When the ice melts (girlxgirl) [complete]

When the ice melts (girlxgirl) [complete]

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Category: Teen Fiction
Meet Samantha Mett, Ice queen and Queen Bee of the most popular private high school in New York. She has the power to scare people around her, she has never had any feelings for anyone but will it all change when the new girl comes to school?

Dušica Nikolić, the girl who is originally from Serbia but she spent most of her life in London. After a big tragedy that happened to this family two years ago, they decided to move to New York.

Samantha's family is the richest family in the USA and the second richest and powerful family in the world, while Dušica's family is the first most influential family. Girls don't know each other because Dušica's family has done everything to keep their precious daughter away from the eyes of paparazzi, and no one knows how she looks like except her best friend Mia.

If you want to know what will happen when their paths cross, read this story to find out and follow their life story.

Best Rated: #20 in teen fiction!
#1 in gxg
#1 in gayness
#1 in lesbian

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