Chapter 10: The Bad Girl Meets Christian Taylor

"It wasn't her fault."

"It doesn't matter who's fault it is, you know the rules." Mrs. Drangsteviet snapped back at the mysterious blonde that was now sitting beside me in her office, before turning to me. "Consider this strike one, Ms. Diaz. Your shifts are now to only be at night as punishment."

"That's a bit harsh, Mrs. D-" the man argued, but Mrs. Drangsteviet quickly cut him off.

"Your input will do nothing, Mr. Taylor. Your father has long since approved of the way I handle things. I'd advise you to stay out of this." She fired back.

"It was my fault to begin with. I distracted her from her work when I entered the studio. She shouldn't be punished for that." He insisted. His face looked determined as he continued to argue on my behalf.

Who the hell even was this guy anyways?

I cut in before the situation could escalate any further. "Night shifts. Got it." I really didn't though, all I could think about was how to explain to Tino that this would now interfere with my work at the shoppe. He was going to actually kill me. "I'll start coming in then." I replied, standing up.

"You really shouldn't have to-" the blonde started up as he turned to me, but once again, Mrs. Drangsteviet cut in.

"It's settled then. Both you and Christian may leave my office now. Pack up your stuff, Alex, You're done for the day." She instructed. I nodded silently to her before standing up and walking back out into the main office room of the Career Center. It didn't take long for the blonde haired boy... I guess his name was Christian, to catch up with me.

"I'm sorry about that." He spoke. His voice had this low gravitating feel that sort of pulled you in to every word he spoke. He could have been giving a speech on asexual reproduction and he would have made it sound like it was the most important thing in the world. It sounded so familiar but I couldn't quite grasp where I'd heard it from.

"It's fine." I replied. I wasn't necessarily mad at him, but rather myself for fucking up this badly on my first couple days. I just really needed to get my hours and be done. I couldn't afford anymore screw ups.

"Your dancing though... you're really good." He continued. "This question might seem weird but, were you at a club Tipsy Bartender last night?"

"Did my uncle hire you?" I asked, peering up at him now.

"What? No. Why would he do that?" The boy asked, as his eyes furrowed in confusion. "I was just asking because I think we danced together last night."

"Oh." I whispered to myself, looking away to hide the embarrassment of what I had just asked him. It wasn't above Tino to hire someone to figure out where I had went last night. In fact, I'd be more surprised if he didn't. Tino got protective when it came to me going out alone. As I looked back at Christian through the corner of my eye, I noticed his eyes. They looked far more familiar than I initially thought as I envisioned him with a black masquerade mask on. "You're the mystery guy." I whispered.

"And you're the mystery gal who sped off before I could get your... well, before I could get your anything."

"Yeah," I nodded awkwardly, "sorry about that. I had an emergency I had to attend to." I explained.

"It's okay. I'm glad I got to see you again." He replied, sending me a grin that made my heart beat race and my knees weak.

What was this terrifying feeling?

Only Paul Walker made me feel this way in Fast and Furious.

I think I'm dying.

"M-Mhm." I replied barely coherent. "So you attend this school?" I asked him. He chuckled slightly which made my eyebrows furrow.

"You really have zero idea who I am." He stated, shaking his head. "Yeah I attend this academy."

"Should I know who you are?" I asked him curiously.

"Considering you're only here for volunteer hours, probably not." He nodded to himself.

"I'm actually here for community service. It's this or jail time." I replied. His eyes grew large in surprise, but then narrowed in curiosity.

"I had no idea that the Academy of Classical Ballet offered hours for community service."

"Neither did I." I admitted. It took me by surprised from how unfazed he was by the fact that I was here from a judge sentencing.

We had both now made it to the end of the hall where I had left my cart of items and cleaning supplies. I started organizing them back on the cart.

"How many hours are you serving?" He asked.

"36. I've got about three hours done so far, and one strike. Let's hope I actually get these hours." I replied. He stood silent for a bit as I wiped down the cleaning supplies.

"Sorry again about that... Last night at the Tipsy Bartender- your dancing was incredible. Did you go to dance school?" He asked.

"This quickly became 20 questions." I noted as I push the rest of the items onto the cart and locked up the studio behind me.

"Sorry." He replied, but this slight grin never left his lips.

"Half my family is Mexican, so I grew up around the Latino culture." I explained.

"That's very interesting." He noted.

I was now using breathing exercises to stop myself from hyperventilating as Christian just stared at me while I worked. It should have felt creepy, but instead, It felt like my appendix had burst and infectious liquid was now leaking through my body. It was a feeling I had never really experienced before...

Besides when I raced of course. That rush was forever engraved.

We both made our way back to the career center so I could return the cart and grab my things. He walked me all the way out to my motorcycle as I continued to speak with him about myself. For some reason, the conversation flowed smoothly. His company felt so easy and comfortable, like I was catching up with a long lost friend, rather than a chatting for the second time with a total stranger.

My mind kept wandering back to the night before, and how good his hands felt against me. How captivating that man was... and still is.

I couldn't help but get drawn in to him.

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