Girl Group Imagines (GxG)

Girl Group Imagines (GxG)

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Category: Short Story
A collection of girl group imagines.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*・゚✧*:・゚✧・゚: *✧・゚:*・゚✧*:゚✧

Features all your favorite girl groups, and even your favorite soloists!

Possible triggering content

AU requests welcome

Requests open

Idol x Reader


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❝ i don't really listen to kpop, but i know about that one girl. ❞ meet min,the heartbreakerof south korea.━━ kpop soloist au. fluff. angst. slice of life.femoc! x unknown!started: [ april 10, 2021! ]status: [ ongoing! ]impressive / highest rankings:[ #1 in solo ] [ #1 in kpopsoloist ][ #1 in soloist ][ #2 in ocsoloist ][ #8 in multifandom ][ #1 in koreanidol ][ #1 in soloartist ][ #6 in chungha ][ #83 in bangtansonyeondan ][ #83 in bts ][ #14 in got7 ][ #15 in kpopidols ]
Rafe Cameron Imagines [@twinklelilstarkey]

These imagines were written by me, on my main Tumblr blog. I do *not* give you any permission to use, repost, or rewrite my work.* = Smut[FIC] = Large Post. Way bigger than a normal imagine.
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Hello, lovelies! Welcome to my second book of Rosé Imagines!!I was blown away by the love and support book one received. I can't put into words how much I appreciate the endless love and the kind words. There's no way for me to describe how much writing means to me and how good it feels to hear how much my stories mean to you and get you through 🥺🥺🥺🥺I'm hoping you all enjoy book two as much as you did book one. Requests are open but the rules from book one still apply 💞I love you all so much! Happy Reading!{started: 7-24-21} {completed: }(Highest Rankings:)♡ #1 in blackpink ♡♡ #1 in boombayah ♡♡ #1 in gxg ♡ ♡ #1 in howyoulikethat ♡♡ #1 in icecream ♡♡ #1 in imagines ♡♡ #1 in kpop ♡♡ #1 in ontheground ♡♡ #1 in prettysavage ♡♡ #1 in femalexfemale ♡♡ #1 in preferences ♡♡ #2 in blackpinkimagines ♡♡ #2 in rosesarerosie ♡♡ #3 in nosmut ♡♡ #6 in kpopimagines ♡♡ #7 in gone ♡

Ashwin the CBI officer .he have a 5yrs son Anirudh .he got panick attacks .he admitted in hospital .sivaangi the Babies [pediatrics ] DOCTOR.she treated him .both jell well .after he got recovery he discharged.sivaangi came to know that hospital Dean was selling the babies part without knowing anyone.when he saw her she was shocked and ran out of the hospital.Ashwin came to know that the hospital Dean try to kill sivaangi. so for her safety purpose he married her forcely . sivaangi hated him for this ....what will happen in their life?how sivaangi will react when she came to know that he married her only for her safety.!what about Anirudh and sivaangi bond ?what about aswin .he will love her in the process of safeguarding her ?if you want to know .come and join me in this story's just a fanfiction ....Rank 2 in #manifesting,rank8 #sivaangi ,rank6#sivaangi,rank3#manifesting ,rank3 #sivaangikrish ,rank2 #manifesting
Smut Book

mainly just my smuts i do out of boredom. updates will come as I write. Feedback is also greatly appreciated 😊🙏❤
Twitzy one shots (Twice + Itzy X Reader)

One shot bookG x GReader x MemberSmutSome trigger warnings ( will be put at start of the relating chapter)Also apologies most of these are Yeji/Nayeon/Momo/Sana/Jihyo. There are and will be other members. Random one shot book relating to Twice or Itzy members. I am not a writer, I do this for fun. This is literally somewhere to store my random thoughts or day dreams and get them off my phone. It probably won't be perfect. If you happen to read these and enjoy cool! I'm not doing requests. Have fun!

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