Chapter 9: The Bad Girl Get's Her Groove On

Make sure you guys give the song above a listen to you can really feel the grooviness!

"Thanks for coming out, Alex." Jaq spoke over the sound of the cart wheels rolling against the wooden flooring. It was now about 9 in the morning, and I was beyond tired. Tino had us clock out at around 2 am last night, then told me that if I ever decided to go out while clocked in again, he'll take away my motorcycle and see just how great I am at running... everywhere. He was savage like that.

I sighed to myself, rubbing my eyes. Another day, another dollar.

That would be accurate if I was actually getting paid for this shit.

"Thanks for inviting me." I smiled back weakly. "And sorry I had to disappear so suddenly. I had to be back at the shoppe by midnight or my ass would've been in deep shit."

"No worries. Im glad you had fun. I saw you dancing with someone on the dance floor ... You never told me you could dance."

"That never can up." I replied, shooting him a grin.

"Where was I through all this?" Gus asked with a pout.

"You got wasted. I think at some point in time, you opened a tab on your card and bought like 8 rounds of shots for random strangers. It was at that point, I decided you needed to go the fuck home." Jaq replied. I laughed as Gus groaned.

We arrived at the end of the hallway and I pushed open the door to the room I had been working on. Today was cleaning the windows. Tomorrow would be waxing the floor, then I'd be done.

Gus set the speakers up, but this time I plugged in my phone before any of the guys could protest. It's Your World by Jennifer Hudson began to play and I knew, this window cleaner would soon become a microphone stand. Sure enough, seconds later, I was sliding across the floor going full out.

"I walk over that rainbow and leave it to you, that pot of gold..." I did a few twirls with the wiper before facing the large mirrors that spanned out across the entire wall...

Christian's POV
I made my way down the back hallway with my large dancing bag in hand. I, for once, didn't have class to teach today. I wanted to see if any of the back studios were still usable for a bit of practice before my world history class would start. Drangsteviet had informed me that there was another janitor cleaning out those studios. I had yet to meet him.

I noticed Gus and Jaq getting to work. I gave them a wave and they smiled back, before a headed into the studio. Only seconds later, a song I knew all too well began to play.

The music was incredibly loud, but it shouldn't have been considering I had closed the door of the studio on my way in. Curiosity got the best of me, as I switched the mirrors setting to window view. Sure enough, standing in the studio directly across from me, was a women in a pair of cute overalls, starting to get into the groove of the music. Soon after, the window cleaner became her microphone as she lip-synch perfectly to the song It's Your World by Jennifer Hudson.

A smile automatically broke out, but that was replaced with astonishment as I saw just how good she actually was at dancing... and it didn't even look like she was trying."It's your world. Its your world. Boy, if you ask it shall be given." She had gone in full force with the vocals.

I walked over to the mirror setting and switched her mirror to a window. She froze suddenly from dancing as she saw me standing there in front of her. We were now both staring through a window at each other. My body was already grooving to the rhythm, and as soon as the male part started, I jumped in with lip-synching. "See a women like you babe, shouldn't have to ask for nothing baby no no no." I sang, slowly moving my body before I broke out to a break dance on the floor. A grin crept up on her face, but she had still gone rosy from embarrassment. "All you gotta do... no no no..." My body slid across the floor.

"Ooh if you're in need of love. Boy it don't matter what." She sang."Even the moon and the stars above!"

I moved closer to the mirror."You can have my heart. You can have my car. I'll cut it out of me. And give you my heart." My hand grasped my chest.

"See that Universe?" She pointed towards the ceiling, "And all of the planets?"

"Belongs to you," I pointed towards her, "Just reach up and grab it... Heyyyyyy-y-y-y-yyy." I sang, really getting into it.

"Heyyyyyy-yyyy-yyyyyy yeah." She countered, slowly sliding down her fake microphone as her neck vein bulged from how hard she hit those notes.

"Oooh.... it's your world!"

"It's your world!"



"You deserve the whole world!"

"Whole world!" She sang, moving closer to the mirror herself as she poured her heart and soul into it.

"And everything in it. It's your world! Gunna wrap it up."

"Gunna wrap it up!"

"And give it to you!"

"Gunna give it to you!"

"Anything you want, anything you need, I will surely do." We both sang, as we were now both mere inches away from the glass. This close, I could really see her beauty. Those eyes though... they looked so familiar.

It felt as if I was standing directly in front of her, without a barrier between us. I reached my hand out to touch the glass and she did the same, as we both grinned like maniacs, but she quickly pulled away and looked towards the door.

There, standing before us with her face pressed and arms crossed, was Marianne Drangsteviet.