Playing By The Rules

Playing By The Rules

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Category: Teen Fiction
What happens when an arrogant hockey star falls for an honor student that only wants to stay away from trouble? On the ice, Caleb Dawson is unstoppable, but his talent alone might not be enough to win Jennifer's heart, especially when his bad boy reputation is exactly what she's not looking for...


Jennifer Beckett is academically gifted, but while she may seem flawless in the classroom, she spends her life hiding her insecurities. Boy trouble is the last thing she would want to get involved in, so when she collides with Caleb Dawson, the cocky and self-centered hockey player that everyone worships, Jennifer can't get away fast enough. The problem is, the two of them keep gravitating toward each other. Does Caleb have what it takes to be in a relationship, despite his arrogance from being one of the best teenage hockey players in America? And can Jennifer see past her own issues to give him - and herself - a chance?

[[word count: 100,000-150,000 words]]
Cover designed by Ray Gardener

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