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Fuck I'm new

What you want me to make? Idk if I'm gonna post any thing

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reasons why giyuu killed his sister

presented by me

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lol i do werid shit on this!1!1!11! :3


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Random CRK Memes

Just random CRK memes.Credits to all the artists and/or comic creators in this.No curse words in any chapter.Most of these are provided by @YourLocalBreathMinte so thank you :)

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She's hot. Tom Kaulitz x Reader

I watch as a girl with dirty blonde hair in a mini skirt walks past. "Tom" I say, my eyes on the girl but my hand backhanding Tom in the shoulder. He turns. "What?" "Look at that girl with the blonde hair and the mini skirt." I say, pointing. "Gah dayuhm she fine!" He says, grabbing my hand. "Ikr? She's Hot."

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Every character in this is fine asf to let you know

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ed sherran x Mr beast

ed sherran has a burning passion for Mr beast, they started talking now as their love starts to blossom then fucking- withers by ass play

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Uhm- this is just a random title, since I didn't know what to name this. This is just my first story, so.. also, Uhm.

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cursed stories โ˜น๐Ÿ‘

rip your eyes

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Stitches (Miraculous ladybug ragdoll AU)

WARNING: SICHINGLY SWEET FLUFF! (Ok mabye not that much fluff but fluff!)Au where Adrien died but comes back later in the story.Marinette and Chloe were friends when they were young but now are the way they are in the show.Alya and Nino are still there.Adrien is basically the same but with an eye patch.

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