Villainess is a Face Slapping Monster (MTL) [COMPLETED]

Villainess is a Face Slapping Monster (MTL) [COMPLETED]

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Category: Fantasy
*WARNING!! a machine translation novel. So don't come at me about a bad grammar*

Original Title : 女配是打脸狂魔
Author : 画星河 (Painting Galaxy)
Status : Completed (191 chapters)

I haven't finished reading this yet, but the story is really interesting.

MC transmigrated to a body of villainess (Chu Cheng). The original FL (Wei Kexin) is her half-sister, the illegitimate daughter of her scum father. The original ML (He Chuan) will fight MC because the previous owner kept bullying FL for being ambiguous with her fiance (Li Mu). Long story short, she'll died and all her family will end up miserably because of the original ML.

When MC transmigrated, she's tied up with a lie system that will turn a lie energy to a point, which she can used to cultivate. Yes, she can become a cultivator even tho' the background story is a modern days (precisely an overhead-modern-days).

The journey of her searching for people to lie is really interesting and even more her journey to take down the evil of the original ML. She didn't rush up to break the original ML and FL but more on to protecting her family, which i really fond of. And she didn't try to hug another big thigh but used her family resources since she's already a big rich lady.

Overall the story is really interesting. I don't know if there'll be a real ML but even without him, the story is already interesting. Be careful tho' since the reviewer said author will make a rushed up ending so don't have to much hope for this story to be a real perfect.

*cover art by @ao+beni*

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