bad" it really hard fi see it a come through when you know say a you it a talk.Kayla has always been the perfect child of the family but things change when she meet a bwoy from Spanish town that would change her life completely.This book is fiction!!Start 8/14/2023End 12/27/2023

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The church girl

The church girl (Samiyah) always thought she wouldn't find love cause she was raised that's until she meets Jordan...

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church boy- jikook ✅

Jeon Jungkook moves to the highly conservative and highly Christian town of Airedale and meets Park Jimin, the son of the local priest. Everything's all good and well, but Jungkook just can't seem to keep his thoughts, and hands, to himself.Started 05/03/2021Finished 20/06/2021Highest ranking- #2 in Jikook!!!cover by @bubblegumjikook (it's amazing thank you so much)

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The Holy Man of The Church Creek

He was an anomaly not meant to be in this world, yet fate would deem otherwise. After all, the fate of the world just may hang in the balance.Made by: Parcasious

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Church Boy [h.s]

{COMPLETE} "Have you ever been touched like this before Harry?" She whispers and he whimpers against her touch. "N-no." He stutters, fighting the urge to give into temptation. He was just an innocent, sweet, virgin church boy. She was determined to change that. The only thing preventing that from happening was a mischievous boy named Louis.Highest Ranking: #3 in HarrystylesfanficAll rights reserved @stylesxwriter, 2016©️

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My Love From The Church

Karina Yu, a famous celebrity who's life was the complete apposite of the popularity that she gets meets Winter Valderama. A soon to be nun.It turns out that Winter is the one who can flip her oh so boring life into something she never thought that she would like.

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Church | Klance

"This is so wrong, we can't do this.""Then why does it feel so right?"In which Lance McClain is the pastors son.Started: August 19th, 2020Ended: September 22nd, 2020

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Take me to church | girlxgirl

The all girls catholic school houses firm believers of the lord, Jesus Christ. Oh, and a bisexual atheist who's determined to get into the president of the student council's pants-- skirt, rather.

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I Love a Church Girl

There's Delaney the church girl looking for freedom. Then there's Chance the drug lord looking for the right girl.Love at first sight?Read to find out!

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Church Boy (Kellic)

Kellin is this innocent 17 year-old boy who people view as a walking example of adorable and pure innocence. He's getting a little bit bored, though. He wanted to do something new, something out of his usual zone; he decided to go and sign up as a helper in their local church.

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TAKE ME TO CHURCH. Supernatural

I'll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies. I'll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knifeTake Me To Church // Extended Summary InsideSupernatural Fic

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Crush on a Church Boy

Tekinya Usidan was known was the school's party girl. She was at every scene and always had a way of being the life of the party.Derek Robinson was know as the "church boy" at school. He was often persecuted for his openness about his faith, but he never let that shake him. He continued to bring his bible with him to study. He continued to wear his signature cross necklace everyday, everywhere.But the one thing these two had in common were there secret mutual feelings for each other. With the prom coming up, will Derek ask Tekinya to the prom? Will she accept? Will they reveal their feelings to each other?Highest Accomplishments:#161 in #Jesus (out of 766)#265 in #Christian (out of 1000+)#528 in #God (out of 1000+)#1 in #Christianfiction (out of 236)Cover by @LiteraryBumblebee (My boyfriend)

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Karlnap//church prime

Karl try's to pray but sapnap.... 😀

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The bad boy and the church girl

Meet beautyIt's about this church girl by the name of beauty her name says it all she is very beautiful with a beautiful face to match her curvaceous body that boys can't control themselves she has tall black hair beautiful blue eyes. She has everything she needs including God she is baptized and believes in God 100% and adores her friends and family. She found out she didn't have everything when she met bad boy Travis otherwise known as the beast......Meet TravisTravis is tall and strikingly handsome he has a handsome face but not a handsome personality he has strong jaw line he has a model body strong and muscular he has money and girls upon girls he thinks he has it all until he meets Beauty..What will happen with their love life??Will it strive???Will beauty be the girl for him and him the man for her??Read to find out more

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The Bad Boy's Church Girl

Evelyn Claire Levesque is the most well known Preacher's daughter. She has been dating the notorious Dean Ambrose. She's sneaking around with him, her parents know about the relationship, but what do they care about more? Their Status or their daughter's happiness? And what secret are they keeping from her?

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Take Me To Church


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Cigarettes At Church

Josh was born and raised strict Catholic. Mass every Wednesday, no tattoos, no hair dye, no sex before marriage, and no homosexuals. And then he finds Tyler after mass, smoking behind the church. Tyler's the exact opposite of Josh. He's not religious, gay, and has three tattoos. He's seventeen, dropped out of high school, kind of emo, and pursuing his career in music. Josh and Tyler click, but how will Josh's parents take if they find out about Tyler?

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Church's Light || ( Ruv X Reader)

Cover Credits to @ElliotFrow on Twitter-Y/N, a overly happy human moves into the darker side of their town. Their intentions were to brighten up this side of town as well, but to not much success. They eventually turn to looking for others that wish to do the same as them. Luckily, they succeed this time. A humble and bright church placed on the outskirts of the town, with a bit of the same goal. Y/N's cheery personality, and eagerness to help, joins the church, with little knowledge and regard for what's to come. A demon and a Russian are the last people they expect to meet.!! Gender Neutral Reader. They/Them pronouns !!#10 in #ruv : 1/27/22#2 in #ruvxreader : 1/27/22#3 in #sarvente : 2/10/22#1 in #ruvxreader : 2/16/22 - 6/6/22#1 in #ruv: 3/17/22 - 6/8/22#4 in #fridaynightfunkin: 3/27/22#1 in #fnf: 4/22/22 - 6/8/22

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Church Boy

Sunday is my favorite day of the week because of you.(2016)

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The church

Ever since a fight between the Bob gang vs Bosip and Bobot. the two decided to leave and never come back but what happens if the two went missing. the storm was coming amd the gang have to go to the church. what will happen? Bosip x Bob and probably Boder x Bobot (probably not Canon but I'm having fun with it)Also talking Boder cause it's hard for Silange on text.

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and in the end, we were all just humans, drunk on the idea that love, and only love, could heal our brokenness.

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Not Just A Church Boy

Whilst his parents are out of town, Travis decides to make an attempt to make amends with those he's treated poorly after a conversation with a certain blue haired classmate of his. Little does Travis know, these attempts end up bringing him closer with a person he's just gotten over having a crush on.

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Fake Me To Church

Secrets, Scandal...and Murder.Ahmed Heavenstate just wanted to fit in. A recently adopted high school freshman in a brand new town, he'd barely gotten his foot in the door before being targeted by the headmaster's entitled son Steven. But when a cruel prank brings both boys face to face with a brutalized corpse in the school's main building, these warring adolescents are swept into a terrifying world bloodied with the long-buried secrets of their tight-lipped community.As the passions and prejudices of old money and new acquaintances whirl relentlessly through their town of sheltered closets and the skeletons inside them, Steven and Ahmed will discover a truth more terrifying than anything their paragon of sacred laws and tradition would dare allow them to believe.

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A Church Love Story

A girl who fell inlove with her churchmate. But she doesn't love back.Hanggang saan ang kanyang katatagan upang ipaglaban ang taong pinakamamahal niya?

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Salvis No Cult AU Sal finds a note in boys bathroom during lunch. And quickly after he finds Travis. Sal makes it his mission to make Travis feel better. 🚫 Disclaimer 🚫 : I do not own the video game SallyFace nor the song in the title, I also do not own the cover art.

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