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01 NF || This is a collection of quotes from different books of Wattpad!
Hope you like it!♡

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These characters are not mine! They belong to kaaatie on YouTube Fundamental paper education fandom!!Started: 4-11-2024
Cry For Me, Scream 5 and 6.

Lisa Roberts, Jill Robert's younger sister. When Jill was a killer in the 2011 WoodsBoro murders, Jill let her baby sister survive, knowing only herself was gonna take care of her. After 11 years pass, new murders start and a couple of Lisa's friends are targeted and they think it's her. Is it Lisa? Who would die? And who will live?

The Agnihotri family.A very rich and influential family in the city. Jaiveer Agnihotri, the head of the family, is a very respected man in the social. He is a very successful businessman and politician. He is a man of self-respect.After being rich he is a very down-to-earth person.But his ego and self-respect hurt when his only son, Arjun Agnihotri, suddenly comes with a girl claiming her his bride.In his rage, he threw him and his new bride out of their life and house. He was always a very loving father to his children. He has a soft and loving side for his family only.Arjun and Ashika love each but they never planned to get married without his family's consent. But the situation made them take this big step to save Ashika. But Arjun's this step messed up everything in his life.This is a beautiful tale of family reunion.
This Gift I Was Given (The Boys That Lives In My House)

My name is Jess Taylor, I haven't had the easiest life I lost both my parents in a car crash, I even died for a couple minutes. Maybe because I lost both my parents or because I died for those couple of minutes, I had a mental breakdown and ended up in a mental hospital for awhile.After I got out we ended up moving to a new town trying to make a fresh start, that's where I learned I could talk to ghost. The time I lived in the cane street house was the best and one of the many worst times of my life.I made friends and I met Luke who became the love of my life but just like everything, it ended and Luke went into the light.Me and my aunt Lora moved to a new town trying to make another fresh start but this town has secrets too even darker ones. I'm trying to embrace my new gift and help ghost move on, I'm still pretty new at all this ghost stuff but I'm trying. Maybe this is the town for me it seems like everyone has a secret here.A SEQUEL TO THE BOY WHO LIVES IN MY HOUSE
Loving Abuse (boyxboy)

Ivy loves Christian and Christian loves Ivy.Ivy will always love Christian. No matter what he does to him. No matter how many bruises are left on the boy's skin. No matter how hard Christian hits him, Ivy loves him.And he knows Christian loves him, even if he shows it in a different way.Ivy needs help.

When 26 year old Maya moves to her new house in Portland, she expected to be greeted with friendly people. Having a new job and meeting new people seemed exciting, it was a fresh start for her. But a fresh start isn't always the best decision.
Lavender & Ice

Ashima has dreamed of space exploration her entire life. Finally embarking on her first mission, her excitement turns to terror when she crash lands on a planet of ice. Alone and ill-equipped to survive in such harsh terrain, Ashima is found near death by a 7 foot tall alien with lavender skin. Will he be the savior she needs, or is she destined for destruction on this planet who's residents' hearts seem to be made of ice as solid as the planet she found them on?Note: This story is meant to be enjoyable for any age, but there are moments of physical abuse and there are times where the main character remembers the events of her spaceship crash. There is no specific warning for these chapters within the book.
The Jungle Book (Completed)

The Jungle Book (1894) is a collection of stories by English author Rudyard Kipling. The stories are fables, using animals in an anthropomorphic manner to give moral lessons. A principal character is the boy or "man-cub" Mowgli, who is raised in the jungle by wolves. Other characters include Shere Khan the tiger and Baloo the bear. The book has been adapted many times for film and other media.

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The Life of Queen Cassandra

16 year old Cassandra has always dreamt of becoming a real life princess and live in a beautiful castle with her Prince Charming all her life.When she meets 19 year old Dominick, she became smitten by his handsome charms. She learns that he's a real life Prince from another world, seeking for his one and only true love, get married and become King.Cassandra discovers that she's the girl he's been searching for. Now, his one and only true love, Cassandra has to move to the kingdom of Dulcinea with Dominick, marry him and become the new Queen...

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The demon inside(Sting x oc) rewrite

Not everyone has a luxurious life. Some people have to experience many hardships before they can have a nice life.For a young man, he experienced many hardships until he turned his life around and made it something he could enjoy.For a young woman, she had experienced hardships and lose throughout hundreds of years and has never been able to hold a stable life.Can someone who's life has fallen to pieces at their feet be helped and brought back into a meaningful existence?

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[Tổng hợp BG đồng nhân TFBoys Vương Nguyên]

#bg #giớigiảitrí #ngontinh #showbiz #trongsinh #đồngnhân

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Recovery Road

Eighteen-year-old, Cara Lively, has been struggling with depression for almost half of her life. When things for Cara start to become more difficult than usual, her mother, Eleanor, convinces her to start participating in a support group built around teenagers suffering with mental illnesses. Within the support group, there are numerous kids either thrown in there by their parents or partaking by choice. Stiles Stilinski is one of the few members that has joined by choice. After Stiles is introduced to Cara and finds himself insanely interested in her unique insight on life, he realises that the support group is one of the few good choices he has made, since it led him to the girl who may just help him make a few more along the way.

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Chameleons change, so can my life.

Is it normal for someone to write their will even if their life wasn't meant to be complete yet? I guess so. Since that's what my father did. His life should not have been lost yet, but it was over. Not completed. I know a lot about incomplete things. My family has always been incomplete, I have always felt incomplete, what if when my life finishes it remains incomplete? Can I change things? Is my existence enough to change things, to change others? Maybe. Maybe there's still hope where my father couldn't see it. I'm not meant to be alone though. One piece of the puzzle won't make a picture. The moon wouldn't be able to glow without the sun's light reflecting. There would be no good without bad. Ana-María Alvarez might realize this but she could never do that alone. Luckily for her, a certain shapeshifter knows a lot about things changing. Does she have a sad ordinary life? Like a caterpillar wondering what the heck he's stuck in, but then he sees light then realizes what he had become. The caterpillar didn't just change it, it transformed it. Will she change things, or transform them? Will the young lovers transform each other? Just remember, a transformation can only go two ways...

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Celestial Soul | Tom Riddle ✔

"Nephilim are one of the most dangerous beings in all of creation." - The Angel Of Thursday; CastielThere's a girl in a green dressShe's got eyes like fire, but lips so tameShe's huddled by the boy who'sDemons have completely shattered himSo far so, that he has been driven to complete INSANITYCOVER CREATED BY: _Becca_Boo_[ Tom Riddle x OC ]

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There is Chef Yu in the Entertainment Circle

Yu Siyang, a 25-years-old chef who just win the International Culinary Gold Award, is smashed by huge a huge earthen pot, he wakes up and become an 18-years-old little transparent Yu Siyang in the entertainment circle.Signs a weird contract and have big debts, the chef has to put down the pots and pans and carry his school bag to the performance class.Strive for achievement as Emperor Film as soon as possible, paying off the debts, and realizing big aspirations to open an ideal restaurant.But, why the creditor makes a very abnormal condition? Waiting online, urgent.Alternate Title娱乐圈有个郁大厨Original StoryUnawakened For Years (经年未醒)

629 6 11

Todo se preguntaran por que mi libro se llama BIG BANG ES MI VIDA bueno es mi historia real yo no puedo andar sin la musica de un solo grupo y ese grupo se llama BIG BANG algunos lo conocen Digamos que la musica es mi :-CORAZON-HIGADO-RIÑON-TODO Ese es mi vida llena de canciones de BIG BANG es un grupo de RAP,HIP HOP,BALADA ,ETC .Bueno es que mi mama me reta por que :-Desayuno con musica-Almuerzo con musica-Bailo con musica obvio verdad -Ceno con musica -Duermo con musica Es que yo estoy en ese grupo en el STAFF bailarina verdad ando de gira en gira por todo el mundo POR FIN SE CUMPIO MI SUEÑOOO BIG BANG para mi es como una vida mas por que yo soñaba en estar con ellos y mi papa lo cumplio por el representante del grupo era mi tio entonces todo comenzo participando de sus videos tuve como secreto entre mis amigas yo le queria decir pero sabia que no me ivan a creer entonces me quede callada y bueno soy paraguaya tengo 12 años y estoy aqui en COREA DEL SUR el que lee ya me conoseran verdad y asi empezo mi vida desde los 10 años estando con ellos y les agradesco a mi papa , mi tio y ellos que son un encanto sus nombres son -G DRAGON-T.O.P-TAENYANG -DAENSUNG-SEUNGRI Son unos maravillosos cariñosos etc, lo unico que puedo decir y asi es mi vida con sus musicas me olvido de mis problemas y soy otra con ellos las musicas que mas me gustan es CRAYONLOVE SONGBANG BANG FANTASTIC BABYMONSTERLOSERTONIGHTDigamos que todo verdad para mi los 5 son hermosos Y BUENO ESPERO QUE LES HAYA GUSTADO YA PRONTO CUANDO TENGA TIEMPO HAGO EL SIGUENTE CAPITULO COMO VERAN QUE LA MUSICA ES COMO TU 2 VIDA POR TE GUSTA NO HAY GENTE QUE LE GUSTE LA MUSICA NUNCA DIGAN QUE LA MUSICA NO ES PARTE DE SU VIDA

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Hidden Love || Dreamnoblade || Discontinued ||

09/18/21 --- Just begun this story!||{Disclaimer}|| I do not ship the real people, kay? Only their personas :)the way my au works is that in minecraft there is a game that is literally the same as their world 😌Technoblade and dream were always Rivals. Everything they did was a competition of who would be on-top.Or so everyone thought.As they both logged off of the dream SMP, and closed their monitors, they had a secret to the whole world.This story plays out fast, also, none of the art in this book is mine.

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ₓ˚. ୭ ˚○◦˚ Children of the Stars  ˚◦○˚ ୧ .˚ₓ

Royalty and Immortals. Monsters and Mortals, the children of the stars, the zodiacs. They were created to protect the peace and the future of the original five kingdoms, but when the fifth kingdom was mysteriously destroyed, peace and balance were unknowingly destroyed with it. It wasn't until many centuries later when the Zodiac's discovered that a group of elites were trying to take the Heart of the Stars, a gem that was the power source for the kingdoms and without it, the elites would gain all power and the kingdoms would deliberately be destroyed. It is up to the Zodiacs to fulfill the duty of protection and peace and save Astri and the kingdoms.Highest ranks: #1 Aries and Ophiuchus 6/17/23 #3 Libra 6/26/23

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