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Badboy meets Badgirl

**UNDER EDITING **Lily is the badgirl in school but as she was expelled from her school in England, her Dad got a job promotion and had to move to California, America. Thats when she met Tyler the schools badboy.Will her past come to hunt her...

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Adrianna Valentine. Delilah Walker. Raven Houston. Magenta Marino. Lilith Rodriquez. Sadie Pierce. They are the badgirls.

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Playing By The Rules

What happens when an arrogant hockey star falls for an honor student that only wants to stay away from trouble? On the ice, Caleb Dawson is unstoppable, but his talent alone might not be enough to win Jennifer's heart, especially when his bad boy reputation is exactly what she's not looking for... *****Jennifer Beckett is academically gifted, but while she may seem flawless in the classroom, she spends her life hiding her insecurities. Boy trouble is the last thing she would want to get involved in, so when she collides with Caleb Dawson, the cocky and self-centered hockey player that everyone worships, Jennifer can't get away fast enough. The problem is, the two of them keep gravitating toward each other. Does Caleb have what it takes to be in a relationship, despite his arrogance from being one of the best teenage hockey players in America? And can Jennifer see past her own issues to give him - and herself - a chance?[[word count: 100,000-150,000 words]]Cover designed by Ray Gardener

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2013-2014"You don't know me, no one does," I said in a voice just above a whisper. "Then let me in, I want to know you," he exclaimed clutching onto my arms so I couldn't escape. I looked into his eyes that were swirling with so much emotion, "I'm- I'm messed up..""I don't care, everyone's messed up!" He threw his hands up in frustration letting go of me. "I'm more than others," I said quietly turning around and starting to walk off. "Jackie, I love you!" He called desperately. I smiled halfheartedly, "If only that was true."**-**-**-**-**-**Jackie used to be that kid that got picked on and that had no friends. Until a boy changed her life. It's senior year of a new school, Jai Boarding School. In her last school she was the Bad Girl to the bullies. She doesn't stand Players, Cheats, Bullies and Queen Bitches. She's the one that's everyone's scared of but secretly like. Will that change at her new school? And who will she meet?

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Badgirl and the gang leaders

Katie Channing's was a happy child with a perfect family until the age of 6 when her mother died, when she was 9 her sister left her with a drunken dad who gambled away all there money. When she was 10 her father sold her to 3 men who abused her for 3 years until she was saved by an Italian gang. She lived a happy rich life being part of the gang and completing every mission she had been set, until Giovanni the gang leader tells her to gain the trust of the schools bad boy Ryder Thomas so that they can kill his father but as she earns his trust more and more, unlocks his secretes and finds some of her family members that she hasn't seen in 9 years, will she change sides and discover the whole truth? join Katie as she finds out who's really the bad guys and who's really the hero's. I promise your not going to be disappointed.

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[✔️]I Made a bet with the Badgirl(Jenlisa)

She stares right at me, "You eat like a pig." "You look like a pig." I rolled my eyes, continuing to eat."A pretty damn sexy pig." She winked."You might be a sexy pig, but you talk like a donkey.""Are you agreeing that I'm sexy?" She narrowed her eyes, smirking."No...I didn't mean it like that. I just..." I blushed. The nerve of this girl. __________________________________________Lisa Manoban. A girl leading her normal life. She has great grades, an amazing personality, and two better than awesome best friends. Insert in Jennie Kim. A type of girl Lisa Manoban hates. In other words, she's a bad girl...A girl with a flirtatious personality filled with sarcasm and sass. One day when Lisa's best friend leaves her 'for good', Lisa needs to find a way to get revenge. Well, the best person to help her with that? Jennie Kim. But Jennie kim will only help her if she wins a bet. Little does she know that this bet will change everything...A bet with the bad girl. _______________________ Smut Free 😉 xoxo ⚠️ NOTE: ⚠️This is merely an adaptation. I did not own this story. ‼i just changed it into jenlisaI don't get payed by posting it this.i just edit it and upload it for the pleasure of reading it.if you would like to read the original version check it out on fantasticallymeg_. ALL CREDITS GOES TO THE ORIGINAL AUTHOR/S.

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Puck You

Grace wants to prove herself by making the men's hockey team at her new school. Will a rivalry with the captain - or an attraction between them - get in the way? ***** When Grace Gillman moves to California, she's determined to play hockey -- even if that means making a place for herself on her new school's only team. But Sebastian Evans doesn't want a girl on the men's team, even if she's a great player. He's convinced she'll distract the other boys and cost them their shot at the championship - and with it, his only chance at a scholarship to his dream college. But despite his icy attitude towards her, he can't help but feel a connection building between them - which quickly gets complicated when he learns she has eyes for someone else. Will they remain rivals on the rink, or will things heat up between them?[[word count: 100,000-150,000 words]]

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The English badgirl and the American badboy

Ember's a badgirl. She got her self into some serious issues back in England, so when Ember's parents get a promotion and move to America, who will Ember meet? And will those problems she got her self into in England come back to haunt her?Hunter is California High's badboy. Everyone is to scared to go up to him because of the rumours of his past. When he meets an English girl in the mall, Hunter is left intrigued. Will he leave her alone or does he want more from her? What will it become?Then Ember and Hunter get into some serious problems; will they stick with each other or will the force of their past break them up? Will what they have going on last? And who will survive?Read on to find outokay so this is my first story on wattpad :P sorry about the awful description. i dont know what to write.there will be mistakes in this story and i will try fix them (if i notice them) anyway i hope you Enjoy the storyy its got a slow start but it gets better so dont give up on it

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The Badgirl's Reputation

Mia Anderson has a reputation as a bad girl. When her parents move her to a boarding school in England, how will she react when being faced with Cameron Davies, boarding school's very own bad boy. All you know, is that her life will be flipped upside down...[started: 30.07.15- 13.07.16 ]

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The Badgirl's Daughter

*Sequel to The Badgirl's Story* (You don't need to read the first one to read this. But you really should so it makes a little more sense).*I will write a better summary*Amber Simmons, the Badgirl's daughter. Noted as the top badgirl and player of her school. The one who takes on any dare. The one who isn't scared to do anything. Jessica Collins, Amber's all around best friend since life. They grew up together, did everything together, started getting into trouble together since the moment they could walk. Zackery Andrews. Both the girl's best guy friend. Has been there since third grade. Always getting into trouble along with the girls. The bad-boy of the school, and definitely one of the hottest.So what happens when they all push things a little too far?? Getting older comes with lots more tricks, pranks, parties, and most of all: Trouble

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The Hoodie Girl

Wren Martin is socially awkward. She blocks off herself to the world, hiding behind her favorite hoodie. All she wants to do is keep a low profile, and graduate well enough to qualify for a college scholarship. But then a babysitting job leads her to cross paths with Asher Reed, Eastview Highʼs notorious athlete. When a field injury kickstarts his senior year, heʼs turning his free time and attention to Wren.And maybe she might not want to be invisible after all. ***** [Watty's Collector's Edition Winner][TFA Runaway Prize Winner][[word count: 150,000-200,000 words]]Cover designed by Ashley Santoro

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ᴹᵞ ᴮᴬᴰᴮᴼᵞ ᴬᴺᴰ ᴹᵞ ᴮᴬᴰᴳᴵᴿᴸ

You're my Badgirl and You're my Badboy.

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Mr. Playboy meets Ms. Badgirl ( Jungkook ff ) Incomplete

When the school Playboy wants to win the heart of the school most Badass girl. Will he win it and play with her heart like the rest of his exes, he will be frustrated and just stop trying or he will fall inlove with her??

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"ONCE YOU ENTER IN MY LIFE, DON'T YOU DARE TO RUIN IT"-MAYSIIDate started: July 29, 2020Date finish:

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Falling for the Badgirl

New job, new place, new start. As Lisa starts her new life moving on from her breakdowns she meet someone that bring old dangerous feelings. She meets Jennie her Boss and someone that makes her feel thing she thought moved on from. Jennie goes hot and cold with Lisa , but as time comes Lisa is being able to take of Jennie's mask that she had on since her last relationship.

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The Girl He Never Noticed

When billionaire bad boy Eros meets shy, nerdy Jade, he doesn't recognize her from his past. Will they be able to look past their secrets and fall in love again?****** When Jade Collins goes to work for billionaire bad boy Eros Petrakis, all she thinks she'll be doing is making his coffee...but when sparks fly, the shy Jade (who wears a disguise to mask her beauty and the secrets of her past) and the fiery, cocky Eros (who is solely focused on business and doesn't believe in the distractions of love) begin to grow closer and closer. Will Eros be able to see past her disguise to the beauty within? And will Jade be able to tame his heart -- and her own -- once the man of her dreams finally notices her?******Officially now a series! Watch it for free on MediaCorp's Youtube Channel- MediaCorp Drama.[[Word Count: 150,000 - 200,000]]The Girl He Never Noticed (Book 1 + 2) by Neilani Alejandrino (Sweetdreamer33)Copyright © 2015. All Rights Reserved.

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la·cu·naan unfilled space or interval; a gap.☞︎ a story about a girl's life☞︎ cover by @Rivulettes[ the first 39 chapters suck... bad ]#3 in badboy #3 in fight#3 in gangs#2 in pregnancy#2 in juvie#2 in badgirl #1 in badgirlbadboystarted: let's say march 2020finished: like april 2021

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Breaking His Rules

Book 1 in the Love and Rules series. Can be read as a standalone. It hurts when you find your boyfriend cheating on you, especially on your birthday, and that is exactly what happened to Kayla Barnes, the bad girl of Meadowbrook High School. Kayla isn't the type of girl to cry over a breakup - she believes in getting even. And that's what she intends to do by fake dating her ex- boyfriend's nemesis, Aaron Delany, the captain of the football team and the ideal good boy of her school. But what happens when a plot for revenge turns into something much deeper? What happens when the good jock falls for the bad girl?

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the badboy fell for the badgirl

Jason McCarthy is the schools badboy he runs the school.kayla Cunningham was her old schools bad girl until she got expelled. she moved to Jason's school... what will happen when these two meet?there will be sexual content in this story beware...

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Nerd OR Badgirl?

Sarrah is a fierce mafia that's famous in the world but she became a nerd at school called 'Jess' just because she have to graduate without any problems. But some things don't turn out what we want. Credit;:Thanks a lot to @-pinksausages for doing my story cover.😊😊😊

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Wicked (WICKED #1) | ✓

"What, you don't think I'm a bad boy?""We're in an camp for delinquents. They're all bad boys here."FIRST BOOK IN THE WICKED SERIES

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Bad Influence - popular girl x nerd boy

Parties, boys, and popularity: the only things ever on Rome's mind. Grades, work, and graduation: the only things that matter to Lucas. Rome Mendoza is the beautiful cheer captain that everyone obsesses over, out of either jealousy or lust. She has the money, the looks, and the attitude. She rather keep up her routine of toxic exes and failing classes than worry about the cute guy in her history class. Lucas Astor is the quiet outcast who no one pays much attention to. He rather hide his face in a book than take part in the teenage party life that everyone else adores. Especially when it involves the rude popular girl who has a soft spot for him. Unfortunately, life doesn't really care about what they rather do.-enemies to friends to lovers-

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The Good Boy's Facade

8 years.Been 8 years. After the chaos, they had found peace. Peace, that they never thought would bring out their inner selves, and would be so heavy to carry on.Claire received a bunch of messages from time to time by Chandler and Hailey. Sometimes even Connor. But this particular message from Hailey, wasn't quite like the other messages she usually received.Hailey: Claire, it's imp. Im getting married.. to Lucas.

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Sharing Cigarettes

It was Las Vegas. We were stupid, reckless, and in love.

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𝑅𝑎𝑚𝑒| ✔︎

𝑅𝑎𝑚𝑒: (𝑎𝑑𝑗.) 𝑠𝑜𝑚𝑒𝑡ℎ𝑖𝑛𝑔 𝑡ℎ𝑎𝑡 𝑖𝑠 𝑏𝑜𝑡ℎ 𝑐ℎ𝑎𝑜𝑡𝑖𝑐 𝑎𝑛𝑑 𝑗𝑜𝑦𝑓𝑢𝑙 𝑎𝑡 𝑡ℎ𝑒 𝑠𝑎𝑚𝑒 𝑡𝑖𝑚𝑒.Kayden black has had a crush on Oliver Collins since she was eleven years old. She always knew she couldn't have him, he was her brother's best friend after all. So when she gets sent away to a boarding school all the way across the country when she was fourteen her only goal was to forget him, move on and school of course. Boy was she wrong. #7 in brothersbestfriend {August 24th}#25 in badgirlgoodboy {October 7th}#1 in badgirlgoodboy {December 14th}

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Silently In Tune (COMPLETE)

Corvina Maxwell is a painter, an artist with an adoration for dark literature and themes outside of the good. She's a kind spirit but she's always been gravitated toward pessimistic people and exposed herself to dark romance, art, poetry. Valerian Calix is a world known pop star, having music similar sounding to the Neighborhood, Nirvana, and Chase Atlantic, they get a lot of attention. Lead singer and electric bass/guitar player is silent in interviews, and no words come from him other than his incredible vocals and dark songs. Songs meant to be in sexually toxic films. He loves his motorcycle and avoids female attendees as he has no female experience, although he is what every female wants. What happens when a dark spirited man and a woman curious with depth collide?

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Top 10 Mafia Romance Stories on Wattpad

I love reading about hot bad boys. I know you do too.And if you've never attempted reading a bad boy story, here is your chance! The top ten most loveable mafia romance stories on Wattpad!

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Best Friends With The Badboy #wattys2018

Isabella and Mason are inseparable, with her being naive and him being the bad boy he is. He always manages to convince her to questionable things. When their friendship is being put to the ultimate test, now that Isabella's rival is calming to be impregnated by Mason.Follow me on Social Media @ Author Pjjordan.

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If only love was easy... A Troy Bolton FF

Troy Bolton x OCTroy Bolton risks his family and career to get with the bad girl his freshman year. They've been going strong. They're Juniors now, and a Gabriella comes along and shakes things up.

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