Chapter 11: The Bad Girl Works The Night Shift pt. 1

"Ooooh you likeeeee himmmmm." Jared chanted.

I threw a wrench at him.

He ducked just in time to have it hit Tino in the thigh. I quickly got back to work before Tino's gaze pierced through my soul.

"I barely even know him, Jared. I just thought it was sweet of him to stand up for me. That's all." I insisted.

"You know what won't be sweet? Jail time." Tino cut in. Always the optimist.

"I won't let it get to that, I promise. The lady in charge of my hours has a perpetual stick shoved up her ass. Plus, she won't even be there during night hours. It's only one strike-"

"And it was bound to happen." Jared added, interrupting me. Tino still looked unconvinced. I was glad he was concerned about me. There really wasn't a limit to how much Tino would sacrifice and help me. I think it scared him that there was now nothing he could do to prevent me from jail time if it came to that. I wouldn't be locked up for long at all, but Tino cared for me as if I were his own. Family meant something to him, and I wouldn't give up that feeling of belonging for anything.

I gave him the best reassuring grin I could muster.

"You barely know this kid, Alex. Don't do anything you might end up regretting. Just get in and get your hours done." Tino insisted. I gave him a slight nod. "Are you planning on heading back over again tonight?" Tino asked.

I gave him another nod. "Two more hours tonight, then I get a break tomorrow. It's a pretty simple job, and I really like the guys I work with." I explained.

Jared drew a heart into the air with his fingers.

A threw another wrench at him.

This one hit its mark as he rubbed his arm in pain from the impact.

"No throwing metal objects at each other. My tools are my babies. And as long as I see your finished time card by the end of this, I don't care how you go about it." Tino replied. "Now I'm heading in to take care of some work then I'll be out late with the guys tonight. Please don't do anything stupid." He added, before pulling off his jumpsuit and heading out through the back entrance.

"You know what tonight is, right?" Jared asked as soon as we heard Tino's car pull out from the lot. We could never be too sure with Tino. He was like a freaking ninja.

"Just the fix I need. It feels like I haven't raced in ages." I replied. The adrenaline had already started to rush though my body from anticipation for tonight. "No fuck ups tonight though. Get 2 more guys on each route tonight for the hottest paths out from the inner city. We need a quick exit incase things go wrong. Also, only inner circle tonight. No randoms. Which means no random chicks either who are going to get wasted then act like dipshits."

"Done deal. I'll let Nicolias know." Jared nodded. I gave him a stern stare which made him know I was absolutely serious on this one. Shit always hit the fan whenever random people showed up to these things. They would either start fights, or get too wasted. Last year, a chic threw a cooler through the window of a fucking Countach. "Are you going to bring your lover boy?" Jared asked.

"I don't really think this would be his scene... plus, I don't actually have any of his contact info, now that I think about it." I replied. Jared looked at me with disbelief.

"Smooth Alex. Smooth."

"Shut up." I replied, sending a wink his way before getting back to work.


The halls seemed far more creepier at night as I walked through the corridors of the ballet academy. Only half the light were still running to conserve energy and all the studios were now locked up besides a few where some classes had just ended. I made it to the career center and clocked in before grabbing the cart of cleaning supplies. I would really miss working with Gus and Jaq, but not having to worry about Mrs. Drangsteviet breathing down my neck was a blessing. I wanted to get the studios on the far right wing completed today, so there wouldn't be much work left for Jaq and Gus. It was now about 8, and the races started at 11 tonight. Jared was going to send out a mass text for the location of the meet, and the layout of the alternative routes we would be using.

Racing was a wonderful way to end the night.

I pushed the cart through the halls, but came to stop when a noticed a familiar figure in one of the opened studio rooms. Christian was standing in the middle of one of the smaller dance rooms as the music gently flowed. The tune was soft and beautiful with classical undertones. He moved with the melody in a way that made my body still. His body became something else. He became something else. He was captivating and I found myself sitting at the edge of the doorway, watching.

He was in a pair of loose fitted sweatpants and a casual shirt. His platinum hair looked like he had run his hands through it one too many times... but I liked it that way. The music began to fade as the song approached the end. When it finished, he looked over at me with a smile playing at his lips. I didn't know he had noticed I was here to begin with.

I couldn't help but smile back.