Chapter 1: The Bad Girl Gets Arrested

T H E    B A D    G I R L S T O L E
by: wambuimuiruriii

"You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can, and will be held against you in the court of law. You have the right to an attorney..." the cop continued on, as he slapped the hard metal around my wrists and slid me into the back of the cop car.

"You better have gotten this on snapchat, Alex!" Jared called as another cop was trying to shove him in the back of his squad car. I couldn't help but laugh at how hard of a time Jared was giving the guy.

"When you get in, call Tino. He'll bail you out by tomorrow." Jared instructed. I could barely hear him now over the shouting of the cop to get in the vehicle.

"Yeah, then he'll kill me shortly after." I shot back before the cop cut me off by closing the car door. Jared just shrugged in the back seat of his car and shot me another one of his signature winks. I gave him a dimpled smile back through the bars of my window.

This night had quickly gone to shit.

That was probably the last good adventure I had before Judge Brown decided to throw the book at me two weeks later.

Now you're probably wondering how I got here.
Shit, I am too. It all started out with a pretty decent afternoon...

4 Hours Prior...

"Won't Tino hmm, I dunno, fucking murder us if we take these cars out?" I asked Jared.

We were now standing in the garage of Tino's home, staring at two beautiful McLaren Ultimate Series P1's as the sun began to set behind us.

"He's on a business trip for the night. Plus, we gotta celebrate! Tino is finally letting you organize an event in a few weeks." Jared replied.

"If we take these cars out and he finds out, I won't organize an event until I'm 80." I shot back. Instead of replying, Jared walked over to the file cabinet on the far right of Toni's incredibly large garage and tossed me the keys to the white coated P1 with golden rims. "I swear to god Jared, if we get in trouble, I'm throwing you straight under the bus." I called to him, but he had already slid into his yellow coated black rimmed P1 and started the engine.

All I could do was follow his lead as we both pulled the vehicles out onto the drive way of Toni's estate.

The feeling of the engine as it vibrated through to the steering, was the only sound I would ever need to hear. It was also the sexiest sound that existed on this planet.

Jared pulled out from the paved driveway first before taking off with incredible speed down the private road towards the city. He had already called a few other racing buddies out to a spot in the inner city. We usually set up 3-7 cars depending on the race size as I lookouts and diversions around the city, but tonight it was just a little get together and some harmless Sprints.

When we pulled into the underground parking, I soon realized that this "get together" wasn't so much a "get together" anymore.

I could already tell this was going to end badly.

"So much for lowkey, Jared." I groaned to myself. As soon as our vehicles were spotted pulling in, we were swarmed.

"Damn, Jared! The girls are out tonight, huh?" Nicolias called out while we both simultaneously popped the hood for the cars and got out. I already recognized all the guys as they huddled around to check out the $1.5 million dollar cars.

"Only for tonight. This means, no one drives, touches, or even gets in these vehicles besides Alex and I." Jared stated.

"And we're serious." I added. Or at least, I knew the prominent death by the hand of Tino if he ever found out, was serious.

The only people I didn't recognize were the girls the guys had brought along. Usually they were different girls every night, so I didn't really bother to try and get along or bond with any of them.

That... and they didn't know jack shit about cars.

Like actually.

They thought my Blancpain GT series was a Lamborghini. I lost my shit at that... and the hopes of ever bonding with another one of these idiots's flings again. Most of these girls tagged along whenever they heard the words "illegal" and "expensive cars" in the same sentence.

"We can't stay out too late either." I reminded them. I walked over and grabbed a beer from the cooler one of the guys had brought out, and that's when I saw the empty bottles all over the parking garage.

Everyone here had to of been completely wasted.

And I was proven right about an hour later when one of these girls decided to throw a beer bottle off the ledge of the second story parking garage, and smash the window of a new 2016 Mercedes Maybach. It didn't take long for the cop sirens to start blaring in the distance.

"You've got to be fucking kidding me!" I groaned, as everyone began to scatter....

Or at least attempted to.

Two girls flat out face planted on the cement and decided to just not get up. The guys were fumbling with the keys of the cars that were most likely not legally obtained.

Jared and I would have stayed and helped a few of the buddies we knew... that was, if we totally didn't have Tino's expensive ass cars out while he was on a business trip.

Not to mention the fact that I was 19, with a few good beers in me.

Jared and I didn't make is far with our escape before our cars were pulled over and searched right outside the parking ramp... and this was how we got here.

Me sitting in the back of a squad car as I was driven to the L.A.P.D. precinct to get booked for the night.

"Your bail has been set to $8,000. If your bail can be met before two weeks from now which is your court date, you won't have to spend jail time." An officer informed me as I signed my name and got finger printed for booking.

I had to think long and hard about my next decision... but I really didn't have much options at this point. So I took a breath in, and exhaled, before asking my next question. "Where can I make a phone call?"

Yep. I think I'm liking this premise for a Cinderella retelling a little more. Any thoughts?