Chapter 14: The Bad Girl Kicks Ass

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Lights flashed around us as Alex pulled the car off the main streets and onto the back roads. We were currently in second place, but Alex was basically riding the guy's ass in front of us.

I hadn't pulled my eyes off of Alex as she drove. She had this look etched into her face of pure excitement and happiness. I think I finally understood why she loved this. The city was different at this speed... everything looked different, more beautiful perhaps. Though I was clutching the drivers door handle as tightly as I could, Alex had never looked more relaxed. Her body had eased itself into the drivers seat as her hands rested comfortably against her knees.

"How ya hanging in there?"She asked me, taking her eyes off the road for only a fraction of a second to catch mine. I gave her a smile.

"You haven't killed us yet." I replied.

"Don't jinx it." she warned, sending a wink my way.

She took another sharp turned onto a main road and tried to pass the car in front of us, but he swerved into our lane to prevent it. I could practically feel my heart ready to give out as she took another sharp turned that would have sent me flying if I wasn't wearing a seat belt.

"Goddamn it." She hissed again. "What makes this so difficult, is that some people are racing with cars that are just shy of half a mil. Because of that, and the safety of the driver, no dirty moves are allowed. An accident on a public road during an illegal race is the last thing any of us want. Because of this, some drivers do a dick moves such as this, where they'll hold you up but blocking one lane." Alex explained, gesturing towards the car in front of us.

"How do you pass a car like that?" I asked.

"By doing this." She replied. She swerved the car to the left as if she was going to overtake them in the left shoulder so the car swerved left to block us which created an opening on the right shoulder. Alex almost instantly swerved her car to the right opening and gained speed. The car followed in suit right beside us, hoping to beat us in speed so that we wouldn't gain the lead, but Alex's car sped up to a smooth 120 with ease and she pulled out in front.

"Fuck yeah!" I exclaimed, feeling the adrenaline rush through me. Alex looked over at me with the largest grin plastered on her face as we pulled through the last street and back towards the first slot of the parking ramp entrance. The second car pulled in moments later besides us. The guy got out almost instantly and began to pound on the passenger side of our window.

"Get the fuck outta the car." the guy hissed. I looked back at Alex, completely startled, but she was already walking around to the other side of the car. "Get your fucking hands off my car." Alex shot back with such aggressiveness I'd never seen before.

"What the fuck are you gunna do about it, puta?" The man countered.

I looked at Alex like she grew a second head when she responded with "What the fuck did you call me?" Some more cars had started to pull through into the ticketing lanes and  a few guys had come out, including Jared. I got out of the car to join him. "Listen to me, you peice of shit-" Alex started, but before she could finish, The guy took a swing at her and landed a hook right by her chin and bottom lip area. I tried to move to help, but Jared grabbed me and held me back.

"What the fuck are you doing man, let go of me. He just punched her!" I yelled at him.

"Alex has been racing for years, kid. If anyone can handle themselves, it's her." Caleb replied as he approached us.

Alex stumbled back slightly from impact and touched her bottom lip that was now busted open. The guy began to laugh but stopped short when he saw the borderline mental smile that was plastered on Alex's face as blood ran down her chin. The guy swung again but struck out this time as Alex dodged the punch and instead grabbed his arm and twisted hard. The guy fell to his knees almost instantly... or at least almost did, but all that did was bring him to Alex's level which she then delivered a swift and fierce kick to his groin. He fell to the ground in seconds.

"I'll handle this." Caleb spoke as he stepped in for Alex. Jared and I walked towards her and Jared offered a towel for her bleeding lip. Caleb grabbed the guy by the shirt and delivered a nasty blow to his face. Then another. Then one more. "Let this be an example for anyone who has something to say for losing fair and square. I will not tolerate this bullshit at these events." Caleb spoke as his body practically towered over the other man's who was now trying to pick his bloody self off the floor.

"Are you okay, Alex?" I asked as she made her way back to her motorcycle with me following close behind. Most of the drivers were now getting into their vehicles. I glanced at my phone to see it was almost one in the morning now.

"I'm fine, thanks. Surprisingly, this was probably the least violent the scenario could've gotten." Alex replied, offering me a small bloody smile.

"I'm taking off, Alex!" Jared called from across the parking ramp.

"Sounds good!" Alex called back, then grimaced slightly from the open cut on her lip. She pulled the keys for her motorcycle out of her pocket, and handed me the helmet.

"Shouldn't you be the one wearing the helmet?"

"And why is that? Because I'm a women?" she countered, starting up the motorcycle. I wasn't too sure how to respond, mainly because that was exactly why I said it.

"My uncle raised me by a saying 'All skulls break the same.' That was the reason he let me ride in the first place." Alex explained. I nodded in understanding as I put the helmet on. Better not argue with the women who just took a 200 pound dude down.


She pulled out of the parking ramp and we headed back to the ballet studio. The drive back didn't feel half as long as the drive to the parking ramp. When we arrived, Alex slid into the motorcycle spot and killed the engine. I took off the helmet and handed it back to her before getting off the bike.

I knew it was late, but I didn't want the night to end just yet. Maybe that's what drove me to say what I did, next...

"Come in for a second, let me bandage up that lip for you."