Sleeping With My Male Babysitter

Sleeping With My Male Babysitter

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Category: Teen Fiction
**WARNING** This story gets...dark.
This story is also set in the same world as my book Justice Will be given, so some characters and themes are from that book too, don't worry if you haven't read the book as it won't make a big difference and they are two different story lines.
He saw her smooth, tanned legs gracefully resting on top of the cold, leather couch. Her pigtails falling and merely reaching the floor, as she inspected this new visitor with her eyes, she she lifted her hands to her mouth, with slightly glossy lips, and took out her lollipop teasingly, with a quiet 'pop'. They wouldn't seem to be ending their gazes upon each other any time soon, and quite after, Bryan felt a sense of guilt, staring at a 16 year old girl like that. He was nearly going to walk away, turn down the job. But something made him stay, something, intriguing, and both insane at the same time. And the girl smiled at him, fantasizing about how much fun she'll have with her new sitter.

16 Year old Candice, who also goes by the name of 'Candy' isn't your typical teenager, after dropping out of high school and making life hell for the mother that is practically giving up on her, she is thrown into the hands of a sitter after her depressed mother stays with a family friend, only coming home to pay the bills and make dinner from expired left overs. Thinking that her child lacks morality and only wants to cause trouble and havoc on the family, she is out of options. But all little Candice wants to do is be treated like a woman, and feel what it's like to experience real pleasure. So when her new sitter arrives, she wastes no time trying to seduce him until all he wants is her.


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